Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tyler Pruett, Aleatoric & Cut-Up Poetry

                               Wanda Bat, image by Irene Koronas 


Wanda Bat barrels maniacally
Down Jacob Marley Road

Blind to the madwoman
She shall surely become -

Jah Luna rides shotgun
Training the sights

Of a Sistine Chapel Ninety-two gauge
Choked shotgun

Quivering the pavements -
Gun metal

to soup wherein

Bullets bob and thrash
With nonviolent action propaganda -

In a meadow the Jah
Fingers bleed bisque blood

To a granite counter rattling
Beneath his blistered fist

Lifting stone dust off
The soapstone -

The clouds levitate
In trickster world

Where Jah simply floats
In stillness

The buoyancy sinking
As if suspended

In emptiness
Tethered to tremendous

Pinned down by downy plumes

Weighing no less
Than enamorment -

In silken pockets
Luna ceases

His silver stride
In stop motion

A stagnance of stone
Grows tall

Where he used
To stand


Gaze into muddy
Brook water

To witness Wandas
Pale park

Luminograms -
They side step and swish

Sachet and do-si-do
Ascend rotting

Trestles and collapse
Amid desperate minks

By moon drift constancy -

An eagle dives
At maman

Crying out in curdling horror
The lithium drawls

Through her third eye
Multi-novas bloom

A cone shaped

Into perfection devils
With right view -

Yet any point of view
Of the great maman

Rocking in her hand
Hewn chair

By the open window
Shall suffice -

She gobbles through cataracts
She sees all

Albeit fuzzy
And impressionistic -

She wails
On the omnibus dada man

As he drags
His umber tail

Through a primordial pool -
She sees you cheat

On your taxes
And the way you nervously

Glance around the room
To make sure

No one is watching -
You best fall

To your knees
And howl the entire span

From opioid to Rigel -
You’re a monster

Wanda lumens
For you any world

Shall suffice
Such as pissants

Or whoop ass


Wanda bat

Your streaky

Gardens of grail
Blither naked

Through Marvin city
With turquois milk

A bare treason

Wherein red aliens

Their hostage

With gorging Madge
In tow -

Wanda bat shame

You channel chamois
All roughed up

And petted the wrong way
Causing Titanian

To bark incessantly

While you levitate
As Buck Rogers

Might with a rocket

Ascending too high
And slamming

Down into the mull
Of the tide

Your secret
Meth lab

To throngs

Of mourners
Through a gaping

Hole in the wall -
You elevate Hister

And spread glancing
Off the plasticine

Pedestrians -
Shame Wanda bat shame

You skip through the threshold
Jangling mandalas at Mara

The kind your kin
Might procure

Illegally in the Caledonian
Dusk with a volume of frankincense -

Mara descends into the clean port
On a provolone trapeze strung

With watermelon gut
On a single strand

Of Wanda’s
Long bat Hair

—Tyler Pruett

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