Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mike Ferguson, excerpts from Novel Finds

from Heart of Darkness, Snake, image by Mike Ferguson 

excerpts from Novel Finds 

Great Expectations – Charles Dickens


Seems to me that
the small miles of the sea
are low buried,

The distant sea
is a leaden line beyond,
intersected with dark,

bleak places
feeding on beginnings
overgrown with

My impression is
our sea
shivers too,
growing afraid.

Pork (Not Alone) With Gravy

There’s a subject!
There’s a subject!


(spooned onto my plate)
in parenthesis

A discourse!
A homily!


(a pint onto my plate}
in parenthesis

A Sermon!


(pork gravy on my plate)
in parenthesis



(plenty of gravy today)
in parenthesis:

A Carvery
for Ray.

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Robert Louis Stevenson

Long Tongue

“Hm,” he said.

“Well,” I sighed.

“It’s not easy to describe. I really am ashamed of my long tongue.”

“Yes, I think it is,” I said.

I want to ask, but with weight of consideration and obviously sullenness in the bargain I can’t.

“You see,” he said.

“Must be deformed?” I inquired.

“No, sir,” he presently resumed, “something displeasing. I use it I know.”

“What sort of man…..”

“I am of the other party.”

“You might have warned me. Detestable.”

He was an extraordinary looking man. Pedantically exact. A down-right long tongue. I saw him use it.


This dreadful
the duality
of a man

Dreadful man
in this
duality of
a shipwreck

I told myself
exposed to
I had learned
both truths

Exposed to
learned truths
I myself
told both


Struggling with
the pleasure
of knowledge

The pleasure of
evil knowledge

To dwell in
the duality
I pass beyond the
point of
primitive possibility

I pass the
of beyond duality
to dwell in the
primitive point

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Arthur Conan Doyle


His calling-card
a mischievous smile

broad enough
for a mastiff,

too broad
in my opinion.

I said,
My dear fellow

you have a
dog’s jaw.

Astutely observed,
he said,

dog teeth very
plainly visible.

My inferences
were unambitious.

Surprise Interrogation

Watson: What is it?
Holmes: A terrible sound.
Watson: How do you know?
Holmes: The growling ground.
Watson: Where did you hear it?
Holmes: Inside the hound.
Watson: When were you there?
Holmes: Once he was found.
Watson: Why did you listen?
Holmes: I was duty bound.

from Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad


The expression

The horror!

is more than a breath.

If a whisper,

The horror!

cried in ruthless surrender.

The veil of a hopeless

The horror!

is a hopeless desire.

Did he?
Did he?


—Mike Ferguson

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ed Coletti, Dark Drama Darkening

Be Here Now, image by Ed Coletti 

Dark Drama Darkening
                                                (in the key of D)

Drugged disillusioned daylight departs.
Dismal dingy duskiness descends,
                   dawning’s downward direction.
Dude-demon dismantling decapitates
                                                          diffuse departments.
Dionysus drinks desiccates delight,
                                                      Demon dragon dresses.
Demigod despoils decency defames Demeter*
                                                                 disciplines Dinlas.*

Dolorous drumming dunderheads
Doorbells ding dung ding dung Don
Donut-dunking dimwits dragging
Democracy’s demise
                      dangling dazed dreamers
Daniela Dominguez
                                                Diego Delmar
down doleful dens dachshund-desperate
Dogcatcher dingo-dumb dopes delighted
departmentally dangerous dentally drilling
doing damage daily draining dreams
                                             dry dribble dregs.

Dearly defiant dudgeon don’t depart drifting.
Drugged daft disillusioned disinterested
Deutschland darkhorse dazzles Darwin’s dog,
Dodo Deuteronomy declares destruction,
Disunited Districts of Dystopia
                                                            deride democracy.

Decartes’ Discourse delineates doubt
debunks decorum, deifies defiance.
Donald Drumpf dollop of dandruff
Dean of disorder Dunce of DunScotus
Despoiler of Darwin, Dewey’s dead dualism
Deferred decentering Derridan deconstruction
Destabilizing disestablisher dismantling,
Daresay dastardly darkhorse
draft-dodging, dress-debrider
deflowers decency
                                        demands diaspora debauches
decent debutante daughters
                                                  disfigures and denudes,

Deprives derelicts Doubles-down diabolically
deluding deplorables
denies decay damage destruction,
devours Deucalion* – Deluge’s descendent,
desecrates  dictionaries, digests daffodils.

Dragon-Doge, Deutschland’s drum,
Dean of Dixie, doubles deport down.
Denounce-Depose Donald.
Do not delay-dawdle-drift.
Doggedly debunk denial.
Distill daylight, decant dreams.
Decimate dejection, Dazzle!


—Ed Coletti

*Demeter – Goddess of the Harvest
*Dinlas - Guardian of the ancient city of Lamark, where wounded heroes could heal after battle.
*Deucalion - Only male survivor of Deluge; father of Helen. A survivor with his wife Pyrrha of a great flood by which Zeus destroys the rest of the human race.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Altered States II, image by AC Evans 


As the gloves come off beautiful blooms, sheer box office.
Jackpot event, get it delivered, let’s hit the fast lane.
Kinky dancing, dirty prancing, scandals, champagne,
Custom fittings round the rear. A quick selfie and we’re off!
Yeah er good er no er hello yeah I’m good yeah yeah.
Listen up for a wake-up call from The Dread Masters;
My third eye sees an altered state an altered state in Hell;
Unsafe zone, seriously para-normal, my knickers say wi-fi here.
Oh, lah-de-dah – open wide, heh, heh.

Like I was in this dream, like it was some film, you know?
What happened?
Like, you know, I was taken prisoner by Bluetooth the Pirate, and
We were in his undersea city you know, some horrible, damp dungeon,
There were, flashing images, disturbing scenes, and
Strong language like it was just so horrible, you know?
Looking for a change?
More of a good thing?

Ritzy everything – get your groove on.
Dry riser requiem, tipsy girlfriend in the courtyard
Wearing a glo-in-the-dark interactive t-shirt.
Good day bad day (don’t ask) monster voice-changer
Ride more top-notch honey bunny kiddo girlie.
Got cool flow?
Swish, swanky, premium silk, black contact lenses,
And another curious incident. Do you get it?
Have you got it?
The group played materialistic Subtopian Neo-nonsense, and
Then the group played a heritage wine-cooler; pure heaven,
Like an armillary sphere paperweight deluxe solitaire
Portable swivel vice. Gnarly teeth, my braces fell out.
The surprise gift was an Art Deco heated eyelash curler.
Totally terrific.
Then, we were enticed down a psychic corridor, and
A jigsaw landscape shattered into a thousand pieces;
We were caught in the eye of a storm, beyond the sea of glass.
Yes, Planet Oasis Beauty Boutique was a happening place
For happening people – people just like us!
Sign up today, meet the satellite girls!
Just remember, you have to play to win.
Switches and sockets burn with blue fire in the dark.

Sure, I love it, she muttered seductively.
Utter nonsense? Oh, you know what?
No it was really nice, yeah , jackpot event, yeah.
Bit like mad and like, it’s really good, sooo crazy,
Aren’t they? The group banged on and on.
We all got our groove on, as they say.
Quite intense, quite emotional, really.
Yeah, no, it was really quite nice feasting on aphids.
Force shut down. Cancel.

—AC Evans

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Rivington School Sculpture Park, New York,
image reappropriated by Rupert M. Loydell 


'an open air museum filled
with clues hidden in plain sight'
   – Greil Marcus, The Doors

things did seem kind of magical
in retrospect kind of magical

spirit animal the only time
I've seen a dead human being

things did seem to void structure
the street outside controlled

chaotic sprawl drifting to void
on all sides downtown

scrapyard lullaby power colour
on all sides downtown

scrapyard lullaby power spirit
animal colour the only time

time & space reports from the field
space time among the verticals

each motion formally scripted
time among verticals in motion

formally scripted & structured
controlled chaotic sprawl

drifting an ocean you rent
an ocean only you could see

welded report from the inside
tailgate sparks inside & out

this is not a dead human being
this is not a streetlight's glare

shattered gas station open
lights toward the corner

this is magic inside & out
this is a scrapyard lullaby

—Rupert M. Loydell

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bruce Andrews, CONFABULATION B (of A,B,C)

Orin Orisha’s Confabulation, image by Daniel Y. Harris 



Baboon heart — any sleaze this mercurial
gluten nipple nipple overload, self-taffy heteroclitoris — ride those endorphins
extravagantly orificed incorrigible hymen slick coo
electrolytically impotent siblings drugged up their blood wipe
ignite the hum, angio rectal beekeeper pussy
pro forma belly // topsy blaster // oral sushi
fondle our torque bluff buff bunt badger the blood
sashay or pinch joints as béjartoid pesto — & you fluff up
gooier // jawboxing // catnip tourniquet, paint his lips with menstrual blood
missing chromosome — giggle meow chlorinated foreplay
grease the fallopian lovey lovey abandon intimately squeezy wish I like to lick you
novocaine in your semen, a cross-flabbing of stupor pesto — poign’
heartcrack mopping the lobs, cuddle latex cachet sashay
labial flibbertygibbets, I thought you’d itch eats into the conjugal orbit pout
expulsive heartbeat ping ado — asexual climax, fifty caresses
umbilic atoning the tongue depressors are convening
therapeutic ambergris lurch dose in a monkey — triggers gorgeously
honey strapped on intricacies of gism, stalagtitic gushing uvular jackhammer
codeine yolk — bloodlips feel the gland, pin-up faust spin douche?
the asphyxiate manic limb, orifice aftertaste intrafingering!
Song of Ape, syncopate the remotivated rub
the spinal sideways lips’ candy crotch calamity syringe
orphan jismatic thigh dote rubberneck whirligiggling spasm near whipping-boy
obliged to unpeel, to get inside — polyglottis pulmonary uplift
lick toy fingertips on a binge, I’d have a vasectomy immediately
presshurizon — smudge that tumble fingertips rebel in reverse
condomlessly anal clit half life, identity only as hoedown pastel cum
mad as a verb, one creamier pulse — bulb me, babe
poof yolks giddier morphine, umbilically tongue-tied primal fluff
gentle transitively, plexus zippo amputation nerves bobbing for maxipads
yolk valium louvered lips, overstuffed ti amo me two ply — creaturism, poltergism
tendonize surgically kissy menthol anthrax — OK, exhale —
vaginal electrolytes shooting up ectoplasm, teenage unguent to charm the fold
can this be boink? — cookie-hole, beehive dunking baleen fist
come-on pausing cockslot buzzsaw protein
peg throbs serum crib, pink tuck darling solvent knee pillow
neurotoxic animalized pindrop cryogenetically eating rubbers
envag’ a vascular lowdown, low lathering inner extremislike serum
the gastronomy of melancholy gooey licks’ refusal to copulate reciprocal flesh
milk its predicate — hermaphroforeplay, put a silencer on your wetdreams
slobber free tacit cha-cha, pent-down bosomatic parfait thyroid
angiofractals, post-larynx-removal to yolkify fellatial diminuendo
glow pogo texture tantrum rate bastard pap-smear fangs I’m skinned enough
rush to your lymph nodes — slurp
icky male pelvis pussy almondine — ad homo // fang eat // pills’ flesh
like most rabies smells like butter — dehydroepiandrosterone
husbandry at lip level, centrifugal trojan intimacy lips
lamb swoon umbilical snatch, congenital cupid giddy duty gush flash
preschooler bellybutton sugary self-indulgence
let me cough up some verbs

B — B — A   
Shall we foreplay? —
lap apt happy upstitch certifiably gooey kitten procedures
do-re-mi capsizzling self-injection by the numbers
the wand as papoose buffaloed by freak voltaic hum flex
amino-rectal percolative cardiac tongue ballet cocoon interiorized mating — gels alive!
call it personal skin fits so nicely with a cinchier verb to prostheticize
rouse the platelets shattering latency faithful fetus vapor kink
extend middle finger to make a wall — mouthful of // mimic of // swerve of
verbs took turns, exogamic as all get out
flip neck clichés of ballast, spongy brain as kindling ouched outing filigree aura
honeyed repetition mind accessorizes // life eats writing
iffy up iffy pindrop — atropineal cell into cell, glossolicking pelvis amnesia
the viral normal skin-saving deal, the animals misbehave inside us
irony does better, precarious enough for two — everywhere lips economize
confab lubricant no-no — kid up half // to neck without
(Benzodiazepines) — Ativan  .5 MG, Buspar  10 MG — indulge the pap smear
Weeks  26-31: Reduce & stop medication.  Prepare for relapse.
eunuchish mermaids & mermen, giddy craniable mock state of the shhh
 nowhere is soon enough
the psychological shareholder, the spoon-inserting vehicles —
sleep-deprived, glyco-furtive autospasm
flutter-tongueable vaginal headrest pinpricking tripod overbite
sugar gap indent gerund-fuckers deadrenalize it all with hectic vocalizing
nail-biting mistakes make push-ups nudging scenic blindfold teardrop fools
fantail voyeur butter ipso furtive slickening invective rhyme
twirl bests erase heat, cling-on chimp wicka beta amniotropism — no oversimmering
hands on the grin, the G-string murders — germs, load up! — ready, get set, . . .
TACT COVEN — chemo E-Z snake-oil, fine goof
no, essentialism is physiological enough
gland rules, tachycardiac gerund lust — very ape, give me a clotting factor
nervix — glue as setback, necklike ego palace torso, a press-on lyric
mouthing as legless interchafing binary pussy
inched miff slipperily platonic — now I am your spatula
here’s lap standardizzy co-nuzzle oval exo-shirk balk cocooning masseuse
cranial chic neck puff dulce tictac thumb that bump to volt your doze
multi-suctional stoic & icky three-legged stimulus in arrears
spermatazoid threshold — RSVP // collapse
O Heart, small urine, big ass menthol — to curdle is respectful
interpretive gism tinkle tinkle pressurize the chemistry
vast slink lymphonomena analogy with a hard-on, slitherying
wiggle the noh — prep lips anally roseate sizzle over acolytic kink squirrelettes
bubblier vaseline, fake arson — a checkered careen obsessive mammal
coo lathe calendrically spherical vivisectional indulgence
sugar lips — is it fecal urgency or anal leakage?

B — B — C                           

Stirs the beehive —
physique slur ensued licking impulsative multiple kiss
slack coax voluptuary honor by the throat
worms eat first, you’re getting the puncture
flag stuck in buttcrack waxes up courteous ridicule — only so much agita
toppers’ quickstep guzzle nuzzle honeysided beast bisque — misstamened
a trick oomph — hectically behavioral vulva with megaphone
release the candy safety, goosebumpy, the gimp self bijoux kook
Her Alibi  //  stomach-pumping doesn’t hurt
stunt gush do-se-do bangbanglowdown prank, squ . . .
all means razor placebo to vent big flesh consistent with tremor
infatuatedly self-serving toxicological self-confidence
nonfuture all the time, slurring the grown-ups
conduit between shots — upsy-dalliant clowns with HIV painkillers
vivisexual bite wants baby, hermaphrodite’s the thing
jiggle ceasefire, creamerize our first postmortem performance
fetus wore chinos stinging night, it ceases petulance
eager apes — you bring the bandages, I’ll bring the . . .
hunkpapa triphop with strangulation neck — stop me before I volunteer again
lazily lunge brief volitional traits impishly juke freak to decustardize
talk cues out — motivate skinfun, amp-voiced our ideal non-identity
handcuffs begin at home — actant puppy, do we toy?
inflate the fruitless now — grope white trigger-allusive goings-on
are we overmedicating our fêtable willful indecisiveness
freedom clings close, huge tugs
in utero hatdancem blacklit skintight — insult the hips now that we lost our penis
jane dark sugar high misindiangiving prosthetic afterbirth
taste me, baste me — gluten off! — anal forcep aftershock ricochet
exemptively adept & enviably primitivist, gang up gob lips the lining
taint mitosis slowly filleted by touchy foolish goof induced nuts as tenses
dillydally, self-jiggering crotch alert — am I foreplay?
to self-crud — YOURS UP, humpback —  shud pout lady budge chowdown
anti-ovulate surrogate diapers misgagged manic nudity
nonchalant slashing contagion’s calm voice revoguing dynatilt to size up indiscretion
misego alter twist gotcha jackhammer into killer abs! —
floozier hit on magnet mariachi jumpstep subflub individualized gland
a strychnine chaser — fistfuck signifies health
cringe lambaste — eek it, babe
primary boondoggle testosteroned geriatric vibrato
more frequently pimping lovepolicy — phallocentrifugal foster-lust
hotstreak seethes ampersand liposuc pastiche of hermaphroditism
sexual pindrop, genital fallguy, fecal likelihood
smell the inflammation expedience controls, amp the beds to overmodulate posture
ornamental menstruation menstruactive glans levitater, frolic zealot tryst
a kind of daring came over me
slaphappy static spazzy hoedown tipped over charm plugs
cuddle concussive eurhythmic sappers — goof-off, the mini-series
play with your evenclit, hypersloth carnivores
squeezebox exotica, fill box

SUPERSTUN                                                [B – A, b,a,c]  

Superstun overscripted meta-coma
you secret me moon of the misbeehived co-sieve, fax us a joint
eggs per skin — lipsynch or body mic refritzed a fertiler sublime
scam edged with teeth oops refractory delirium here-and-how — sundown, the verb
teeny pneumaniac organ rejamming regulative licking flangers
retro fervency fireworks wrap tight capillary lattice zenith sperm with legs
lapped with interior decoration by I Ching underchaffed thumps as if
overtones — dosage dentition or detention — prerequital yo-yos        
difference as gravy, nevernever cosmetic shift key hush antipode
a trope thrash — aleatory honking vestigial T-shirt
abandon all results, perjure the holes — what is straight?
plasmatically objectivized — exogametes, retract!
glute dubs opiate pindrop syringe at replay molten between
only the nineteenth century disrobes — catheter mecca — ah, linguid!
loose ends bull eggs, stir-fry the repeats — oh, no, narrative
goodbye time-release ipso tremor ingot décolletage sick nest sick niche     
projectiley telekinetic follow-up anti-hunk category of                   
bellybutton interference sugar, one oracular squeeze telos tinkler monocularly wanking  medicine talks back, recollective full frontally gooey pindrop underage as asterisks
hatch hope biomass buttercream pogo squeezetoy genetics
underneath is not explosive — fetal fate, pleasure as coagulant, shampoo that thought
nerves only eat nutrients, bubbly tool ego souse illicit tao hunk stats
eat the isolates — topless intruder plural chimp, mine got spraypainted
nova pill juke monsta size dem up, syntax on sale distantiating orals to ignite the slur quizzier shilly-shally praecox crabwise, any more verbally luscious real desk
murkier tachometers for eyes — neuro-ethics, neuro-poetics — why?
blood is perspective rectal midget, our methodological conclusions are unaffected as well
onslaught, perk up! — the homeostatic is god on backwards
NIGHT TWICE — to dream your willpower, one of several pseudo-mothers —
the account moves inside-out, red-handed sweetbrain, pavlov it out
cell-blotch fluffer velour, trash all their suspensive shortcircuiting
coronary facsimiles, nerve gets all inconsistent
pindropped honey afterbirth voracity, dear boyish in the life of
tarot-bumpers respirate amuser quark mood — petite-ish
flippier & physiognomically premature submoods — synapse says YES
chemo-abso glob sway, let shake’n’bake be your ascension
anti-phlogistic monogamete — candy fur, hallucinogen whip-out
italic bedwetters, any incision as if izzymatic demerol, syrup up the skin
individual spiders on each fingernail ave maria’d circumsizzle
flux unpopper barometric zygote — necks don’t count all friction within
our power seedbed vox ream ballroom exception appeal —
adrenalize egregious synaesthesia pimping your dreams
proverbially symptomatic, vaccine causes lingerie idle iffy unindicted surfeit
aesthete valentine with the reddest drink, when shrimp get their own tourniquets
instrumental versus for-itself or versus vocal unflavored sugary imaginary pronoun
femur pixel toy mush nudgelines trust a firewall to consume them
a cacophony of darks trespass the capsules' powderable karma sleaze
a ‘G-O-K’ pile (for ‘god-only-knows’) — syrupier sleep covers penis misnomer
bedlam apes that beautify spritzer deposituate cartwheel voluntarist tactually
objectify the forcefed underscheduled jalapeño Corazon — cenezoic poison errata
shimmierier swans with attachments, apostrophes of heartbeat infinitesimally lithe
theory as pus — intrinsic fossils, way too stochastic, sorry brev
highlight, pretty much relentlessly fingertipped subliminal stalking grenade-red geyser flame anus mother-of-pearl in smithereens, slow glow multi-mulch polystyrene
a crease in the how pre-veer facsimilated change of heart —
it’s upside-down, lush flare up V-necked uppers slunk down into narrative
unusual syntactical contingencies off an oval ampule ruin honeycomb bottleneck
pantyless heartbeat dolls — reptiles with navels — extremes aren’t so naked
incubi buzzer zipper replica, hydra-faceboy alternatal ovum by half
 deffo, a transparency of rat-sniffing trinket anatomy — brain lacks generosity
latext capsulizing vortex pillow, encrypted genitally, the ick prefabbed
envy coerced optimum dioramic spliff hips in bottles, spondees ahead!
I.V.-wannabe — haptic skin torque fête polyglop plenitude without asshole
huge hug crystallizing the innermost selves, ‘heterogeny of ends’ — alternatives might not
sugar cursors inciting adjacency eccentric between sizes carnivorously atomized
anything can hamper mock chassis dex con blow-set rarebit, personalize the gamut — intensity creates flatness, relativist knobbing — autopsy — you had to be there
synaptic mincing a human dorado — gosh to you, circumferential papoose
billionth crocidyllic tourniquet rhizopod — vulnerable gel, honeydew-attentive
we’re gonna think of something to say only when we need to shut up
a genetic diatribe — some nerve tempt slice flame off anorectic stanza
pro-oxidant, headrested tongue-in-fist — playish torso fingerprint nerve-melt
prophetic prosthetic recidivism as throughline, built-in pesto orthopedes sizing blue
fleshing numero uno bio doubts anal ellipsis, umbilical jitney — smooch proof?
candy-striper glue on the gash trick mood tictac phoneme
MICE — vice-versa, chernobyl yolk in the hump of the marrow
unmuzzle your theories — stability is edible stethoscope foreplay, heat vs. sweet
dainties, pregnancy does stick in your memory — beeline cud, tickler-of-itself
words overviably dark as crotches — to lathe is to want this immersion hygiene
fez toplesser red dick icon lathe this secret primate puzzler
bunnier placebo expletives, fray stutz or peppermint embryo
ragtag tanning butter fork neuro-trance, ambliobuttery less blubby
pre-math spigot lure, a slurpier numbskull lumens outré
caramelizing tinge brains firecrackerably as lips — fellatio entropy
cryogenically evolved more elegiac autopsies
marzipan funnybone manually accessorized a variorum of circumstance
fetal-monitor readings furtive beforehand, an even more logical orgasm to edit
the prerequisites, on-ramps to love dissociatively — origin is fruity 
the past makes a great present, compulsively average escalation pin-ups
glop + goop, sublime + soda, you get what you half trigger sachet, one gestalt per chopstick
jewelry fatso doll wads, gnomic spastic tourniquestion clit whitener
nuclear torso addenda anal mummied pillow — gerber’s // gerber’s // gerber’s
quick pleats — optative face fricative spider, noise as choice
nicotined egg fur’s impropuppae prow, butterable hymen hem
odds lethal na-na-ha caramelized braille open-endedly, bee dunk bulk whip preemies
human night tastes alike, make inflammation harmonize
spit detonates cursive junkie, fetal systemics chalk self out
the instet trifecta of your whims, filigree disinclination underprostheticized
I’ve come for your emphasis — crazy cursory superlatent dubwise parades &
circus out of your tongue goofiest spur ballpeen forever
pageboy hummer signage poop — stuntgals, cute slits, filthy bouquet
what you call care, we call administration, gimpy cue stinger faction
savagist all cathexis kiss subjunctive cyberjunk crashtest, unlock & unload
the discrete individual, that hang-up — alias sociolocutionary alibi
knees’ word from god, protein-fortified spit forebody dog biscuit dreams
(i.e. transhistorical & transsituational) — bribe duds bliss red ego apt gloss clamor
retro skinnier tit literally a wonder-bra syringe compares sideswipe bicep anus — rule death, slurpy structure enzymatic dizzier up lava blitz connective boohoo, vast vaseline
phendimetrazine pinpricks ooze aromatic murk brunetted optative T-cells
divisi up some legs, ventriloquizzy — hasta la evasive, to speak is pesto
fluid bestialize scale intricacy — don’t dehyphenate our crutch
sex organs is 3 words — a de-brainer, maché pulp kinaesthete grime lips
multi queered tripworm, curve its revariable smear nanopups —
when an enrevivable cartoonish amphibia help blinks
pounce-eyed mega-skin chunk-stop frenzy ampules
epicycloidal chocolate noxema surreptitious hula, rhizome cuties
suck off indirectness ultrasound — lubelike creaturely ascesis
meaning as gonad, get ready for the 19th century
pulls tenderize pigs on sentience, nonsequitur with a hard-on
psyche-ized cursive microtonal sting impromptu quasi butter nose maracas
every fallacy is melodic, every thought secedes
one tilt — nerves nonplussed crunchy perms, gutless pastels
from stamen to stigma, apocryphal pindick — to animalize to decriminalize
cynically artificial thorazine al fresco recertifying placebo to trust the fuss
flabwise fiction doper, über-afterlife — I eat my head
you love us, gentle Jesus; we had forgotten it — lifesize joke triceptually
afraid to suture, how bout a cooler logic — valentine zero orificially vulcanized spiders
impeach technique, the mouth beautifies the yellow tape across it
polyglot jellybeans possess as optimization —  x, silky solder all in a chimp
biofedback crayola anus heartbeat sequestration continuity as graveyard —
do moments shrink over time, instinct wide, lopsided noir-studded veinable popsicle
rawhaus, poupon idea mishmash gash, ganglia spothigh theeism
pheromones, story filth & intrinsic gism, syntax with hippie fringe
grass-stained organ-meat or fractal fool’s gold drenching guys
liltier sugary hilt, osmotic fabrication, 1-2-3, big portions

B — C — B

Speak up — co-ick upends upstart, impresorrier
dean of swallowing condom noodle — squeak, ta ta!
chaste is bad, impier than though — let me labradorize
ambergris escapism forcefed enough?
outmashing spasm dearie, motivoid deep kid dedouched the inner scuffle —
S & M & meant it, indiscretion as spiderweb
nipple is christ, in the style of go-go girls — penis emeritus
jerk trash blink, your nose or mine, froth at the forget-me-not poly-klutz
nuzzling anonymity, gratification speaks for itself
DHEA  25 mg. — impulsive kiss, ire baits ev — cue guts coked tryst
a fellatial palace skip impromptu pork goofy stunt ego sallies
swell swish, duple dirt, brave fallopian skeleton blurb
grab toots too like so many enhanced titties — pretract
effusive wobbling nest not want not — autopsy is sad
valiumated lips first chaperoned biceps bisexually crotchological
penis = nostalgia, mistook insulin for methadone
overunplanned slapstick plasma limbs on barbecue
bleed zombie pre-op species, pro-anxiety drugs I stab & stab
countertop primate:  make them pleat — syrupy goals, precursive dust-ups
neglactated, seize the panda, self-goo cringe-o-rama
tengo pinga hunky affects, hog-happy boner medley
mannish aping circumcisable gore spored dancing, bestial tickle factory coolant
lips on appeal, subsubdues pelvic hotline — I apologize for the unborn
anal pantomime say psychiatric slur gash lithe butch lips evict
tzigane, let’s have a gag hangover — licking the poke // inadesquash / bride zen
nirvanic booze of the heart puppy chide confidentiality as kiss-free
hashish, woo crush — susceptibly susceptible — // call Mom
tactile putsching remedial morphine, it's how you don’t do things that count
La Bouche Los Del Rio — all impulse is promotional
TICKLERS, you poisers wound alone
cherry-flavored insouciance & an endorphin cocktail — clickclack, the oops catastrophe
mousework shoot-out at idle slickback ergo pogo pogo
croonishly fingerprint the fruit, nothing sudden nothing better
egg cracks jokes — occipital freebasing gang-up of motives
PRY — verb loot to chump the goosing handcuffed with C-clamps
transrefute your skin, spook the spank felicity arrears heartburned ‘Delinquent Habits’
autoaddict teetotalled reckless shimmy binge on mood fad malpractice
the multiple restiveness, anal bestial impertinent hex — let’s coo off
antifidget desire pin-ups guignol free-for-all polygism
clinically moxie straitjacket grooving ickish cock
motive big // motive small — when you are is how you spoke
pastiche dildo, presentimental dirt truce — heart doesn’t have any change
the mother of erection shut flip up, impale tryst, feckless & talkative
feigning hypothermia, you called it a cheek rancher
sick hook-up — pounders, I do nothing because it gives me pleasure
fellatio — you wash your dinner vegetables, don’t you?
cervical household zipzipzip,  pills for pets’ dialysis // Lazy Boy, seize forward
don’t let me eat presweetened cereal, hulafied vita made from hemp
spit equity, slapmeat, lust takes shape — discredit the bleeders
tantrum treadmill curtsy of last resort, now I want you to pout for me
I don’t do stress — disinfectant rules!
swilling slimfast, you cheap imitation of polio
spaz out lap squelch pillowtalk automaton —
transitions hurt

B — C — A

Comrade egg — suds apt topless fist perk royale
inheritance, that pus — false prod stepwise gloryhole
scintillate a bigger chimp, squirm off maturity in installments
let me maggot up autistic plastic palming the ball
generic privacy or bottle yourself, catastrophe’s figurehead
sentimental pre-op & malt liquor heuristics, mattress-side
your body takes the fifth amendment — dirtball patience, planetarium venom
the kill fee blow-in to frame up the body, boom dildo amphetayours
a terrible beauty is porn — open-faced pill farm slaughter & caress
silence is fodder, make me unstick nutrition cleavage
coy nylon — awknerd, tsk tsk, discharge, to secretly circumcise?
perniciouser vivisexual gunpowder lips I abide unless loves you
venomothetic, give us more hullabaloo to regurgigate ourselves
anal & phobic triumphallic faux pas pays off — simple consumptives, jump the kid
larynx endgame ego-palming hello to bleed you
nuptializing pompom ample boner has-been extras
phobophobia sublimated suicide, bimbi plus I gave at the bulb
mispronounce by rote writhe summa coiffure torts, neophyte fit
your pork child, frothy fanzine, large scale monkey-after trials
habit as slur, viscera as peace — kamikaze cuddle with infinitives
ibid mutual folly per bobbing on a binge, morphine reverb — tourniquet, current topics
corroborate these bodies, le me regroup mdnite    [stet]
mother did not offer the vigilance that makes constant tenderness possible
O Colombina, ritmo so-so thigh anarchy speed-samizdat
bleat off bleeps on, a jackhammer wants its own glow
anticlitic burlesque anatomy & tongue ebullience, let me repunt
lipids ahoy, punchdrunk, the Nazi calls this “going iambic”
eco-irresistible brilliantine stooge — to denerdify savage trilling in dumb show
sheer nubian openfaced tumor-melt — hernia needs company
dummy panic baby slurs — nectar shock, mako or ego
coke up scripture, sanctify the lid blurbing your rights
gonadic touches log in, shoosh out — i.e., self-invertible male weepy
overblown genetic mini-series, dare too — undinkable — the verb, to martini
perma-cattle, pro-life or prolific, superego hard-on
booth-tanned — the urging of the unfit, we interviewed the cell
lust as device, thrilling fetch hoho mescalineage
zipper dipper blood on a twinkie, goober details sashay us to it
Santa  //  you better not — boys boys boys  //  toys toys toys
bust up history, the ghost in the macho — impotence now better than ever
all-nighters —poise rebuke pigglywiggly illocutive makeover
excising control, write a new chapter in the behavioral science books
a bovinable body papoose, infinitive branding little stoker hits
doofus drama ditchier than thou at a loss for scantily clad words
eek half-queen ajar — it’s boytalk, defensive tongue flocking floorpunch
zoo nurses, headless boudoir, order is my grief
immature anal piñata, the organic is on appeal
pineal rehab pressurecooker, AZT-makeover to disturb everything
dinge cult, more unquiet hetero sapiens
honey makeover pretensions of subtraction smell shit on fingernails
couvadey dud defoliant honesty — meat as skill
spiel hearts’ teeny straitjacket, ploy shut down heroin frugue
keyring with bullet — we’d have experiences if we weren’t so short
yikes swipe lazydoggybone, secrete the imperative
pleasures, hands-on, oodles of bang-bang, pills with chaps
progeny hoopla —rebuke the frame's onanship choice as mayhem
placenta gladiator, chirpy outtakes — my vocabulary salutes you
look, the human depilatory's big integrity dose — sash me, weird mojo collab prank!
digitally dunked gizmo lonely req req wreck tinysex ides of mush
de jure lubricant latency, redial pindrop actualizes
you weirdo, self-naturalized
submerged prostate, merrily we

B — C  — C

ALIBI — sorties of anomic nest taxing sugar babies
a paraplegic thumbs up — expel buzz, client as pervert patois slip-up
homeopathetic — a depersonification, well, adieu me
prong dandified an FBI paradise — am I deterred?
geisha dog, if flack can squat, corpses on the pony — feminist or voluntarist
we can’t do controlled experiments of cutting people’s necks
anti-anti, repo crib hymen slaver, hate dismantles glory
anima showtrials, imp fear roster of squish crooning fearfulness
they found you don’t need a license to purchase the bubonic plague —
apex rip-off, a populist itch — well, midlife me out!
stomp the pink queen & pasteurize your followers — fuckstun
suck up flag, anthemically sodomize haven in a hamstrung world
fetal toxic whoosh foibles — tickle rehab, Engels in a B-cup
summarize the drugs, dare to be malicious — do we leak?
collateral thighs, undeployed thighs, pro-bellum unprovo’d immuno-bitchiness
brave new scab world — squid chiropraxis yenta, industrial tongue
emancipation zip boolah precisely lactating celebrant
KILL SMACK —  trigger-happy patriotism among smirks
you call your arrogrance scruples — do only foreigners bleed?
orificial alibi, public relations in The Mirror Stage, scarcity permitted inside
 meta-outing designer fellatio, twinkies' filth fluff gagging junklessly
take the blame off a noncardiovascular girlfriend
organs of goods, chuckle-up chuckle-it-up — crime, a second opinion
rockettes colorized the colonized who goosesteps best
cuddle rebate, cynical ROTC, measure the body’s search warrant
arbiter of feelgood sex war without the subject, reciprocal dust-up
boola boola miniaturely martialized constitutive social tattle rehab
when lips pay rent, lubrication albino of the votes as leadership
hetero icebox — sheesh! — what we call bedwetting music
giveless, tension deficit disorder gaping like yahoos
sexually ensquidded socio-dumdums, sleeping pills do all the fucking
calcifiers, unite! — subculture, call home
wrench the dog world masturbating faulkner — do you grade race on the curve
martial artisan slumlord stemwinder, I reminisce for money
teeth lotto, please allow me — can cunnilinguists be homophobes?
decaf gyp associative escort girls’ smooching as work
agency — as in covert ops or purposive choice? — oedipussy
we wreck now —communal killing:  preheat & serve
fruitful — the phrase, the election industry
aromatic knighthood, we are truly disgusted
crook idiom, voluptuously worthwhile androgyneocology
imp jilt castanet rule on the stretch marks
first decapitation then death, smell one big sex — I brake for cock
the ratings-challenged delegated wetteners, punchdown dolphin-free
parvenu topless teenagers — nyah, my self-regard is more enclosed than yours
bunny segregation penis called ‘the sizzler’, mutual fun unguent attaché
inner thigh theme park, decolletage cliff’s notes
solidarities on/off — mercifullessly crackerjack tickertape inhibitors
the ab wars’ fungo dotage, dumbshow laudanum once doesn’t habit
prep transference — pulp that coup, unscrew the butch
subjectivist unemployment [intercourse] as inspiration, soiree oink
escapade afterlife ego incontinence, threaten with lubrication
swivel cops’ tactics gash biopsy on their cuties
pig havoc —  doutdoutdout — a sexual counter-modernist
basso-preposteroso, the purloined norms — innocence wears rubbers
contraceptives on call-waiting, worms in a more subdued homosexual minority
bubbletop inseparable coonshow moshpit to gore itself
SURVEILLANCE PILLS — egg-laying amnesty inpopular
little penis or hung jury — Most Welfare Mothers Work
goombah-baited cue bout & the self-abnegation is fake —
you got me sober to tell me that?
aberrant bongo fallguy kickbacks giggle the meat
before you go surfing, don't be wiped out

—Bruce Andrews