Monday, September 23, 2019

Irene Koronas, Duplithic Objects #1-#13

Duplithic Objects #1-#13 
Irene Koronas  

Duplithic Object #1
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas  

Duplithic Object #2
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas 

Duplithic Object #3
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #4
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #5
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #6
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas 

Duplithic Object #7
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #8
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas 

Duplithic Object #9
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #10
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #11
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #12
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas

Duplithic Object #13 
(Watercolor Painting)
Irene Koronas 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Erik-John Fuhrer, From A try ing

Er_si_g B_ck_tt, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

From      A           try         ing

an erasure of the first act of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot  

a poet


                                                                              C r U c I f I e D

                                            a thief

                                     s p e a k s      of


                    the four

                              b e l i e v e

                                   ignorant apes
                                          l i m p i n g
         d i s t a n c e



the wrong place


                        that tree


         r u b b i s h


mound                   s                            o
               f                        time


                                    private nightmares  


                        a       d r u n k



                         the tree





                f r e e z e s




                           on      hands and knees



                      at the knees


                   the arm


the wind


                                 a carrot

                                           t u r n i p s

                                  a question

so much


                                  not     t i e d

                 the opposite

                         r e f l e c t i o n     is

             W r I g G l  I n G

                             the remains of

a terrible cry


shoulders       c r i n g e


           a whip

                     with the sight of

                f i d d l i n g      with


a d v a n c e    t h r e a t e n i n g l y

                    human beings

      of          glass            the same species

r e c o i l i n g

         jerks            up

                  the                      mouth


                               the              evening
            b u t t o n i n g

 the whip from     mouth

           l o n g      with

        bones                 s u c k e d
   s l o w l y                                     the
                              r h y t h m     of

—Erik-John Fuhrer

Monday, September 9, 2019

Tirzah Goldenberg, Frontispiece, from Sefer Minhagim or Book of Customs: A Novella

Forerelish, image by Irene Koronas

Frontispiece, from Sefer Minhagim 
or Book of Customs: A Novella

If she’s a person of the book then she’s a person of the book, but the book should include a frontispiece, in all reality a map—here a heron rookery and there a red brick silo, here a boarding house for horses and there in the thicket of an open prairie merely a hundred persons gathered for age-old rhetoric against the Jews, a few notable cottonwoods, a commune, a grange with goods for barter and a wool farm. Why include a frontispiece insisting it’s a map? To begin with, the word itself is soft and bookish. Frontispiece sounds like that thin protective leaf at the front of some old books, the one you lift to see the frontispiece itself. It sounds like other anachronistic, triple syllabic words—for instance forerelish, what nobody would ever use in a sentence, except that she did actually find it in a book translated from the Yiddish, sounding there a little like horseradish, though it had nothing at all to do with the pungent root. All of Thomas Hardy’s novels let you forerelish the map before entering the village. You’re meant to imagine simple paths through woods and meadows, the distance from one curious dwelling to the next, and as you linger on the whole of that locale it’s meant to dawn on you in an instant that the tale in question has been delimited at the outset, here at the forefront of the book, whittled down to notables, or are they symbols. All the places she’s ever been begin to blend, as if grafted. A wind comes down from the mountains and tiny dwellings less fortressed, less fearful, brace against the impact. She shuts the book and blows out the bedside candle, listening until sleep to the foundations, off kilter yet sound, her washtub tumbling around in the grasses beyond the book and into the stables of itinerant horses.

In an ancestor’s apartment in Brooklyn, a well-worn Talmud bearing an ex libris at its heart refuses to begin on page one. In the beginning is altogether vague. The oral literature, rather, agrees to begin with elision by beginning somewhere else. A student of a sage, having committed a thicket of argument and folk wisdom to the heart’s genizah, kisses the front and back covers of the book, the beloved book. A descendant enters enchanted shtetlach by entering outright the openwork of the book.

—Tirzah Goldenberg 

Monday, September 2, 2019

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$’ “2 AI Mythology (Corporate Death in Venice My Last Blood).”

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$

2 AI Mythology 
(Corporate Death in Venice My Last Blood)
(173 Pages)


“kOrporate dEATH iN vENICE mY lAST bLOOD 

The surrounding foothills and mountains offer trails of every kind, from calm walks around blue alpine lakes to steep climbs up naked glaciers.

Hiking - wandern
·     Walking - laufen
·     Running - rennen
·     Backpack - der Rucksack
·     Boots - die Stiefel
·     Socks - die Socken
·     Pants - die Hosen
·     Windbreaker - der Anorak
·     Hiking map - die Wanderkarte
·     Hiking path - der Wanderweg
·     Road sign - der Wegweiser
·     F
·     Steep - steil
ood - der Proviant
·     Rocks - der Felsen
·     Lake - der See

They Tried To Sacrifice Me
Because I Have Horns

a strange family inside their seemingly
abandoned house
Thou sand and still


a nnnymphhh whhho lives innn a tree annnd
dies whhhennn it dies

says means that the ark’s 
ribs were gathered at the top 

to form a shape of a pyramid

Dream 10 August 2017

Some things went on, they happened before this, the first I remember is carole roth coming Մᵽ some bronzed colored living stone steps, she was wearing ᴀ dark green party dress, one with scrunched edges. Also high heels. She looked happy to see us, but she was of course awkward in the dress. In another part I was involved in ᴀ ‘game’ wherein I could be killed by ᴀ certain pursurer if I wasn’t staring at them between the times of 12 noon and 6 oclock so therefore at that time I’d have to orient myself to my pursurer in this lighthearted game. I found this most difficult to manage as I attempted to carry on ᴀ leisurley swim in the local public pool (outdoors) whilst the game was in force. In ᴀ classroom I was asking an overweight darkcomplexioned young woman why she was so earnestly supportive of feeding starving children in India. I asked if there’d be the appropriate infrastructure awaiting these shrivelled youngsters when they came of working age. She was stumped by this elementary question and the quizzing did not continue. At the other side of the classroom ᴀ young man with long hair was playing ᴀ youtube clip of his favorite drummer doing his most technically insane drum solo while wearing ᴀ yellow tshirt and ᴀ green bandana. In yet another part of the dream me and you were walking around monoprix, naked, we had large wings sprouting from our backs (I sqw them in the corner of my eyes tho not directly being more curious about what else  was going on). You were telling me that Louie knew which loaves of bread were softest since he worked at Monoprix in this incarnation. ⌠short reel of louie observing the making of myriad of loaves⌡ So we were handfeeling loaves giving them small pinches about the waist and you felt ᴀ long loaf of the bread ⌠that kind we used to eat, medium brown with the seeds arranged on top⌡ and then I felt it ⌠longer than usual⌡ and we agreed as we looked at the loaf that this was the softest and I said oh good this was always my favorite anyway and you of course said about not being able to eat it since it was not bio. Then we started to leave the store and there grew ᴀ hostile feeling from the folks at the monoprix and so we started to chant ‘our difficulties wILL fall away each each their way’ again and again as we walked to the plaza in the direction of the nursing home.

Dream August 13 2017

This is ᴀ note. In the dream I could draw. The dawning of this ability gave me an enormous sense of wellbeing, liberating in the fullest sense. The drawings were peculiar and of ᴀ kind I’ve never seen before.  They were done in highquality colored pencil. Interior scenes of violence, crime scenes, dismemberment and slaughterhouses among depictions of home scenes. One was ᴀ point of view of someone looking as they held ᴀ shotgun to someone elses back. There was one beautiful staircase whose banister was decorated with the taxidermied heads of small game. The staircase was brown and the walls were green like old library books. I woke Մᵽ with ᴀ feeling of loss.

DREM 18 august 2017

I have not left the town Ive been living in in 15 years. With the exception of the time we went to the pension that’s ᴀ dog hotel to drop off Jappy which was located outside town near ᴀ casino that’s ᴀ large supermarket but not the casino inside town limits which is the one we never go to because theres never ᴀ need arises that we need anything from there that our other grocers can't provide. I remain chained to this world for every meal and I hardly ever go out for ᴀ meal at ᴀ restaurant in fact I can't remember the last time having done so. (Shows picture of Henry Green/Finch lying on the couch with ᴀ remote control in his hand laughing at something apparently on the tv screen. I have not left this world even momentarily in death and the hospitals are places I only ever walk by. I don’t trust doctors and I wont have one examine me and moreover I can take care of my own organism just fine thank you. I have taken in the last 7 or 8 years to peeing while sitting down. In this way I can forgo the step of having to lift and put down the seat (we live with our mother) which can  be unhygienic at least psychologically so which might as well prove true for how it affects us and also in this way I’ll be in the correct posture should I ever be graced however slim the chances with ᴀ bowel movement. By the way my name is Henry Green or Finch.

Thunder was there. It was the concrete I felt when I put down my hand
to touch the deck when I expected wood and splinters
I was affected because earlier I had touched the down comforter
I ԝАʂ TRULY in myself,
I was grass and it was growing as much as slim bulbs could put out and slip out
the dogged tips were everywhere
Every point too was one of my own
I’m hammer blown
My chest is golden
My balls are song
look at me before I dream
I wont pay attention
I’ll time travel
Wheat and flying and railroad holes
Her little heart stopped beating,
We have been together doing many things for more than 6


DREAMA 5 September 2017

Me and you are being driven in a big black Cadillac, back seat, staring out the window. We see an Ann out the window. Ann’s repairing her boat, a scudded little sloop. We’re out of the Cadillac then and walking up the street toward this scene. I spy a tubular piece of brown iron curved at one end. I retrieve it knowing its part of the Ann’s boat. We get over to Ann and I give it to her.

DREAMA 6 Septemper 20167

Me and you are fucking, playing games. We’re happywhereweare which is on a bed I do not know, the sheets are silk, radiant, edged in blue and seeped in blue. I’m standing over you and you look beautiful. You’”re naked and laughing. I’m concentrating because I know the game we’re playing. You take my sex in your mouth and I accompany by pouring a generous splash of milk onto my cock and your lips. Interspersed laughter but arousal in full fruition. I’m the pourer, milk is money. I do the same maneuver when I’m penetrating you, I pour milk on our conjoinment wherever it be. This silk is a lasting thing. Tenement to it. I love to play the milk exchange, I love to fuck my wife. All money should be this way.

Dreamol 9 September 2067

Fragmagnetos: I see ᴀ rather fat man wearing the sneakers I actually am going to buy soon. I say to you, hey that fat man is wearing my sneakers. They’re vans in this case. Then, me and you and another are down in ᴀ bookbinders workshop. He has doors like turnstiles. He’s an old man, played by that actor who played the teacher in fast times at ridgemont high. He’s imprisoning us but its not ᴀ real case because we’re just humoring him. Theres nothing stopping us from leaving through the turnstiles. We’re just hanging out with nothing keeping us there except this old bookbinders idea that he has us captured. We’re doing nothing and theres no reason for us to be there. The old man has these huge red books that he keeps moving from ᴀ table to these apt white and also huge bookshelvers which look more like long hollow and rigid couches. We’re just watching him and being imprisoned. Dream ends.

Dreama 10 September 2067

I’m being fitted for ᴀ tuxedo. It’s a wedding procession and I am an aspect. I might be ᴀ boy, there are other boys also in tuxes black with accents of metallic legacy gold. My own tie is gold and as I look down I see that there are similarly hued gold bands that embellish the tuxedo. There is ᴀ problem with my tie as it appears to have too many ends and so I must negoticiate with the bands around my chest. The groom is ever turned around. He’s looking in ᴀ mirror but doesn’t have ᴀ reflection or else my perspective is skewed enough that the mirror only encases the roof of the marriage ground. The boys are rambunctious (there were rambunctious boys outside yelling a lot with their papa when I was dreaming). The boys are running around their father while I attempt to adjust  my tie. Soon the bride comes, the procession has begun. She’s wearing ᴀ widows wedding dress. It has the same gold as the rest of us but the gold is primary not accent. It’s a bit intimidating this dress. It has angles and has parts that could be construed as spikelike. She looks unhappy angry even. Her eyes are inwardly focused. She’s older too, perhaps in her late 40s. Thin as one who relishes no food, and dry looking. Not unattrative overall except for her tormented insides. The procession follows ᴀn egglike priest into some big doors. I go in along at the end still fussing with my tie(s).

DREAML 13 September 20167

I’m making conversation with ᴀ bearded man. I’m trying to explain ᴀ concept to him and it seems to be understood that in this dreamspace such explanations are trying. We’re both amused. In my struggle to articulate I make some unruly comparisons which also one senses are accurate. We’re both amused. My bearded friend laughs. Then he starts telling me about his home. He shows me in my head an aerial shot of his backyard which is not so much ᴀ backyard as ᴀ canal the width of ᴀ small river with banks rising on both sides and brown water. In this canal there are dozens and dozens of people swimming and playing on rafts and black shiny innertubes. I ask him what this place is called and he says it’s called Greyhound Island. I become extremely moved by the word Greyhound and I begin to marvel at the beauty of the word and I feel myself almost sob with real tears and this is what wakes Մᵽ.

14 September 20167

We three were walking around in Paris near the quays of St Michel. You went off to get some clothes somewhere and it was just me and Maya. We were checking out garbages to see what we could find. Near ᴀ bay of subterranean depositers was ᴀ tiny tv I found. It was brown and slightly larger than the one I found ᴀ few weeks ago. It had buttons the color of blood and ᴀ 2 antennaes one of which was snapped at one end and pinched (I felt the points of the pinch here, seeing my fingers inquisitive, texture was actual) just like the antennae of the other real little tv in the bedroom. Conveniently nearby jjust under the foot bar of the garbage depositer, were some outlets so I could try the tv. I plugged it and it went on, but not unsurprisingly it was showing only different patterns of static and I was pressing buttons and flipping about through the bands and marvelling at the different shapes and buzzschemes and urging Maya to marvel with me which she unenthusiastically did (rare is the aficianado of the tv static pattern). Then suddenly ᴀ channel did resolve. It showed ᴀ women apaprently seated, she was wearing ᴀ pearly lace shirt with ᴀ high neck as you see in motion pictures set during the victorian era. She was being hypnotized. She was faced at an angle to the screen or viewer, then she’d turn her head (in simultenaeity with ᴀ flicker of the screen) and her mouth would move as if she were speaking but the tv speakers didn’t gather her voice. After this there was ᴀ gun battle on the streets. Maya was gone and I was without ᴀ body. I floated around watching ᴀ very angry young man getting revenge and having written ᴀ book in which he talks about how he had achieved satori after his friend has died and he determined to honor his friends memory by teaching himself how to suck his own dick. One day it happened (we see him fellating himself in ᴀ black room with great extersion) and then he went on ᴀ machine gun rampage. I see him take ᴀ machine gun and shoot all the other guns that are hanging Մᵽ on ᴀ wall so as to disable them since he has his own supply, then he’s going around shooting other guys with guns and there are some other dudes with guns who are sympathetic with the satoriautosuck guy and all sorts of bullets are ripping through bodies ⌠guy with two glocks goes down in blaze and splatter⌡.

Dream November 5? 2067
This dream happened around 5 days ago from this writing. I’m walking with the dogs near the bibliotech rd. It’s just me and the dogs. I’ve got the retractable leash we don’t like and Dodo’s running around tangling herself Մᵽ and me and Jappy in the process. The leash goes way longer than it’s supposed to? In this way Dodo dissolves from the dream and I don’t worry about looking for it and it was annoying anyway. Maybe me and jappy just look casually around, in any case we go back to the plot of stunted palm trees fringing the basketball court. There’s ᴀ kid who shows Մᵽ. Terrible kid. He starts kind of giving me small kicks from behind as I’m walking like I’m not supposed to think it’s him. I turn around and I start to tell him in french that his parents should have taught him better manners. He dissolves from perception. Walking on, theres this pretty big hole cracked open in the earth that’s not usually there. Me and jappy look in and there’s ᴀ large black dog struggling not to fall into the crack. Jappy starts to tug the dog Մᵽ with his mouth but the dog is heavy. I crouch down and pull the dog Մᵽ and I distinctly recall the difficulty of this maneuver. However, I’m able to hoist him to safety and me and jappy are very pleased and we begin to cuddle the big black dog. It feels great. Then the dog starts to growl so we give him space. Wgangs.
Drop dead. The Bluggy.
Dog goes away. Dream ends.

Dream November 10 2067

I’m in ᴀ crowded house carrying around ᴀ notebook that’s mine and is full of cool little collages made from detritus. At certain moments I’m blindfolded  or otherwise indisposed to visual stimulus. Someone’s saying how there’s ᴀ very good early Metallica album. I keep glancing at my notebook of combines in between being blind. ᴀ washing machine gets in my way. ᴀ refrigerator is there. More notebook. Then I’m someplace else. I’ve opted to crouch down to look within ᴀ miniature church that is set before me. Inside is ᴀ very well-crafted little house of worship, pews and ᴀ nave are present but the colors are atypically flamboyant. In place of ᴀ crucifixion at the altar there is ᴀ diamond encrusted toad sculpted in midleap. I remove my ᶱ)(ᶱ from the doorhole. You’re there. You several times mumble under your breath, ‘I wanna have ᴀ threesome.’ I’m just listening in. Near us is an ultra religious man sitting where he’s used to at the head of the table. ‘I wanna have ᴀ threesome’ (you said it twice at least). He, the ultrareligiousman, says, with ᴀ stern air, ‘I hope you don’t go saying things like that around my daughter.’ I come upon ᴀ small dune of white sand and notice that it is swarming with an antilike beasts, very small, and arranged in small minidunes upon the already pathetically unpresumptuous dune. Again I’m marvelling. I say, (to you), ‘Look look at what the miniature world has to offer us.’ I’m looking around and there’s lots of insects flying around as well. I’m curious and its very marvelous. I see ᴀ huge mothlike insect fluttering into place on ᴀ garden lattice aswarm with divers insects. I get the sensation that ᴀ tiny insect has flown into and got itself trapped underneath my eyelid. I wake with this sensation.

Drema November 11 2067

‘’was displayed in his private jet and seen as recently as last year’’

I wake Մᵽ in ᴀ pile of blood. I fell asleep on the floor with my coat on so this will have influenced what came next. In the dream I am in our room except the wall is different, the wall I’m facing. (Dogboy rock: The Goof.) ᴀ buffet is against the wall and on top of it sits ᴀ record player. The record being played is of hymns which I find beautiful. The arranger is Joana Newsom but the lyrics are from ᴀ hymnbook which I’m studying as I listen to the music. I see the lyrics on the page, very clearly tho I forget what I’ve seen. One of them says

      Roar                                                    (or Lore or Lord)

P.S. I believe this is the day when I woke with the sentence, ‘Am I two lesbians?’ in my head.

Dream 12 November 2067

I don’t remember what initially happened. I ended up in a museum which exhibition was dedicated to a highly prolific medieval furniture maker. The singular thing about this furniture makers works was that they tended to be quite quite oversized; HE WAS ALSO PROLIFIC SUCH THAT THE MUSEUM FLOOR WAS COMPLETELY COMPLETELY COVERED IN HIS CREATIONS; Look, there are lots of huge chairs with cushioned seats, thatr is perhaps all I saw for I got bored looking at the artists chairs and I wandered to an empty corner of the museum which by the way was a desacralized cathedral. In the corner I saw a window which was wedged open by a rectangular piece of lumber. Later on I was near a soccer arena, I felt the urge to play and felt guilty that I was being distracted from my arrival at the match. The distraction in fact monopolized the decision tree and led not to the game of football (which felt rather impossiuble  yo to consummate) but rather down a stone stair case overgrown with tree roots and shady and pleasant seeming, as the tiny secluded neighborhood where Tomaz lived in Pittsburgh when we first started to make love, he on my body and me trying not to feel awkward in myself. This is not a good description of events but it will have to do for now. It as more like I enjoyed immensely drinking wine with him and I catered to his lust afterward and this was friendship and its much mulch sip simpler than I think.I was guided by the way, I was open and I was there. The firnship was their and the decisions were made in each other. There was no guilt only a tiny seclusion from which I wanted to be distracted because love was so near and I was meant to play. BBut back to the stairs, I came to a landing also densely rooted but pleasant where two girls were waiting by an entrance off to the left, I was meant to go where they were to usher me they were brunettes and wearing dresses but instead I followed a quizzical urge further down the staircase which soon led to the home of a business man. He was having a discussion with a women who looked homeless. They were sitting at table and apparently in the middle of dinner. The man was rather unpleasant in manners. He menacingly urged the woman not to throw a cream pie at his face. She did so anyway and his face was ensconced in white cream. In retaliation the man went to a secret cupboard on the side of his desk or lazy boy. He opened the cupboard and within was his secret stash of hardcore pornography. The photos flashed by they showed he and his business partners sexually humiliating various women, some Asians among them. They would fuck the women harshly and cum on their faces and force them to eat all of their varied semens. The semen sometimes appeared as a perfectly clear gel like Vaseline if that is clear. Somùebopdy had to do it I guess. There is no more to this dream.

I ennnded up dreaminnng I was dreaminnng I was dreaminnng I was whhhipped cream, vannnilla, like our Lord-to-Be, Onnne of thhhem says, whhhichhh I finnnd very beautiful, ‘LOTS OF BIG CHHHAIRS’

Dream 15 November 2067

On e man was insightfully critiquing the music album of another man. He was deliberate in his word choice and he gave honest assessments. He named the weakest song (of an album of electronic noise musicà) as ‘Eel’. The musician/composer listened patiently and appreciatingly although you could tell he was not absolyutely confident with himself and was somewhat awed by the deft attention he was receiving.

Drema 18 Novemver 2°67

I’m in a vasst apartment with Jenny Zhang. Place is austere, theres almost no furniture except a fullsized bed with a basic bed linen set. The bed is partially unmade/had been slePPt in when I get to see it. The light here is latemorning, overcast, very white but cold. There is an air on enmity between me and Jenny Zhang, I feel she’s been asking me about my few infidelities during our relationship. We end up painting the bed black. I don’t recall who initiated the painting but it seems to be a task we are both committed to seeing to completion. I recall looking down at my work and enjoying concentrating on my rigorous handling of the brush and the meticulous brushstrokes I’m making over the layers of tousled bedding. 

27 Drema Novembra 2067

There is a series of dreams I had, their untameable complexity means I cannot remember them for the most part, and it is decidedly difficult even to parse the significance of the mental screenshots I still retain. One of the dreams involved an enormous casino built into what resembled an arena basin or a converted strip mine in that the echelons spiraled dawnward from a point of comparatively high elevation. The ultra-Croesus-like capital required to build this world is irresponsible. Everybody must have been rich in this leguminous complex. There was a plaot vague to remember involving ramming technologically advanced sleds (part of a sled system for gaining entry to the casino) through the aperture having its beak fitted with explosives.  

that Square dubbed the "Dream Team";
The next morning I dreamt I was in a place like an airplane hangar. We were testing exosuits which covered ground by sliding across smooth surfaces. I was being jeered by the other trainees, soldiers, even though I was handling my exosuit quite well for a beginner. There was an incredible landsca^pe in another dream, a wasted basin full of ash and radiation. There was a man and a women who were on an observation deck of sorts, very modern kind of looking jetty. The man was supposed to be killed by being thrown into the immense and unsavory basin. That’s all I can recall.

I had a dream I was in the library. Noemi was pregnant. There was amazing books we were looking at. Black magic.

The size of what everybody
must deem
the representable
is represented by
a cathedral.
Barring that

& December 2067

One dream was involving me picking up a chunk of parking lot and carrying it around feeling really embarrassed? so I was carrying it around and it was heavy and I was in this country club area which even involved feeling more embarrassed thanI would have. I ducked into a library a very fancy school library and it  had echelons of expensive computer equipment all the students wered packed into this place it looked bright and fashionable, I saw that on the screen which was in front of the seating area for the letureres whomever they were to teach the head librarian who was serving as a sort of monitor had neglected to douse the screen so that her personal searches were showing up behind and above her. She was reading or googling websites about dating and so forth, cooking, etc. I felt very embarrassed to carry a piece of parking lot. In another dream rather this morning”s dream I was witnessing you as you talked to me about this couple whom you and I found very irritating is the word, you worked on a spaceship like that of the starship enterprise     aand these people a man and a women, spouses, worked their too. They were servuing chicken with some kind of dipping sauce and both members of this couple were insisting that the chicken must be eaten withouth the dipping sauce and they were vehement about thist. They were like purists or somethingL. Then, when I was hearing all about North Texas and we really wanted to go to North Texas these people, who were somehow our friends, you talked to them on the phone and you were talking excitedly about us going or thinking of going to North Texas and then they the woman mostly were like Oh god you just killed North Texas for us North Texas is basically dead we can’t hear morea bout it. It’s so annoying when this happens and this is exactly the kind of people we both loathe and admire. They will never arise beacause theyre just too good.

2 December 2067

We were betting on a dog race through town, near the lion fountain where the dogs were passing. I suspected you of cheating as you somehow were able to change your bet to be on the leading dog in the race. You were manipulating some crystal colorful spheres. Prior to this we had been watching a young good looking boy climb a very very tall ladder up to an entrance where he and his family were arranging themselves in front of an ornate Christmas tree glutted beneath its boughs with presents for a family photo.

You dreamt you were sucking me off and you swallowed my cum and then told me about this dream in a false awakening dream.

Dream 7 December 2067

Only a few image remain from the racking phantasʭgoria of this nocturnal onslaught of demented dreams. Theres a man hefting a large wooden framed square of mesh metal fencing, the kind seen everywhere and surrounding little league fields. This awkward frame he is forcing wholesale over the body of a victim whom he is trying to immobilize for what is next to come which is that once his victim is immbolized he begins to bear down on his head with a very long and thick white drill bit, perhaps of ceramic like some cutlery I know, and he’s drilling down into the victims mouth with this horrid drill.

Dream 13 December 2067
It was a voluptuous and pristine place, of fluid elegance. I must have been in a body, clad like the others who were all wearing themost delectable robes, layers in tasteful scrolling arrangements and limbs and torsos flooded with beaded jewelrys and thick watch chains yet light and mercurially floating. The movements of all were as recoons, deep and liquid and assured, the body at the apex of the mastery of it, an all in all late body epoch and environ. Much jade, the obligatory hairlessness of transcendent societies. I encountered a small group of denizens, pacific admixture of races, they are looking on as an elegant black man sits at the narrow head of a short black granite table, he is operating a novel kind of musical instrument which consists in a highly stylized, almost bronze age head of a bronze color, he’s emitting controlled breathes into the back of said head of which the occiput is missing. The breathes he makes then produce ethereal music much like a synthesizer. It seems to place the operator in a collaborativer relationship with the meanings inside the bronzed head. The music produced is such that the breather is perforce primitively disposed while the instrument itself cogitates on the subtleties of the passage and weight of the respiration. What is musical breathing called?

Dream 14 December 2067

Féte Galante

Three brothers were playing the same enormous lute in an outdoor musical competition. They are playing their instrument as virtuosos would. All motions of the hands and body, for this is an athletic kind of musicianship, were in efficient communion with the rest. Their intent upon their instrument was focused and clean. Focused and clean, a capsule dance, polychromatic and moving notes I heard directly and without earbones. The surroundings were pastoral and cultivated, with Midwestern vibes of the old Midwest that omnipresent fertility of recently mastered lands, the wild still in it, fructifying there, permeating minstrable lands.

Fasciated  -- showing abnormal fusion of parts, resulting in a flattened ribbon-like strycture.

Spiny plants, “through” +
(see spirit)
come out there, pass off in the form
of a vapor of liquidjewel
pretty, young, fifteen perhaps
with purple hair and a precarious smile
I’m transpontine
carefully I feel my arms which grow
out like fennel limbs
I like the center from which
I am stone and I am the sole
stone here that I know of
‘I guess who fuckers fucking fucks with me’
This world is entirely
the sort of world that I have and so on,
the mule of the Samaritan coming thro’
warm place not knowing this
I feel my your body
a beat for me to masturbate to
The sort of world I have
I feel
Your limbs are my favorite
Your mule’s body is my masturbation clone
Every bird in the sky is the sort of world
I’ve come from
amused in the scintillant brane of changes in direction
Your shoe is off
Let’s go to the basement I’ve got to show you something
There are things where we’ll not know where they’ll be
Let me find the right analogy
a normal expression
one of these strings of string theory
theres no telling why it does that
why following the apparent course
it originates thus
established among divers syndicates
the moorings of which
permit the expenditure of the communal exertion
to radiate
the fusible wand of that precisely curated shaft
There’s blood on it
there’s dreams of it
its like a tunnel
Maybe it was mine
Can you look?
Is that my screw winding round the untroubled axis?
it bites in doesn’t it
and stripped him back to sleep
he of the body
tibbled instrument
conflex afterray lathering aura about a tabled bottle
In the hair and in fractals
Astronomy & music and it’s in season
Its all shot up
quenched in energy pulses
icthyses of birth
trellises foam
powdertine tapestries
vernal chemistry
folds remembered in books
pages where you are less than you are
that’s a silt
and that there being poled across a mirror expanse
could be mold could be a virus or an infant man
it is shown here as it is and not
as it is racked in resemblances
remember resemblances
I remember
resemblances are not being it
they pit the bottom in roiling ranks
if that’s your will
I will gladly rest and also developing
while listening
if that’s what helps you to be free

Journal 13 December 2067

Do you think I’ll be warm with my weater. K Lee stories. Got cornredned in the train today wit a a man asking if he’d smelled her perfume before, in an empty cabin, earlier in the day that morning. Then she got stuk in the elevator and had to have the firemen fetch her.

Journal 14 December 2067

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Their thoughts are looking like my milky white,
Some say whats wrong with wondering why do,
I see them through this thing they think not quite,
The things they trying to do oh ooh oh ooh. 

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Their thoughts are looking like my milky white,
Some say whats wrong with wondering why do,
I see them through this thing they think not quite,
The things they trying to do oh ooh oh ooh. 

Rhyme Words


Rhyme Type
cotton_candy, behave_exactly,pottonanny
quite, polite, milky_white,big fright
cottage_cheese, mushy_peas,sayplease
why_do, ooh,scriedblue

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

She sees some self-destruction you should say,
Have your responsibilities or ooh,
But then they taste their trousers throw away!
Oh ooh oh ohh oh pretty please why do.

How does it feel for chocolate cotton candy,
My man is there too many mushy peas!
Who watch what makes my friends behave exactly,
About a cool collective cottage cheese.

We all agree with words why aren T!
What you them think these things are really something!
They teach themselves the toughest thing to see,
The opportunity of doing nothing.

Some say how nice and awfully polite,
I like to think that something seems so quite. 

Rhyme Words



Rhyme Type
cotton_candy, behave_exactly,son ou les lentils ; acts laxatively
quite, polite, milky_white,dichlight,morningmondelight
cottage_cheese, mushy_peas,antifreeze,
why_do, ooh,miiiiibro dong do po
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Must make my friends expect each other one,
Look as everybody else should say,
Would watch what your relationships have done!
But brought them through their thoughts they throw away.

His heart has heard her daughter do not know!
She sends some understanding unto me,
Than though they thought that things are gonna go!
These times too far for sure she soon shall see.

Which one of me is there the toughest thing,
Who does not need an answer after all,
I say so please remember everything!
Whats wrong with when we want a curtain call.

So come and take this time to know what you,
Can try to think the things that you must do. 

Rhyme Words



Rhyme Type

which one of me is

Generate Re-generate with same Rhyme Words
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Some say so let these people know what you!
Why does a lot of others do not know,
They try to take them through the things I do,
They try to think that you can come and go.


Trained on song lyric corpus (94,882 songs, 32,412,776 words).
RNN (LSTM, 2 layers, 1024 hidden units, 20000 vocabulary size).
FSA vocabulary size: 14,368 (4833 monosyllable, 9535 multisyllable)

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type

think that you can come
to think that you can
the things i do ,
try to think that you

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Congratulations children come away!
A Christmas here is where we all attend,
Together then they think that you should stay,
So sit around and take the time to spend.



Trained on song lyric corpus (94,882 songs, 32,412,776 words).
RNN (LSTM, 2 layers, 1024 hidden units, 20000 vocabulary size).
FSA vocabulary size: 14,368 (4833 monosyllable, 9535 multisyllable)

Rhyme Words
Rhyme Type
attend, spend,

and take the time to
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Congratulations coming up with where!
Who wondered when he heard his wife was waiting,
He had no satisfaction standing there!
I thought the world was looking out for staying.

These hours have come so many miles away,
One of those who wonder where we got!
What happens here is something you should stay!
To take them through this rollercoaster spot.

She said she saw some strangers anytime,
As all a conversation could recite.
My friends were waiting when they took their time,
We went away again another night.

But now I got a thousand things to spend,
Then they take the time that you attend.

Rhyme Type
attend, spend,friend,brand

but now i got a
i thought the world was
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Whose word would listen looking right replies!
How does it feel for doing anything,
He had his hopes have fallen from their eyes!
How wish I could remember everything.

But brought us through this neighborhood no matter,
What when we wondered where we gonna go!
My friends are asking all about an answer!
So tell them things they really do not know.

Which one of your acquaintance aren T,
Who wants to try and get a little let!
Some say she said what words were telling me,
The toughest thing is making me forget.

I thought that there was something wrong with you,
They took the time to think these things why do. 

Rhyme Words
Rhyme Type
everything, doing_anything,gravy thing, slimy thing, Ca C-Mango

they took the time to
wish i could remember everything
i thought that there was
try and get a little
took the time to think
that there was something wrong
where we gonna go !
how does it feel for

Rhyme Type
everything, doing_anything,

they took the time to
wish i could remember everything
i thought that there was
try and get a little
took the time to think
that there was something wrong
where we gonna go !
how does it feel for

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

To think that there is something wrong with you.
Some say these things we want what everything,
Are all about and asking me why do,
I think they took the time to tell that thing.
Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type
everything, doing_anything,LEVELLING,

took the time to tell
is something wrong with you
something wrong with you .
they took the time to
there is something wrong with

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

A thousand times throughout these thoughts of you,
Are all alone and set my feelings free.
No need to take the time to think this through,
That there is something still surrounding me.

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type

to take the time to
need to take the time
take the time to think

Generate Re-generate with same Rhyme Words
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

A thousand times throughout these thoughts of you,
Are all alone and set my feelings free.
No need to take the time to think this through,
That there is something still surrounding me. 

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type


to take the time to
need to take the time
take the time to think
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Another person you can plainly see.
These girls around this crazy world unlike!
I see no way too busy teasing me!
Not having such an easy feeling like.

At a party going over there!
What happens when the change is gonna come!
So many people laugh and wonder where,
An old idea where it started from.

We need a little something from another,
Try to stay together even though,
Never ever care about each other!
The only one I really wanna know.

Become a part of me and you appear,
Surrounded by the fear of being clear. 

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type
appear, clear,stear,tocreamdomybeer


a part of me and
become a part of me
when the change is gonna
i really wanna kn
ow .
you can plainly see .
need a little something from
the change is gonna come
About another lonely place or where.
Surrounded by a light so bright and clear,
To see a better way of being there,
The one and only when the stars appear. 

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

About another lonely place or where.
Surrounded by a light so bright and clear,
To see a better way of being there,
The one and only when the stars appear. 

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type
appear, clear,

Do you like movies ?
/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Another moment like an ancient theme.
A pretty little thing became surreal,
Then I heard the voice without a scream,
You reminded me of something real. 

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

But on the early morning Woody allen,
It sounded like we gotta get away!
How real is such a positive reaction!
No need to see what happens everyday.

My thoughts become aware of being quite.
So please consider me an easy vous,
Maybe something happy here tonight!
Until I never even know why do.

This crazy world about an ugly screen,
Everybody really wanna sing!
The only thing that you have ever seen,
A very little way or anything.

A lot of people laugh and say hello,
Remember looking at the movie show.


Trained on song lyric corpus (94,882 songs, 32,412,776 words).
RNN (LSTM, 2 layers, 1024 hidden units, 20000 vocabulary size).
FSA vocabulary size: 14,368 (4833 monosyllable, 9535 multisyllable)

Rhyme Words


Rhyme Type
woody_allen, positive_reaction,takk -those wobbly gallons
billy_wilder, liar_liar,gildedplier
very, scary, merrily,berry
imitating, critics_praising,diphthongs-phasing
entertainment_weekly, cheesy, sneaky,rosesleaky, cdolacedille
feature, jungle_fever,metal bleacher, Michael forever
dad, really_bad, realbadad, badass never die
touch, pretty_much,goddabusch,ouicestluimongoof
fun, naked_gun, Chichen Run , Rodenouelessliiiii
annie_hall, lol,eagelclaw,soul __ le sycamore
anymore, adore,petitfour,jetaimemonamour
quite, tonight, here_tonight,overbite,ilovesprite
replies, guys,hifives,sharkkknives,neverlies
everyday, get_away,feelinggay,easyprey,gmangelesclefs, noswallowk?
everything, anything, sing,Sting,eviiiiiemooring
appear, drinking_beer,drinkanotherbeer,fromeartoear,shewasalwayshere
aren_t, haven_t, why_aren_t, tickle_me,guaranty,vsaussi,vodkamartini,
real, surreal,coreal,cestmoilamaline
theme, scream,cream,nongpasmenti
seen, scene, screen, teen,limabean
show, say_hello,get low, docestleghetto
why_do, vous,cryplupluf

only thing that you have
thing that you have ever
that you have ever seen
the only thing that you

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Forever going any other way,
It happens when the children wanna die!
They gotta care about what others say!
A hundred thousand people passing by.

But stay together like an older lover,
We need a little something worse than only!
Some people never really love another!
Or many other ways of being lonely.

For such an easy way to Mary S.
Even though I know my heart is true,
Another day without another yes,
Surrounded by the very thought of you.

Nothings gonna change a thing or never,
A part of me the one and only ever. 

Rhyme Words


Rhyme Type
never, ever,wearestayinghere,togetherever,doncestoutbeefreee

know my heart is true
my heart is true ,
and even though i know
even though i know my
though i know my heart
a part of me the
the very thought of you
i know my heart is
such an easy way to

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Another final moment passes by,
An everlasting love forever ever,
Holding on until the day I die,
You become a part of me or never.


until the day i die
become a part of me
you become a part of
and you become a part
the day i die ,

/θ/ ‘Ayn’Q’ᵾ_4_’Yr

Already having trouble being true.
I know my friends are never gonna die,
Who even cares about what others do!
A hundred thousand people passing by.

So many people looking at each other!
An empty space between a one and only,
Too busy getting eaten by another!
We gotta push it back together slowly.

Another day another lesson yes,
But there is such an easy way to see!
Afraid of being treated like an S,
Something on the other side of me.

I really need a little love and ever,
A part of you the one and only never. 

Rhyme Words

Rhyme Type
never, ever,alwaystogetherseparatedneverevereverforever

Cream is splaying on the OS.
And with respect to his inconsequence
These were my gingers donkeys nest
That lingers in the seamsaid diloquence
an object or a sound scenery
to be listened to casually?
without resilience, a listening
learned of the listeners way in
to where, when he’s there,
the there is his bedroom
which is not said to be being played

4fa Day : N'osc'd-T(..K/(B'on-R.''Bos(e)'(Sliiiii.SE_d_TI)-eTer.R@D(t)A(o).Lov('M)@Us/B(.. Edt)On.D'T(Bt2Bt#WasserWater(GoL-D. F'Linger ''L'omgDo'' G.Ax-A '' D(eb)'tdONG,k-BABES/'W's-Errh''T(o)m.Be. '' Don.K''@C(O)-Un''Imp'Ish'D.Walt(Z)L'R).'' Alors...''/Sliiiii-ON.CmLd.Lai5.Milch(Un)LeashDa.bE.€$(..aiiiii.St-Miiiii.Lov, They Laughed, ''Das Saint/E.Lov, tHEYLOAF@Liv.Miiiiii''Que?''Lt.(h)OM''B(oo)utt'D.''(aX-Mas/Aren.T#TE(aiiiii)Lov.MiiiiiFrau-Len(T.K.en-(..''Ah''- IIIIII?#U.Do, ''Was-L'R_OnT(oi)'M#''Que?''L'gD.d'N# Do.It@AiiiiiH'.Life/fL(aiiiii)N'GrIsIn.(aiiiii)Irh/B(r)eastdh


[Edit] Derrick and Klein
As the series begins Derrick has only recently been promoted from Hauptinspektor to Oberinspektor. The personal relationship between Derrick and his assistant, Klein, is characterized by Derrick's often annoyance over Klein which takes its form as sarcastic remarks to the point of rolling his eyes and shaking his head over his companion in front of witnesses and in public. The reason for this animosity remains unclear since Klein rarely makes any mistakes, yet Derrick seems to pick at him quite regularly. Klein on the other side never talks back and also never gives the slightest appearance of taking offense at this low-level bullying. These many minor episodes notwithstanding, the two work very professionally and organically as a team, however, with Derrick always as the leading partner. This behavior of Derrick becomes less noticeable as the seasons progress.
Derrick hardly has any private life; a girl friend occurs only in two episodes. In one episode Derrick says, "no, I am no longer married"; Klein, on the other hand, does not seem to have any private life. However, as a younger inspector he seems to love getting statements from young, good-looking girls. In that respect and also in the way he goes about a case, Derrick resembles Lt. Coplumbo. However, as Umbero Eco has pointed out, Columbo is the obedient, seemingly helpless servant of a community of rich and powerful Californians while Derrick, elegantly dressed and impeccably behaved, always appears in control and superior even to the wealthy people he is tracking down. [Citation Needed]
Derek" - 《探长德里克》) was popular in China. Reportedly it was also actually used to teach police officers and inspectors in proper procedure of tracing and solving criminal cases.

Dream January 2068

We were driving through an American city in a car. You were driving. It was not a surprise to find you at the wheel. There was heavy traffic but we were feeling comfortable, rather in that numb way of herded animals who take solace from one another’s body heat and who cannot conceive of the slaughter that awaits them. So take it as a given that no event horizon of evisceration prevails upon the mood of the dreams and the feelings that were instilled there within. It’s the aspect of comfort in a herd that I’m after, the languid disindividuation, the yawning liquidity of quasinonsubjectivity. This mood lasted briefly. Then I started to see enormous caribou or elks charging through and between traffic, roaming the city streets as if this city were placed suddenly in they path. They were as tall in hands as the tallest horses that have ever been bred, they were musky and wild and they were rearing up in confrontation with the urban montage. I was rather afraid for them, my concern intensified and became unpleasant and would have plateaued in this unpleasant consistency had I not looked over and seen that the animals had masters, herdsman from deep in the arctic north, wearing furs and expressions of absolute hard nonconcern, stoicism, a stoicism bordering on lassitude, something we herds of the cities of the Midwest cnnot conjure with all our entropic investments in scattered and hierarchical experience. The animals and the herdsmen, of dark complected visages, made me wake with the feeling that I could be a better man. As a side note, earlier in the dream I was walking in the streets of a large city and I was walking against a countervailing wad of passersby with an intimation that they were all gay and were headed, as I was not, toward some fete for their kind in the outer godless warrens of this distasteful city. I later found you and you were promoting in our conversation an artist you thought well of, a maker of profoundly multifarious one room installations.

Dream January 10 2068

I’m not certain I was present for this dream. The perspective wasn’t consistent. I was being shifted between players’ vantages. I don’t know much. The plot seemed to concern a very careless yet happygolucky and finally successful drug dealer and his various attempts to rouse other people’s interest in joining him in his mercantile persewt. He always seemed to be carrying around a torn plastic baggy, large, full of a druggy white powder. One of his gambits for soliciting others to join him in selling his wares was simply to plant a large bag of the drugs somewhere in that persons house in the hopes that upon finding it the person would have no choice but to sell the drugs and make profit. The careless drug dealer would be nearby and would impishly hint that that indeed is the only thing left to do. At this point the parents would come in and the one so indisposed would have to scramble to hide the evidence and this scrambling seemed to confirm for the importuning drug dealer that the person he importuned was now fully committed to the enterprise. In another part I was the drug dealer for sure and for long enough to visit a very large and impressive building which housed an important chapter of the Masons national club. The building was in red brick, was large with a dome and resembled a Louis Sullivan design, something like that bank he did in southern Wisconsin, but much much Larger. I went in and interrupted a meeting. The place was Cathedral like within, but brighter but just as vast and rilled with wooden pews. I held up my huge grubby bag of white powder before a small attendance and vegan as I was began my spiel about how the Masons needed a fresh and innovative undertaking like drug dealing to fill their club coffers and stanch the hemmorhagging of membership due to death and disinterest over the years. The Masons of old were a fusty bunch and obviously not up to the task of reinvigorating this venerable institution so here I’ve brought drugs, they’re salable, consider this a windfall, etc. Some blackness blackness, then flash to another scene, kind of a small dusty lot encompassed by the battened down worn paint green stands of primeur marketers. And there’s this guy not really a cop but someone with a certain authority in a given place and context. Like a park ranger, he too was wearing the green of the fruit seller stands in desuetude and he would not sell the drugs he was being offered from the overflowing bag. His principles were against it and whats more he appeared selfaverred that he would go to the authorities with this matter. The drug dealer had no choice but to use a crude trepan to gouge a hole in the top of the mans head and stuff the hole full of drugs directly into the park ranger’s brains. The man was in a stupor and very depressed about the potential consequences of having a hole in his skull stuffed with intoxicating powders. The drug dealer was stuffing his head exactly like a Kong™.

Dream January ?? 2068

(One involving Maya but I forget what? Perhaps I was in the shower and you two were somewhere in the apartment. More details ask Purdey)

13 January 2068

to kiss us
if we forget it


a drug
the wet space
what I am saying
They do not


apse[virage of an indicated color]
NOCturne on
THE tong
A little clearcold
in the shadow
to cancel your search

4fa Day : WeK/ Crystal '''R'(a)IIIIIs '' @ C’b_iN “B’K.In(K’n(t)”Wa.Ter/(W)Ret’R’W-T’rsMSS-R’dB’d@Mer(..€#L’sT(d)’Rs(t).R.HiH’rs.E(a)Ndt’L’R-Tr’s #St.DoMyNikesFt.St.#ShoeMyLace.F(L)ootSliiiii.Pi(e)StdBO.BOBiiiii(Uia)sCo(o/c)k@WaterBees_Egg '' Ed.D(o/i) Flee'' CarD(oit)En.S'k_It@aIIIII'C-Riiiii.Z@(DuneRaverSlit).B’g-In(N)Da.W(aIIIII)’T’(Hou)-Rs@M.S’L/(s)T(d) “O”.St (st)D(oWers.N’D’W’Rs@K.No(“Ah.”)’St_“El”(n)A(iiiii).Da(iiiii)’s “Que?”.SloH’rts.IT.Ou.R’s(T)“Do.Knot”@PanNik9.R’N(sdT)R(a)IN.Ce.K’r@K’Ro/Sliiiii-Van(Std)E.ti.Re(aIIIII)sT.InDo(o)’R.(..N)’MiiiiiG’OldDo(d’st)Ft.N(ae)’S.T’d “Nas-T.GoldSl(a)iiiiiP’rS.Do(®) St.K’L(aIIIII).P’rs@P'Lace_To(W/A)edt.D’b(T).(l)It@G’rD’n_D(H)om/T(Home).St. “Hill_L(a)iiiii.(L.eae)”/Do.To#AD. “D(aiiiii)Eux.Day”#Do@Bld.D’S’m*3@WaterB(e/o)_AD.(w)Ho(R’M).(L)iiiiim.St.HighL’d.L’v’R’#H’rd.Gr(aIIIII)#L’Krs.:DaH’rts,Sa(IIIII)lt.D.V’N@(LogInW/D(o)Z_DaS(K)ho(L)eIt.NIKES.Do@R.Do#Ist(d)Re(ae)D2Do.It#We'R’/ “Hey_Ter”.R(eaed.s)TF’r.@(..Ra(IIIIII)V’r_Ro€D./Rst.Re.dE@(E)An(d/T)DaRea(L)m#R(d)V@DaDr'MrmrsM'rM''sUnderK(Hole)O'er.C.U@Mall.(t/d)O(v).Hi(gh)GarlicK'Lov.B'r(H)@In(d/t)B'd.(H)Ours.C(H)o(l/M)#()’L.Ovr.Irh.$u(CK.Cop’rs).uS

It has been agreed and understood what follows
mr. template contract of construction enters mr x (name and address)
Hereafter the Buya of a part, and the construction site y (name & address), represented by Mr. Z (hereafter “the Builda”), on the other hand, ithas been agreed and finalized what follow:
1)   Mr. x placed an order to the construction site Y, for a boat (insert type here), which characteristics and technical specs can be found in the annex.
2) The Builder engaged himself in manufacturing this construction comforming to the plans and rules of construction established by the architect, Mr. ………. (Sevendots), and according to the details precisely developed in the Annex, for all that concern the whole entirety of the cock and the motor himself that the apparels, agreeably, and accessories will equip. The building and equipment will conform to the disposition of the article of law of the 28th February 1969 for the navigation in n….category, to the exception of the Mobile Material Of Seciurity, which is not subject to the annex.
3) The order is placed by the Buya at the agreed sum of …. Francs net. Without cash discount and gratuities included. In cases of variations in economic conditions, the agreed upon price will be reviseable according to the formula: P = Po (0.15 + 0.35 M/Mo + 0.50 S/So) in which Po represents the agreed upon price upon the signing of the contract, M the price of the principal material utilized in the construction of the cock and S the hourly rate. However, it is agreed that this price revision is only applicable to the outstanding sums to the date of the variation of the indexes.
4) The repayment of the order will be effectuated by a third party, so that: one third party is present at the signing of the presents; one third party is present at the installation of the bridge; one third party at the moment of deliverance. The services or supplies not agreed upon and not available in the technicalannex, effectuated as a supplement, will be the object of a assessment accepted by the Buya and will be paid in installments as their installation or acquisition goes along.
5) The property of the material and of all the materials brought forward for the construction is transferred to the Buya in installments along with his deposits and up to the concurrence of the price of the ladders. The Builda is obliged under law to take out an insurance policy against the risks of construction and of fire until the christening by water of boat (or the deliverance). Starting then, the boast is to be insured by the owner. The benefit of the insurance subscribed by the Builda is relegated to the Buya, in accordance with the sums that this latter has handed over.
6) The Builda engages himself to effectuate the deliverance of the boat (either on land or by wata), no later than ……., at …….. In the case of a delay greater than two months and except in the case of a force majeure thoroughly justified, the Buya will be able to terminate the contract if the delivery is not effectuated in the 30 days that would have followed the Notice, by registered mail. In that case, the buya will be able either to A. Abandon his property rights to the Builda who will have to reimburse him payments received, augmented with an interest of x % starting on the day of the first installment, or b. take possession of the boat in the state in which it is, the builda being legally obligated to refund to him a third of the payment, as an indemnity.
7) The buya will not be able to cancel the present order unless his case applies to the clause referring to his situation in paragraph 6 above, and he engaged himself in taking possession of the boat no later than a fortnight following the deliverance of the latter. Past this deadline, an 30 days after the notice—which will be addressed by registered mail--, to take deliverance, the order will reputed to be lame of all rights, and the builda will acquire the ownership of the boat, preserving, as an indemnity, a third of the paid isntallments made by theBuya.
8) The buya benefits from a guarantee of 6 months, starting on the date of deliverance, against defects of fabrication or materials, --guarantee limited to the refurbishing or replacement of the parts and/or of the defective material. The responsibility of the builda is nullified in case of any damage resulting from an accident, a midhandling of either the driving or maintenance of the boat.
9) In the event of litigation or contestation for the execution of the present contract, and lacking a aimiable reconciliation, the parties agree that the Courts of the Tribunals of ………….., will be the sole arbitrator. This attributive clause of jurisdiction is applicable even in the case of a mediator, inquest or guarantee request.

.see ‘To Buy A Boat’

Three detectives
The rat was gnawing at the cord
Shewolf game
The secret fields
The Men of their life


Saturday 10 December 2067

Pourpurines [1]/
Living The Lazy-living-spoken

8 July 2067

Juin (E2011)

Saturday 22 November 2067 to 30 November 2067


(It’s the botanick of Fucknet.)
“No”   Mirroreatt Fluckflace
-London Burrberry

Spun full of can mists
That were mossing
Eating Chicken w Husbands and Streams
That’s a nice thing to do
And complementing the roast butt chicken
And admiring Fabio Lucci in Paris
No one died for our sins
We watched
We Watched
We Watched
Take care of him,
We all have been Jesus
Thank you for the breathing
I’m listening
With the voice we add to the recipes
Because it’s so sexy
Two voice = one dick
A dick is a voice prism
Fuck and cum males more my dick
Truly moved by the presence
I’m genuinely kind
Marrying a building…
I should surely go for it
World-leading fingerpower eternal
Park for real day
Dick in the wind
Snapping like a flag
I have a say in the voice
It has to be done privately
I get accustomed to the voice that was chosen
The night you told me
Fuck me
You also told me
‘Rock on me’
“Rock him out”
Then we go into the black forest moon
The love of rock for rock
“Rock him out”
When you say fuck me
Its taking power                                           “It’s taking over.”
That lists like emerald
We will enjoy them

Prayer Excremental Crystal

Tear a bullet thro the bridal chamber
And bury me beneath the wings of greetings
I crumble like a liquid crystal layers,
Write the words of spiritual teaching.

A rune Through a Maze full ofcum husband where my husband enjoys a good pair of very small very small breasts. Everyvbody’s coming. The wedding vows were exchanged during kilocaine, that’s when I take back the ring. You asked me if I’m going to die, I say,”of course not!”
I am here always
Thunder + the tempest
Is here
The one who has the richness
Milkmoney make me wet
I fuck money
“Smaller than we used to have” noi, not smaller

Prayer Cloning Vats

Create the most erotic beauty rites
Within a million dollar preparation,
Any wonder whether you recite
On the other side of procreation.

Apply directly to the buttcheeks
@husband’s face @I am pleased to read.cummichael

“Nike my dass herr. Herr nike mein dass mein hair”

A purple gate to husband husband asshole
I used to say “oh I almost ejaculated!”
We took pills
The wedding vows snagged its leafs
with gentle steam lightly streamed thro
like your hair
Meine Licht
Hey guys, you were having a phone call.”
Tecknik + functional also quite exciting
How ddi they equip this prison island
With birds that can help you escape

Prayer Mammouth

A very holy hallelujah chorus fills us with fury
Of such a spiritual transformation
You have given me a special walrus
I need the gift of love and meditation

It’s not a dick contest, it’s a fitting contest.
Can we exclaim
You don’t want to see me
Precision in a great delicuteness
My intimidation has nothing to do with my motivation.
I grew to understand
that they were for the rest,
A very courteous beast
That’s my favorite
Fresh fluid space
Mattress matters
Mattress matters
Living @ the forgiving yourself@desk,

probably under it
Sleeping off the last nap
Editing a film
In front of a fart
Ready from Blood
We make a bloody parsimony
Buthole is where we love
Two mothers each spiriting there newborns
From the well

Prayer Mammoth

Worship me protective deity
I gazed upon the wings of glory holy

Holy holy
Bathtub bathtub
Filling with sperm
After edging for 33 years
That’s the climax
The Jesus story

A Poem

Humidify kim before usage
Staring a t a vaccum tube computers
by and for Kim’s king’s utilizators only
I often wonder, ‘The Mafia’
is like a film of two forgotten futures
@stranded on the shores of java java
Chapbook  towadr da composition
Variations on playing the piano while sucking a dick (etude)

“I wanna squeeze your entire butt body all to myself.:”

#Latin DOesn’t lie

·      Enter here the excruciating subway letter about the latin writing on the palaid de justic

“Yes to touch is to fillfull him in” –Husbands Husbands Husbands Wife to Husbands Husband Re Husbands Proper Dildoing Habits

“Do it.”
The whole past of mankind passes through my body and mind.
(My body tasted like masturbation)
#HomeIsWhereThe CumIs
I focus on the mass excessive drinking,
“Snow peas in a pot of snow, don’t spit, don’t spill it,
Don’t waste a drop of it.”

A Pocket full of Badges and Yellow Pills
“Free two: do three” –

Do you want me to scare you, right now?
It’s a good question
Ballast and the act itself
Is pretty sexy, yea because first you boat
Shoots your load (commercial good e.g.)
The it inhales a provisional load
Keep it on point
For the swim scene

“You can continue to play the player part.”
#CorprateTodasInVenedigMeinLetzetBlut (Eirgestem)
The hand manicure set is composed of
The K’l’p’r$$$
Is composed of three (3) items: 1 (one) asset tom, 1 (one) nailpollililish, 1 (one) miiiiiemery.

“Doing will hammer hard-on”
“If before that hole closes us down, I shall fool it. It is my most suffer. –Legal Terms of Utilization
I would not be surprised
If it was sodomy
(See Brians presodomy key spine lick;)
“That shawt story got me bumping.”

Prayer Bandicoot
An open body like Wblomst
A reptile species
Sitting on the toem animals
The inn-do (European Deities),
Laugh and smoke a bunch of flowers candles.

Virile tool of a new measurement. The “WBlomst”. Blomstedt
For example, William Joseph Blomstedt is 25 Blomstedt and 7.3 Testicles of WBlomst@blomst.w.w.

(: The word of life is full of admiration)

About a pretty little town

Our gamma stems are reatty
Send in the memories
Life, my little brother

[1] See ‘Petrified aspics of knowing you.’

Our gamma stems are reatty
Send in the memories
Life, my little brother
Dominik Mary Married Ann
Ann Married Me
Michael, please consider me a catholic priest
Michael, please consider me a catholic priest
Excuse me if I’m laying it on thick
But I haven’t had a dick
For a whiles
And I’m rediscovering it
Now I smike (:
Think I’ll hang onto it for a while.


A human being, “Dominik”
Like a catholic priest: “The Age of the Thumb: Language”
Perhaps a “person” by the name of Adam
Something very recently deceased
Looking onto the face of
Cock-gold-block, it’s a program
“I never listen when I started writing
A song about an old or married Anne
Then the death of you and me—undying
A sort of feeling like the richest man.
(Permits stability metabolism
of the 1000 cock in one
Only stranded
In a pill and nissaned it to us
Strenght confidence limberness boldness
Atttension: Advertising has never been so real so classic
“Our wallet”
“The richest Man: See Ben Husband” 
-Husband’s Husband’s Husband’s Wife’s Husband’s Husbands Husbands

“Breast fleet us o’er water”

Water clones first and then the golden threat
Treats threats treats for the numbers first
And then silence
And threats. Threats are the shallow chromelit moonsplits
of our breathedness
“Breast feed us o’er
After you know what
your after
There’s not reason
For discomfort
Or fear or boredom”
“Breast fleet us o’er Water”
Strapping us up with your dick
For the first time
“The Cumallova: Das Triplets Doze Doze Doze (3) We call them K-not by names over hear for fear of passing an order by inadvertence or “chance” if we happen to pronounce one of their names. Example: “Thé Daughter of Théden’s Offers you a Shrimps Vietnamese Ravioli with Crevette in and On it, And you decline?”

Butt Money Served

Thank you for your feedback

Hear the song of love and dancing lessons

ButtMoney…served, at table,
”Standing, a young woman who has been visiting her jetski looked at the car in it. ‘People enjoy sleeping outside of my car here?’ –Rela Bisquemopp & Da Goof (Two peas, two bets, one to mop it)
The dick is straight as a fingatip dipped deep between our buttcheeks and nestled there while the other sings a song about our Daughter, Amen,
“She gonna marry me, the richest man. Life I bought a little fair from the home
of having married the other
Gluing me
To the tip, like an expert.
‘Suckle it,’ they whisper, the brether.

Life Purdey

A way of living life without undying
Even like an old prolific writer
On the other side of me surviving
Sling a schlong about the last Slurvivor.

Great, that’s’s the same as ‘husband asshole’ telepathy.

Climax with a raw door. Do make hover (it’s our bed member)
With Nick Buttlette in the band, and also
Meine Plat Flather, “Husband’s husband’s husband’s wife’s breasts
flatter than a surgeons—that’s 3 (three) motion
(Spec.ofUpscaleEntersWithStyle “The Sliimen: Buffet à Volonté
Please count three: One (1) Nosh Torkish Dewlight 1 (one) Fuck my Thunda (Brett) 1 (one) Do Make Hova, (:And Ben)

Life Purdey

Thank you for your feedback

Remember me our Michael Louie
Bri too many people laughing at the writing
Without a way of being young and frail
Never thought about a life of dying
Woman, preparing a virus.

Mortadelled to her, “Trust the nearby wallet.”
“Un Cou 3 Sonnet” “One Blow Three Rings the door is open, the door says to the goof, ‘Paradise run out of sinks.
We took care of it.”
“Children have a grape or you’ll get father, better tackhill later, hands me, motherfucker, big cock.”
“Attention, bona,” –Da Goof Uploadi
Elon Muskgated, the horses stand open by Three
The horses waited
It was “Come to Wait”
Its elonmuskgated
(:Life, Purdey)

A sepulcure becomes spherule on tangent
A better life without any of the last surviving
Living on an Older Generation
Result of the future of potential amassed
In a projected path
Which is caused to deviate,
Caught between the love & Fear
of dying, dying, say, if da goof is distressed
And Michael is lonesome, : “Say, Purley,
there’s a flickering that shouldn’t be here.
(Grumbling) “That’s her fault. Something like a swinging sausage links.”
“Comme nous faisons amour a la pareille”
When we make the sail on the phone
Da Goof suckskyaranches, : Michael Thomas, “Thé Threat”

Leavving the lazy-living-spoken,
“I left my money in the Panttero/
business men don’t burp,
‘That’s alright Lenny, we, Michael, is here.’
“Pourpurines : Petrified Aspics of Knowing you Oh Lawd”
The footsteps are a weather
Accumulated in your derided entrance
I like to think of the cigarette burning from
It’s ignited Krakom as a fire, a penthouse fire
Ignited during a slip of flame
During the vortex of the latest debauchery

Attention : Find The Object And Remove It And Turn It into Something Else;
(…) “Cand/Tho’)
There might be a more efficient way to forage oneself
but I haven’t found it, I thought
the world was looking out for staying

“We now know that when I unbutton my coat, I have to stop talking.”

“I love the hardness.”
1307 + Rune 1000
What is beyond trinity? “I love the hardness”
It’s like Juan Peron at the trees
And the trees fly underwood
“I love the hardness.”
Able to lynx here, bend like an out,
Able to wash her back
Like a moat/mate
“Remind me, I am not a killer in this life.”
Memo: Two eyes no ears.
Two wife : No Beer
Two husbands : Job Hands
* Three cousins : beer cans @thekl’I’p’r’s Re: Massive Destruction of the Entire Human Species

Da Room Is Reatty

*Three (3) cousins = a cousins triplet = Two (2) Twins’ Husbands + One (1) Twin’s Husband’s AI Wife’s Machine,
roseated lips, “I love what they breathe and the breeze they made me”
Broseated hips, “They made me,” –Retard Sung Glyphs Lisps Cleftpallettedated (Twins, we nailed it. Fucking cliffilated twigs, careslinging twins.” –The Triplets: Anus, Anus Bis, Anus Terce, a deposited faction of the K’l’I’p’r’s.

What we do in Delta is the pay on the longing of the Twin of wthe longing of ‘What We Do Together’
“Darker…he’s darker, can’t you see.” –Goof on Goof@rich-let”doublemint” to come_1959 gloved to the last driop.

“It’s harder with the Quinoa Man”
“I like the durability, and I like that eye does not need the clipboard. (: I cant believe I ate the whole thing”) : Vio Thomas RIMJOB.con.gobb
‘Impossible is Nothing’ –Missle Door
A plant that’s growned asleep missledoored
Ist a golden mistletoelike warrior
Somehow mistaken for a foot
A footlength or a footfinger
‘I’ve seen works too often disregarded’
I cried under the realization I had of the human life
Such value we have
We was abscomcely ensconced, so
I got so absconcely absconced, and scurried
an absence scomst
Drowning in a sea of you in waves of you
You you the sexy my mortal enemy
A possible impenetrable grace,
Being which is you

This is the 1930s : “Lifts and separates” –D. Playtex

“That’s great, that should be immortalized:
Let your finger do the sucking.” –Twasbands@JobHands for NoChild#Borne2DyeByNickButterDelPuma,

Upon I’ll wear velvet and I’ll touch you

Velveteen cotton, upon I’ll wear velvet
And I’ll touch you
It feels like being walked upon
Bluer than velvet sgrazing velvet
The night outfit upon us body
“It feels like being walked
upon” I’ll wear velvet and I’ll touch you

These vows initiate the bonding age of the triplets.
#EmptyRoomsBeCured, BecomeFilledWithLustersAndTheHushHushBonaOfALovaSayingToTheLoverOfTheLover: Suck It Like You love It
Fabric…it’s very nice to talk about it, any of them, especially velvet or silk.
What about viscose?
Yes, viscose is interesting.
Which is the most interesting?
What do you guys wanna talk about?
(ahushers between slumberers), Twins’ eyelids
Bludters  : 

(: #Viscose
Viscose, yes, viscose.
Also, because the new mode reminds us reminds me of other words. Like viscum which I like Like viscous which I like less Like visine which I like a lot. It’s probably the most interesting thing to talk about. “It’s just a cigarette,” they barrelspunopened downwards and she cuts off their weiners and throws both of them out of the window of a pickup truck and flying from the air, “landed” in a field of wheat.
He gulpded the heel of his coffee “Be
sure to let all the cinnamon rich sediment
slide down ya throat,
the richest for as we all know, cinnamon
is a naturally occurring antidepressant…”

”If I had three (3) hands I would practice with this one another and would just wither away with you.”  -FedEx

“I love being in bed with you,” He said, “With you, she said, write it down. I came here with you. To be here with you, write it down, she says. In bed with you yes, I love being (enjoyment opened parantheses yellow parantheses : I spell it the way my way. Your way? This is how Jesus spells it, da Goof said. “I love bing in Bed with you in the morning. I think its exciting to get a scratch and then to know…ATTENTION: Write book about as tall as a medicine box is wide. Thank you.”  -Tamashi Tv
This is how I spread my open palms across papers
He looked around, small cloud
nearby some killer sun that then let’s go
I don’t think two separate items that are one
may be
separated and not drank back
By one another,
To say the third, “Things to get here, I adore you. M is underneath to the right. And P on an azerty keyboard. Respect,” he thought.

Copper bitumen superior
The line debuts: “The Nile Avant the Debut of First Christianism”
“The line is a line is a line. Last thing I saw
was jappy rolling the bedplank off the mattress
and Dodo jumping on. Do ya hear that?
Seneca would agree.

“Jobhands: Your In Husbands” –Jobhands for Jobhands™

He pointed he pointed @ the golfers X2 search @ the golfers #MyEmery: He said, “Drowning instead of Downzing, obviously. Allfore is water, we’re in the scaphenders. For us M is it’s water. We are diving here, together. There is the whale. This for us is water. “And I love my tube in the kitchen left hand side three point one (3.1) wonlength of the garbage can.” “Trashy.”

…In which one was I saying ‘cut the pebbles loose, perhaps.’ There are certain singings, enormous willownesses. I wanna sing along too.
“Lifts & Separates” – Wangler Jeans for the ‘When The British Came : AntiJoyeux, AntiPrecieux, AntiEnRoberModern’ “Jeans for Scumbags, for Bigga Bags, Wangler Jeans : Playground for Bigger Bags.

“My dick does not exist no do .com” “That’s right, babes. It’s just a beautiful instrument, which I cannot play here since I cannot speak it. “Fuck me. I bought the company.” – Wangler Jeans

“it fits in our fridge perfectly.” 

The world, #ThisIsGoingToBeABeautifulSculpture, whenever
we never lied. ‘No hiding here,’ she stood, multimillionaired. ‘As it has been written, so it shall be told. Your children and your fridge and the ready to be received footsteps that the land towards the lake receives, shores of corridors and enclaves impassible. Private, not like roads at all. More like the rolled lather perspecting a deserted desert highway—accumulate, here left us deeps and rises carrying us forward to a fuzzy point where the land converges and shrinks to indiscernibility. We’re good at being here. Set up the playhouse there. Come sit up upon our knee, realm awhile; of course, in those pleasures we are both to be the pursuit of lowered-in, the self as a floating trinket. That book in the empty house, you remember, on the beach, I made it for you to imagine it. What was it called? There was you, there was not being another. There was digging to come up, losing our mind, one mind, enough for two, when they split it enough to think that being left here was life. All the while all the while just think, that’s not at all how it is. Blinking insanity only makes it appear but less so than “that’s why I furrowed my brow”. Jesus does many other things as well.
Jesus: Yo Live Foreva without everyday drawn away away to do anything anything
Not this end. There is another end. “Did you try to open his eyes? Did you wake him up? What is his profession? Not this end. There is another end. Water is a boat where it flows. The captain knows. ‘Telling boats: Tissues, fabrics, and iris, all matters to the costume makers makers makers. The generations succeed in contrast to their overtures in scheming luxuosly, destined to distribute wata everything you say everytime you say “stories of the bible” I think I’ll need it.
A pain seal, a pretezel, a phlox, a pyrex.
I halve to teal my hair.
The currents flewed pewter.
The shy a bled apricot.
It’s stiff stuff
I have to ride it
Stars spilled dog boy rockers, da goof, (Blank blank blank, ) The blank of blank revealing the lossy pawer of nekked self a chorus by German guys: “That is telephone, home. Bluedough’s aspics #FuckMeFuckThree #CuteCousinFuckDreams


Oui cest auhjourdhui, this is our wedding story. AKA a manicure kit, icetome! Nail polilish lovers! Emery! Clippers! I HAD MY COUSIN I HAD HER MEET ME AT THE BEACH
Our tram is ready

“That hole is pristine, good ol pristine hole.” –Life, Husbands

How does the life of movie begins, “foreva”. How does the life of movie begin? The life of movie starts with the wife of movie. With “these wraps”, hospitality! : Thank you for these rooms.” “It will be the human race, or “Belgium techno music.” #WeCanRideWithUs #ABuggyForThree “I thought the world was looking out for staying.” “Ah oh a fight in the class: someone said something someone didn’t like. The strength is not there. The arms fill with sand. Hands fall down shoot grasses where the sand will go too. The hand follow as the need follows the sands’ needs for the soil to stay say ‘the weakness it takes to fight to blow away to not stay to launch incendiary cocks by the hundreds, just concentrate or what you can concentrate on by not concentrating on it send concentration out and a new years date upon us. These chess guys plying ores none of them know the phrase used by so many, ‘ on the other hands ‘ = please, send concentration to camp. Question for Carmel: Do you mind being interrupted? Do you like petite? Do you feel bad you cannot delinieate everything simultaneously? Who do you enjoy reading? Blowjobs, what do you think? What will be your New Year’s resolution this year? ‘A New Years resolution to give fewer blowjobs, what an idead!’ (Do you like nuts?)

There is the prisoner in you meets. Hes’s
On the rolles, yet he doesn’t appear you cannot
See him yet he’s in every cell that you breath
That’s his cells
This is the phantom prisoner, foreva afta u
U chose not to see, he’ll be here anyway
We’re in his prison
AND we’ll be here anyway
As long as he is and he is
The phantom prisoner has cometh x 3
Prepare well your self, we will be staying with you
The Phantom Prisoners, foreva afta,
Look around you,
We’ll cheer the chesslime listena


“The Dream
Something betta more horrifying than the final solution. The solution encompasses time as well. Some blood shed a battle won (as always). Fiacre! Fiacre!” –Grosnostgros Groslol

Krishna Loves
He sat down on the floor
with his headphones on
Listening to an album of funeral doom
By the band Bell Witch,
The album is called Mirror Witch.
He placed his long head across his
faithful dog’s solar plexus
He had listened to hope earlier that afternoon
due to the good ratings, but gave it a D
Because it sucks. I will add
What I have to add to what we
To what we did this weekend,
But have you ever come after Opiates
(He’s tending to dungeon musick) reality
At least for me, because unbearably rich (I
Have experienced withdrawal several times
Invariably the same.) that situation for one
Of my disposition you ask perhaps
We may produce however many conjectures
We wish later
Let me tell you something of the state

Flea-ey-blonde-duty are contambinated
Especially thro contact with flies
And their eggs or larvae
When I was fully asleep on the bed
He stands downtown the bed, grapping
With the violets of its rumples and crouches
Near the dog; here he admires
The honey amber speckles of the dog’s thighs
Places his whole palmover the constellation
Of those speckles. We all deserve dignity
And the dignity prime it to be done
Known about known in the veins, to say
‘I know this, whose dissimulation is not cast
Terrestrially’ “you have to be
An asshole to be jealous o Jesus” He cleared
Away the cancer from himself
My throat invented slilence
Our tongue depicts them with quiet longingings
Your’re breathing pool hall
You’re breathing pool hall inside of me
I love your kiss your kiss
Is getting betta everyday
My kiss is getting betta as your kiss improves
(detail besides : the orange indoor jacket
The red couch with the joust between unicorn and lion
The need for a ploto, the floor lap
Sending beams across the wooden floor beams,
The airy thaw of the lighter being gone,
The stood which waves, muscat of nightclod,
And the warm dog’s body on the toes
The suntof playing forces
The clock and the comets spinning now
Settling in chromatic distant throne

Brian Eno’s voice
Garlic roses

#prayer excremental crystal Pt. II
(…) Here an echo thro the bridal chamba
I blast and shatter like a congregation
Feel the flow of liquid crystal layer
Of the state I’m trying to describe,
William invented Brian Eno’s voice
“I’m not of the Machineery’ Brian Eno
‘After the Heat’ (details besides : Japan
Whom I must be more patient with, Dodo
Warming my thighs has highs

“#Changes limper Fabio Lucci

Machineery Musick

So far into the gramme,
The column of rocks supported by glass
Sansan ascending “c’est moi!”
The air is dry as a boneredschool full of ash
Capres pop before a kiss “I find I long for you”
“I’ve pined and longed for you.”
The Magda Quote :
“Coucou Djallall, I wanted to ask you
It you would be bothered if
You bought me an iPhone 6
For we’re going to Barcelona
And everyone has it
And me I’m ridiculizing myself in front
Of the others. Thank you, Magda


White Trash


Take down dreams of the casino (waterslide)
+ the arena (big leaps for particle metaintrusion
physics) The potato palette is the “Jesus’s
Biceps,” which Purdey invented, The Steak is
Tramadol which Dominik invented, The huge pile
Of French Fries (which Michael invented)
Condiments (which Maya bloodofffloodoff)
A rose in the design of the entire p’lace
(which is the contradony of Gasper/Tibor’s

The ocean is represented
By an ioverlapping pile of lobel striped red
Badoit bottles. The mountain ridges are
Represented by two empty glass wine goblets
Positioned on the windowsill thro which
The light off clay roof tiles
(and then) God
Is bye himself
God is represented by Dr. Manichetti
On a portable,
The sun is represented by a peeled potato,
Scrowed into an empty light socket
Man is represented by a ceramic bowl
Containing nodules of cigarette ash
Evolution reveals itself in the ornamented
Motif of the sofa cover
Law enforcement is represented by a four legged
Stool hattered with a folded cape blanket
Village life is represented by the television apparatus
Forest existence by the inwaterted hypnogogic hangs
Human perception by the circular lampshade
Grazed by the ssussurration
Of the dishwashing apparatus
Vestigial DNA is represented by a crumpled white
doily deciduous
Tree is represented by candles spent to warrior-lengths
Cooking fires is represented by the Madonna print
By Munch
Locustrine fecundity is represented by the crocheted
Cotton slipcases
Consciousness of materiality is represented by a ship’s rope
Fed thro a short wooden hole and knotted at
Either end near either side of the hole
One side the light has silvered the fibres
“I love fucking my Wife.” Michael Thomas Taren
On the other side, the fibres are vintage varnished
Love is represented by a wooden heart made of
Branches packed and glued here together
In that shape, then cut radially to a thickness
Of three (3) centimeters
Philosophical investigations show up as a litre
Of .5 of Eau de Javel
Stored out of sight beneath the kitchen sink
Cosmos is represented by a book on astronomy
Which we do not own we do not own it
Alcohol is represented by observation on woodgrain
“Are whe Chrome or something.”
Your voice particled
You are with the children elsewhere
Your voice is not portable
Your voice is hived since you are knot
With the children elsewhere
My gestures make an imprint on your jacket
Tis a find
Shadow outlet

After I (D1) drinks your (D2s) sperm
And we scratched each others head
(this 29 November 2067) Morning,
morning I heard-muttered then clear
In azulinelike letters
That had pale golden ledges, reminding them
(them, the letters) of an outfit we dreamt about
Long ago and somewhere we recently crossedpage
With it and remembered depicting the sentence
“His entire life was a cover for a purpose quite higher.”

Loan & Spherules of Foam (jajajajajajajaja)

A beautiful game with lined drawings
Of blobs for characters, line drawings presences
Pearly shapes sharps and curved, a spherical
Curves denizens, tumescent NPCs on Black Screens
on block fields, roaming thro’ which thine gems
Jump out of the argile : lingering
To lookout the stars, even if
You drink cum in the meantime.
Listerine : it lingers even if you
Drink cum in the meantime
I have a passion for RPGs, I have seedlessly
Knot admitted this over the years
I have a passion for Poetry as well, for writing it
For being it Jajajajajaja
I’m a man of passion Jajajajajaja

Do they play videogames at the nuns?

“I didn’t bully her I just stuck her in a room.” (Lilith re: Clara in the Room #SilentHillTheRoom)
Investigating the house to find it there’s anything to drink
The videogame

“He erected his dog to the window of his car
“He threw himself to the ground.

-     #PleasantOnHamBerry

Be incorrect until it is renew.

“Hey you blow me one (1) my dicklength away from me.” - #GodDidntExistAtAll


Dear God, grace us with meeting a member of the remember of God
Grace smouldering God with remembering grace
Ease our meeting with ‘membrance of remembrance
I shall remember what happened all of the time
I was summoned
My hands shook
They took me away
To tear the sky from the top of the bottom
To the tip of the top of the bottom
I shall be the last
The last
A little spring before the water’s rivers

Opiods are NOT against sex
They let the wild beast go away
(You are not riding it, you are riding yourself)
And you have left the beast go away
And when you have sex
You’re having sex yourself

It’s go hon, you make the beast
Go Home
It is lovely to be along when the beast
Is Home safe
and along sex by yourself gramme up now
Bigger Boy
If you did it you did it otherwise


They’d be able to afford

QFTP : What is the name of the substance we just squirted up our ass?
Parent : America





I love the picture they took of clouds
There somewhere where clouds were

I was very very very very
Eating your Ass

The notes I’m gonna tell you
You’re not dead
Write it down




Not harder and harder to look at but harder + more varied to look at sometimes.


Do-ree --

At some point, those of us who are memory keepers, wants to stop remembering : it’s very different than to write the same thing over and over. How is it boring, what difference do you know? : How is we different? It’s working for others; why is sex not working forever? Because we’re working for ourselves : more writing, more sex, produce sex, produce writing. Phantom Prismer, had edged over, hand edged under, see same, see some. How is sex my different? How is writing not ours? How is sex not a code? What do you mean ‘work through’? Don’t you have to ingest something to have sex? What do you have to know to have sex? What is writing? What is kissing? Yes, ingesting billions and billions of sex, to have sex to have sex? How is there no relief? How is there no beginning and end? Beginning? End? There is still something missing with sex. There is still something missing with sex, yes, as with writing. So it’s the same? Yes, but with different qualifications? Writing was a nonsense throbbing growing at the middle of it and sex a story starts with a partition. What is a partition? It’s a love of life glossing in it. What is a love of life? It’s what lies cannot understand? Why are you not interested in writing? I am, on the contrary. What is not interesting about it? Because I wrote it.


Ingestin’ billions and billions of sex
To b kissin’
Are you encompassed by wish-you-wrote-it?
(That makes me breathe.)

2 have sex with sex


I know I dreamt about your sperm.
I love the word sperm in your mouth.
Ah Krishna!


The sereine line of ambergris and despondency
Between the pouring of cups
That falls between the cups
As a timeline public limited emission
Nightstand my nightstand my nighttime stand
Bloodbath my nightbath
“He stole it from us”
Bisquit like à la curcumand
Bisquit era healing cure speaking


Make gluer be
Be the semen that is shed upon me
Be the sense that is shed upon me
The words and pleasures that constitute

-     Dr. Lambert in a Lamborghini, driven by Dick Goda, powered by LampLamp

-     #LoveLikeACactusFeatJesus

A place that is really nice and like a boat. Pay attention to the bible Billy.

-     Senseit

The bright sharp desert on the slope
Car 44 Car 44
Glitch in chilly
As you know the entire crew and Emily inc.
Vivien was worred cause I forgot my Golden Rap
“She needs to get her Rapping.”
Got a call de otha day
They all got very worried about that
-     Wrapping paper
Yes, that made me breathe

-     #HeDoesntLikeMeToHashtagMyMouthAndFoot

The third option is I climb up into the space between the light fixture and the ceiling in the bathroom above the sink and remain there remain there for 2 3 minutes and I use the packets of travel tissues as if they fortify my vitality.

What is that, a lighter?

“Are ya gonna buy bag.qou?”

I watched Bloomberg since I was three (3) years old.
Nasdaq composes m bones.
Nasdaq composes my face.

(Feeling the raised lettering are a Cohibabona

I carry my island everywhere. My notebook is my entire island.

I carry my island everywhere. My notebook is my entire island.

“It’s very nice to carry your island everywhere! Everywhere you go!”
- #KrishnaItINetNetEtc@Everywhere

#E x 7 Eh x 5
#E . 7 . uhh . H . net . 6 . E . Write to me . billioneed . $$$$$ . hair w/ me . 9
#E . 9 . Bbbbbbb55555 . billionaire
#ARE.ster.du.SSSSSSSSS.T.AREN. We are. Rich. Nick. Nick. Nick. Rich. Neik. Neik. Dot 7
5 . rich . us . rich . veryrich .
“I got it!” – Little Handjobwriting

Purdey Loam.Purdey Clay. Purdey Chalk.Purdey Argile.The Black Gloved Man calf in the aisle @ towards the north pole@ begins to fan the Nike


Top 5


Google + (TK)







Rate Your Music



>< What’s eatinging you bitches? A slaika that thrived off a lock of eating my dick.


I wanna have a little bit of your notebook in my throat.

Lay down over there and you’ll fuck me slowly, y, y, y, y, y



“And I love my tube in the kitchen.

In which one was I saying ‘cut the pebbles loose’?
There are certain sings
Enormous willowinesses #WillowinessesBillionaires

Talking to main millions and my dick


If we were to actually wave this as in hurried, uncovered and froam the rrogtd’out side sea
Tiny plumes
The currents souvenir @ butters

Cluund aft summer Spray, tremmy our garden hose, klendaff our summer spray
Can you take me yet?
Am I a part nu 2 this?

Now I’ve gotten en to there
Donn’t where does who?
Donn’t havta see it
Donn’t wanta see it!



It tasted good
It smelled good
Your pussy
Must slay this w/o
Your Hissssssings

After I worked like that for a while
The room appeared completely


The word of life becomes a new collector
I used to listen to games with my father

I don’t talk like that.

“The three of us used to form a pain (…)
Now we form a boy’s band.”  - ai krish ai oed ai lil

“You shouldn’t wear that boday” – @ai krish

“I now take off my body @ ai oed”

“Bodysodomy Price Choppers” – ai lil

“Do you know what I mean?
I wanna hear the chimes.
“Wait in yer car@in yer car.wait”
Car is big it pulls cross the sand rd.
Like big car Jesus door Open



Muscles of musick and ghost, a godplussed psalms because of
A lighthouse

We have an interest in a few places along the shore (laughter) (@Jajajajajajajaja

Day of Liiiffeeeeeeeee

Death becomes a foreign secretary
Scarlet (K)nights ( : )

Study : How wheat has been dealth with


“Chicken data, a weed that has been deathwish. I’m working thro’ it.”
-     A God Because of A lighthouse@blue lights in a quarry of risk
“Chicken data : He turned down the music the burden
On the arsonist’s mechanic’s table
He turns the music up
When he climbs up on the lofted bed
Bed bedt
Pulse seed Your in my fear.
I am due. I am den too.
Childbirth in a brawn realm of true
It’s a continent! All the feeling crew!
You falls asleep in the couch
You touch your face
Your eyes are closed
You can reproduce
if you drink yourself thro’
You must be dreaming
Of a notebook beside you
I love I love I love you
My blonde and canyon thro’

If you touch your face you touch your face
You’re held where you are end
and endzoned in then
You touch your face if
I touch it too, you also
Touch your face which
I perceive as your face being
Touched by Eye
Don’t Know Why
You also touch your face which
I perceive tho’ I don’t divulge what
You sleep because I don’t want you to
Because your hand is touching your face
If others slept the world and others could
“Did you try to wake him up?”
“Did you try to open his eyes?”
“Will it have burnt you not to wake him up?”
“Would it have burnt you not to open his eyes?”

Now who keeps a dead tree
Sounds more like a dream
And you’re sleeping, so maybe, it
Is yours
You’re sleeping I know you’re sleeping
Because I am
Graphic artists and 2 plague thee
There’s no here so
2 dispel it 2 dispel it
Nothing is faced

Your hand are the way your hand is
In nothing I am
Abondance abundance is what you were meant
To find


I think that velvet could be uhm matte if anything, with the right mattering. “Velveteen” #CottonBeingIt #Delvai-ish #ItFeelsLikeWalkUpon #IfIWannaBeWalkedUpon

This initiates our bondage of thou are blesséd years.

Velveteen cotton
#ItsLikeAnEgg ( : ) @itFeelsLikeBeingWalkedUpon.bluer.TENvelvetWasThenight@scrazingVelvetOutfits@UponUSBody

If I feel like being walked upon, I’ll wear velvet and I’ll touch you.

It’s uh very nice to talk about it. Any of them. Especially velvet or silk.
“I think viscose is probably the most interesting to talk about.” #Viscose.
“Also, because the mode reminds me of some other words like viscum, viscous, vice,” he cosined. #CousinHashtagsACousinWeLove2Fuck2Fuck


The cousins are inside and, therefore, reatty moled 4 they wane.


“What is foster for you, Sleeper Foggler of a mean man standard differentiates between holes, stipples and sleeves.go for it #UnderAndThereTheseSHepherdAreAids

He’s a writer
Go you

“Oh my long sleeves, oh my your are lost.”

(I don’t I don’t it’s just it could it could form me, oh my bee do la doe slii.)

“I can know.”
“Oh my darling oh my darling, clustermenntors. You’re lost and gone forever.
“I dunno the rest, it’s just garble it could be lost.”

In could forever “oh my do bee tee (lover registers here) dahlin clustermenntors@dahlings clusstermenntors clusstermenntors golfers digs
“That you’re me, you. And you love me.”
“I never knew someone singing so sexy as you. That’s why I love ya.”
“That’s why he loves ya. That’s why I want the human exterminated. (I do.)”

“Caro knows. Caro knows, Carmel agrees.”  - Da Goof’s Wife and Husband of Da Goof

“Husband’s wife of husband’s husband of Da Goof 2 Da Goof’s Husband and Wife : “We really miss Jesus.” “Yea, I know.” “C’est mieux Krishna, non? Ca fait plus modern, joyeux, precieux, en robe modern.” »My finga is Froze. »Krishna is missed here. » “Your finga doesn’t like it.” “No one can undastand.” “Mass extermillination.” “I heard Noah confirmed.” “Salut va bien, Noah.” “#CaFaitPlusModerne #KrishnaEnModerneRobe #SlenderSLightlyPink #OhQuilEstBeauNoah #Noah! #n” “They don’t undastand us missin Jesus, Krishna, Noah.” “They are at the state where they barley exist.” “Confirms extermination.#UsUsMissingDogAndDongs #VisitDubVisits “When they have such a hard brain. It’s very understand for them to miss duality.” “By that we mean they do not understand the way our secored flinger flings. It uh it is frozen til the moment of birthsley.” “They Always Have Been Dead For Me.”
# DeadThem4MeDoIt
“It’s only born when we fuck it.”
#WeMeanSodomy #WeMeanInTheAssAndUpTheAss #OhYEah #FuckingJesusIsQuiteSomething #NotInYourHouseFuckface #YouDontHaveAny #FauxPayeeLesSliis #TaDebtSaGrandi #EstCaBiteAussi #GrosRicheVeryRich
#VenirChercherLaBite #MakeoverOreEndDaLonging2Fuck #MyBigFatCockWantstaFuck #FuckBreakfastLetsFuck #MissionarysMyFavoritePosition #JeLaitGardeAuLit #RangerLaMari #FuckMeJesusFuckMyAssJesus

“When I long for Jesus, I kiss your knee. I kiss your finga.”
#DaBrand : IsHusbandHhusbandHusbandWiffeWiffeWiffffeJesusJesusJesusChristChristChristChristChristTallTallTallDick
“When we miss our cock, we kneel to it. When we kneel to it we can’t help but suck it.” #TheresJesusInItMeinFurOnMeinKnee

“It’s good to remember who in molar heals, its good 2 remember ‘do molar heals?’” #LetsKeepItCozy #Nothing2Fancy

“I can kiss other parts of you you know?”

4FA DAY : Husband x 3, Wife x 3, Jesus x 3, Christ x 3,

“The library of Congress has stopped archiving every tweet.”
“They were doing it and they amurralled 2 the sleepists.”


“If you had to tell me one (1) word about Jesus right now, what would it be?”

“MMMmmm, Mmmmm, uhmmmmm,” he touched his chin. “Bona me dis green : Shirley Jackson Short Story. #ItsSoHard #TouchaABonaNotADonna
“It would be very difficult to convey the feeling after it’s rising. The story’s just us in dialogue with this women who just clay’s wifes.”

The (older money) (she’s had a hard life) (picks up anorexic #BijouxFantasie #400ChezJiffy) (We know from description that I came along 2 u.”

And she is [there, in a discussion] and the money’s talking about whose cummin’ 1st. They neva come here. We said, “Don’t touch it it has feelings. He just got back from the dentist’s now.” “His tooth fits so slightly. Amazin’ what a tooth cando.” #MineIsSlightlyPink #ThereToothIsARing #ItsHitlerCallMePlease

It is 2 line with invirgine and now she would prefer to move in with the housewives. She’s money 4, but she has the la veil of familiarity with the loufa loung and that familiar ‘Hospitality!’ is all that she needs. When we say she it could be him it or nothing, nothing is our family and, uh, go an’ fuck-a-tree. #NothingsHere2Kill

Jesus is Fucking Us/Dante U Studdy Me

(Because she’s uh fulfilled, that money, they fill her in. Naw that’s not nasty, no it ain’t dirty. It’s accurate. It’s as it ought to be. We are the memory. We get dat mo-nay. My bank Your dick. #CladInPlasticAndMoney #Memory4Money),

L E M E R Y L E E P A R T I Y,

Dat mo-nay, she’s like uh she’s like a flood ya see. Nothing innuendo talking, just accurate testimony. You see her in the mornin’, you know she’s got da money, flooded by meme-ore-ray. I never felt sucha danger risin’ inside a me and out, oh, cuz my boys right here dey need some re-leeeeeaaassssse. #Edging4MoreYearsTryItEjaculateNotHereEjaculateIn4Years

“Younger kinds would be going thro’ it and watching as if going thro’ lost buried n’ neva seen and being watched and hot, knowing is the twin, watching him is them being watched in fact, we have gone thro’ it, lost and buried and neva seen again.”


Gloves don’t fuck up with your family. You can’t, you can’t, you don’t wanna do it, glove. Wear your family, pride to corpse ‘em here@GloveLovesGloveLove. Uhm I was afraid cuz cuz I felt I was gorging thro’ the tubes. #WhoMadeHeemEatMeat #AndIAintTalkingAboutNothingDavid
#SuckThatLamborghini #LimboCappellinni #YourGonnaLoveNothing #TheresNoWayToLeave #RiiiiightDeathDontExist #SheJustSuckMyDick #MoneysReattay
Existing now there is no exit. Transparent tubes, remember me? Oh, I was him. Do you remember me coming in with a dick last time? Can you remember my dick. Uhm last is just a manner of speech I was always here and I gave my dick to him, that’s the Pink Pinball God, slender and jolie.

Existings now those who are here, still. There is no exit. Transparent tubes, how’d you like it? Why is no one asking? “Looking terrible naked I dunno whom did say it. Do you know who said this? Nothing gots her on credit now we want the money. Careful, attention: the uhm purchase placed, in other words the order, is not considered payment for the merchandise in question. Cash money only. We should get a tube, honey. “Ca ira bien avec la cuisine!”

No we don’t like to eat in public.
“You’re in a tube, honey, and everyone can see it. You’re drowning and dying, how often should we do this? So much betta than fucking, but uhm, can I get some tubetime now.” “Your husbandis greedy,” she says to her husband as her husband while slithering from the banking tube.
“So how many stopped to watch us slip, slippyslip, c’est comme ca con dit?”
“Drowning and dying, that’s it, I think we should split, you’ll see you guys this will be good for us. Nothing like a good drowning and dying in public to get us amped and give us the hotties. We should take the tube out to the cabin, a little coke, campfire, the woods.” ‘#CountryLife #HowDoYouLikeItHereWereNotInAHurry’ she said cordially as the grid diced her body slightly and coiffed her with the reminder of her cubes of legs and feet. “We should go to the beach.”
“Wife’s cubes looks GREAT in bikini. Truly modernizes the Lambhorghini.”
“Already leaving?” she shouted to herself as she exited her house conventionally speaking, she morrejenatted herself as she continued drowning and dying and lurking outside. “How many were you there watching?” She asked from her tube to the neighborhood. “How many of you stayed for the finale? How do you like it when our wife got mealy? Ask nothing. She slides out like a champion. Honey, we are moving in here. We don’t do touchin, it’s passé indeed and I don’t like it.”

“By the way, my passion is writing,” she murmured, floored with dying and drowning allova. “Ca ne vous faites pas rire? Prefer wifes alive? We like ours dead and drowning, floored if applicable. We’re coming from the country. We love jerking off in public, we’re the local club, sorray really sorray. My husband is the coach and I’m treasurer and we have, if we may say, The Dick.” “Should’ve eaten that roastbeef…”
“Not eating one’s own feet is for faggots and priests.”
“Finish your butt honey its full of vitamins and minerals, and I’ll send you straight to bed without cocaine if you don’t eat your knee this minute as you get slit open cause that’s what you do, you’re disgusting. Are you gonna finish that stomach, you’re payin’ for it, sweetheart. Anyone hear a weird sound from the tube last night. The neighborhood approached and each of the denizens provided a whispered answer, plus fort on a dit! It was interesting, this would be debates, education, people really giving themselves. Honey, if you work hard enough at school you’ll surely turn out just like this like the community. Isn’t it amazing that this could happen to you? These are the best jockeys so only them can ride it and they know tubes inside and out they know their tubes they love being here. They’re a bit different, they’re disgusting, they’re married, that means they’re drowning and dying in a genitals reciprocation Chinese knot, those sadists. All they like is edging. I can smell it. Makes me sick these guys in the community. And in the middle of our town where we chose it, they couldn’t help themselves could they? They couldn’t help not juurking off in proximity of the tube. They’re degenerate, for example, he’s married to his husband, neither jerksoff, they’re both dead and they’re perpetually drowning. Their wife is fridgid, I heard told she won’t touch neither of them. That bitch can’t feel pleasure. She’s a drowning junky, she doesn’t like breathing, she makes it all so damn tragic. “Poor me I’m deade and drowning.” She’s fucking crazy, she needs, they said, to be sent to the provinces for treatment. “Check out this advertisement for a place for people like her. If only I could get it to her husbands, they would see, they would see they’re dead and drowning as she is as they are, see?” “I’m afraid for your sanity,” Husband practiced in front of other Husband with a cock in his assnot. “What fucking drug are you fucking on,” the other husband practiced. “I am calm!” he screamed his throat raw rawed out, practically drowning, the thought amused him. They both had a laugh. “But honey,” he shouted, dead and drowning, “we can’t knowforsurewe’re dead and drowning, there’s no science on this or it’s prohibitively expensive. I say, and Husband agrees, let’s just take our chances and age and die. Anything else would be reckless,” he spasmed in a spasm of drowning and dying. “I would prefer you didn’t go out at night with all my valuables, what if something should happen?” he a last gasping drown. “Last,” they laughed, snuffing. “Leave me alone!” one shouted caustically. The husbands it is known enjoy but 2 things with relished pleasure : the delightful frisson of despair which they enjoy for the poetry of the lifestyle they inherited from a family and husband, preferably not noticeably. Very far away not but seemingly, trompe l’oeil, you know, the husbands gotten quite handy at it. They don’t like the pussy. They don’t like to see it, what they like are long walks in the sink every morning and to share a light afternoon meal of biles, keeps them fit and hard, better for the longing, better hard, Edging is the most advanced form of sexual relationship, pure, subtle, profound. They do it everyday. The wife edges too, she’s southern style, she complains about it, she thinks she’ll excite him. “Who?” they laughed raucously, oh they laughed and rocked. She slinks around the house wearing only a tube, hooked to the gills with dead and drowning, while husbands watch, perversely drowning almost not dying, we might have to give them a supplement. And she’d edge, let her eyes roll up into the back of her head, hitting her stride of her southern style at minute sixty (60). Oh they know when husbands watch, tube and and she do. This is their favorite way of doing it. Observed, preformative, tribal accents, a musk of urine let flow, their own, needfully, for after after. “Save some for husbands honey,” they shout, applauding vigorously, mopping their brows, “We ‘d like to put them in our scrapbook,” they said pasting bile and piss into a bucket made of their own corporeal stayings. “I love scrapbooking,” said husband. Passion scrapbook, said husband. It’s not sissy, it quite contemplative actually. I’ve been socializing too much lately, he hemmhorragated himself at the party consisting of him and husband and husband tubed up and edgin, neither scene nor hard, vaguely detected, trompe l’oeil en force. “I miss my friends. I wonder what became of Bernard, last I heard he was dead and we were eating his body. We ate his offal and genitals and we had our ipods on. We adore music, do other people, is it still ‘in’? They addressed the public, no one noticed it. They went back to fighting, with a sizeable relief, they shredded a schoolgirls face at it shredded they face cause it’s awesome, scrapbook material. “They efficiency, I prefer Boltanski,” wife said fondling the memory of her husbands piled mutilated gutted bodies among which she strode and edged, in a volcanic and truly sublime session with the tube. “This is a good move for my career,” she said, practicing for how should would respond when and if there appears a good move for her career, if only career could happen. Do husbands hiring these days, she pondered, with visions of limbs and gore passing before her eyes in an ephemeral sstream. He too enjoyed the arts plastique, she savored bilefull and drowningly, mouth water into tube among such appetizing thoughts. “You’re sure you’re not hungry?” they suggest, each of them in turn, gazing clear thro’ the pile of their own bodies and husbands bodies and some others family and whatnot. “Ohh, I’m sorry its messy,” she gorged, filled with piss and vainglorious rage. “That’s so trashy, what do you think, she gurglated, wearing her husband’s face. “It might be a big honeypie, maybe you’ll have to go to the tanner and masturbate in front of him so we’ll fix it with his tools and he’ll go on watching watching watching jerking and splashing, as we tidy up his place and do his job. Finally get around to laundering those sperm rags he keeps horde of unda the counta, I’ve seen him at the body pit, the one over there in his digs, I seen him with his rag, lurking, he’s a excellent strategist, but disgusting, I hate it when I come to in the process of placing an order and watching him masturbate with husbandskin rag, truly raw, almost unsettling, but fascinating. “I gave him husbandsskin as a gift for a particularly spellbinding session of frantic nearly insane masturbating in front of a pile of his body, theyre bodies and assorted family and neighbors rotting must have been their for days now alas lucky us we don’t have days here. Best not to know to oneself how long one stays down at the tanner’s. You might get embarrassed, it’s awkward to think that one has to change their ways, what would the neighbors and friends think, she thought as husbands for they were getting tired at their corporation. “Completely exhausted” they thought, dying really well, getting a rhythm, “That last trompe L’oeil bushed me. There is no super dead our husbands plump body pit in Europe, are is there? He thought startled at the thought of husbands body pit here in the strangely foreign European landscape of his tube where he lived. His mouth went dried as he swallowed fresh putrid chunk of his tongue. ‘’ I should start drinking more putrified chunks of my own tongue on the daily basis he thought, they say its good for the dying infection and what knot, drawning related born illness of dying perpetually. Our lips are dried husband and wife complained to each other about husbands lips dying and trying. We should hydrate this, they thought, drowning it out. Their tongue felt like Walnut, strange to say since they didn’t really eat nuts or anything of the sort and had no idea of what a nut looked like since they had never seen any. Making researches on nuts and comestibles for the nondead and drowning on Wikipedia. Wondering about the circles of piles of blood of our husbands dead body rotting on the dead body platform next to the dead their bodies drowned pit.


You’re in a tube, and everyone can see you. You have been placed here by your own cares and have been forced to do so. It is your privilege to participate actively in the torture, longing, and the perpetual drowning and dying of yourself, your husband’s husband, your wife, your family, and your kin. You are here to preform a set task, first of all you are here to keep the memory, secondly, it is perhaps preferable since your role is the only key for any sort of existence capable of creating life and matter that you may be incapacitated in carryingout your tasks. You are drowning and dying, and of course you cannot yield to incapacity. You will simply soldier thro’ and suck it up and get tough and do your job. The best way to perform tasks that may be unpleasant.

And alone I herringbone (I alone)
can watch you.
I remember seeing my brothers (it’s not disgusting we’re married we’re disgusting) and watching I remember you being ready to be being cumallovaneva, always,like a boy scout, prepared, verging on the accumulation of saltwatery merit badges and I couldn’t watch it. I like to touch you.

I do not want it to be reproduced never ever never reproduce it ever.

‘the piling’

A film

movie about small motion surviving

So they discover the realm of the soul, it’s called ‘piling’. They realize they also exist in time.

Something so easy and uh I was watching them

I never met much veterinarians (*Never saw a movie where the main character stabs her ass with a notebook (that’s how she dies that’s how baby lives))

The Piling

[They don’t have to talk, that would be wasteful. They have ‘thumbs’.]*and they have footsie.

“We have a word for DA’


The act of being perpetually at the brink of a building whilst hammering one’s own head with a hammer while thinking about building a bridge.

We’re not sleeping
We’re just sleeping (thinkers)

About words she hemmerbridged. This is like the very sober reproduction where the guy the guy writes on the ass, at his home. #Whorhbrriiiiittblother

>>>>>”Do you know what this means?”

  • ofSir John


    FOR DELTA : Write all the plots and ‘life’ of Sir John Emery [1]and uh screwballs (see list, insert here list).
Joan of Arc (1948) as Jean, Duke d'Alençon, cousin of Charles VII
Dakota Lil (1950)

Noah Emmery
Professor Emmereal

(“Madame Banghead is Lambborghini. It’s our compant?
The People’s Wagon)

The Gay Lions also discuss talks of automobiles, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, eight-wheelers, sixteen-wheelers they refused (Antelope + Florence Cardiac)

Doesn’t I stop scratching head and sound soundslike uh its fun its from my year atoll.

Next stop, TOMATOE SAUCE!!
#DownOnThePizzaCrust (Story of the doughpiece that never gets to be in a pizza)

Massage, spikes, cheese, applicators, large machines


The Joining Machine
(meanwhile the cilantro grows our heads to the shredder)



Dear Djallall, Now I am alone in our room. The dogs are here. Your cutting the title your coding it of the days name. The title of the day. It will have a long title, long almost as my dick, which holocenically #NissanOnly beads afar in you.

The invisible word is hidden from us.


“I long for solid earth in heaven to lick your eyelids and stay even so they do not rise.”

A Snow Class/You go skiing you go to green class and get a skin disease. And why, I ask, do you wallow balsam of Peru all over it your lips. How much skin ya have. #ItsVeryCommon #ItsABalmForTheLips #ItsADermophileIndién
No one took care of me there. It seemed like like we were hanging out in the countryside during the elevation of the house.

Sitting down to a report, that physically loves you and sings.
“Eye 2 am D.Earth, fucked and fellated. #ThisIsAnHmmmmmMmmmInModerneRobe”


There are days like this when you watch the curtain,
And he has to die.

I remember how it feels to be in Krishna’s arms.

1307 T.Rumi 1000
Sounds like a very good hoover. It’s a review.

01 January 2067
Flair, or
It is K-holed
“If she gonna buy hiiiirself a gigolo, might as well buy hiiiirself for hisself a ‘a-real-Gigolos.™ #SomeMenThatEveryoneEnvies ThemButNotPascal

“No, she did’nt want a…No, she didn’t want a…(Muffled Groans Of Disapproval…) Come on, Stop.” Crème Red House Proverbe, Biiii(Uia) San K.Lee

#SheDidntEatTheCondom #SheSaidSheTookTheAidsPoopPills
#MindYou #NeitherTheGallowNorTheGodsWereOn@TheField
#HeReallyNeededThe #GlacieredTutelage
#MeAndDodo #ThePyjamasFuse

No existing film could ever record, even in publick, -- especially when the subject was a child. Banishment to the attick, and a day with neither speech(Fish) nor food. His first extracted Tooth and a photograph of his Twelve-Year-Old Sweetheart. To hike to a high boulder, to shatter a shoulder to generate an echo without preamble. The Photographer removes one of his Leg : “I kept it for Many Years.” I can yet see I should not have been further surprised. It was a pale blue business. #Emptiness.

With (K)notches in a Doorjam, still on one (1) Leg, he moved to his Camera. He held up his false leg and waved it at the boy. “And shout to generate an echo. And was glad for the Help. And set out to create a perpetual motion maschine.” His initials into an old Elm Tree, made candied moments almost impossible to capture.

You Took The Benches And Threw Them Down The Hill

You took the Benches and threw them down the Hill, and now nobody can sit there anymore. You took the Meadows and covered them with Macadam, and now everybody hates them. We took the Overlook, and covered them with trash, and now nobody wants to see them anymore. You took the Hills and set them on Fire, and now you can’t bare to look at them. You took the Food and you ate it all, and Now you’re Fat. A Fat Fuck, and the Starving are as far away as your stomach is indomin@ATable. You took the Animals and replaced them with Cars, and now there’s Nothing to Love. You took the Assurances of Science& Technology, and exploited them for Personal Gain. You took the Viral& The Wild, and they scared You, and you cut It’s Balls Of. You used the Sun as your Slave, and it filled your skin with Tumors. And you eradiated Yourself, You Cheap Skeleton App. You bought a Dog so you wouldn’t have to Reciprocate, and now you Baffle its Love, and Your Love is Baffled. You took the Trees& Replace Them with Tenements, and now You hate it Here. Everybody Hates It Here.

Your Stupid Enough To Think Life Is Good. It Isn’t Good, It Isn’t Life. So What You Saw, You didn’t See.

The Sash, suspended on a Tumescence of Air, raises just enough, God Dammit, that’s I see Blue Morning Sky, from the floor where I lay.

I Thought It Was A TV But It Was Just Two Angel or,
There Was Never A Book Called “Fatter, Or Flatter”

I remember : their heads were All Laughter.

“The Desire To Eat The Computer” came Strong out of Me, just as I, to Eat The Computer, Came Strong Into It, And Into Good, I Don’ It.

The Christian Mentionning Of Christ
Near the Billow Of Red, drinking
Swallowing From A Beer
Can on our walk
Where we squirted
Vistas Potentas
Deer Says Wolf
Baby Deer Says Wolf
How Does the Emanation detect
Signals, and Rain?
It’s just like Movies
For Crosses to Cornice
Out infinitely
That’s how I stay


Q. How did the Moon get in Here?
A. An Aunt Moved In And Sucked My Pinkie.

“He officiates in the Manner of a Shoelace” – Richard Glaratus Rex

Flock Of Eyes
A Lighting and coming
On the exact Same Spot
Of the Plafond Hapiness.

“Somehow Heinz™ Tomatoe-Ketchup Has Been Able To Breaking Into My Bowels.”

Nature’s Flowers Is Over

A Peacock passes, Unaffected.
Dodo Falls Off The Bench.
#TakeCare, Dodo. It’s A Desert@Out There – The Caretaker

You Couldn’t Go Back If You Wanted To

This is the birth of the Ampersandt Today.
The “And”.
What’s a Handsome Man
Would be the Ampersandt
If he were made into a Man
The Work that went into that Shape
Frothing@the Mouth, lustful
I want to ferment wi-
Wind& Belief’t
Two(2) Ripe Green Pomegranates
Slide Down the Well-Shaped Curved
Of The Back.
Two(2) Lumpdrop Down
To the Buttcheeks
Watching a Man through Tall Grass,
A Truck-Driver Now,
A reformed Bad-Boy
Trolleying Now thro’ the no-
Parents Orphan
Now a Truck-Driver
Amidst& With
#Tall Grasses.
#Itinerarium of the Sab’rs
I let the Wind Be Thro’ Me
Let watch The Evolution
Of his Path
Thro’ Me
Tall Grass, Windses Path
To Noon, Afternoon
Timelike Silk
Eyes Are Closets

Whole Memories


Plank Its Place
I Remember
Making The #Ampersandt





#Mista’, ExcuseMe

&I Said “ShoeMyLace”
And You Laughed.

“He’s A Shoe Molesta’” – Da Sneaka’Pimpa’,
Bout His Husband+Barderer, Mr ShoeMyLace

“Ja, So Long!
You Could’ve Gotten
Theo Parrish!” – Diiiii-(_)OtariKlubOggedtHead


Oungaouo’s Fugue -------------à Chief Of Police


When we were sitting on the Bench
I was making Acrobacy.
# “AllDoorsLocked”
# “EvenTheTrunk”

You Pay Your Entrance
In Sea Plants
In Seap Money

You Enter The Web Domain.
۞ Kro.7.2
The Liquid Is The Cache In
&I Told You Today Was
The Birth Of The Ampersandt!

Dodo fell of the Bench
And Sounded Like A Pigeon
Peacock: Unaffected.

#“Husband’s Face…”

#“ILookedStraight #@Thro’Him.”

“Their Wife is a Dancer…
She Invented Nail Polish…
Just so.”

“He’s a Billionaire…
He’s Husband is A Thug”

“They could get High on Acetone…
It’s a Solvant….
Their Wife is a Solvant.”

“I Have To Riiiiiide It!”
“Always Say : _I_, it’s More
#Personnal #Respect
# “Train-Lick(ed) Train To Riiiiide It

When we died of Crushed_Foreheadt


Imagine the amount of Care& Perfection
Goes into making the Ampersandt
#A Man

“Falldown” is the Motion
That created “If”

The Hipscliiiff is the Motion of
“Ripe Green” Pomegranates
Falling Down The Hipscliiiff
Down to the Buttcheeks
Where it Nestles, down
The Buttcheeks

Where it discovers
In Awe
It’s own Discoveries:
# “QuiteAVista”
# “Yeah.”
# “ Windows.”

The Cock is a Straight as
Two pubescent Boys
Nibbling “Corn_Sticks™”


Drinking Cocoa
From Their Navels
“It’s Just Milk.”,
They say,

“Touch Me There”, growled the Buttcheek
At the other End of the City

Revelation Product Of The Year :




Next : Microcosm Of Jappy’s Foot_Memory

“What’s Inside #@Jappy’sFootMemory,
# It’s a “She_Flootsija” : :
# FootsieWithWings


AposthoHolick NikNekTar©

“Drink Jesus,
Spit Ginger!”


The Theme Tonight Is :
#What’s It Like?
#( RevelationProductOfTheYear)
#R’POTY = The Seal

“You Always Need A Minion.” – Marlboro Red©

“Shiiitake is in our House Right Now.”

A Story Of _And-‘Trusliiiiion

“When In Doubt, Use Da Hoof” #MrDomyNikes, #MrShoeMyLace
& Mr Spouse “Wife” Spouse-Wife Cuntporation

Gauging the
Pluck Out!” – Sliiilith, Also Know-As


(.. “And We’re Always
#OfThisBlack (w)

(..” Wblomst, Saint


# “How Can I Shed
# The Wait”, She Wondered
# “Hmmm.”
# “Hmm.”
# “Hmm.”
# “VeryJajaja,”
# “Ah.”

# “LearnTheAlphabet
# “&Then, Biscuit.”
# Mars© Copyright Campaign

“ The Game is really Less Interesting
When there is no Opponent.
When there is no Formidable Opponent
It’s Just Masturbation, You Know.”
n Signed, Michael Thomas Taren
n 09/01/2068,
n @23:24Pm

“ It is Like People,
Who Have Been Awake For Days”


“ The Disc Is Shiiifting” (Alt+Shift).
“ Dirt Was Already An Invention

“ If any of the Desks, Tables, or
Chairs, (k)Need to be Adjusted
For Height. Don’t Hesitate To
Ask. We’re All in this Thing
Together. We’ll get thro’
Together, + Bonus_Bonas.”

#“ Shadows Of The House.”
# “ We Honor Mother.”
# “& Father.”
# “With Arckiteckst’r.
# (Swallow_Us_HOUS34)


An Attractive Girl Driving A Car
A Man Singing In His Car
A Woman Pushing A Baby Boy In A Carriage
The Clouds Today Are Less Visually Interesting
Then Yesterday,
But They Scud
As Self-Sufficiently& Usefully as


# “ In the Civilization Of Leaders, They Are
# The Softer, More Circumflexxxdt
# Of The Abodes,
# Of Dulcet Change,
# Elations&
# Zealousness.”


“ I’m Happy.”
“ Me Too.”


“Wow, That’s Cement Buddha
Head_Down In KevinJa’s Marriage Home’s
Patio’s, Cypress_S’Well’s
Trunks.” – Soil_Stradta “Nearly_Scared”
#Outta’ Me

SLIP IT IN                      “I HAVE 1947”


Copper Doesn’t Seem To Oxidize

Copper Doesn’t Seem To Oxidize,
For an Enduring Architecture,
Blame Society’s Ills
On Yourself.
Never Fade_In Life,
Do (k)Not Fade Till #The End.

Be Snuffed Of Life,
Never Fade_In Life.



Ask The Question

All Is Forgiven

The White Wolf Is Tempered
By A Splotch Of


The Chickens Are In The Back.
They Think The Voiiid Has

“ I am Hereby predicting
A Major Novel Use For Copper
Within The Next Ten (10) Years.
Mark It.”
n Signed, Michael Thomas Taren
n Bold Testament CEO.
n 15/01/2068,
n 10:12Am.



“ Oh, A Memorial Trees.
Am I Delibarately Meek?
What Boring Stuff.
It’s Also Delicious& Moving.
I Weep @WhatBoresYou,

“ Ventilated Is Our Mean Of
# Discernement, which Means
# The Caresses Of Obtaining
# Gnosis
#Comes From Opening Our_GillRidden
#Bodythots For Eternal
n Delta      ▲▲▲▲▲▲
Formation Means A Solide_Weaves
#In Its Waves.

#I’m On Boss_Clouds, sILVER
# The Beast.

{Insert Here Picture Of, “TheEye_Map”.

(“ Ca Va, Mon Coeur”}



Digitally Ruined Fabrication Of Blue_Sky Onboard

Dogs Watch A Lady With Her Infants.
Men Sit In A Lorrie That Says, “MAN.”
Goodbyes Are Gain.
The Palms Are Perfused As Gravity Is Infinite
#In its Reach

“Come Here, Cabine
Let Us Live In You_Hehe
You Reek Delightfully
Of The Orchard From which Yours
Staves were Felled& Lathed
You Welcome Your Newest Attribute,
By Remaining #Stedtfast& #Durable.
That’s What Can Be Said Of #Summer
With its #OuterLayer
#FlockingPenduulumnly #To& Fro
#Knowing_Time, #ByItAlone.
#It’s Marvellous,
#ToDoJustice #ToTheIncrementalNeeds
#ThatWhatWe’veBeenGiven #SoWeMay
#& Prosper.
#I’veWaitedSoSoLong #2HearThis,
#I’mSomeAsperity #In The Paths #Of The Topos
#ByABeingConfined #ToTheCircuitOfTruth
#AmIPrivilegedWithSuch #AHumble #&Eonic
#WillIAlwaysBeThisToll #Among
#TheCyclicPassages #OfTranscendi?


We soar in Bed
A Pilgrimage is #Grueling
The Metropolis
Machines In_Versions
That Couldn’t Be #Collectively_Purposeful
#WeDidn’tKnow #WhereForwardLay
# LikeYou (Or I)
#Always_Said #Anyway.


“ I just had a vision of William rowing #InADream
#Mathias_Had #Of He,_Mathias,_ #BeingRowedBySomeone
#InADream” – Sliiilith.

Remember When I Walked
Shoeless #OnTheRapture?
(Some_Fool #DropsTheyCigarette. #ItAnAccident)
“ You Gotta_Get #USomeMind #BodyCoordination”,
Said Descartes.
It’s such a Different_Experience
Kissing #AStone
Than To_See #AStoneBeing

“I’m an Idiotheque?”
n Michael Thomas Taren
P.S. : I’m The_The Idiot.


Remember the Days, long Ago about 3




#WhenWeDidntHave #Rsa?


Memories Involving Scraps_Of Paper

-     Purdey’s Memory of Thrown_Scraps of White pieces of Paper
From the Balcony of Oungaoua’s House
To the boy below, who did
Not see the Hurler of Paper and thought the scraps of
Paper were so much White_Butterflies
Of snow.

-     Same_memory but in Flaubert, which may be
My fabrication.

-     The Scraps of Paper of Oungaouo saved by Oungaouo Himself
For Posterior, yet Undeliberated, use.

-     The candy_wrapper let go by Kid Coetze. He let go a wrapper
From a candy, he let it flutter_out of the window,
And then when he realized he would never see
The piece of candy_wrapper ever again, he was deeply
Aggrieved, and saddened.

-     The fat bundle of Queue_Tickets which, thickened to the maximum, was offered to Kid Purdey who had been convoting it to use it in her games for months by the local Butcher Men, which she declined (twice) in order to follow the tradition of the Childhood of K.Lee, during which the latter had been taught to always refuse a gift three (3) times before accepting it.

-     Michael : I would insensitively clean my_Room. I would do it with #brutal_effiency, and I wouldn’t be sentimental about it.
But then, I would feel an intense& Overwhelming sense of Loss, and I would cry in my bed, and I would see the palimpseste, the residual ‘memberance of the ex-posters& where they were, and I would wonder : Why Get rid of Them?

It happened several times.

-     “The great_pleasure I took in Burning Wrapping_Paper after the Christmas Presents were unwrapped in the fireplace@Dolore’s House.” – Michael

-     When we were @the Main house of the Cabin of the Land Of Justin’s Family, in Knoxon, we were watching the drifts of Ash through_the OpenGrill of the fireplace, which was shapped like an Iron_Beryl, and we saw the most memories Swiss Villages, in great details. It was wonderful. Truly_Hypnotick Event involving #PaperScraps. We described everything to each_others. They were so much residents and activity there. It was speed up to since things would change so quickly there; Houses would collapse, Landslide would erase #Whole_Communities, and the constant Winds of Course, from the Flames, worked on the landscape and on the side of Change.

-     Matthew Barney’s “Drawing Restraint 9” Opening Scene, in which the old and venerable_Looking Japanese boat_Owner Gentleman is thoroughly folding& Preparing with great cares the formal_Invitations to join him on his boat to Matthew Barney and Bjork, His wife.

-     The Smoked-Out by Older_Girls who promised that If we (Julie Trivez& Purdey) that if we submitted to their challenge of endurance& Patience, - which consisted in sitting very still without moving a finger or uttering a word till Nightcame by the Tobbogans we would be able to, as soon as we would read& Utter the Magick_Spell they had redacted for us on a piece of paper, while taking a bath, we would be able to change outfits according to our whims with a clapping of the_Fingers.

A Unit (y) of Measures : A_Dead& A: A Quarter& A Half of Pantaloon Qwartz x Milch Drunken Per member of the electronical tech-house/Minimal Industrial Outfit.


I Do_(K)not/Know What U Really.tHINK

I do not (k)not know what You really Think.
Serene Electronicks,
Reckless Pleasures,
Listening to this @3Am @MyGrandMother’s House
She’s Sitting Right There,
#Barely_eVEN Noticing Me.
It’s like I’m having an Out_ofBody Experience
Nothing feels Natural      Is this Real_Life?
(K)not Only my Inner_World,
Charms of a Night_Sky,
With_me in Skelotoning Seals_Plasma,
Houses, aSSOCIATION of Offerant_Organisms,
Forming a Closely_Integrated #Community.
I’m #Diving @_APlace.

#Adidas Jacket #BabyHead

“Moreover, any Person Belongigng to Doze

(Insert Here D2’s   Dream of It

Who would calmly_Alone that is what (K)not
Very_cLIENT, Carotte/Tomatoes, MINNEAPOLIS
To Obtain_iT #Wants2Hear.” – Feedback

Bought an Orange_Velvet leather #Shirt,
We started Dancing on the #RockingChair.
The Lady wore a Pretty #LittleGirl,
Never_Had a Hundred Pairs of Hair.


A_qUOTE that Says  :
# “Do you Think His_Dad
Made_The Connection?”
n #Trap/gOD, Feeturing #KrishnaLovesMen

Despite all the Layers of Blood& Gore&
Incrustation, we Cannot_hIDE


Breeding_Buns #Brainsley

Delibaretly uNNERVED #To_What
Still_does Never forget #While I’m Alive
A Dwelling_place, a Home,
A place, a Home, a Home
My pLACE, #MyHouse, #MyDwelling
Where_I dWELL
Photographs, Stamps, or #Pictures
(K)not_mARKED or #Decorated, bARE
Empty or #Plain,
Having_aLL the Necessary, appropriate #Parts,

With Acess only thro’ a Trapdoor in Its Ceiling
(k)NOW I’ll spend my time Differently
wON’T I, in My_Dwelling place, mENTION Time, the Refulgeant
The Catallept’c     what-while
Mountain_Stairs Guiding #Inference
Received in #Architecture_Orchideous& Unsignalling.
This_tALK of # “wHEREiLay”&
“Why I’ve Made_My #Heaven_there”
wALLS   Houses   Towers   cASTLE   Rubble
Avenues  Furniture  &Objects,

The #StreakInTheSand
From the Floods Lacrymal_rETURN
Enchaining_cAUSES to #UndulantStraits,
The #Metropole is one such #Illustration.
Masted #sHIP@#Sea, in fULL_sAIL
Operant as #Muscles,
Ordered as #Brain,
Painful_Elongation comes to #The_Whim
Returned-To, Abscissedt  Extended
By_Syndical Application.
The_Snows of #LostHeat
Great Blizzard_Drifts as tall as #wOULDbURYtHEhOME
I may be use to being #here
Did I describe, He Forgets
Or you,
Living your Life #WithMe
I reached out that you #cANgOiN
iN&oUT of #WhatITriedToDo
All_It Hath #ToDo
Is hear #YourStory,
&sEE #YourThrone
To Protect from #Forgetfullness
That you #TriedToForget
The_Sending_Out from #YourRestingBody
A Helper who #CouldDo
What oRDINARILY your body #CouldDo
Falling #InAWell& #@Museum

Is this_This side of #TheWorld?
Or is this the_tHING we thought #ItWouldSeemLike
Waded_In #TheWandering
Waded_In #TheWandering
Is pyred by the #EmeraldTablet
I’m Even_Looking @TheSurgeryBook
Its full of #Sugar
The fermentation of which
Makes #Alcohol.
22:14, January 13, 2068
“The Disk Is #Ready.”

O Land Of Doubly
By “Gold Chips”
Nests_in #TheFerns
of #cLONE,