Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ed Coletti, Dark Drama Darkening

Be Here Now, image by Ed Coletti 

Dark Drama Darkening
                                                (in the key of D)

Drugged disillusioned daylight departs.
Dismal dingy duskiness descends,
                   dawning’s downward direction.
Dude-demon dismantling decapitates
                                                          diffuse departments.
Dionysus drinks desiccates delight,
                                                      Demon dragon dresses.
Demigod despoils decency defames Demeter*
                                                                 disciplines Dinlas.*

Dolorous drumming dunderheads
Doorbells ding dung ding dung Don
Donut-dunking dimwits dragging
Democracy’s demise
                      dangling dazed dreamers
Daniela Dominguez
                                                Diego Delmar
down doleful dens dachshund-desperate
Dogcatcher dingo-dumb dopes delighted
departmentally dangerous dentally drilling
doing damage daily draining dreams
                                             dry dribble dregs.

Dearly defiant dudgeon don’t depart drifting.
Drugged daft disillusioned disinterested
Deutschland darkhorse dazzles Darwin’s dog,
Dodo Deuteronomy declares destruction,
Disunited Districts of Dystopia
                                                            deride democracy.

Decartes’ Discourse delineates doubt
debunks decorum, deifies defiance.
Donald Drumpf dollop of dandruff
Dean of disorder Dunce of DunScotus
Despoiler of Darwin, Dewey’s dead dualism
Deferred decentering Derridan deconstruction
Destabilizing disestablisher dismantling,
Daresay dastardly darkhorse
draft-dodging, dress-debrider
deflowers decency
                                        demands diaspora debauches
decent debutante daughters
                                                  disfigures and denudes,

Deprives derelicts Doubles-down diabolically
deluding deplorables
denies decay damage destruction,
devours Deucalion* – Deluge’s descendent,
desecrates  dictionaries, digests daffodils.

Dragon-Doge, Deutschland’s drum,
Dean of Dixie, doubles deport down.
Denounce-Depose Donald.
Do not delay-dawdle-drift.
Doggedly debunk denial.
Distill daylight, decant dreams.
Decimate dejection, Dazzle!


—Ed Coletti

*Demeter – Goddess of the Harvest
*Dinlas - Guardian of the ancient city of Lamark, where wounded heroes could heal after battle.
*Deucalion - Only male survivor of Deluge; father of Helen. A survivor with his wife Pyrrha of a great flood by which Zeus destroys the rest of the human race.