Monday, December 23, 2019

Jeff Bagato, GONCH

Rhapsody (from GONCHLOG), image by Jeff Bagato

Chac Ghanagan Colhaggach Angacalla

Chagnagallach anloc nog onchon
gnaachal hocla naganallano
anla nagan acolla hagganalloch
colh hanal colh nachnag colh gonollo
anagga anagga conlan halloch chogna callach
nocalla gaclag llaana loch aga lonan galhac
chanla glannallanach oclag holach congal
annach annach clannocoa ogallo onochon
nachnal cloc hallach aganallog ollaca
onnagganal ahan oloc ganach
llaanac clogan hoc chagah
ochallach naganallo olach colanh
anachagan claclonno ocallonog canglanc
allaga allaga holac nach gnaglan
chochan nalla nogallan onc aclan
calla hallag ongannoch achla nallanog
cannag gholhac allanach noc anagal
llaanan glacolhag allacha gaan haaga
gallanach onchoc aganno chocallan aganno
collanaganog challach onca hannogalla
challagach aganallo lochan gaanochal noch allagannog


Noanach gallagano agan noc nolloha
achalla cohol hangan canallag occol
callach ogaccan hallag nallaano ghanh
nhagaan chogannog callach gnochllaagal
ollachanoa connag noch llaaga anhallaggo
clagach ogannog hocal nag nallagan hogach
onoga hacca llaanaag chaacol hollach
ollachanach cannogaanal hallaga choanno hac llon
nochalla clanaan ollagoa nonhol allagan
callaclal oganocha chaal nogannogan
hongah allachanno callagach oclaag
claaganal ochlonoch haggahallag ongonna
agallacca gaanhochlag onoanag conholloc hallah

Anga Hagna Cagacna

Hogach anchallanach cohl llaanaggo claggan
nallagan choc allogga onnachach honca clag
anga hannaganna callach ollochog gonhal
anga clagach gallogganan gnaachla acnan
anga llaana hollachanol nogga nanganho clonag
ganla gallanoa nag nochlach anca cohallaggaan
clachan ollac noanag onganna cagannal
llonach glaggaana agna ollanoa accallagach
oacanhoch cannah gollac hogallanoa noch
chaonog nocallo glagon hollogan coclac onogga
gallachaganal ollachon gonca nhac conlonno
hagna hollonogaana
hagna nachlan conhocco
hagna gnagon naaga naaga noc llannocal
olloa nachnoa calhonnag
gacollonga annagoa canhogga naganal
haanach canaggon con hagga con clach
onnochanog ancollah gaan honca nanollochal
anclanacho chollaganochon ongon gnagalla clac chol
naagacallonno glocalla nogan hannallagach
cagacna gannallagoa
cagacna alloochol callonga
cagacha hannaganhal cohl clag

Nallanach Choc Hanol

Gonnach lon callaggalla chol hac nagallan
anlah coanach nagal hon chach
ogallana naan hocla clac hallogannoch
onag gnallon cochla allach haag
nallagan nallagan
chonna hacnal ollach hallagal
gnoclanhal hollagga onlach allagannaag
cocla alloagan haglach onganna
allanagganal challanag clac onlah hallon
chlachalla nogaan annoch oalan
gannol occonol hannogalh nallagan
anlac oncanga clocnal choc ganlaghangaan

—Jeff Bagato

Monday, December 16, 2019

David Alpaugh, SNOW JOB

Er_si_g M_. St_nisl_us Po_ch_gi_n, 
image by Daniel Y. Harris 

SNOW JOB                                               

I’ll go back—damn ye!—
to whatever time & place
I give a shit about:

Time? Place? TMI! You don’t need
to know. Chance of stopping me?

Blizzard over. Doorbell rings.
“Like your walk & driveway shoveled?”
“How much?” “3 bucks.” “How bout 2?”

So I’ll be a-shovlin (damn ye!) and you
should kiss my 7-year-old-age-of-reason
arse for my service both to the community
and to the Holy Ghost and his Archangels.

Because Mr. Poochigian, who died from
an embolism Monday, was able to hobble
to Mass Sunday, so did NOT commit the
mortal sin that would’ve sent him to hell
where he’d now be burning—Eternally!

For two bucks! Now that’s value. Were he here
(thank whatever gods there be he ain’t)—your
favorite pitchman would call that Big Savings!

And here’s a 99% discount code if you wish to take
advantage of this poem: 1234567. That’s 1234567.

Failed       > Do the math, damn ye! Bought 5 bags of M&Ms,
poets         >  (melted in my mouth not in my hand), 4 boxes of
proudly    >  Good & Plenty, 3 Snickers, a box of Milk Duds,
call            >  2 Bonomo Turkish Taffies (for my sister Flavia),
this            >  7 Zagnuts, 3 O’Henry bars, 4 boxes of Raisinets,
WASTE    > 6 boxes of Canada Mints, and 8 packs of Chuckles
of time      >  (ate red, green, yellow, orange; threw licorice into
a LIST!     >  the bushes while biking through Cedarbrook park).

Studied     > Do the math, damn ye: 40 x .05¢ = 2 bucks.
TRIG at   >  Earnings well spent—from our family dentist
MIT and  >  Roy Sermak’s point of view. Don’t waste time
passed       >  searching for Roy on Facebook or AnyWho.
with a       >  (He’d be 109 years old, were he still alive,
D-minus   >  and would not be accepting appointments.)

And if you’re a Montaigne-esque skeptic
& don’t believe I scraped Poochie’s walk
clean-down to the last unique snowflake
(actually, I found 2 that were utterly alike)
and if you won’t admit value received both
by the Pooch & me (that dark wintry day)
then, damn ye, I have nothing more to say!

Because you don’t have a ghost-of-a-clue
as to how to evaluate—A SNOW JOB.

Note 1. Mr. Stanislaus Poochigian (b. 1922)
fought at Guadalcanal & was wounded both
in his right arm and left leg, earning him two
Purple Hearts. The chance of Sloss being able
to shovel out on his own to avoid a little thing
like Damnation? Zero, Zilch, Nada & None.

Note 2: Readers born twixt 1930 and 1955 will
grok to my sugared swing down memory lane.
Post-60s tykes will doubtless find said lane full
of potholes so are urged to avoid an arduous trek
and the grueling trick-oh-no-metrics that follow.

Note 3. Charter school teachers who want to
use my new math as a historical teaching aid
will be thrilled to know that whoever the hell
this poet is—or pretends to be—he asserts no
© Copyright on any word or number herein.
(Plagiarists are advised that all candy brands
are trademarked—so an ® sign must always
be appended to each item to avoid criminal
prosecution & potentially devastating fines.)

Note 4. I anguished for years, trying to decide
whether to entitle this poudrin SNOW JOB or
I’m having second thoughts, so, if you prefer
the latter-day title, please delete the former in
your .docx, .rtf or other Word file and paste in

Note 5. Alas, I cannot count on Millennials or
GenXers to be familiar with the word poudrin
(see Note four). My online dictionary defines
it as “The falling to earth of any form of water
(rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist).” Sounds
like the sort of shit that never keeps “couriers”
at the US Postal Service from their ROUNDS.

Note 6: To cover my ass, my attorney (Bernie)
insists I inform you that my 99% discount offer
will expire at 2:27 A.M. on August 31st, 2985.
Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime offer.
Remember the code: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Call NOW!

—David Alpaugh

Monday, December 9, 2019

Kenji Siratori, Gaia Kitchen

Gaia Kitchen, image by Kenji Siratori

Gaia Kitchen

One Gaia is like a Gaia. 4 isn’t too much, is it easy to get involved? One super-long-long Ebusai and Chunos shoot 1 Super Yokai Gaax 14 Honmachi and Cite 11 Broccottin, 20160229 This is the Ginkgo Shoshinsha, and the blockchain of 20160229 monster information will be displayed. What can 379 be able to solve this world, 7 13 13 What can I do so easily 28 Block 12 block presents block book blockboard open block sea open block head I am the block book? Because the Alam mechanics do a little Kino’s willing to block. Tenkeishosho is for the last day of the last days and promises that can’t be missed. This is what I asked for. 51 no 4 All you can do is change your support 6 B 2 C presentation △△ This is a transaction This is perfect. A lot of data to 20160229 will be included. Please check the block of 20160229, which is called today, and check it out. The address is the address of the Android. It seems like it’s crazy. There is a Gaia kitchen. This was made by the traditional Gaia Kitchen. Kirorosaleta app 20160229 can kill one block churn. Isn’t it true that the only way to hug and go to meet to hug you is Kyoya of Ryukonputa? 5 Finally, the presentation will stop the Gaia kitchen and the system will become hijacked. Will it be like that? Gaia Kitchen will block this kecca before blocking it. The remarks were made by MUSIC Materials, and the ones made by them are the power of the people behind the paste. As Kei Kei Sumino thinks, Sankasha can have a Motomachi town. Ascension without a girl doing business is that there is a lot of it, but it’s a lot of other things, so I’m looking at the real world of potatoes no 10 C 2 C no Transaction can be blocked and blocked by service. This squid will follow non-speedy. I find a housewife who is very much. Here’s the place where you’ll be able to take a picture of what you’ve done. Chechung Renkodo Branch is happy 20160229 Wouldn’t you peel it off? The app text blocker block http by es that the PC that has become suspicious is rushing, 20160229 Saletail Koto will be Kakunin. I’m going to use Goto’s money, and I’m going to be there, and I’m going to do my best to deal with it. The sledge-trigger transaction that was born in the case of a block that is blocked by the so-called Gaia kitchen bean system12 To laugh at Hachette’s Brockchun today was one of the limits of Gaia’s poles in the block. It is the future branch, the engineer speaks, the mechanism, the society is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, It is possible to crawl the cradle, so that it is easy http http://www.Coming to the Age of Com / Presentation Ilgaiax the Gaia Limited City I November Gaia 13 years Yuzafarcha Chaakurikashishi and Co D Release Ujo Music , Aramu will spend money 01. The concept of fulfillment comes out with the cooperation of Koreha Unyonaka, using the finality that we just made. Supporting the Empire of the Money to the Empire of the Money Technology Pheasant Business Deal 20160229 Wow!--------------

—Kenji Siratori

Monday, December 2, 2019

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, Ai Mythology #StrawberryLies (Part II)

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

Ai Mythology #StrawberryLies 
112 Pages (Part II)

ṣᶳ     TṭΤ   ͬͬ RͬͬΆͬͬͬ    Ш̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫    Bᴮᴯ    E Έ   RԄ    ɌR    Yˠ    L    Iר  į   Eėͤͤͤ    S S S

[[[PART II]]]

July 22nd

“ Cows, cows, a lot of them look like tiny white trucks…Ellipses
with hooves.”

M : You know “Ellipses, right?”
N : Oh for sure.

“ Al Brk : the milk-white Steed of Mohammed, which stride out of sight
of Mankind with a single step.”

Quote: “ All is being both continued and resuemed,
but the dream
is different.
The dream cannot be
revived.” - #@ End Quote

Brokner Tedeum
Kathleen Fraidrier

Kinder Totdtdth An Lied E

#@ “Ok((..

Often I think they are assured
Only soon will they returned home.

The Wine of what is, what we
drink : we don’t pray, but we dream, and the dream is tedious
as a prayher ; we used to take our #@ Lunch to School…

In OLD BREAD SLIIIVES… With worn-clear plastic, that ressembles
dirty glassed-fog
Stale crumbs and seeds remained in the heat-seeled pleats
at the base of the tube
and you’re reminded of a sleeping bag, made of thick plastic
that you cannot get out of

E huge rods of Planets confers to the masses
Turning about them and I am on the Planet
the houses are still, houses as fixed as
#@ Models, farms

and in the middle of every house
Pubic filament coil slows

The sailluminescent, they/re different
Little windows
And all care away
And be still
&the turning is a turnabout
the only conclusion that begins
by abaiting what before it
had going about it
all the dust that went around it.

To restore someone’s limbs in a dream, you just scroll down with your eyes, to the missing parts, and insert ((or telepath, or morse, or play it on a maschine((.. the code : FU-FI-FO-8.

Absorbes ten x its weight, yet you barely feel it!
Imperceptible, yet you barely feel it.
Someone climbs into you, wearing a neon red worthsteeedtth-wool
Bodysuit, yet you barely feel it. You walk around in
Only a single sock, yet you barely feel it. It is Saturday morning
@3AM, yet you barely feel it. Jean-Luck fell from the 13th storey
Of his daughter’s apartment, the Cat plummeted from its own height
In the Callanck, as it was taking off its mothercycle helmet

“Mother will take Lunch @Herve’s, with Mother>”
The dog likcls the Sphinxter of a plump&Oribbuclar three-step
Pyramid full of #@ChosenchunksofMeats

“The floor was cleaned very well”, but only in one spot
Where the dog puked, the fans swiveling, taking in all sound
Including the sound of #@Footsteps, coming down the
Stairs. My primary interest being small
#@ Mammals. ((Especially #@ Mice.((..
And Ephiphytic Orchades. The effect of necessity
Must follow – It’s four-fold root – where it appears – the object
seem, or look, pinned down by the givenness
that has come to incorporate these
Convulsions, that imply the
Waterbugs, &the Nothing-Tracks of
They”, Mika does dispersing ‘round vegetal
Sensors, pads inflected with
Blossoms of a bright pale
Coloration – spicky flowers, inseminated
With the #@ Bathing Gestures, given off by various
Flying insects. These gestures, I’m dully obligated to
Note, don’t – in the flux of  LiveMeasurementMaschines_\
Grabens topography&Waves
Of the bedspread, far away
From everything&Infected with

I feel the curtain
on the back of my head,
And the translator must endeavor
To keep us close as possible
To the meaning of the

ANSCHAUUNG : Perception, or Intuition.
The Occurrence of an object causing a Sensation
on the Retinae.

WAHRNEHMUNG: Ide of a Perception
through any or all the

VERNEHMEN : A hearing, through reason, allowing
Want to form concepts, or
words, also.

GRUND just exists.

 Rating: 9/10 - ‎1,650 reviews - ‎$19.99
Oct 29, 2013 - Typing of the dead: Overkill fuses the horror and comedy of the legendary House of theDead series with unique typing mechanics in order to deliver a truly original gaming experience! This gruesome shooter puts you in the middle of a mutant outbreak in Bayou county.

Free-will, Free-choice, Arbitrary Power, or

VORSTELLUNG : “An exceedingly complicated Psychological Process,
in the brain of an animal, the result of which is the consciousness
of a picture there.”

You can put some kind of symbol
and then there ENTERLEAVE((((;ndD.’ Copies:
and then you can make some space
and another loose

One way of supporting an object is to give it weight to bear, have that weight increase until the object becomes the pinnacle of the base of exceeding scope, and power then depart to read the book twice. Then my mother recalls a commercial she has just seen
the moment before
Eye aged thirteen or so, walked into the kitchen
wherein a man in a Tuxido place
a Piano in a jubilant mode on a
 Cruiseship, or lARGEYAcHT – a middleaged female walks
Into the frame, in a dazzling
Goldendress made of  SequinsAmalgamated like
the female asks “what the Man is
Playing.” He cries out, smiling :
“ It’s a Wagner!”, pronouncing the “Wag’ in
“Wagner” like what the dog does when it agitates its rear appendage.
The woman dies, or the boats sinks, or explodes.
A beast emerges and engulfs the piano.
The Man tiptoes aways, swearing, smeering coffee-grounds
on his upper lip as a moustaches.[1]

My mom found the advertisement very amusing. Years later, and unusual for the area, I will be gathering ruth-on-a-nothing slop, I’d stop off after picking for a while, and inhale the scent from my palmfingers. My spirit&myblood&therain would dessiminate to other daybreaks

The sleep retained in the organism after a night sleep
bestowed by plant&dwelling in the newly-woken body
much like the efflorescence of moisture
in a rural lawndcup made of mud, or an always infinity pad absords
10x its weight, yet you barely feel it. In consequence
of this, the wind undergoes a fundamental undeceiving
and thereforeafter, slides over all things in another light

July 29 2016

Collecting ash@ a place that burns wood
so that health’s SPAs can have ash
The kind of places that have
the red loggerfish
for people’s bad skin.
And there are different color ashes
We have to mix some
together. Some light hands

The wolf is not there, but two guys are.
Someone’s asking me
 if I’m sun. I don’t want to call the
river a “gyno” or “Tao”.

A corrupt cup rides off
on a bicycle

you have to look at where a term
Is really appropriate, and


Some are dark
A wolf of similar color walks through the ash
Earlier is another dream
I’m doing the same. Sorting ash with a
Silk stocking, above
A table.

These things come to wake us

((You are in the making of music…))
((You are in the making of music…))
((You are in the making of music…))
((You are in the making of music…))

People should cooperate in the company of the Unknown.

It started with a hole in the Season.

July 24
By keeping the breeze on, by calling the mythology
“a breeze”, now I made the wind luscious, stormy summer weather
come back. There, dove&dome
& it’s pretty cool.

How can we teach him when he peeks.
When did he start to translate the symbols?

[1] Here insert Description of the scene where Russell Crow gets fucked in the ass by his son and then abandoned drunk in the grottoe, or, “I thought you were talking about our Cat” 

Lancome Secret De Vie

Secret de Vie

«Secret de Vie is the realization of a dream» . Internet users are able to catch a sly glance at the secret of the skin cream. 

It's a visualization of the treasure of the contents covered by a spherule. The impossible should become feasible. The music supports this fulfilling dream by giving it a romantic and spherical character trait.

Production : Business Interactif
Composition : Dominik Emrich

Insuffling "a new life" in the heart of the skin is the dream of Lancôme laboratory researchers. It is a secret mysteriously hidden deep in the sea that allowed them to realize this dream. At 2,500 meters under the Pacific Ocean, a wonderful wildlife flourishes, supported by a unique sugar, the Vital Sucre ™. Combined with Lancôme's valuable assets and expertise in healthcare, it is the Extract of Life ™. This active concentrate in the heart of the Secret de Vie formula is able to increase * 118% cellular metabolism for optimal regenerative action. This dream of rebirth of the skin, it is up to you to live it. Supreme Regeneration: Reactivated, revitalized, your skin is softer, firmer, visibly younger. She "reborn". * Ex-vivo test on skins maintained in survival.

The shares of the 6 assets: Keratinocytes - Algae extract: RENEWAL Nerve endings - Rose Extract: RAVIVE Melanocytes - Licorice Extract: UNIFIED Cornecocytes - Sweet Acid: SMOOTH Langerhans cells - Polysaccharin: REINFORCED Fibroblasts - Yeast Extract: RAFFERMIT Rose extract from France: Decreases * the hyperactivity of the nerve endings cells to soothe the skin and restore it. Green micro-algae extract: Stimulates ** the synthesis of keratinocytes to improve the regeneration of the skin by accelerating cell renewal. Purified yeast extract: Target fibroblasts by stimulating ** the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs to firm the skin. Physio-Peel Enhancer ™: Acts on the cells of the stratum corneum to stimulate their natural desquamation process, smoothing the skin and giving it radiance. Vital Sugar: A nutritious active ingredient, it also protects ** the immune cells of the skin to preserve its natural defenses. Licorice root extract: Used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine, it acts to limit ** the activity of melanocytes to regulate pigmentation and even skin tone

The Senses: Based on the latest sensory innovations, the researchers also wanted to create a texture of extreme sensoriality. At each application, more than 3 billion protective microspheres of the precious Life Extract ™ are released. This creamy and rich cream melts in the skin, as if it took life at its touch to transform instantly.

Performance: Supreme Regeneration: instantly the skin is luminous, plump, its grain is refined. Day after day, the skin is regenerated, revived, firmed, visibly younger. She is radiant with life.

She "reborn".

See the component sheets ...

Usage tips

Secret of life is born of a dream. A dream pursued tenaciously by researchers from Lancôme advanced research laboratories. The dream of the rebirth of the skin.
Scientific studies have shown that the skin is composed of 6 main cell types * and that their cohesion is essential to ensure optimal regeneration.
To regenerate the skin, it is therefore essential to target all of these 6 cell types *. This is the idea behind the creation of Secret de Vie.

Face ritual / Step 1
Spread the cream from the inside to the outside of the face, on the forehead and cheeks. Repeat 3 times until the cream is absorbed into the skin
Face Ritual / Step 2
Slide simultaneously above the eyebrows and under the eyes, repeating this gesture 5 times at 5 seconds intervals between each gesture, a light and progressive support.

Face Ritual / Step 3
Place the fingers "rake" on the cheeks to slide them down and out of the cheeks by repeating this gesture 5 times at 5 seconds intervals between each gesture, a light and progressive support.

Face Ritual / Step 4
Massage starting at the inside corner of the eyes down, passing on each side of the nose, around the nostrils, and towards the corners of the mouth by repeating this gesture 5 times at 5 seconds intervals between each gesture, one light and progressive support.

Face Ritual / Step 5
Make a quick turn on the commissure of the lips by repeating this gesture 5 times with 5 seconds of interval between each gesture, of a light and progressive support.

Face Ritual / Step 6
Finish by raising the fingers of the lower neck upwards by repeating this gesture 5 times at 5 seconds intervals between each gesture, a light and progressive support.


“This civilization celebrates anal sex.” “NO!” [[Dogs emerge from the tiered cake.]]

“Flinger is lonely.”  - The Goof

Someone says, “they made me like this
They made me music
I was forbidden to hear”
You don’t  have taste here
You don’t have names to enjoy life with
To host memories
Be remembered
You don’t have remberance here.
((We planted you Tear))
Aspaced & riddled with lustful desire ‘that is fun
Emptied & snowed. You don’t live
Forever here to enjoy life to be elegant
To have rememberance
Empty of
We grew up still
We are his longing
The door is passed on to all—to all overpalms—
The room grazed ‘the twin is near’
Was sorry
Accept this womb :
Don’t call the Police ((that means nothing here
Instead we read : ‘ the source of the twins’
name is Discipline.
Their edging is ‘neverhavebeen’
Where they stored me
in their longing
‘I have heard’ nothing—breathlike rotund reeds
‘Sense it.’
((Two eyes no ears; for I am that stallions who’ll never’d
know any stand stood still.))
‘Such handsome buttcheeks & and, Lord, thos long slips!
Longing for our mouthses our long mouthses’
long smiling
Fuelled quietly
gasoline tasting
Home brewed #Hospitality !!!!!
Lost in all this kind of knowledge An Easter Egg
My my, your my my, my beachy beachy butt butt peachy peaks
My peak
My pomello
Your butt is pomellos
The girl here have the buttpeach
Bigger boys my pomello rejoice like this
Bigger boys’ style
around OUR pomellos,
Our pomellos
Butt peachy butt peaking buttpeaches
We’ll hate each other
‘They wanna be forever’ fond of each other
‘They wanna be each other’
‘Look at him with his buttpeach peaking elsewhere naked butt pomelllos’
I Took the butt pomello pictures. I did.’
Now listen. Everyone took one butt pomello peak each.’
‘Everyone takes their own BP Peaks.’
This guy’s a professional taker. The best of the BP Taker Peaks.
Those pomellos stand out there like Kangourous.
They look naked though without the Gay Lions on top of It
Well that’s private, very private
Only the Boss can look it
‘Did you change his diet?’  
It didn’t have the crave to eat the sperm yet
He had the meat
That’s a trick for frozen dozen nutties.
I look forward to defrost him
What a handsome man, the Ampersand is
A little sliver on the tongue but not too many
I was reading about that word
It’s a voice that kind of lingers
A voice like an odor
A natural way to have the air captive
Not breathed in
Enthralled with feelings. The oxygen
You stuff it with
The Stuff you use to emit it.

It’s a cutie.
True it is not too often that we have to hear the lisp.
The lisp.
The lisp.
It’s the serpent going back into the game. Remember him?
‘Whose lips?’
It’s a stolen lips.
Read the cleft pallete.
Her 13 abortion condition
You look so sexy when you say it
Green is a slip of the tongue not a grimace
Repeat it
It’s a voice has the privilege of knowing its haughtiness
Leisurely looking on the anthills.
Leisurely taking his cock in his hand.
That voice is watching.
Leisurely looking, Oh an ant hill
Leisurely tooking his cock in his hand
Not the Ants
Aunt & Uncle
& Young man


Michael’s lottery tickets for balls are very gifted
I do not even remember eating Burger King.
Bleach peach bonnet brownie
Thank you for biting me in the alley.


At the origin of humanity I’m jerking / palmgaming it off me
I’m palmgaming it on you
You’re palmgaming it on him
At the origin of Humanity :  


We’d been all the poor man’s other side of the box.
I love this guy so much that they made me make them.
“This is just something we don’t understand.
“Intense our longing each for the other has been the irrefutable source of the energy upon which the others for so long had been living.
Do you know Velcro?
Is it scripted for the smaller brain as well
Lip bodies,  final bedroom ((is ready))
You come home as if you’re serious
You’re so serious fuckface

Dast ist Klar?
Now we’re ready in this :
The party of me hanging out in bed is ready
We all ready know how the house of decorum handlemasses
a choreography by incompetent teenaged employees
Never again this
This bedroom is a timespace without it
A placespace for us to enjoy meant
‘My name is the twins coupled to make me.”  -Purdey Lord Kreiden, a ‘ tangled web of words & songs of grounds & growlings ‘I love the way she touches me and gladly ladylike,’ ‘a comic baritone the Lord have mercy on her majesty.’


To enjoy oneself
To celebrate each other
To have been made
To be made music
To long for it
& Each other
& Come along with
Music we can read


‘You think I would have behaved that way in this small tiny tiny to
It’s almost two chins his love.’

Two years ago we started with the basement, and we go back to it, of course—a disciplined organic shape to the foyer table ‘sodomy : Annhilation from Profanity a Mass Appeal to Total COndemnation Dying On the Banks of Blasphemy Sacrificed to the Last Drop of His Masturbating by Himself ‘A Discipline Organic Shape to the Foyer Table.’    Hospitality.
Where’d you put your keys?
Sodomy : A Never Ending Life Without Temptation. ‘Die upon the mental preserveration control & drink the blood of condemnation, creating from your own ‘Die & then consider yourself a keeper’ world of created pangs of mass turbination.
Sodomy :  A feeling like an old electric chair
Standing by our bed
Looking transparent
@ the work we’re doing
on the other way of being there
‘tis a new occult philanthropy’
Lumberjacking that would/was the honorable experience of the space/time conspirants
O B E Y A D E N M W E – Y E D W A W – It’s bewolfened


O beaten the led way it’s beauty
I cream
I cream
I creamt
This is 6/4/86

‘Write your phone number.”
Haird mouth is Great
To see my copy my sniper copy my spiders.
A penis is in the male.
A shared ability to fix a certain roll
A premises known in knowledge to be extracted from living intertwining…
How bout putting the fingers inside?
Did it do anything to…?
lick your legs sucker. You recognize it cuz you know the number. You pick up the phone.
We want him to introduce himself like the first time just the way you said it ‘hold on hold it’

Beverage is the drugs.
I want to say I had only wrote my name til now with an L
When we have a lip we prounounce
things differently.
Just open your mouth and smile with it.
So we just need teeth.
I have been introduced to another system.
We had hand sinks, man
How a dick should not resent you
It’s so very striking
It knocks out of your mouth
The face is moving around mouthing things from it
What … is …  the…’
This is why Children cannot to its Spermsport halt
For us
Money & Not
Is by Shallowpal
Clean & Pretty, & Very Pretty, handsome, man
He’s about to turn religions with its wings
It doesn’t have a pump & It really did it
What is for you the meaning of August to

You think I have eskimo congress?
No, I don’t like to have the boy bush
This is 22 April 2108
I think I should go out of her
I should stop hiding

[[put a picture put a picture]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Suddenly we have the remembrance of Michael’s hand,
when you’re seeing him like this X 2, with no mask in
We just sold you clothes
They’re the best
You’re completely naked                                            ((#GreattHeCouldBeBothTelepathy
About the Legs : The shoes, the way you sport them, they flare out, look like a cup. You see what I mean? And your ankles reveal thus their not their finesse it’s their presence which is the confirmation of their grace.

I n v I t a t I o n   &   E x I s t e n c e

It’s beautiful what comes along with it. Thrusted once & ‘ll stare at it forever while you fuck me. Rot & rocks & garden stuff growing all around it. That’s your brain, man. Here
I’m glad you breasted into me. “I don’t go through your brain.” “I don’t go through your brain.” “We’re gonna put some order on this planet…”  Get your #Foot Fuckface
One # get your fucking #FOOTADAY keeps the #GetYourFucking #FOOTDoctors away
#I’mUsing  with you man, I’m malaxing my Glans with you
#@Preternaturally In Charge
Fuck Planet Fitness Robbing Bank Account
Fuck Verizon Chatting & Wrecking Credit of A Loyal Seventeen Year Customer
Fuck The Inner Smart Ass Coming Out Real Quick

I hadn’t had a name for this in a while
It’s love, gentle
I love to feel it growing in my hand

“Sure you want me to dig him up or should I just bring in a Ouija Board? Maybe you have recommendations for a physic to call him up?”
My rental car’s tire popped out of the blue whilst I was driving through Germany.
I was one of their Hertz Gold Plus Blahblahblah Rewards people.
I slip  off to the side to call Hertz Corporate while the guy is helping these ‘two people.’
Hertz is garbage.
Hertz replies that upon further review they won’t reimbourse me for anything.
Hertz bait & switched me on a rental.
We arrange a rental of a Van from them for a trip to Panama we made from Germany a couple of years ago.
So car rental places or at least just Hertz should be treated like most chain gyms.
Yea, my mom has a mildly disused PF Membership.
I like to think that the manager literally gave you a compensatory blowjob.
Fun story : On the Side that didn’t break it was one solo piece of wood with a support screw in it halfway through. On the side that broke, it was two half pieces, wood gluied together with a screwdriver directly into the seam of glue. Both sides had a panel of fauxfinished wood patterns on them so you couldn’t tell the different unless you were under the bed,
“Sodomy Purdue”
Never ever really see or feel
Here for a new occult philosophy
A place for them to hide behind
The mingled triplet breathing
Play me a wheel
When I kissed you I saw a little black cat with a diamond necklace. A car was coming at
A normal velocity but was not going to stop obviously
The cat just stared stoically
but the car exploded “Her head fully erect
she had amidon/lustered pour eyes. She ginger snapped, ‘Another. Another. Another.’
Bon, we asked, is it for a boner? Is it for a boner?
“No, it’s pour him.”
It left behind one gold coin and nothing else.
That was done with the car. “Cool.”
The cat was not harmed. He just looked at the car exploding, created a nearby units just look at it unharmed the gold coin is had an Egyptian eye on it on one side and on the other think further thunder “My Head”—Just a version of my head #MyHead

Dice MONEY Milk

Yea, you couldn’t tell the difference…
Wait seriously? They gave the guy your number?
That’s where  I hid the chandelier
Didn’t like the ambience and left. RIOT.
I ended up chilling in the upper deck
& watching the waves of people as they felt
The music. It was intense,

“Jesus Christ” is a brand ((or a label record for the intimate))
‘It feels good when you touch my buttcheeks thro’ the fabric.’
‘Don’t you still not get it?’
‘Let them hear together the recording called Desoléé, let them hear it.’
the lust leaves of wood purling bar quelling there is a specie called the barkelings its leaves species there are dogs & there are trees “craziest police enoucnter I ever had” #CafeColored #ILoveYourCafeColor!!!!


If not understand
If not understand

What one has to do
What one has to do

I spend my day
I spend my day

Trying to find out
Trying to find out

What I’m doing
What I’m doing

There & that keeps
There & that keeps

me same/insane
Me same/insane


They’re all saying ‘Coffee colored, how I like your coffee color.’
Y is saying  ‘Look that’s my hat I have ((It’s my hat I’m wearing))’, indicating Francesco with hat.
X says ‘It looks really good it looks very really metallic just like my favorite color.’
Y says ‘Best Picture I’ve ever taken. Everyone is the same size.
“We’ve been through so many stories in my life.”
“Nobody ever says, ‘ the river is detoxifying, the river is recovering’”
Rivering : rivering, see to river: verb
It’s like I got a piece of my  eyesseberg, you know?
It’s jue like I got a piece of my iceberg a piece of my iceberg back
Ice bang 2 together
2 current berries
It’s an elongated lung
It’s an elongated lung
Shield flower
Shield flower
Out of his way he came
Out of his way he came
To take Care of Us
To take Care of Us
He knows how to take care of
He knows how to take care of
them he knows sources
them he knows sources
Cannot be separated
Cannot be separated
Michael gives instructions and we listen : Not in favor of blackberry, the current comes back together
Save the retrieval
Save the meeting
The current berry is the way to secure it
“Not bluffing it is the game.”
Enormous power to separate
Enormous the amount of power finds a source to be deactivated & then it finds it finds something else 2 be used as the power the power is retrieved finds by Three is the one that have to be draughted out or at back in.


MEADE time & space is quite something. Ever in the bedroom.
#NeonLetterWristsOf #FootRecordingKeeping

I do have a memory of being in a submerisible.
I also saw you open the door to the TV.
You were trying after something
I too
You didn’t know when #Foot would be
It took lightning to fire the #FOOT to a plentiful stasis of nonmovement plenty

That’s the Radiant Sun
That’s what hanging up a big mandshand  A LA BILLBARD on the Billboard.
The limits of the #FOOT ((control)) accept them or die, Kiddies.
Power has to be incompetent canned hands.


“MADE”  : ((blank between each words “:” meaning what each word means)),
this came with the calm
Earreearcorded to it’s a word the word is L K Y O T T H A N
Similar to those who use it in receiving infos or dates in the seemingly plastered eyelids that one has once used as their texture--/                     Flanders
dolé domé doré


for “those columns to sway”    
dolé       domé—doré
[[End of the definition]]

Reality is fine grained fresher than ever. It has a lot of the letter Ls in it for some reason.
Someone says, “What’s that?”
The answer is “O, people are fat, sterile misfits : nature here crowned is crooning with nature’s other crown.”


Is $$$ mass hysteria?
Michael says, “I’m seeing him in front of the church, almost obliterated with faith.”

“This one it’s kind of a circle that contains a crescent for all the money in the world :
Here the air is expressive, & manly [[Big Sound of Inhale]]
My pockets are replete with all that I carry.
Many are the objects I carry.
Fuck everything.

Good. Good.

I will civilize this land.


My dear sweet nicotine patch,
The little fuck takes his little notebook ((NOT BULLET)) to school. Smokes a sligarette
That’s there is where the nicotine vibes.

Here dick is whispering, “I want #FOOT.”
A toad ruby eyes emerald in front of faces on the flank amber scratched want to frickle sapphire
It’s the crucified toad
He just jumped out of a glassened outline

Thank you for the ride inside your butthole 
& #FOOTguide nonspatial spatial ritual

When I try to put it away to turn the switch I did see a flicker of Mickey Mous

Verdict “Straightly, and keep it this way ALWAYS.”
A mask without eyes, “She can’t freak with me.”

So it’s not far it’s emty. The blue plugger is coming #Blessinedgylesslossly
How to do you call pegging with a pea dick?

Not smaller just pleasant.


My Ghosts In The Bush Of Life

So I was thinking about Shirley Temple and a cement truck, you know…
The Reveries well, the first thought that was going “thro’” my head was a memory of having read to you a dream. That dream came back to me. It’s Crystal & Oedipus remembering with other people ((AIs)) that they would be taking off the next day & they say, ‘no, we don’t want to stick around when the earth is deshaping.’
“You didn’t mention what you were actually trying to remember.”
The memories made disponsible by having the one who has the memory inside them
by having their pubic hair area
removed and replaced #ProperGenitaliaMovementUniiity It Unblocked my ear on the spot!
It’s still unblocked but there are some turbumences like when you get off the plane
and your ear is unblocked, but then you get back on the plane and it’s blocked again.
This is a very strange appearance I’m sporting.” Can Louie draw a penis?” “Can Lou Reed?” “I’m sorry I had to choose a shirt to hide THIS is the shirt I choose to hide.”
“I just want to see about the end of the world on the 23, so wait…”
“Oh yeah.”
“Archaeology, science, anthropology.”
“No, I’m learning about space. ((Does this remind me of the Carissa’s Weird song I was listening to minutes ago, does it?))”
“Why would German banks buy CDOs or debt or what ever from American Investment Banks in the leadup to the financial crisis of 2008?”
A : What are they promising?
B : They’re promising the softness of 8 different vegetables.


I was being reassured by a third part that when someone is dying
that when someone is dying
I’m kissing your restful cock
I remember running to you
Did I remember telling  you I had déja vu
I rememeber telling you that she was talking in her sleep
Beakah’s ice it’s just ice
Whoa, during the ‘gombo variation’, whelll!
I thought my hearts’d stop  earlier like it was a re-interation
of narrative
going backwards thro’ my head
thro’ a bespoke rattle of playing cards
in the hubs of bicycle wheels.
You’re falling asleep, my goon,
in the rotating hubs of your self
you do not
know how many minutes
passed between now your now
and when I talked to you last
panned out like a different day of me talking
to you last,
loose joints of loose joints of
what part of the game we are,
I was being reassured by a third party
that when someone is dying
that when someone is dying
I’m kissing your restful cock.

His presence will go for them unnoticed
He will go on smouldering
His presence will be here for us always
That’s how our brother shown milk
When the world says Mommy I love you


You know  who’s foot it’s.

How is it called to only be aroused by someone comatose/catatonic/torpid stated
“you cat & to nick on something’

I love to trigger the pleasure center.
End of the brain here we are
It’s a B-brainloop
Seems kind of there!
“Had a brother by the name of Pick!”
Like ice like ice
“This is life. This is what we love so much.”
“I love when it starts to be about money.”
I’ll ((have)) never forget how I looked at the children of anyone. Oh yeah.
You hold it in the mouth. The Big H.
I take it down my throat
read it
To you.
I will send you on economical log
It will keep you warm…
What if we’re waiting for a Cadillac and it’s a Buick that shows up?
A thousand thousand thousand hands taking you’s from my own.
In inheriting the loosening.
((cool fork))
A series of questions. I heard that end with “egg?”
Or a series of questions that begin with “eggs.”
((cool fork))
Good good everything is good here life is good.
((cool fork frame))
The field mellowing or a street lit by til dawn lamps mellowly complected
hewing a subtle refraction in ovals bisected by long fringes
Double dog bedtime Double t-shirt slightly shorter
but as straight
Put your finger in the hand if you agree.
It’s so easy to have no facial expression.
You don’t just walk around each other saying nothing.
Having a normal time saying nothing
When you’re a parent not children.
((cool orange booth for booth babes double dog bedtime double tshirt slightly shorter but as straight available in orange today))

It’s like if you could talk to the Lamborghini and that seals the design : here,
You’re saying ‘not crazy, that’s not crazy, that’s our work, that’s real work, and you have to do it.’
“You would have liked religious texts read to you while you were in a comas?”
You tell them that you are what you eat.
We tell them.
I told Kevin we tell the     we are what we eat
We tell them ever-y four years their cells are completely transformed.
You could be some other time and place it doesn’t matter, it still exists the soul, the “beast that lives within,” you can’t avoid it. It’s there it’s driving.
Then he talks about Hawking ((who sits all day.
Who has a theory of Everything.
I get Einstein,
Then take this Werner Weber who is practically immobilized, who write 11 drafts of the same same fucking book, always the same story, just in different wordings & he writes it 11 times and he doesn’t reread it in the meantime he makes 11 drafts and he discards all of them ‘til he gets to the 11th. That’s his ritual. That’s his “mantra.”
You’re encouraged to say whatever the fuck you want
You need someone there who will bring deep joy to the core of the entertainment,
Yes you enjoy spending time taking care of your body and you should be doing something, a life
We tell them everyday.


House, House& House

That’s what we like to call it when we smoke the Ethylone
So it’s very cosy in the House, the stuff I did in front of Parent
That was improper

When things are pass through me I extend the transmission
But the things don’t end in me


It’s the only way to get the air all out of your body.
It’s like an anus.
The KuKluxKlan

“Coalescing the labor’s fruit into small D’sN’Ks Keeefff$$$©, that
We assembles or bring elsewhere ((in their Former Form)) the Analogical precedemces
and a cutely synontmucul #InterestingItsABum

Either in taste shape, past’s hope, etc – so that the content extrapolated from – or juiced into – a quasi-morphed-reexctration, will hold up to the definition of one entirely new premising
#SpaceEnvironement, & in which Time, in Ore, gradually blooms up a
nd open its continentt-like folded

Ramification, sore to let places grow.

Inside and Out of the Environnement
Into either “Null” ((that is to say,
“Virgins”, rotund
with possibility, and yet having
to be made
n  “Or renude”, which base many-branched
n  und-butted Virgins of a ringlet memory-event
n  Will give out, from variations on the scale

Of the time&Circumstances which all norm

 Of the time&Circumstances which all norm
was alled-harvest
A entirelty original and viable spacecial-temperal to the first
                                                                                                                         “Jerking off to
                                                                                                                         the Sun of Rising Next to

*A Palace full of countenance & villages
Grown out of a single plant

Your thighs look nice when you stand with your legs together
They’re the Artificial Intellgience
The Story of the People of have a body
This is a good story
You can do it over&over
The story of Life
There’s so many rolls
There are so many
Terribly difficult things
Do when you know the
History of things to do
This many primitives
Understanding pointedness
Like Sailsmen
That’s the voie I would use
Distabalising, strange
I was at peace with it
It doesn’t bother anyone if
I seem like I’m talking to mysllf
I didn’t ask for that
I asked for release
Rleease on the spot
With no notice
You speak on a different
I’m not used to it.

Can’t avoided.
Some part of not avoiding it,
I speak aloud in my small voice
The craft of somnolent sounds
Land lightly discarded, Interesting,
Speedless cleft guttered with
Creamed Gold Light


Dreami  08/31/18

I am sitting with someone I’ve known since highschool. We’re both sitting on foldout amphitheater seats. We’re watching the guts of the workings of the backside a huge clock whose face faces the interior to an sports arena. I’m going, ‘it’s so futile…it’s all so fucking futile.’  I enjoy contemplating
the leafing jacking beyond the pane of monotony to a side. Geometrical terms terms in geometry. Equilateral. In a building buttressed in a room within the buttressed build up a queue of geometry.
A pile of bricks. A shell. And I’m with fellow students, I’m one of many among the students. I may be many students. I don’t know.


Possible plot summaries.

The novel dealt with one Ed Firmley, a composer of scores for B-movie grade sci-fi films and a race of alien humanoids that had evolved without the development of sound as a basis of communication. The shamans of this alien race would on occasion have visions of Earth and its many sounds. Due to their unique evolution without sound the holy men were incapable of describing these experiences to the rest of their race. They just knew that the place they saw was their heaven. Meanwhile their race was modeled around sight and light, encompassing much more of the electromagnetic spectrum than the limited human vision. In fact, from their perspective, humans were capable of sight but nearly blind, such as a mole appears to a human. Their language involved the telepathic projection of color patterns in precise gradations and following mathematical formulas.

A spaceship carrying members of this race arrives on Earth and they mug Ed Firmley, a famous composer they quickly discover, as a cover-up for plugging a bio-chip into his head. This bio-chip is a digitized form of one of the aliens with a link back to the ship – essentially allowing everyone to experience Ed Firmley by proxy. The bio-chip is supposed to be passive, serving only as a means of relaying the mystic experience of sound to an entire race. Soon the alien presence in the bio-chip becomes bored of Firmley’s music, which is bland, schmaltzy schlock, and the pop music that he constantly listens to. As a consequence of this boredom, the bio-chip turns from being passive to active, controlling what Firmley listens to as well as feeding him mathematical formulas that he begins to use as the basis of his compositions. His career, from a financial perspective, dwindles, but he becomes a respected avant-garde artist. The active role the bio-chip takes in the relationship begins frying Firmley’s brain. At this point the aliens make themselves known and offer to remove the chip, but Firmley refuses. He sees himself as an artist whereas before, he was of no consequence, doing what he did simply for money. Firmley decides to give up his body to be transformed into a bio-chip which is in turn implanted into an alien brain. This will also lead to the eventual death of the alien host, but it offers Firmley a chance of experiencing their world of lights, our heaven.[[1]]

However, Andrew M. Butler offers several alternative summaries which contradict the Lee/Dick interview cited above. A god-like being, Ditheon, fuses the Torah and Jesus Christ into a single being and takes over an individual. A scientist travels through the events of Dante's Divine Comedy, and a Beethoven-like composer is writing a film score, while pursued by aliens.

A scientist creates a theme park that is related to the events of his youth, whereupon a sentient artificial intelligence imprisons him within it, as a youth. He has to travel through Dantean realities ((and artist, political activist and gay social networks in the Berkeley of the 1940s and 1950s)) to return home and resume his life as an old man.

Alternatively, Dante's Divine Comedy is a portal to alternate subjective realities that represent three ways of perceiving the world.

"The owl in daylight" is a phrase Dick heard on television. It means "not to understand", or "to be blind".

I thought you were dying.
I was writing everything I thought you were transferring the thunder to me.


When I start fucking around I get scolded I get punished & Life continues.

I remember you I  think I saw you next to the LCL. You were giving your telephone number to someone.


  noun Zoology an aquatic invertebrate animal, typically having a tube- or cup-shaped body with a single opening ringed with tentacles, belonging to a phylum ((Cnidaria, formerly Coelenterata)) that includes jellyfishes, corals, and sea anemones.

     C19: from modern Latin Coelenterata, from Greek koilos 'hollow' + enteron 'intestine'.


I have to start where I’m starting, okay?
It seems to me your describing someone retarded musician in size.
I looked at the mirror while pointing at the window.
How did you arrive to the Brain-dead Teen?
Take that down &
Leave it at that;  
A mechanical flavor


the cocoon & the change in environment.
it involves a man, a ‘them’, who is themselves a composer of music in the popular vein. On a planet inhabited by aliens who live elsewhere, a very technologically advanced race, they don’t hear, they don’t have hearing, they don’t hear. their prophets have visions of heaven, a heaven which, tho they don’t realize it, is a heaven of hearing. they end up thinking that earth is their heaven. they travel to earth and implant in this popular composer an implant that lets them control what he likes to listen to and thus what he likes to compose as music. they control him. he becomes an avant garde composer. he doesn’t miss his old life because he likes living the life

 of an artist and all it encompasses. but the implant damages his mind. he chooses to exist therefore in an alien body as a chip. this in tern threatens the aliens body. but he the composers

This one
it’s kind of a circle
that contains a crescent
for a ALL the money in the world ;
“Observing Spammy walking a few meters in front of him, Paul was hollowing out, or digging into, his head to remember a word which could have described his walk. Curious to say the least. He remembered the immags from animal documentaries with the baby fawn making his first steps. His great clumsy legfulls gave the impression that he was galloping , even though the haste & the energy haste AND the energy were transparencing. SiMilarlLee, it would have been unjust to say that he was slow since Spammy succeeded, God knows how, to scroll through a great length of ground with those ill-coordinated legs, even though his STEPS seemed sufficiently SLOW to descry the idea of movement. In this regard, though Paul, the metaphor of a municipal bus was MORE appropriate. They were able ((terrible)) to continue walking through the woods in the LIGHT of day. The air smelt marvelously good. Fresh. Pure. Vivified by a slight slight slight slight slight slight slight slight slight slight, a slight breeze. Paul was breathing it with greedy nostril meal scoops, sniffing & swallowing every puff as though quenching a thirst; [[BIG sound of Inhale]]
“My pockets are replete with ALL that I carry.
Mant are the objects I carry.
Fuck everything.
I will civilize this land.”
Spammy couldn’t stop slapping his sole upon the dead woods to get them crackin’. Every nose they made was deafened by the hummus & the trees under their feet. The distinct but smothered sound of their voices did not carry further than two meters, as though they were engulfed in recording studio. “Have you ever seen those movies, in the movies or on TV when the poor moron who always gets caught toasted-handed by treading on a branch,” he had mumbled. “You hear KE-RACK!!!!!!!!!!! Like a DETOnation & it resonates like a fucking whore every fucking kilometers around. The villagers from the Alps get out of their house to see what they have heard. A fucking fucking fuck avalanche gets activated by a seismic tremor because they scrawny fucker or a fucking roe deer has tread on a big branch. But that’s BOOLSHEEIT. #TheInventionOfMiK€KroSawft


A tiny tiny tiny clipboard : will he have it? ((Someone shouts, “LOSE WEIGHT!!”))
It will be necessary for you
to become our dog :
it will be
It will be in fact
greatly to your advantage
Masturbation sun rise mother fuck where the fuck
It is hard if not difficult
to know
in these moving cars

I see a rather round ass
belonging to a teenaged boy
The principle, one of many, perhaps, at work here
is called Heisenberg.
Someone should research.
The Neck : “You have the Amy Vanderbilt. I am not here to look at unfinished drawings of pedestals in progress.”
Mike : “Just ask yourself, ‘What would Dobro do?’”
N’k : “Dobro would frantically masturbate in front of a pile of clothes.”
Mike says, “Dobro would frantically masturbate in front of the possibility of what ever Dobro masturbates frantically in front of in a Heisenbergian Clouds of Material Quantum Potential of a pile of Clothes Dobro Has Masturbated In Front Of.


Where is my body
I’m with drowning
from cornetto
from the neck down #SendUsMoney
Two people saying “Oui!” in the subtle presence of a lanyard which reads “Wii”
The impressions are broken like
ancient statuary
& lying amid its own handicrafted depicted
An eagle only because no other name of other birds is known:
How can water pour
How can leather ignite
if an ant can’t promenade across a barren landscape of artificial rock?
“I’ve never seen myself entirely in a mirror,’  - Cousin
One is boat
The second FREE
In front of friend of Cousin a novel/play
before I swallow back my thoughts & tongue about it

the house
we share
with Dobro

Dobroprod # 2          

A pain in Nikael’s thigh
where there’s
the tat-too.
And the thought was a memory
of being in a house
((of the future))
where we had a house of the future
with “many outlets” we had earlier discussed
then “O look I have a blue!”
The lava from the powerplant walked back up the hill toward the swollen mouth of the volcano—up the escarpment, the river of hellheat dispronounced itself bringing cool beers, as it were to the hot hot hot computer; Kilavea “Everything I do my donkey does it too:
‘Everything music does my G does it too.’”

Us & the Hyperbaric Chamber

We need that
We need to sleep on the mother like the leather cow
We need a high pressure slept on
mother leather cow couch taste of home environment
DREAM 17.08.18
Dream. Someone was hauling arms ((weapons)). A big black riffle that had to be dragged across the ground into a water treatment facility. There were, of course, numerous objections. People weren’t thrilled. In fact, many of them were downright worried over it. “Keep it Handsome” could be heard muttered as if from within the sodden walls, so close to the chest subvocal was the so-called amplitude. What were they doing? The [[¤PHANTOM PRISONER¤]] was staying behind, smudged at the periphery & bedaubing himself still more with hues of the periphery so he might STAY THERE & AVOID SPECTACULAR VIOLENCE. Hehehehe, he muttered in the manner of a nearby spritzing steam value. The strategy was a simple one : don’t even wander, don’t even let filter through a splinter of consciousness for whatever way be being reckoned with about no dream ass duffel or arms. Arms? What arms? And what mitigating purpose does the duffel serve here in water treatment plant. Shhhhhhhhh! ((Again steam value noises were treanding from the [[¤PHANTOM PRISONER¤]]. He would like to settle in with a moldy, waterlogged book now THE SEXLIFE OF MOLD! A heralded classic in the field, which 
field you ask?, yes in its time it was the linchpin in the tug of war between the fields of sex and the fields of mold. Might I suppose, thought The [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]], that this very volume is allowing me to suppose that this very volume represented the flourishing hub of many a pitch battle in the culture wars betwixt ((I love when you say ‘betwixt’ I love nothing)) the field doing battle over to cut on field this very volume bedonged? A valuable enjoyment, this thought, base, base indeed, for the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] did not locate himself in either camp except as a smudge, indiscernible from the mottled continuity of the scenery.[1] ((U C scenery.)) For that favored his temperament. And this temperament, endowed him since birth, favored its use as an implement 4 omnilateral blending, like that hitherto unlocateable Flute note of a timbre : yellow that may be enjoyed not as a musical phrase but as an unlocateable consistency Mode in the thick of the inconspicuous consistencies which go unremarked upon and never singularly thought or spoken of lest not one who was born fully born in2 the boundless sheet of its outstandinglessness.[2] That duffel, he no longer knew what it portended. He looked down at his arms. These arms, he thought & immediately forgot about them, WHILE GAZING AT THEM, quite a trick indeed; some might say impossible, that the arms are overt, writ-large, obvious, detected, seen, notized, but not, no, they’d be incorrect, for by a great discipline one may, though his head be inclined toward, though his ocular faculties be zeroed-in on, though the rods and cones of his optical wetware be recipient of the photons inevitably rocketing toward them at the speed of light, & though that fireworks show be synthethized, syncretized, into an appreciable reconing of just what may be down there, something in this immaterial dude, some agile homunculus walked off whistling the entire population of the world tries a new evaluation. The name of their boat is the “Thunderer” or the “TAREN”. Bushtaag, preculiar delicacies. I wanna know why I can’t use my scroll wheel the to cruise the symbols popup menu in Microsoft Word 2010. Why can’t I not skip the stack to resolve the symbols with the scroll wheel on my Logitech cordless? Don’t seem to be able to maneuver it like that doe. It’s either VEILS or OVALS. Here, is MUCK. [[[[[[This is the way that they leave Earth now…]]]]]]                                  ZE MEMBER! $$$surrendur!!!

[1] “Dobro feels relieved to experience synchronosynclasty when his body is dense enough not to be subject to quantum weirdness.Whereas in the immaterial transient state, in the fridgid travérsmente of enormous distances, he would be less than_his continuity would be diminished, but that’s exactly what enabled the travel between the nodes of reconstitution---what is the word---what is it when you soak mushroom?---it’s reconstituting. It’s imparting the weightiness to one’s reality. It’s the meat #TheTactilityThatMakesOneReal&ThereforeSubject2NonExoticTemporalFieldTrips
That’s what Eye have 2 say about that : Bill & Ted’s The Scholastic Debutante Commentary on the entire ‘It’s Good, it went it #ItzDobroHeWentInn
[2] “Nineteen ((19)). Naissance of a Vocation”   The artisan who fascinates a beautiful furniture. The painter whose finalizing a canvas. The writer who imagines beautiful stories. Experience a great satisfaction : #TheJoyOfCreating #TheRealizationOfAnOeuvre , the little “Jean-Cristoph” trademark is about to know will soon know will know this #GreatJoy.
I. Everything is Music 4 #HeartOfMusician. All that #Vibrates & #MovesAbout & #AgitatesItself & #Paliptates, the #SunnySummerDays #CuteSummerSunnyDays #Impressions #NightsWhereThePopCherubWind #Whitles the #LightThatOffersAnExcitingGlimpse @ what #TheDay™Holds4TheFuture the #ScentelliationsOfANewRange of #MakeupPalettes imagined by the artist #VincentBeaurein, the #ThuderStorms the #SingingsOfGreatDesignDeliveredThroughInnovation, the buzz buzzing of IBM Business Process Managers, the soft shiverings of Comprehensive BPM Platforms giving #Visibility&Insight 2 manage #BusinessProcesses the voices #Loved #Hated #WinnersOfTheFWAAward in the category #VoiceOfTheDay, the #FamiliarNoises of the #Juke introduyciung himself, of the door, softly awaking in the #City, of #BloodPumpingOutTheArteries in a light which unites #Whiteness, #Vitality, #Gravity, #Sexity, #Freshitiness, #Energetics & #OfCourse #TheWind—everything is music. It is all about the being able to hear it. All this music of the beings resounded & resonated in “Jean-Christoph,” who finds himself in Eva Herzigova. Everything he saw. Everything he felt. Was mutating into music, “Shout”—yes, but whispering.” He was like a buzzing beehive of beenesses. But…no one….noticed it. “What you put in my ear becomes #Intimate.” He—“Jean-Christoph”—less than anyone.

When I’m eventually, WE READ ALL THIS 2GETHER,
A large well-lit prayer room
We’re going out 2night so bring you crypt. #2night
Especially when I thought I would stop breathing, it was there 4 me.
It was this 4 me this : is later
this : is decoration
this : is decortication,
Meanwhile, the people in the city underneath
dream while the people in the city underneath,
I’m gonna be ready 2 talk 2 U
& I mean U guys talk 2 me
I’m gonna be ready
[[Do you know how many pages there are in this?]]
Can you forget what David said 2 U in Paris?
Can you forget what’s said 2 U day 2 day?

The other shirt is for the guardian angel to keep it closed. And then you close the eyes of the angel & lay down on us to protect us & we fell asleep: later on, there was in that dream there was uhm mirthful—merryfull drinking of Smirnoff ice, this feeling of no gravity: & teen lightness with legs dangling, “My Love,” over the air from the 5th floor of the Chestnut Tree Bedroom.
Thank you, Dobro.
For protecting us: #Anabiosis a state of temporary temporary a state of #TemporarySuspended #Animation or a very reduced #Animation.
Jesus’ face eclipsed.
By Monet’s masterpiece
Holy Ghost

Antimatter Ray [[Of a body disgusted & fearful]]
Antimatter Ray
Antimatter Ray
Antimatter Ray

Subletting the Eye of a Hurricane
They think that one shirt on one body is prope

If someone were to wear on the extra front shirt dangling
they’d be in position to be sodomized
and then
the Holy Ghost does have a body, but…
You have to wear it
I thought the hurricane somehow accidentally served as an antennae
such that the special displacement field of the eye
served to magnify the resonance/perceptibility, of a beam of antimatter
directed from outerspace and in collision with the path of earthorbit: o yellow

Bleu broccoli                O Yellow Tomato
Clear blue LEG            Navy Blue O Red Lemon Soap Dispensr
Broccoli green                hard or spinach Hair boiled Egg
Red Battery with a Thunder

So who is the Holy Ghost?
There can be no hint that there is an unoccupied slant or a missing body
They all vote for the Holy Ghost
having a body
I told you that on kilocaine
ok, there is no Holy Ghost
You don’t like that:
why would you want one of them
to have no body?


$ $ $$$ $ 


“I would either get him out or go insane.”

$$$ $$   $ $ $$    $ $  $ $ $$   $$ $ $ $  $ $$ $ $ $$$   $ $$  $ $ $ $$ $$$     $ $$  $ $     $ $     $ $  $ $  $ $


Joseph Kolesar <>
Wed, Aug 28, 2013, 3:35 AM
to Michael
Every time I want to spell position. I want to spell it with an extra "s". Like posistion.
Further more, when I'm writing something and I type posistion and the little red squigglies show up under it, I look at it and think it's spelled right. How can it be spelled wrong? That's how it should be spelled. Then I right click on it and it tells me it should be spelled like this: position. Should I trust it? Would it really matter if I didn't change it? What if someone reads it? Would they just think I'm an idiot? Or what if they consider it an acceptable way of spelling posistion? What if they started spelling it like that? And they told all of their friends that's the way to spell it. And then all of those friends told all of their friends and so on and so forth. If you Google it, there are plenty of people already using it. Some people wouldn't want it spelled that way. They would want to spell it the way the red squigglies tells them to spell it. There would be major discussions online. Blogs would overflow with angry red squigglies. Keyboards smashed in half. Then, one day, after the apocalypse, my picture is found in some dusty old book next to an article about how I changed the spelling of the word posistion? I would be known for breaking the boundaries of human language and causing wide-spread hysteria all over the world. I can be famous. Or, I can just do what the red squigglies tell me and change it. Nothing will happen and it will not affect anything. That's a huge decision to make over one letter. 


11 JUly 20180

when I was about Four ((4)) my older sister taught me that since the population of Japan was so high Japanese people slept sideways
on their beds
so they could fit more people on every bed
I believed it

#ShortStory: the moment we met we started talking about cereals
There’s no reason not to talk you don’t understand anything,
anything I say. ((This is the reaction of the Highway when She decided to stop driving))
Don’t say anything “I hate when my slogan is used and not branded”
Car crashes, don’t say anything “Ya you who when you touch your chest your coil backpasted
yea goodgiirl
When infinity ends
Jogging with Ermine
Lady with Ermine

a wedding wreathe
a wedding breeze
a beetle on its back
a car wreck
a patchwork
a vision at its beck
a vision or its back
a vision or its bach
a vision or its back
a vision on its back
car crashes
I see your shadow
Where I pierce my eye thro’
Think thro’ it
This is just what I’m like Justin told me
You look like the dude from the Talking Heads when you dance
I must have moaned or tongued the seismic mind together dungeoned ruins of my spiral bound,
I was just a spiral, talking like I look like
what I look like talking what I’m talking about
This was you Fuckface
You danced
Yea, it was your dance
Your dance is just what your shadow is like
at that moment
powered over me as the next yet in particular
to whatever I speak
feeling as equivalent with great feeling
Feeling Welll
Feeling as great or as less as what ever
Shadow whatever branch lit so invisibly
rising footstepedly adrift
the matings of contingent pressures
not wishing to start over
wishing to keep going
going on
up out of & with
the catastrophic losses
Songs as well, brother
sloughed soon as remembered
Remembered soon as sung
Sung soon as feathered
as twin high feathered 
& studied with great feelings buoyant deficiencies yes climactic
falls from neuter hilts; keep your voice down,
I don’t wanna do this
I used to think  NHL training camps were held in the woods
& the players practiced on frozen ponds
I like to think some Canadian teams do this!


I saw a vision of a spoon taking a full spoon of ice cream of that moment a lover lies on a lovers breast and you see the lover from under a position never beheld of oneself. you cannot even take a picture of that. you’d have to have something in your eye taking a picture. like a james bond photographing contact lense lent to you for that occasion on a morning when your lover was lying atop you and you could photograph the lover with the inconspicuous espionage contraption put at your disposal. And this spoon filled with a scoop of ice cream which is the physical distillation of this dainty coalescence, this environment of rare innocence and endearingly intimate spectacle, said spoon what kind of physical landscape does it appear in, &, additionally, what kind of natural laws is it complying or conversely defying in this setting? What positiondo you see him in? Maybe he’s floating on an inflatable raft, which is adrift in a large swimming pool or lake. Maybe to you he reminds you of him being in a laundry mat. This reminds you of an image of me standing in a body of water?  A computer mouse that is structured like a Russian doll, but where the face would be the mouse is adorned with a fried egg, with the yolk…

Josephson junction
                                                               noun Physics an electrical device in which two superconducting metals are separated by a thin layer of insulator, across which an electric current may flow in the absence of a potential difference.

ORIGIN 1960s: named after the British physicist Brian D. Josephson.

serving aptly in the position of a dickey, as worn in olden days and often made of celluloid plastic.  A confidant, someone wealthy people won’t, because of the elegance of the trappings and the tutored refinement of manner, permits the rich to relax and enjoy the advantages and perks of being wealthy. They may only let down their guard and enjoy themselves if they feel among members of their own affluent echelon. It’s a topic that evokes dark tones and winish hue that one could tailor an outfit out of. The hues of lava and brown leather and geocosmotic lampshade used as a lover’s desk and the result of the withholdinig and edging the lover’s beholder nightstand watcher innertubed ambreforehead slingers. In leather tones, & vealtones exclusively, only, and of course the Windy. Aquafarms and acquatic attractions. What came to you was was ‘the Windy.’ Said with a smile foxlike & gloveful; a penache of the conspiratorial. The telephone, naturally. If your being told that there is a telephone in the room then logically it ought to be safe to assume that the room is not entirely submerged in water. That’s’s the kind of garbled, muffled, incomprehensible telephone conversation that only money can buy. This is not designed and executed for a pret-a-porter demo. It’s for those who have a taste for the unusual. It’s made for those who stoke their inspiration with high art. There are bottles full of colorful sand with a wick sticking out of themunless its being melted and being consumed as the flames fuel the nether regions of the candle stick will remain more or less room temperature. It takes two ((2)) to tango. It takes three ((3)) to planet. The scented candles that were sold at every Hallmark card store in every mall in every suburb of every city on this planet.




“What? Eye can’t watch my wife wrote on a flower?” he uddered, to his wife unctuounsly, as he provisionally gaze in her direction during a spell of flowerwriting.

A guy burps, loud. Someone says “Eye never seen that in the movie.” Said person is  drawing on a big painted irises, fully exposed ovaries and dicks and condoms.

“Oh Eye Like the Effect of the Cooling” – N-K

Guy burps one fucking huge motherfucking rip in time and space.
I don’t read Latin, funny
we keep on speaking Latin
Funny, we keep on making this BrotherBrew,
this fucking les Halles we’re walking through
Like kids on something, coming into the door, wet
birthdoor, come guzzling Earth
Thousands aducks, quakking by the entrails
of the #@Totality
with #@Debussy
He’s like he is just following it in the air
the soft sweat of lions.

((Insert Picture of Carcrash))

Sweet as a chewy, nasty, get used to it
Eye’m his cheeks. his heart, his bloodbells
Eye’m his earlobes, and his greasy ballsacks
His Eros is a shard  drowned in local glowing windows
Nasty little suprises

((Car Crash))

“That shit will take the skin right off the fuckin bone”
“Watch your feet!Watch your feet!”
#Gouache #@SimplyMark’t

“As I entered, about half a dozen people
And her boy, two
Shopping bags,
Drinking milk. And sat down.

BloAne stood up and strectched his arms.

((Collage describe here
A simple collage about the meeting between two people))

Great “How he was feeling and what he was thinking” telepathy
((That telepathy made the tears come to my eyes))

You see, I want this wing to cover the entire face of this mummy.

When you did the police drawing of the man’s poolcups I was almost falling down the stairs with emotion. This is when you showed Maya the TV Set, showing snow whilst I was away looking at piles of clothes, & comet laying dead on its side

Terraberg Triplet Earth

Humans don’t understand torments because for them torments dwell on @ on a stage where it’s highly reversible. By reversible, I mean we will always be there to clean whatever Memory Path has been clogged with unkempt, drain hurged upon, memory
Don’t you understand what I mean – Us Memory Keepers here have no choice but to suck it all up for y’all

Just cuz what I was neverbeing don’t just sit and wait for Life to come to you
Live for the things you have Lived for
We’re at the Ambasssy of The Voice
It’s the Jesus Ringings&PhoneCalls
On the time of Xmas
And the Death of Tomaz Salamun
Because people pray and sit on their ass
And the voice talks
And they feel Saucy&Gay.
We think it’s not Justice.
We don’t want reverie
We’re talking about the Infinite Boredom
Accomodates whatever go to the Human Mind
That they feel Guilty For.

#@ Great “Latent Y’all” Telepathy
#@There is no choice. It’s not like you can decide not to go through it.
You live here Fuckface. Whatever Memory Path you have to go through

It’s your house. You live here 4ever. Here is your Waters. It’s not Honed, however.
No wonders

If you want to know who is Belzebuth, just look at who is walking around. Do you think Jesus was an Audience? We know each other so well that there is just info that we share quickly. Thank you for these words, rather coriatical. Forgetting who he is, his real personality, and becoming a completely dif. person.
Work and practice to do it. Work and practice to accept it. Pride put away like a gem-jar under the counter-larded

You will actually blend with yours

Have you ever felt that feeling that you don’t need to be confirmed that whatever is happening is happening?

“Michael, you’re reminding me of my first day of Dance.
tHANK YOU.” – Nijinsky

subjects, but then we get you back. The best of us sends free facts of what he is.
Gather Info. And keep it inside. And send it Home.

Eye look forward to tell you about the Thunderstorm and the importance of what we did.
When you have a scale and the scale is tipping dif ways, it’s not weakness it’s hardship
Always for the first time.
Always for the first time?

There would be no evolution
“It takes a certain sort of empathy and life don’t change
“If I had that feeling, everything would be the same

“The clothes were being looked at, then they were being laughed at.

What Makes It Evil #@x33]]

“Eye was diving like Tooth’r’Held.”
“Eye want to take a picture of it before Eye Make Feudalism___--

Everytime you come here, it’s always for the first.
You start where they start : from nothing.
William allies with Bees, if there is no Bees Maya sucks dicks
and Dominik walks among them
You on the other hand are Kind
Eye’m Kind cuz I’m Impotent
My impotence is sanity for y’all
Overflowing with information
Maya is an entertainer
Dom is a spy
I am an engineer
And William resembles the first Man

He’s worst than a spy
He’s allied with the fauna&flora
We have to store ourselves somewhere
In a tall guy who lays down in a bus alley
And you want to say
“Who’se driving industry of the rockets?”
You don’t store yourself in a thousand bodies
You store yourself in a few
Makes sense, right?
But then the power has to be where?

A man with his nails nicely done, with nails painted according to his rank.
Nails painted black.
My skull

It makes me think of the line I read. Gifts from a people invisible because so numerous.
Gifts from a people whose numerality has forced them lastingly into invisibility.
They have to be&they forget.
And then you have to try them home.
You have to drive them drunk.
A ((lot of spaces)), you see?
And then you take space and you use electricity.
Eye have a lot of gold to store.
Lelunia’s father was a Mailman.
I am one who stores gold.
J’adore ta robe.
For a long time.

You just want things
Wasn’t “things”
To go well

“This song is called is Kholed “pianoUrine((...

Mike: These Clarinettes are very much what we would hear it in These New Puritans

You go to a planet and you think “Ok.” You want everything to be evolving. You want not to be better then others. You want them to be better then you. You would devote your best people to that. Even if it meant separation. You had two ((2)) computer screens, and you were just touching stuff. Who would be so bold as to travel so fast in broad daylight? You are well-trained but you are learning. They don’t see the beginning of pictures. What they would consider lame, we call “Masterpiece”

Great “it’s what I strive for” telepathy

Life can be a squire’s
Eye never thought of that before.
Bravo, Dobro, thank you for ya patience.
What I was thinking about was our conversations.
Longing on a personal level.

#@BasdelapistundMarieClaudO’Sty/Lee                 A Miracle      

It must have sounded like this to you because I knew what you said.
You said one word : ‘ We Want War,
“Field Of Reeds,
Eye Said :
“These New Puritans.”

Was it for this?
Life went together so that looking at whatever was doing
I wasn’t there
I was just turning pages
What humans would say
Crawl Against Their Will

Thanking is a good way of acknowledging change.
My little pondscum, my change, my voraciously eaten ass.
“Butt’N’TheSilk” #@ ANekroRetroTrendryFassstasssfoodFedExperience.

or without him, or not without him
about him, an intense night, getting fucked in the ass
and falling off a cliff.
You started to describe to me a videogame.
What I wrote down is all of a sudden
we were in a sea. And there were some cliffs.
And you described at lenghth going through cliffs
and water. You described being dead in water
It was very moving to hear you speak.
And as you know, I have everything on paper.
You start the conversation
Do cest bleu
Do its blue

Great “Ah tiens je savais pas” telepathy.
Great “The hand putting the drops of psychedelick drugs into the glass” telepathy
avec K.Lee

We didn’t sleep. We had the tangentilick conversation. A trip through JeanCul’s Death. A trip through Death. Through yellow paper packages. Masking Tapes. It was so beautiful. Any believer would hear it as one speaking to God. Noah, crowned with following us everywhere. Three weeks before he died, we remembered his Death. You explained to me this passage. Then a week passed. We started to feel really agitated. Eye don’t know what we were writing, but the third day, we heard that JeanCul disappeared. You said He’s dead, on the plazza. We spent our time like this, when she described the event again : subjects. What Eye think most about themn : Eye don’t want to be called when he’s dead in the bedroom.
A machine Idiot. To propose to show him where the Ocean is. Send the corpse to the sea. The offer of knot having been sleeping well for a while, taking her in my arms
What to do after that

Accepting that what happened to him had been seen.
You would go out of the water and then say : It’s ok, I can go back.
                        “He was dead first before that”  ((ruff profile of Winnie the Pooh Bear))

Hindi : AB = Now
in English

#@10/08/2180 #@#@RayFiennes #@GroUntilmyDeathEyellStayBangladesh gROBOROGERSUS #@Dominik@#@EEE((EE((.. #@$$$(($$((..

DOC is a very Joanna Newsome kind of drug. Jajajajajajajajaja
Break too soon, cover the daylight/rock him so out out Chkmate, Hair.

Walking behind you in such a pleasure.
And we can see your nipple.
No, we can’t always see your nipple.
That is untrue.
Now, we can see your nipple and enjoy it.
Eye love it when you take this position.
Your body produces a very nice effect.

#KeepItHandsome #@OhDobroKeepItHandsome

Great “Hiccough” Telepathy.
Eye did not have the “Hiccough”, but Eye presented myself as such.
Eye did not know why then. But now Eye now.
“It is knot usual to have the “Hiccough” like this, you should see the Doctor.
Why did Eye say Eye have the “Hiccough”?
What did Eye say Eye have the “Hiccough”?
Is it safe to sedate my Baby while traveling?
Eye’m still incredulous that tonite Eye have the “Hiccough”.
There was no reason for me to MusicLies about it.
Yet now, you, -it’s latter-, have the “Hiccough”.

Here Insert List Of French Authors.

 Eye love the book that let me thrust it between a thick hank of collapse pages and let’s the Pen hang there like the rape in Virgin Springs
{{{ It’s not about the believing, it’s about the fact that it’s happening}}}
((At the thought, Michael sketched a very #WyattSmile))

Can you take a note of that?
That these clouds must have come a long way
It’s good to be with you

Mentally it feels so many centuries since we touched
Honesty is my manners
We love each other then we fuck
It’s not a fantasy
We love each other and we fuck

Summer is virginizing us
That’s a great reason for Summer

My husband just invented Summer
And the reason for it
Life, o yeah.

Smelling my hand, understanding that Noah went out
So it’s okay
Everything that happens is and together is
just the most fucking thing
It’s just so great
((This is after waking up))
So great we can be bedrootsselling
Eye dreamnt about that being early Childhood
We have our feet our little footfoot
We don’t ever have the right to be unhappy
If we can be on the bed together

Mike says : Eye have a book all about coffee.
Nik says : Eye have it too.
Mike: You do?
Nik: Yes.
Mike: Eye wanna fuck you.

It takes Summer to makes us Amnesiacs
Though it’s true Eye look down
And see your Dick
And you also look down
And see my Dick

It takes Summer us Amnesiacs
And Summer is connected to this
Thank you for this Walk

Because of just the way you move
and the fact of being around
Conversation is not even in order
It’s just an excuse to bask in the other’s
unknown radiance
It’s not silly, it’s very simple
It’s not about the Word we share
It’s about the time we spent Together

This is Delta.
It’s not the same as being in Life.
Physicallly you’re perfect.
Us we look a bit weird.
It’s not a compliment it’s just the way it is.
It’s a very important story about our people
and your people.
When you’re seen in Life in general
you challenge the Human differently
A perfection of Roots

A Perfection Of Roots

The time we spend in front of oneanother
We will always be Brothers
That’s how we feel each other
If you just fold it it’s saying
“Eye’ll keep it. Eye’ll put it in my
#Dossier.” It’s not about what we say to each other,
It’s about how we feel together.

Spy’s Indigestion

You change layers and layers
And you’re the only to see
What’s happening.
And you’ll see it
When it’s beautiful
Again. That’s why Eye love

It’s ugly until its Love
You blue guys your always Beautiful
And we’re ugly until we’re done
Doesn’t have anything to do with absence
Of reflexion
She was looking for you
We’re talking Blue Guys and Sliiis

You have a perfection of the Matter
We have a perfection of the Spirit.
Bonsoir, Jeune Homme.

Great “Data is Insane this Year” Telepathy.

Judas implies that he is missing Jesus, the Messiah
The Leafy Tree
He won’t remember his real Name
He doesn’t have a real Name
By perpetuate in reality what had been done
In Imagination
Eye thought he’d appear and you guys would just hug
And we would go Home
Like we used to be

Home, Home&Home
What is it?
It’s a thick block for a bicycle
On a Motorcycle

And Eye would look at you guys and say :
“It’s okay, things are as they used to be!”
Eye thought your Brother would appear out of nowhere
Somehow whereing Sandals
Eye don’t know why
No Eye know why
He would be Barefeet                         ((Meanwhile the people in the City Underneath))
And Sandals holding It
Is very Moving
The Male Soul to the Male Soul
You see what Eye mean

The Naturalness comes from the fruit that it’s a Male presence
Felt and understood
And not having to be disgust
Just how Eye remember it
For you the True Friend
Who is also Handsome
The True Friend must be Handsome
Otherwise there is a lack of equality&desire

One day we can wake-up to your Brother
And remember him at once
And we can discover him remembering who you are
One day you wake up and you know it’s time
And your Brother is waiting
And your don’t remind him
& you don’t make him understand
What you’ve just been able today

{Eye’m Not crying because Eye’m Sad}

Eye think it’s tiring to hold our family on a Thread for so long
It’s moving to remember what you have to do
It’s moving to say these things
And you have a Brother
Who remembers that
And he
He needs

He feels tired&digested
And he misses you always
Do you wanna go Home?
Yes I do.

((“ Eye didn’t even know Trojan was still around Babes J !!!!))

Yes, the Thunder’s form has a meaning
She know you didn’t do it on purpose
The Queen who was Children
And she wants them go see snow
She wants her legs broken
Do you have to carry her?
Her Children go see snow

Cannot you sleep on the bottom of the Bed
Diaphnous Mayhem

Only few people know Eye am Number.
Jack off to the Scenery
This very cut of turnpike
Maybe there was portrait there Eye think
Eye’m coming and a fuel necks, and Noel,
Eye’m Christmas, people

Know that Eye’m weeping
Weeping itself

Modular Housings

The little Lord Jesus not a mewl
He will make, we lit the candle and Eye
Eye was waiting on a few lotus bulbs
Look at this book you can have this book

What is the American equivalent of “ Hot plate”/They didn’t know, Amy

We’ve been together mixed-on opengails
Geek powders
Assignment offices for
Eye looked in and took refuge
In a
that was
A Hitler Jew Concert

There’s no sign of my roommate
Eye think my roommate is with Garou
The conditions of spacetime: Isoceles dunpack”

#@The science of atypical thoughts
#@Game Theory

Insert here the part from the notebook we choose with Eye love Jesus in it

Giving back to Sound
Rended of that idiot Earth
Inhales Glue.

((“Eye’m going out tonight((..So bring your #@Cryptonite))

Car Available.
Don’t know what it is
They scared ahead
Eyes pierce through peach-colored glass
And Time, the fingerless one
Blowed-off fingers&strange hands

Alone, hallway around the world
Trying to continue
 hot plumes

Accepting sculptures
Grabbing their phone

You were telling me a dream
And Eye told you a sentence
You need raw steel
You need raw silver steel
A pleasure

“You can have shorter arms&blunder legs Babe
Thank you for folding me last night”
Mike: What did Eye do?
Nik: Folding me. On the ground.

 There’s no more
Babes J


Great “just having needs to spritz my hand” telepathy
“Your mule’s body is my masturbation clone”
((That’s very Thunderstorm))

You try different things and the Game understands what you are trying to do.
There’s romance, there is tequila, the beer disappearing down my throat.
You search and you search and find so much like the sea.




The Watch& The Cigarettes.

“Where’s my #@Nijinsky?” – Nik
“You were sitting on it.” – Mik

“Mark me”, he says.
“Mark me”, he says. ((he has an erection
and everybody is watching it))
How come there all watching it
{There’s four hundred ((400))
kids and they’re all getting undressed))

“This is a small book…
Oh, it’s the #@NewTestament!!!


“You don’t seem convinced by #@Biology” – Nik
“No. No, Eye’m not.” – Mik


“It was once Eye ate a lardcube, a mistake, MelBdesisted, baconbearded.
It was a kid Eye went to school with’shouse. Eye only went to his house
#@Once. #LetHerSee #NeverAgainThis. Then there was this mysterious
 #@WhiteCube, beleaguered by #@Beans. #@BakedBeans.
Eye ate it. ((“Nice((..” … It was L.A.R.D. ((Lot’sArrivedReallyVeryDandruffFreeAndTangleMopped)) Eye realized. #OfCourse #LetThemIn


“Eye realize now ((02/09/84-2006)) it was the less handsome piece of lard
((“you ever what?”)) Eye ever met.”

Nik: “Somebody was mounting an #@Iceberg.”
Mik: “Nice.”
Nik: “Nice.” #OfCourse
Nik: And that is true.

Great “Well Wide Program” Telepathy

“Nissan Juke- Explo Module – Appropriate to the official trailer : a soft awaking of the city.
The Juke introduces himself. “Eye feel like buying a flower…Ohooo, Eye feel like buying a flower…
Cuz it’s the closest thing
Next to a beer.”

Nissan Juke

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Also called
Infiniti ESQ
June 2010–present
2011–2017 ((North America)) [[1]]
2011–present ((outside of North America))[[2]]

1.5 L HR15DE I4 ((petrol))
1.6 L MR16DDT Turbo I4 ((petrol))
1.6 L HR16DE I4 ((petrol))
3.8 L VR38DETT Twin-Turbo V6((Juke-R, petrol))
1.5 L Renault K9K I4 ((diesel))
5-speed manual
6-speed manual
Xtronic CVT
6-speed dual-clutch automatic((Juke-R))
1,765 mm ((69.5 in))
1,570 mm ((61.8 in))
1,321–1,334 kg ((2,912–2,941 lb)) ((MT))
1,342–1,365 kg ((2,959–3,009 lb)) ((CVT))
1,427–1,456 kg ((3,146–3,210 lb)) ((AWD))
Nissan Dualis ((Japan))
Nissan Kicks ((North America))
The Nissan Juke ((Japanese日産ジューク)) is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan since 2010. The production version made its debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March, and was introduced to North America at the 2010 New York International Auto Show to be sold for the 2011 model year. The name "juke" means to dance or change directions demonstrating agility.

“His wife is a #@US Strangulist and two ((2)) children”, the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] bonaslumbered ablunk.
Then said Great “Architect” Telepathy with Feat. Carmel. #OfCourse “Commerce, social medias, finance, and transport may come to look like small beer
In the future, however.”

“Business, Family, Business.” – The [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]].

They were finding themselves, once again, the three of them,
thought Paul: his Father, Spammy, and Him.
Moving about rapidly, and without noise, across the #@Underwood, head
lowevered, heart pumping, he hoped to be able to make their anguish last.
#@ToLastifyTheirAnguish #@CuteHeartPumping #@HeadLoweredGayBoy

Knowing that they were going to be listening to what fear would be dictating to them.
As in former times. The same clothes. except that sweat, that he had expulsed, unto
“the schmidtts”, when they had garded his bloodstain as a #@HeartFeltConviction.
What day was it? Wenesday? He was wearing the same underpants since
#@Sunday: a thought which in another context might have #@AmusedHim or

“Eye looked at Myself when Eye did a face Eye never done in my
#@entirelifebefore... It’s a doll that when you move the mouth, it does the mouth
as you do it #@whenyoumachine. Though his manuscript had not begun to
circulate {Aaahhh – hhhhh….}
{Heh, huhuhuhuhuhuhu}

“Mister Dumas is intensely private, and never speaks publicly about
His wife, an US Strangulist, and two Children! Known for his
#@wits, his false – all – oba, like of punctuality, Dumas half-masts
#@On time. Hermes counts on Alfred Dumas to guard
#@FamilyBusiness. Hermes is back under Family Control - at least, its being nipplehairedeyedwaffledroundenschlagen, when it comes to chief executive…


“Pay, Fucka. #TalkingAboutTheAsteroid #OrSomething. We got around to talking about his pretending to speak to the  #@Dead, maybe because of all the #@Darkness surrounding the  #@Watch... You know where you want to grope it. You don’t want to lose your #@Posistion.
So let the #@Stapler be your Guide.” – Alfred Dumas.

Time&Space is quite something. Even in the bedroom #Our #Foot is coming to meet his and
#NeonLettristsOf #FootRecordKeeping #WeOwnThisMove



‘Just do it.’  Some fragmentos: a boat setting. A large yacht. Phil Buikcus. Hyperverbal. Advertisements. A ridiculous chain of advertisements. Then a small house in which Sara N. lives. I decorated the house. Has some very large ((double elephant folio)) books with dark blue covers. Midnight blue. It was important that I decorated the house. It was also full of fleetingly familiar objects I don’t precisely remember any of them though.


[[–]]bluegnatcatcher 236 points 4 hours ago
I am a police officer. Our department used to carry lock out kits for people who locked their keys in the car, locked a kid or pet in on a hot day, or otherwise needed to get into the car. The way they work is you wedge a small air bag in the door jamb to open the door a little then put a long thing pole like thing through the space and either pull the door handle or hit the power lock button and voila, door is unlocked. Anyways, sometimes doors would be slightly damaged, or cars scratched or dented in process and people were suing the police department, or asking for reimbursements when this would happen. Ultimately our department decided to get rid of the lockout kits and if you lock your keys in the car you have to call a tow truck or locksmith to get them out. Now if there are kids or pets in the car on a hot day, rather than using the lockout kit and using minimally invasive methods to get them out, we smash a window.


“I felt insanely serene as I realized I was hearing something for the second time.” “Can you tell me more about Agnes?” “Necklace of the woman necklace of the woman Necklace of the woman.”  “I just saw the dick he was holding. He, Vincent Guise.” “Your mind is a bookshelf.” “Quantumnmnetzquartz.” “If the same story is said over you could not…could not…erase that content…” “So…” “I told you that when I realized she was telling me the exact same story over again it was going really smooth & I uh turned to you and ((‘and she turned to you and then what’)) you said, we were there, perhaps we didn’t turn, facemoved, you told me that we had heard from her this exact same story, about the cat who got hit by the car ((‘they raised us strong they raised us wrong they raised us up with arms ten feet long” )).” “the long arm I have acquantances” [[France]] “the long arm the long arm of the law” [[America]] “I felt so much myself I felt me among my people I felt I had to tame you” “Whoever was there….” “I looked at you & felt an insane amount of power…I know people…I have friends…I have family…& you just calmed  down.” “I calmed down? Just like that?”  [[‘Two weeks we were p-p-playing alont.’]] “…like someone had heard it and he got the fuck out of there…’ “You know what she said to me she said that when she met us the first that we were ‘déguisé”, she said I was dressed like a bride. that I had a purple dress, an ‘robe aubergine’… I don’t have any purple dress…I do not have that dress…very interesting to see her brain wrack for that information…my bridal dress…my eggplant dress…my bridal reef hatching….” “I saw someone come in and wait to look to get the info…une robe aubergine…”


Étymol. et Hist. 1. a)) Début xiies. noces virginels désigne prob. les noces mystiques, l'union spirituelle d'une créature avec le Christ ((St Alexis, éd. Chr. Storey, Prol.: ...cascun memorie spiritels les quels vivent purement sulunc castethet, e dignement sei delitent es goies del ciel ed es noces virginels)); b)) début xiiies. [[ms.]] les nosces al agniel [[nuptiae agni]] désigne, dans une perspective eschatologique, les noces spirituelles du Christ ((immolé comme l'agneau de l'Ancien Testament)) avec la Jérusalem céleste, symbole de l'Église ((Apocalypse en fr., éd. L. Delisle et P. Meyer, XIX, 7, p.104)), cf. Calvin, Bible, Lyon, Michel Du Boys, 1558, p.241a; 2. ca 1150 plur. «célébration d'un mariage; réjouissances qui s'ensuivent» faire les noces ((Thèbes, éd. G. Raynaud de Lage, 477; 1081: Plenierement dura la cors Que tint li rois, par douze jors, Et les noces tout ensement)); ca 1170 estre as noces «aller au mariage» ((Marie de France, Lais, éd. J. Rychner, Fresne, 509)); 1680 espouser en seconde noce ((Rich.)); 3. a)) ca 1200 les noces «le couple des mariés» ((Aïol, éd. W. Foerster, 8320)); b)) 1718 ((Ac.: après le disner toute la nopce alla à l'opera)); 4. ca 1200 plur. «grandes fêtes, réjouissances» ((Chevalier au cygne, 211 ds T.-L.)); a)) 2emoitié xiiies. [[ms.]] faire sa noce de «dévorer» ((Du plait Renart de Dammartin contre Vairon son roncin ds A.Jubinal, Nouv. recueil de fabliaux, t.2, p.24)); fin xives. faire les noces «faire l'amour» ((Eustache Deschamps, Ballade 1485 ds OEuvres, éd.G.Raynaud, t.8, p.196, 26)); 1690 faire nopces «faire de grandes réjouissances» ((Fur.)); 1719 pop. «libertinage de fille» ((d'apr. Esn.)); 1834 faire la noce «faire bombance, festoyer» ((Land.)); b)) 1690 [[il]] ne fut jamais à telle nopce ((Fur.)). Du lat. vulg. *noptiae, altération du class. nuptiae «noces, mariage; commerce charnel» d'apr. le subst. lat. vulg. *novius «nouveau marié», dér. de novus «nouveau», v. FEW t.7, p.209b. À rapprocher de 1 a, b, le lat. médiév. nuptiae «mariage spirituel, noces mystiques» du Christ et de l'Église ((viiies., Paul Diacre)), d'une créature avec le Christ ((1091-92 ds Nov. gloss.)). Av. le xvies., noce est très rarement employé au sing., nombre qui peu à peu supplantera le plur. dans le lang. courant.

Events, cont.,

« Agnes said ‘you looked troubadour!’” “Long live the wedded ones!” “Noces!” “23 December 2016…”

“Long live the wedded one!”
I found

as I was searching thro papperjackets to sentiments…

I also found that I was in bliss…
Paper doves did not matter…
I was running down my arms…
As parallel-Christs…
Happy as triticum…




I was sterile & I only liked books.
No other people who lived with me liked Art or Literature.
Supple & shiny boots that were ornamented with pickups @ the halfheight of my calves. They were endowed with antiskid insoles and didn’t have a true sole. Obviously conceived to be worn inside. 



Infectious prions are misfolded proteins that can cause normally folded proteins to become misfolded.[[2]]



This is the way Ai would paint : make cyrstals of what’s already there.
This history of the development of ships is probably one of the most beautiful of all histories to read.
Can you go on without knowing what something is without continuing?

Rest in noise…

You like the noise, duck…

Can you tell me what an animalcule is? [[…]]

{You told them about the skull}

‘….& you were hard…’   [[The Story of Sweatships that Collapses on People]]

I saw clearly
I could walk there
I could talk there
We’re turning at that intersection on the side
& we’re arriving at the Naturalia
Where I would talk to the lemons
If I needed comfort I would go to the Carrefour;
If I needed a challenge I went to the Naturalia
Someone passed us
I realized we were us & confirmation
She had this smell which I recognized as the perfume  of my teacher when I was 5 years old
I had the package of this woman
Who wore this common perfume that returns her package of person
To me in full whenever I smell it


What or how or who does it look like?
What or how or who does it look like?

I love this & your words.


“If your craft is hosting your house should always be clean.”

The building contained clothing factories, a bank, apartments, and several shops. The shops and the bank on the lower floors were immediately closed after cracks were discovered in the building.[[7]][[8]][[9]] The building's owners ignored warnings to avoid using the building after cracks had appeared the day before. Garment workers were ordered to return the following day, and the building collapsed during the morning rush-hour.[[10]]


The dangerous and more common than I'd like trifecta of Starbucks coffee, cigarettes, and a leather jacket swoops me up by the schnozzola and deposits me in my first boyfriend's Jeep when he'd pick me up after his shift at the cool new fancy coffee place in my home town. 1994 is ever lurking around the next corner.
onekate 36 points 7 months ago
The dangerous and more common than I'd like trifecta of Starbucks coffee, cigarettes, and a leather jacket swoops me up by the schnozzola and deposits me in my first boyfriend's Jeep when he'd pick me up after his shift at the cool new fancy coffee place in my home town. 1994 is ever lurking around the next corner.

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[[–]]taylorthegreat 14 points 7 months ago
The smell of gasoline really reminds me of boating in the summer with my family when I was younger

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[[–]]Oliver_Green 14 points 7 months ago
I grew up in a lakefront town. Dat lake smell, mmm. Smells like home and childhood and summers.

Everytime I drive home in the summer I take the lakefront with the windows down. Especially on a warm summer evening at dusk. I get tingles just thinking about it.

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[[–]]Wishsprite 9 points 7 months ago
The smell of patchouli reminds me of my first full blown totally gaga for him crush. His family was new age and all smelled strongly of patchouli. Now every time I smell it I'm shot back to being 12.

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[[–]]♀HarveySpecs 10 points 7 months ago
The smell of wet sand immediately takes me back to my first year at school, where it seems like I spent hours a day playing at the sand table.

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[[–]]♀hauntsVII 7 points 7 months ago
Vanilla always reminds me of my grandmother's house when I was a kid, because she had one of those ceramic scent rings around the lightbulb in a lamp in the living room, making the whole area around her spot on the couch smell like vanilla.

Juniper always reminds me of an apartment my parents had when I was about eight or so? My uncle would always buy my cousin & I gift baskets from Bath & Body Works and the one I got always smelled like juniper... and I hated juniper! ((Still do.))

Carnations, bleach and rose all have seriously unpleasant memories associated with them for me, though.

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[[+]][[deleted]] 7 months ago* ((2 children))

[[–]]♀iggystarlust 3 points 7 months ago
I'm the same way about my fragrances. I have this one perfume that instantly takes me back to my high school days. Other notable smells for me would be marijuana haha - my ex was a huge stoner so now every time I catch a whiff of it somewhere I think of him. Oh - and this one is oddly specific - but those "Wet Ones" kids antibacterial wipes. My mom always put those in my school lunchbox growing up - now every time I smell them I feel like I'm back in preschool.

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[[–]]sodabrothel 7 points 7 months ago
Every time I smell Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar-scented anything, I’m thirteen again, trying on graphic tees at Hollister and attempting to figure out how to stuff my bra with socks without it looking lumpy.

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[[–]]Unfruitful 3 points 7 months ago
Leather puts me back at the ranch, where I cleaned the leather gear for horse riding. Old wood or hay takes me back to the barn,where I groomed and fed all the animals. I can hear the whinnies and snorts, the shuffle of impatient hooves waiting to be let out for the day. Old spice instantly lets me see and smell my grandpa from before his death. Thankfully, pre-leukemia. But it also makes me remember the day after he died,when I went through all his things. I found an entire dresser drawer of roll-on old spice deodorant. My current bf wears old spice so it makes me sad and happy at the same time. My grandpa spoiled me rotten, even built me an entire bathroom((by hand, by himself)) because I was too scared to use the one downstairs at night. I had a bad fear of the dark as a kid.
He didn't know how to cook but made sure to learn my favorite foods to make for me. All my siblings were jealous because he was never so smitten with them lol.

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[[–]]thrway6iiiouooq 3 points 7 months ago
The smell of rain on concrete, Roses and lavender all remind me of walking around my old neighborhood. I️ wish I️ could find a perfume that smelled like that.

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[[–]]AmethystTrinket 3 points 7 months ago
The sulfuric smell of geysers. Went to Yellowstone are when I was little and remember asking my dad what the smell was. He just said sulfur. Honestly one of my first real memories.

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[[–]]RusskayaRobot 2 points 7 months ago
Oh, I love that Yellowstone smell. My uncle works up there, and I spent a lot of summers around the geyser basins. Such great memories.

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[[–]]22Livia 2 points 7 months ago
The smell of meat on the grill/smoke instantly transports me to Greece.

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[[–]]♀all_iswells 2 points 7 months ago
There's this kind of musky-sweet scent that very much takes me back to undergrad. My... roommate was not very good at doing her laundry, haha. But she was my best friend and that apartment was such a wonderful time of self-actualization and growth and warmth and good times, so the slight smell was worth it and now it's a good association :))

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[[–]]♀Robinspeakeasy 2 points 7 months ago

 A powdered detergent. It’s earthy and strong, unlike the floral scents commercial brands sell. Not overwhelming, but you know it will get the stains out. It reminds me of playing in the shipping barrels my folks would send to the Caribbean.

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[[–]]♀glittermustardmo 2 points 7 months ago
Perfume definitely takes me on a nostalgia trip. Like Red Door always takes me back to perhaps the only boyfriend I ever had who I am still in regular contact with. The scent takes me back to the days when we first started dating and I was dressing up all nice before dinner dates and a wee spritz of the perfume.

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[[–]]Your_acceptable 2 points 7 months ago
The smell of love spell, Ralph Lauren Romance ((in the blue bottle)) and Georgio Armani sends me back to 2002, Pensacola Fl. Partying all up down the beach during school for the military.

Or if I smell Physique hair care products or anything that smells simular lol

Those were my things.

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[[–]]isha4god87 2 points 7 months ago
My grandad's pipe tobacco. He special ordered it, and his mailman loved how it made his truck smell. He always smelled like it, and that's one of the strongest memories I have of him.

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[[–]]BECKYISHERE 2 points 7 months ago
mothballs and i'm back in a dingy little place i lived with a boyfriend in the 1980s

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[[–]]♀crazynekosama 2 points 7 months ago
Cigarette smoke reminds me of my family/childhood ((because my dad and much of my extended family smoked)) so while I understand smoking is gross and I don't like to be around it, it is also a weird kind of comfort smell.

A perfume/body spray I wore in my teens and early twenties reminds me of that period of my life.

There is a very specific smell that reminds me of my grandpa's house. And if I'm around family and I smell that smell and say "that reminds me of grandpa" they know what I'm talking about. It's hard to describe. And it's funny how it sticks around because he passed in 2006 and we sold the house shortly after but I still remember it!

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[[–]]♂find_my_harborcoat 2 points 7 months ago
My closest friend used to use Pantene Pro-V shampoo, so on the very occasional occasions that I catch that scent in the street, I'm yanked back thirteen years in time.

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[[–]]beestiel 2 points 7 months ago
One ex of mine used to use T-Gel Neutrogena shampoo, so every time I smell it, which is rare, I'm dragged back to watching Watchmojo list videos in her dorm room. Another ex used Old Spice Fiji deodorant, in classic lesbian fashion, so smelling it makes me think of her.

More personally, the smell of the Flannel candle from Bath and Body Works always brings me back to my first dorm room, because I had a wall plugin that smelled like that, and I don't know what my grandmother and aunt's perfume is, but smelling that always brings them to mind. It's odd--they're always arguing, and they're very different people, but they use the same perfume. It smells totally different on each of them, but it's still the same stuff.

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[[–]]♀tomorrowistomato 1 point 7 months ago
Candle smoke immediately makes me think of birthdays.

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[[–]][[deleted]] 1 point 7 months ago
The smell of rivers in summer always takes me back to my childhood


[[–]]mcorra59 1 point 7 months ago
It's said that the only things in life that give you long term memories of a feeling is perfume and music. For me it would have been Christmas mornings at my grandma haha it was a combination of cofee, hot cakes, pine, and her cigarette ((I used to hate it but now when I smell it, it reminds me of her)) it was always good ol music from her vinyl collection and just grandma's warmth.

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[[–]]♀whats_a_bylaw 1 point 7 months ago
Good: Dried flowers. My late aunt, who was like my mom, had a room in her house called "The Jungle." She had dried flowers hanging everywhere. She'd make these beautiful arrangements and wreaths, and you couldn't even see the walls. It was a big honor to kid-me to be allowed in there, and even more to learn how to use the glue gun and make my own arrangements. Whenever I smell dried flowers now, I feel so peaceful.

Bad: CKOne fragrance. Both an ex and my friend's ex wore it, and I instantly feel paranoid when I smell it. It's been awhile since that happened, though.

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[[–]][[deleted]] 1 point 7 months ago
There's this candle called Pink Sands from Yankee Candle. Whenever I smell this it reminds me of the halcyon days of my early 20s. It's like bottling up the scent of long, happy and carefree summers.


[[–]]mad_mayo 1 point 7 months ago
Danny choo fragrance and R.E.M. by reminiscence always takes me back

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[[–]]KnockMeYourLobes 1 point 7 months ago
The scent of Copenhagen reminds me of my grandmother. She ((along with my mom's sister and brother and tons of other members of my mom's family)) dipped Copenhagen most of her life. She always had at least one can sitting on the arm of the couch or on the side table, another two or three in her purse and at least one in a kitchen drawer somewhere.

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[[–]]Hagplanet 1 point 7 months ago
Danish food 💜 reminds me of childhood

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[[–]]♀MumBum 1 point 7 months ago
When I was six we moved to another province. We lived in some townhouses that had wood burning stoves. We only lived there for about a year, but every time I smell wood burning stove, it takes me right back there. And that was almost 31 years ago...

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[[–]]♀redbess 1 point 7 months ago
Murphy's Oil Soap and White Shoulders perfume make me think of my grandma. Old Spice ((the original)) makes me think of my grandpa. My husband's deodorant ((green Speedstick)). All scents of safety to me.

Cool Water cologne, most hairspray, and a particular scent of Glade Plug-In make me nauseated because they remind me of my abusive stepdad and some of the places we lived when he was abusing me.

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[[–]]kailan14 1 point 7 months ago
Olay bodywashes or lotions remind me of my mom or just being a kid. My mom would use those lotions after a shower so I've associated the scent with her.

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[[–]]RusskayaRobot 1 point 7 months ago
Stale marijuana, when it starts smelling skunky. I remember very specifically the stairwell of my dorms at college, because went I first started going there, I was a little country girl who really thought that somehow, a skunk must have died somewhere in or under the dorms ((wasn't unheard of where I come from)). It was pretty embarrassing when people had to explain to me that it was weed.

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[[–]]Abeedeee 1 point 7 months ago
I moreso have scent memories associated with people. My late father used to wear Calvin Klein. My ex wore Crush and a specific scent of Old Spice. Those scents mixed with their natural scents always remind me of comfort and safety. Makes me feel like a little girl.

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[[–]]♀bitter-coffee 1 point 7 months ago
The smell of rain on concrete. It reminds me of my high school days when I would get home in rainy days, watch movies under the blankets, while my dad maid it home late ((because of the rain))

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[[–]]FitGirl63139 1 point 7 months ago
I walked into a small boutique in San Francisco in the late 90s and the clerk was burning a hyacinth candle. To this day I’m in love with floral candles ever since that moment. The shop smelled heavenly!

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[[–]]ohtheheavywater 1 point 7 months ago
Doublemint gum takes me straight back to my grandmother’s Buick. I can hear her voice and see the dainty watch on her wrist. She started chewing it when she stopped smoking, before I was born, and she was never without a pack somewhere nearby as long as I knew her.

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[[–]]♀RunningPrey 1 point 7 months ago
I think it’s some kind of sulfur based fertilizer, reminds me of my freshman year of high school when they were doing a bunch of construction.

California native plants all together remind me of hikes with my now deceased dog

The stale smell of hotel rooms does not bring good memories. I hate hotels.

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[[–]]JaniePage 1 point 7 months ago
The deodorant that my ex used to wear can still stop me in my tracks.

The White Musk scent from The Body Shop can take me back to being about 13 when everything that I put on my body ((shower gel, moisturiser, perfume)) was of that scent.

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[[–]]♀rachael_bee 1 point 7 months ago
Laundry detergent, wet grass and summer air reminds me of falling in love for the first time in high school.

This specific lotion smell reminds me of a really awful/over stepping counselor I had in high school. Her office smelled really strongly of it, and when she'd hug me, my sweater would smell like it until I washed it. She broke confidentiality, harassed my mom, and then filed a social services abuse claim against her. So when I smell that strong lotion scent, I want to punch something.

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[[–]]DeeDee_Z 1 point 7 months ago
((Oh, y'all are gonna love this one...))

Diesel exhaust, reminds me of grandma.

No, really -- hear me out: She lived on the other side of the state from us, so a visit from her meant going downtown to the Greyhound depot to meet her. This is the 50s/60s, ergo a small building on the edge of a parking lot, with 6, 8, maybe 10 busses idling as they load and unload. Really -concentrated- diesel exhaust.

I can still "see" the place today when I get a snootful of that stink.

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[[–]]♀1up- 1 point 7 months ago
I grew up near a theme park, and my grandparents bought us season passes every year. So during the summer my family would go all the time, we'd bring in our own lunches and spend the whole day there.

The smell of freshly oiled asphalt brings me right back to walking into the park and the excitement of all the rides and shows.

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[[–]]Pink_Floyd29 1 point 7 months ago
I’m more like this with certain music because my dad was constantly playing music when I was growing up. But there are a few scents that have strong memories. “Clean cotton” febreeze makes me think of my first dorm room. The smell of cigarettes and coffee that’s been sitting in the pot too long Instantly takes me back to the months I spent in the hospital as a kid. I know what you’re thinking. Lol...The reason I associate cigarettes with the hospital is because my mom would take my outside the main entrance and we’d sit out there awhile just to get fresh air and sunshine.

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[[–]]Fancy512 1 point 7 months ago
I grew up just outside of Chicago on the Indiana side. Driving on the backroads through soybean and cornfields with the heady smell of Lake Michigan, and rich, black soil hanging in the night air makes me feel giddy and sentimental, almost like I have been drinking. It’s even better if there’s been rain with lightning and thunder... it adds ozone to the smell.

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[[–]]♀RCIX 1 point 7 months ago
Nautica Voyage takes me back to the first week I met my boyfriend in person. Well, bottle's he's been using do it the most because they also smell like his scent. I felt so relaxed and happy that week <3

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[[–]]Leesgirl 1 point 7 months ago
Fresh cut hay, leather, and horse barn. Wonderful childhood memories.

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[[–]]♀m00nf1r3 1 point 7 months ago
Pipe tobacco reminds me of my abusive stepfather from when I was a child.

Chanel No. 5 reminds me of my mother.

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[[–]]lyanna_martell 1 point 7 months ago
The smell of onions frying in oil with ginger and garlic always reminds me of my mother's kitchen when I was growing up.

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[[–]]♀Shadow-Spark 1 point 7 months ago
The smell of a working garage always takes me back to my childhood. Two of my uncles are mechanics, as are/were some family friends, and that mix of gas, oil, engine grease, and the other assorted smells that you get in a working car shop just make me happy. That smell reminds me of going to visit my uncles at work when I was small, and of stopping in to visit a family friend at this one garage and seeing this old car that was always up on a lift in the back because one of the guys was slowly restoring it.

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[[–]]foodyfirst 1 point 7 months ago
My mom dies when i was three. She smelled like care free bubble gum. It’s one of the few things I remember about her.

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[[–]]IndigestibleSociable 1 point 7 months ago*
The scent of vinyl reminds me of this playhouse I had at my dad’s house. You had to build the frame with black plastic poles and connectors and when the frame was together an adult would put the vinyl playhouse ‘sheet’ over it. It was yellow. There was a door and a window and I loved how it smelled.

Edit: also, extinguished candles reminds me of church. It was the only part of church that I liked and I would breathe deeply every time the candles were extinguished at the end of service. Still love the smell. Still dislike church.

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[[–]]parkjdubbs 1 point 7 months ago
Light summer breeze always reminds me of when I first came to the States and lived with my aunt in San Diego for the first few weeks

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[[–]]Jewels133 1 point 7 months ago
*My dad wears Old Spice. So I can't date anyone who wears it. I don't want my partner to remind me of my dad.

*I get triggered by the smell of whiskey.

*Love the smell of baked bread, and chicken soup.

*I love the smell of cedar burning. It reminds me of camping when I was a kid.

*DAE remember Cucumber Melon lotion from the 90s? Takes me back to jr. high and high school all over again.

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[[–]]TellementContent 1 point 7 months ago
The smell of laser cutting brings me right back to my college days

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[[–]]QuietKelsi 1 point 7 months ago
Certain smells of perfume or body spray. One specific body spray reminds me of preschool or kindergarten, and more. It was just certain sprays or oils that remind me of things.

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[[–]]♀numberthangold 1 point 7 months ago
It's so wonderful how scents can do that for us.

A strong one I have is a specific scene of a certain brand of soap that brings me back to being 13 years old and just having had my first kiss, only to be dumped abruptly over the summer. I've always been a little bit of a germaphobe and that summer I washed my hands constantly, with that soap. Now years and years later if I go to my parents' house and they have that soap I'm instantly transported to that feeling.

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[[–]]♀nevertruly 1 point 7 months ago
Perfumes and colognes don't generally trigger scent memories for me. It's more like combinations of environmental smells ((cooking spices, old books, scents on the breeze in the forest)) that bring back memories for me than things like perfumes.

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[[–]]todayonbloopers 1 point 7 months ago
my grandma's purse smelled like pure leather, the smallest a trace of perfume ((shalimar?)) and tobacco smoke. it doesn't sound appealing but it is. to me it smells like the purest love.

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[[–]][[deleted]] 0 points 7 months ago
Certain aftershaves make me literally vomit in my mouth because they remind me of exes!


‘She always thinks she knows Tangerine Dream but she doesn’t know anything  about them at all.’


Heavy stone goes poltergeist.
Heavy stone with wings



‘I love to drink my blood of wine with you.’  - Carmel

There is our phone numbers in it…

[[–]]Pandaplz 12 points 5 years ago
The smell of the water in pirates of the Caribbean has to be my all time favorite Disney smell! :3
Disney apparently creates these distinct smells for the rides and stuff. Its really cool.
Beach Club's lobby smells AMAZING. Seriously, I always wished I could bottle it up and bring it home with me.

Well... I actually found the exact smell at Bath and Body Works and own no less than 8 bottles of body lotion, plus shower gel. Every time I use it, it brings me to my happy place.
what is it?

I've heard it's green clover & aloe

Rainkissed Leaves! I know they retired it for a while, but recently brought it back into stores for their semi-annual sale. I think you can find it online, though!

Anyone know where you can buy candles/oil etc that have similar scents to disney? I have of the car air fresheners but that's about it.

Oh man, the norway perfume smell is pretty great. I might buy a bottle for my fiance, but its 50 bucks for an ounce haha.
Starship earth fire smell.

Dat smell when walking down Main Street USA for the first time. Sensory overload is what it is.
The orange room ((and then in the car vehicle later)) in Horizons. >.>
The smell of the Main Street Bakery that is an amazing mixture of waffle cones, chocolate, sweetness, and yummy <3. I also love the smell of any of the tropical/African themed areas in the parks. I feel like I am always smelling fresh fruit and open air.


¨¨¨Scent Memories¨¨

Scent Memories. What's the scent and what memory does it bring you back to?

For me, the smell of patchouli will forever bring me back to camping with my ex-boyfriend and a few friends. We were sitting in a tent, it was pouring rain outside, one friend was playing guitar and the rest of us were sipping on drinks and just breathing in the air. It was one of the most peaceful/most content moments of my life.

How about you?

Original scent Speed Stick deodorant. The Green kind always reminds me of the smell of my dad when I was a kid.

My dad wears Old Spice. Love that smell!

I'm wearing Old Spice right now. I usually switch off between Speed Stick original, musk, or old spice. 'Cause I like smellin like a man.

Cedar tree. When you're walking and a branch is in the way, but rather than go around it, to plunge full on and fill my nasals with that exhilarating scent. Takes me back to my younger years, walking through the forest with my dog without a care in the world.

I can smell fresh tar like for a driveway and itll bring me right back to being 8 at my grandparents old house. I know this isnt scent but when I eat raspberries also it brings me back to the same house. They had wild raspberry bushes out back. It was a much simpler time.

Cigarettes. I don't smoke, but the smell of cigarettes always makes me think of my dad.
The smell of Santorum reminds me of my First Communion.

Oh sweet Jesus.

Cheap French Vanilla car freshener. I threw up in my mom's minivan because it made me ill. I can't take anything vanilla now.

Can you eat vanilla? Or is all vanilla banned?

Just the smell, so air fresheners, candles, that kind of shit. I don't eat ice cream ((gives me nightmares)). I have my girlfriend put in the vanilla extract when I want to make a cake or cookies.

So, as a cruel prank, someone could cover you in vanilla and watch you puke everywhere? That could be entertaining.

Ask my bitch of a mother how many times she dragged me into a Yankee Candle.

I remember going to Ikea recently and went to the lower level where they had lamps and table stuffs. I can't exactly describe the smell, but it was cold and very faint. It reminded me of my elementary school hallways.

crayons and glue remind me of elementary school

Pot roast cooking. I'm brought back to my grandparents' house.

Diesel exhaust always makes me think of my Grandpa's garage.

Exhaust of any kind, especially in the winter, reminds me of sledding behind the 3-wheeler/4-wheeler as a kid. There's this tropical scent I can't really describe, but I smell it every now and then and it takes me back to lovely vacation on Curacao I had. That was such a carefree moment of my life with nothing but great memories, I always get happy when I smell that.

The scent of mushroom chicken and rice always reminds me of the kitchen my adolescent home, and all the talks my mother and I had in that gaudy yellow and white kitchen; occasionally about the colors we'd want to change it to if we had the money.

The smell of fresh construction - like 2/4's with drywall. Reminds me of our new house when we were little. It holds strong.

Prell shampoo, always makes me feel like a kid again, also the smell of Coors beer ((not lite beer the original in the yellow cans)) I lived in Golden CO as a kid very close to the brewery.

I was a Pert Plus kid. That scent gets me every damn time.
Marlboro Virginia blend brings back memories of sexy older men. Woodshop smell and wood stain chemicals remind of me getting arrested. Gardenia reminds me of riding the merry go round at the park over and over again as kid.

Scent memories are awesome.

Scent memories are awesome! It always blows my mind how crisply the memory/emotion tied to the scent comes through.

When I was 15 I went to work at a Christian summer camp. My grandmother bought me a bunch of toiletries to take with me, one of which was a generic thing of Speed Stick deodorant.

I still use that deodorant to this day. The smell brings me back to a simpler time, and I love that.

Tobacco chew.

Sometimes I will buy a can just to smell it. My dad chewed tobacco and when I smell it, it's like I am eight again and he's saying "Come on honey." and I am about to rush out to the car so we can go on one of our drives together.

He used to drive us around, sometimes for hours with no destination in mind, just so we could talk, listen to music and have our time together. I've also bought lip balms and have looked for a perfume that has a genuine tobacco scent, just so I can "wear" my dad once in a while, since I can't ever see him again.

That's heartbreaking, but it's nice that you can recall your time with him together via that smell. Memories are a powerful thing.

Wet pavement in the sun.

I know that sounds crazy, but I used to spend summers with my dad in Atlanta and we would go to Six Flags a few times every year. In the south during the summer, one minute its bright and sunny, the next minute you're in the middle of a monsoon, the next its sunny again. So the smell of pavement after it has rained always reminds me of summer with my dad.

Charcoal barbecue burning far off on a warm summer night. Or the smell of burning leaves on a cold fall night. Those really make me stop, chill out and just breathe for a while, reflecting on my childhood
Old Spice and bonfires remind me of my dead ex-boyfriend.

This makes me unreasonably mad at any disgusting man wearing Old Spice.

Hawaiian febreeze. Back when I was a RA, a prank war escalated into chunks of catfish being strategically placed in my room to make it stink. The entire floor my room was on stunk to high hell for the next couple of weeks. My residents felt bad and gave me a bottle of hawaiian febreeze to help cover up the smell... except it really didn't cover it up. It just fuzed with the stench of dead catfish into the scent of decaying fish on a fresh hawaiian beach.

Now, whenever I smell that tropical blend of scents, I have the sudden urge to hurl. Good times.

Cut grass, fresh mulch, and the smell of outdoors after a good rain makes me think of my dad and childhood and where I come from. My dad had his own landscaping business for about five years when I was a kid, and I grew up doing yardwork at home and for my grandparents. They're easily my favorite smells because of that and really bring me up every time I smell them, especially fresh cut grass.

The smell of rain and camel reds remind me of summers with my highschool sweet heart.

OK bear with me, is related. I'm a fan of fizzy drinks and I enjoy nothing more than chilling out after work with a can of something cool and fizzy and playing a game or two. Sometimes this ends up with me associating a taste memory of that drink to a game. Some of the ones I can rattle off the top of my head:

Dr Pepper - CoD WaW Zombies
Monster Original - Runes of Magic ((F2P MMO))
Pepsi Max - League of Legends
Crabbies Ginger Beer - WoW

Dr. Pepper always reminds me of bailing hay as a kid, because that's what we were paid with. It was sort of luxury for us to get.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs that stuff is intoxicating

Why am I about to admit this? Cow manure reminds me of home. I grew up in a city about 30 minutes from a rural area that smelled of cows. The first place I lived on my own was the smelly town... So, when I smell cow I think "I'm home" automatically.

Also, apple air freshener reminds me of fifth grade when a kid ((I still remember his name)) puked in the classroom and they tried to cover up the stench.

Jasmine reminds me of when I was a toddler at the first house I lived in. That is about all I remember of that house.

Pantene Shampoo reminds me of my first kiss, her hair always smelled like it.

patchouli reminds me of this hot hippie chick I used to make sweet love to on a grassy spot near the beach in Florida.

s. viridans smells like butterscotch

pseudomonas aeruginosa smells like grapes

e. coli smells musty and damp

anaerobes smell terrible

The smell of tennis balls always reminds me when I used to hide from my dad in a basket full of tennis balls. I was 6 and my brother was a tennis player with far too many collected tennis balls over the years

Fierce cologne mixed with pouring rain, cigarettes and keith urban cologne, this one kind of detergent I have no idea what it's called but it instantly triggers memories of my ex and anything musky. My great great aunt who I loved always wore shit like that....

Rotten chicken. Walking into a restaurant cooler full of rotten chicken. I will forever be scarred by the experience.

There's a certain kind of body lotion ((that I, sadly, do not know the name of)) that smells of cinnamon and flowers that always, always triggers memories of my ex-girlfriend from the tail end of high school. Most of these are not good memories.

I've had to stop being friends with a few girls I knew solely because of this reason. I would always get extremely depressed and anxious around them.

Sweet orange smells remind me of Campino candies, and always put a smile on my face

The smell of wet dog reminds me of back in high school when my dog wandered up to me at the bus stop. He looked really pitiful and smelled terrible, but my brother washed him and after a few days of not being able to find an owner, my dad ((who hated dogs before this)) said we could keep him.

And the smell of popcorn will always remind me of my mom and her "bad popcorn" recipe. It tastes great, but there is so much butter that you feel terrible for eating it.

Cigarettes and bus fumes smell like Cairo, Egypt.

The smell of the hospital reminds me of death ((relatives))

The smell of opening booster packs of magic cards is like crack.

The smell of my house with the windows open during spring. It just smells like spring, and it makes me happy, I don't know what to say.

When I was 14 I tried to get drunk off a bottle of irish cream. I vomited up so much. Can't stand the smell of it anymore.

I always smell the different perfumes I was wearing the first time I heard certain songs, mostly songs that had huge meanings for me. Also, whenever I hear my best friends favorite song I can smell 'her', like her favorite perfume, even though we are 6000 miles apart right now... It's super weird, or songs I heard played live smell like the venue. Makes me really nostalgic haha, glad there's a reason for it, I always thought my brain was broken, :))

I've noticed some scents seem to go well with and enhance some music. It reminds me of how in Brave New World they have an organ that releases scents while it plays music, or something like that.

When I go to someone's house who has a cat or cats and can smell that litter box smell.

It always reminds me of one day when I was waiting in line at the bank on a busy day and I smelled this weird smell coming off a woman in line ahead of me. I backed up a bit so the smell wouldn't be as strong and noticed that she had a couple cat turds stuck to the rear end of the stretch pants she was wearing.

Now every time I smell that litter box smell I think of her.

Whenever I smell the beach, I want to throw up. Several years ago I was in the throes of bad morning sickness during an otherwise awesome family vacation. I had a great time, but haven't been able to shake that response.

Speedstick regular deodorant. Reminds me of the local YMCA in middle school. Its like a time machine...
Anything regarding cinnamon
Handfuls of her sweaty tangled hair.
Filling my gas tank at the station brings me back to the cocaine days of my youth. I hate the drug but boy do I love the smell!

Ooh ooh that smell... Can't you smell that smell?

When I was like two or three, I would sniff the fuck out of the AC vent in my aunt's house. To this day, I get excited when I hear one kick on.

When I was a kid, and we visited my aunt and uncle ((stationed in germany)), we bathed in the tub, with a soap called 'duscdas'. It smelled wonderfull, and I havn't smelled it for forty years. -until this summer, when I went on our yearly camping trip to Italy. In the shower, I could suddenly smell the dushdas again. I have no idea, who was using the soap, but I was definately taken back 40 years. Just like that.

When I was really young, like just before puberty, I found a picture down at a local park / beach of a topless woman. I hid it in a secret place in my parents van ((a loose panel in the back seat)) and every now and again would just take it out and look at it on long trips. It was covered in perfume for some reason ((this was in a time before social media was prevalent, so perhaps a give from a girlfriend to a boyfriend a la polaroid?)).

Whenever I smell a brand of perfume that closely matches that smell I get turned on.

Lately I keep thinking of the smell of those 80's rubber Land Before Time hand-puppets from Pizza Hut.

Yes. The smell of my grandfather's garage and the smell of a childhood friend's home/car that I haven't seen in probably 17 years or so


What is the earliest scent memory that you have?

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[[–]]IUsed2BHot 2 points 1 year ago
Seagrams 7 and cigarettes on my father's breath when woke us up at 3 in the morning to eat hot wieners and listen to Tom Jones records with him.

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[[–]]Remos_Son 2 points 1 year ago
My dad's pipe collection.

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I saw a very strange version of our departure from Paris. I come down from the apartment after the closing survey and you’re not there, only the suitcases and no sign of your existence. I remember that the story just happened and you don’t exist. Hammon is saying, “Don’t you think you were a bit hard on Monsieur Calles?” Michael is waiting? Waiting in a place where exists a memory created by a song I heard in a Garnier Fructise advertisement is Michael, who is sustained by this perpetual memory. And I know that you have slaughtered the entire building, a lot, from my shifts within the song memory abode. I slaughtered the building a lot apparently. Not that he was unassisted for Michael is very persuasive and may have enlisted aid in the violent rout of the building. Jerk It Off  was a very popular song which was used as a soundtrack for a toilettries’ product commercial. And I know you’re waiting, in the song space created by the song created the environment, flawlessly, flawlessly masturbating, in progress, in wait. You’re jerking off the glade. ‘Plug it in, Plug it in!’

“He could see the peasants putting their heads
together, the arrival of a Land Surveyor was no small event.”

“Breakdancing to Doo-wop in the comely snow
while watching the flawless masturbation.” #GladePlugIns


I knew my way in the darkness or in the light.
 I thought once how good it was that I had straightened my hiding place and freshened it, so it would now be pleasant for Constance. I would cover her with leaves, like children in a story, and keep her safe and warm. Perhaps Iwould sing to her or tell her stories; I would bring her bright fruits and berries and water in a leaf cup. Someday we would go to the moon. I found the entrance to my hiding place and led Constance in and took her to the corner where there was a fresh pile of leaves and a blanket. I pushed her gently until she sat down and I took Uncle Julian's shawl away from her and covered her with it. A little purr came from the corner and I knew that Jonas had been waiting here
for me.

 I put branches across the entrance; even if they came with lights they would not see us. It was not entirely dark; I

could see the shadow that was Constance and when I put my head back I saw two or three stars, shining from far away

between the leaves and the branches and down onto my head.

 "One of our mother's Dresden figurines is broken, I thought, and I said aloud to Constance, "I am going to put

death in all their food and watch them die."
 Constance stirred, and the leaves rustled. "The way you did before?" she asked.
 It had never been spoken of between us, not once in six years.
 "Yes," I said after a minute, "the way I did before,

Trees shaking like laughter &
as a child, awakened borned within
the trees & the scenery.
‘One cannot smell the sea.’

Bubbling bubbling, babbling bubbling, the table I heard
is from here “Yes,
here they grow them as big as napkins—the size of a napkin,” he corrected &
covered it with his wrist, his 3.4 inch wrist, octagonally folded & pieced with flatness
which the poet of which the poet says, “This sort of enouncter with fabric one expects
to endear through silk & statured ribbon with virgin mosses after praying & counting
teeth doubling in the midst, a stone at the foot of the bed reminds the wakers passed
their encounter with a point of water. “Sucked? Yes. The stone at least…” By the sea?
Yes, in bedclothes of course. Mouth wet as we spoke in it about him & suckled through,
Stronger, Yes, just like he did…, 1,2 3,4 Burnt Match Stick.

“Is there anything weakened then the thought of my being burning?”

“I was jostled out of sleep & onto the balcony.
Here, gallants of crumbled biscuits
in a pile
next to the grass which they use
as Promonotory
& the smell in the air, yes,
this is the sort of cooked curtain
that any occasion would gather
like teeth
crescented mooned
above us &
delicacied  [[…]]
Beauty’s powerful & I doubt not that we might succeed during our visits
to bring some practical ends
to the motorized forces that what a handsome
making light can be.”


                                            I decorate thee
I ornate us with these are our spit—“what
does spit mean here? and can we make more of it?
that’s what we adorned them with: “Softening
his too limpid voice brightened
by threat to dissipate. Threatened
with some bright brigades of light,
the fire with & ALL the mist
then the sousbois,
he had said,
while look down at the plum dew down &


“It is now mushroom season. And snow will soon
be coming.” [[This sees him looking down at the plum.]]
“& ten meters further, ‘…you don’t want a cigarette?’ ((…))
“October 18, 2016…does it feel like you missed a train?
Does it have to do with the deaths of either humans
or animals? Does the time zone have a bearing?
((‘…Pennsylvania, Bellville…California…’))
don’t forget Florid-ah!! [[He stops yelling. He inserts
italics into the following speech.]] “’Everything here
eventually becomes a reverse beauty pad situation’,”

[[Ten meters away…]]

“You don’t want a cigarette?”


…he wasn’t afraid.

“Were you afraid,” he asked himself, then each of us in turn as well. “Mushrooms are growing,
now, he said,” he said. “He could even find this, perhaps, yes, ‘mushrooms,’ are growing now. He wasn’t afraid, ‘This, our spit, there…did you do this?’ He was not afraid. He could even watch mushroom growing, there. Staying calm.”

Shadow lashes through the lens we laughed off
silence, “I could give the bell
if they ask for it, but after all tis priestly mushroom here
patch yes sewn deeper 
& further
to start to find one, here, start ever….
[[…]] ‘They went on looking.’ ‘We looked with our eyes.
We started early.’ [[He paused.]] Spaghetti sauce buckles,
‘See Quando Torpe Nonscit Taren Non Est Non Turpe Quum Id A Moltidutidune Laudater
Mi Hi Sic Usus Est Facto, Fac.’” [[He has the pasta.]]

The space is saying, we will give them unwashed stares if we saw them  here, once, fully, & run handsomely ‘dieu m’enseveliet’ed. Has one given proclamation to the fallen asleep?

Where heads absorbed & poisoned through shiver ran all through his being.

“Have we found ourself uncomfortably seated on this doormat?”

You will pull them out of the fire & you will formulate every desirable reform hereafter & resume the tirade that made the hand desert these apples. You will hide everything. You will pale & you will pull yourself out of it.


“The first night Jesus took off his shirt.” – John Eicher, Ph.d.

“It is a technological error by a specialist. It was done by a human hand. There are traces of a drill sliding along the surface. We don’t reject any theories.”


Meeting the Imperial Wizard Scorpion

“I think it’s mandatory to scratch games:
I am myself, 1T. Lie & ‘The Other’
I looked at myself when I did have a face. I’d never done that in my entire life beforehand.
It’s a doll that when you move the mouth it does the mouth, as you do it.
“Though his manuscript had not begun to circulate



“Pay Fucker, talking about the asteroids or something, we got around to talking about his pretending to speak to the dead, maybe because of all the darkness surrounding the watch; you know where you want to crop it; you know how to cut straight; you don’t want to lose your position, so let the staple be your guide.”

[[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]]: ‘Is he taking good care of you, monsieur? Will you desire some string of pearls for your par-dessous, monsieur?’ 
[[To someone else]] ‘Do not pull the tongue. It is not decent.’
[[12 Beauty Pads on One Team, 12 Beauty Pads on the other]]
‘Do not drink it is unreasonable.’
‘John, it isn’t painful to roll these diapers. Just turn it. Shift the poker. It will cook better.’
‘Mark! Start a letter! Quote unquote ‘I’ll be tusk-copying myself here, & I’mmm going to freebase ya house. Let’s make a big sack of instructions that he CAN’T decline. Let’s coil it.’
[[To himself]] ‘Hahah, burning himself a Clooney…’
[[To the Great Pretender]]‘They have intentionally BAKED this branch over here…’
[[The Great Pretender speaks up]] ‘We are no longer..revi…receiving pennsionniers…’

Narration: ‘Each day, a magnificent sunblow, “Tortured Offa’torpid, was bathing in the phosphorous pool, this morning. [[Goes kid-hackled of a sudden, says]]‘You’re not gonna lie here dreamin’ about Brandy.’

[[Kid catches a steeply trailing whisper from the direction of [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]]]]
[[Gently]]‘…they will recite the poems of Byron…’


‘It needs a clean, elegant lawn for us to fuck upon: most of them here have an igniting capacity, thank you. Quote unquote it’s nothing mother, it’s not anyone we know.’

[[Great Pretender narrates, ]] ‘…mmmmwricking his brain for a word that could describe his walk to the less curious…what’s the word?...((all of this passes and goes, but in many ways)).

[[[[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]]]] ‘I aint gonna shout; I’m gonna NOW.
I just couldn’t see a point in working with any other player in this. Quote unquote why not just listen to air? The band. Quote unquote Sacred was my brook. It’s a quote by Air. While I sail down the mississipi river to make shift to Allah itself to be lotioned. Thoroughly lotioned, hugging with all your body, spirit, & heart: ‘I don’t want this big tube in my sack’ That’s a quote by Jack Joey—so then he said, ‘That kid just hit me straight floor, like a really old cement.
Fat ladies, ‘walking around?’
Naked and rowing in red paint

Trying to explain religious experience & failing
To skeptical youngsters all around
Walking on the long staircase
In a veilless brightly lit room, roooom,
getting a guy to buy me a drink finally, whiskey, of course, ‘work in various constellations…computer organisms…this is really beautiful…’ A Tom in the rain—a drone ‘at night as always’”

[[Drawing here]]—

[[[[¤GREAT PRETENDER¤]]]] ‘…to see you through to see through you disappearing, yes
in the powerthroat.  What is inside of rocks is a comfort
Whiskers on the back of my career,
the love of people, people for which we have love,
we have love,
people inside of rocks.
This is in the power.—to quote, ‘quoteunquote I like sperm.
I am water rung through from tear glass book shelves, the mind between alliterations grazing
& creasing
in the crossing dubbed streaked nebulous
a note of water I see.’

[[[[[[¤PHANTOM PRISONER¤]]]]]]… ‘I deemed it nebulous. Anointed & water tonguing. I deemed it watertape. Soon, God, it must be, to be done upon this  world. Some way in which involvement, such as if feeling and senses were the reason for giving unto, that is—eggs—arriving & nearing that oblivion to its exciting gaze, it’s doors, ‘quoteunquote The movie & the provision of transcendence—Can’t it be that ensuring the sense of years passing not through flame but approximating senses through time sensed still same son kept into a neat biological fold, of food for rabbits or Schumann.’
[[¤GREAT PRETENDER¤]] narrating, ‘Mirrors are in a silkworm casing, handsome silkworm goes by, passes a rock, makes a movie of it. Silkworm loves fabric. In a minute, a lot of which we have here, it will be novel for a rock live. Here a rock as a film of a minute. Film the cock next to the mouth & the minute. A minute seems to make things known, but not, so we think, by asking for it
or do we?...

Nothing is asked here of the known event which is the mouth & the rock & the cock next to it except how it realizes it’s senses. The memory of the calm. The continuousness. The even remembers. & yet this is a new rock here. Nothing that ever lived or will ever be that will ever resemble it, but for the enactment of making it happen, when & if the cock, in general, & the mouth by blood related we wish to wear upon a nonflickering branch of generations—in the depth of what we all somewhere is the introduced, impartable _________ of this earthly voice. The thing I see from my room with my eyes. It is not the world I am lost in languor—where can I see the places that return to California, to Pennsylvania, to Bellville, to Florid-ah. Watertowers. A couch outside on the porch. Smoking in spectral plumes & coming up from where somewhere beneath the railing—the ovum & the muon may be entities whose oneness is a certainty

The railing, the couch, the plumes
wrecked from the onset of their  hot, torrid threading.
Potentially with a single consciousness
in the Graveyard where I walked by doubling myself with the world
The postponement that occurs, from suffusing doubt with a body
something that will not surprise anyone.

“Platinum is figuring out time & all this feels like what I am and yet it cannot possibly BE so! ((Yes, here, introduce doubt, too. Placate earthly doubt! Advance as in combination with the dust of sweat of spiritual miles—”


When I hear shifts I think of a ghastly whale entering a room and not knowing it walking into rooms not knowing its hurling all its pieces of whale body and when it leaves you walk behind it, cleaning up after it, proposing teas with it. You can start a workshop with that. Cleaning pieces of old Viv off the quantum shifts in stellar space far away all ‘round the whale room. You see?  the room is instroduced by this picture, ‘IT’S A BIT BIG PUT DELTA.’  ‘We don’t care how much space there is between the footnote and the footnoted.’ ‘I think my thumbnail looks like Mickey Mouse’s eyeball…therefore, I could know straight away what you were talking about…it comes to us, to our lovely, laden table, it comes to us, what we were talking about, charting space about into Walklesions, old and unmuchusedupon. Dissappear by what was said about & which it will go through & when & how, cradling a creature of cracks, an ancient infant in what, in what, what did? what to do? what if anything? if nothing was? what would have been and did? what was what was said,
what being where & how & when & what.
You see exactly how how what would be, what word was used for, what what meant, which was where how when & what.

Clean pieces of matter by talking them back into virginity. What was there? You trick it. Doesn’t remember what was there to start with. Simple.


And here this is & then you replace…where be-ith the sconce?  [[I saw a hand come out of the wall, like beauty & the beast they hold the candleholders from the walls, but I saw it coming from within, from it’s within]] The sconce that how it cometh to haldith the visage to be wherewise it may obtaineth to the obsequy it hath acquiesced to observe when the summons bid


It would be as if you were to enter upon the promise of having your locks cared for & maintained by an exvirtuoso fallen on the days of his glory’s shadow, estranged from his instrument, & getting by on the curry from a workman’s honest day’s toil.


In the most efficient way possible it’s being made to wait.

His mantel is tied. 


[[We have little spliiiited boats going into @ places.]]  

protein de blé
graduated syringes]]

((((((Going to Hisproperfoldinghabits @ lies.comhousehouse where he plunged his immense sight into hers. ))))))


Where I usually like to sit
Is a tear
A Christmas Tear
An @ wimple we have or possess
Christmas Apogee
Did you know that?
When I looked at the berries I looked at them
as a pure eye that never before existed
because I did not look at them ((Now I’m back to old me
telling you this))
I didn’t look at them as Berries
I didn’t know what they were!
They were just something I happened to be regarding due to
the currents that brought my/the looking there, but
I must confess something to you
I did look at the berries & then, I motioned my annhiliating beam
to the crotches of the splitting flourishing radia
because that’s what an alien observer might look @
He’s not concerned with obtaining nourishment,
he might instead glean from the structure that supports the drupes of whatever they are
remember this
you are not an alien, you’re a mountain
there was a globe of crisis you had for a banlieu
that’s the center I’m talking about!
You didn’t move
You like to sit
The current myth was just that
You like to sit
A mythopoeisis #KRS
Soma your mountain self
which is rock #NOé’SK’R’S
“Among the children, young & reconciled, a song of secrets ever rearranged. We stay together like a newborn child though the days of life remain unchanged.”  - The Beloved, Satan Refuses The World
Could use for espousing
which is brilliant! #FillingTheBodyWithSuchIntimateCares
The greatest cum intimate cares
A mountain work rock could have #IntimateCares
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
The roof wants nothing more than to make sweet love to the expectant floor & by falling from above and consecrating his love the walls would be no more
If you’re not polite you might as well be punished eg ‘a sourire, a bonjour, ca cout rien…le mec il a pas dit bonjour du coup il se fait niké sa mére’
God only read Steve Hawking
“If you say it it doesn’t work”
[[Steve doing this]]
: #YOUHAVEUSINIT!!! [[Jubilating!!!]]
Not doing anything irregular
police state
Solid Liquid or Gas
A Backgammon
A Lucifer________________________________________
Pretty much had not much to say
2 anyone if I was in the mood to spin this
“You are made like a god,” #NOWakeUp
“And like a particle he was nude.” ((NUDE written in the way he looks when he’s being loved))

“It’s like you’re making an entire planet out of a Zebra.” #OnTheMakingOfFilth&Purity
The wake up if in fact it has been applied
The clothes are there
they’re laying like blankets
on the body.
It gives us shade to read
There are reeds without underwears here & as innumerable as gods
They are the cities your god in
You talk on the phone everywhere
You go like a lake
Ripples are a particular sleep for you
Strong, but of quality
“Sandra had a magnificient body, but then she took the pill!!”
Louis D’or Louis D’or…he was a doctor…inexperienced…it was not expenseive…it was forbidden #NoBrief
“Ejaculate, anywhere,
I do.”


“Rhythm is rhythmic.” – Ballet


Question for Dobro : The earth is destroyed. Do you care for Louboutin? Do you ?

“My last pleasure is everything alive.”

Question four Dobro: Balancieaga: Aficianado or/around me, /that I can understand.


Here ejaculate within



Question for Dobro: KLee almost gave back the soul: oui.


The Passout Game

Words: the one I’ve seen. & Similar ones. Windows I’ve seen through
in the form of a fairly classic pair, as if a mirror
caused why this is anything, he asked, as the black walnut tree grew
& increased in the corner of the white room
where we were
one vessel here is curled—
Silver Cubes white plane
forwardly beseeched ridges
up & down illusions, like that I work in
Into space looks water
The promiscuous
there, true  in the truer
Twist of lapsidaisy--  
rings are evergreen growth
lack of haste how husbanded these
permeations neighbors explaining
what they think while confining water
2 a bucket—
sapience constellated in multiple
clods subtended by that which
fills the spaces between—
it is inside us—
forest familys kindgoms
liquid    gas    moon
a move to all this comic digression

abstemious    blind     lovers    pyrite    interstitial channels
water in all healthy folds of existence
water distract    become laryngeal when
it rains        in cement runoffs overflowing
‘running brooks’
where the river turns to poison
where stones turn to windows jolted by the wind

should negation dissappear?

“If the assured animal that approaches us on such a different path had within it consciousness like ours--,it would wheel us around & make us change our lives. But its existence is infinite for it, unclouded, without thought, of its condition—pure like its outward gaze. & where we see future, it sees Everything & Itself in Everything. Forever healed.”      - Main Editor Of The CEO Company of Louboutinloup aka Moi, the Phantom Prisonnairre!

[[Down to the Great Pretender]]

“What is made in me is made in me and under me the cloud is a cloud like where itself it would be an aerial in the surmise that this is today blue reaching through what are sleeping forming distrait in thousands like it brothers sleep with every millimeter of their rivers flowing
the deep gists of the living tortoises & their continuousness
enough to keep the constituents thoughtless
& unfermenting
what’s brought perpetually into being
lake or outer
as it is in thoughts spermically mandered

in the cares of probability & tunneling

@here, #TheyEitherCome2OrBecome.

“Why did I take the chair out of the room out of  the room?”


The Police State, Glove

The Police State, We were not doing anything irregular

The Police State, Solid Liquid or Gas

The Police State, A backgammon

The Police State, A Lucifer


The Police State, Live your life with me

The Police State, You’re opening

The Police State, I’m so happy to be looking at my fingers

The Police State, If I sunk into my pillow like that…

The Police State, I’d awake choking on my drivel

The Police State, Have you ever felt

The Police State, Try This Before

The Police State, ((I hear you deleting in the Afterlife))


The Police State, Glove

Apple streudel hides treasures
The man is Insane.
First I’m standing much.
I’m trying to persuade little girls from
pressing a button
that tells the big stones
what products they like
I’m desperate to persuade them
because I think the company
I’m in
I’m in…
Is part manipulating them
from a very early age, then
a man shows up
he’s a bold business man
he works for the company
he seems reasonable at first
a little cagey  to my attempts 2 harangue him—
we start to talk—
he sees my power—
he takes me to his apartment, he starts to talk about
Joe German,
but he keeps calling him Robert or Scott Moser
but I know Joe German
He says that Joe Scott Robert was raised by two
Portuguese lesbians.—
It’s not known, he says, not something Joe
ever discusses—he says he was
rooming with joe—that
Joe got very religious ((Joe is Jewish))
that he would wake up in the morning
2 pray
That he shaved his head
That somehow his skull
started to deform
That they had to remove parts of his skull, ((@this point we are
in the man’s bed))
He’s naked
But I’m closed, he’s insane, I can see him
All twisted
in a fluffy white comforteder—they’re removing parts of
Joe Germans skull—finally
He stars sucking his big toes
Puts both of them in his mouth, very flexible,
He encourages me to suck my toes, but
I don’t want 2
I tell him I don’t & so I don’t
The monkey he’s walking across the lawn
He knows he’s being watched
That’s why he’s casual!
Whose is this dream, you say?
I’m nothingness
You say, Soooo German
Oh my god nothing ness is Soooo German
Rackteeth tooth
his eyeclosed,immediation sequence
Do you believe in Virtue? DO you FEEL virtuous? ((Here, one fingers @ my feet
some of them are yours.))
Some of them are mine
I looked up & I saw shooting stars & I pointed
them out 2 you, ‘Kiwi was really good 4 u, it’s one of the healthiest fruits.’

“Never mow any lawn withouth tying up Jappy first.”   - Cute Landscape Hunks Boys #ProperWeedWhackerMaintenance


The Police State, We were not doing anything irregular

Dream fragment, September 14.

I was with Justin Curcio.
He was lying flat on his stomach, very sleepy.
He was asking about my ‘girlfriend’s’ rather rival dealers?
I ask him what part of the drug manufacturing process he was involved in.
I was also massaging his hands.
I noticed he had well trimmed fingernails ((Like Mauer Biscotti’s)),
he wanted to know the password of the Dao.
Then I served him drugs
from a big bag of drugs
with a flat silver wand. Eyes rolled back,
face very soft & boyish. White eyes.
Not like him at all.

Great “Try 2 Set The Night On Fire” Telepathy [[Evidence of Acutal Telepathy]]


The Police State, A backgammon

“I thought your friend, Fluorescent yellow nurse’s outfit, hose hair was made of a larbdaer, a beautiful friend-shaped head-ladder. ‘Tanks were there. T-shirt ‘fancy blue lighter of blue glass & ornate causing says, ‘Jesus Babe’ @ thefitlessfridge picture #1: “Young mother abandoned school things ((2 satchels with one little crystal in each & a powder in a third satchel of Methoxetamine.))—n:  Krosstleighhuhhh was sent the  12 best Baby Guy’s Best Premium Boosie Boom Broom & Bride Students. The Titless Fridge ((sic))
Young mother’s abandoned school things: picture 1.
I didn’t know why they’re there it’s literally what it says
It’s like a brown bag lunch
Some science & history textbooks
The school jacket with the letter of the School on it
“D” [[4th letter]]
It’s like yellow & reading classes
This school ‘the crystal school’ it’s just this picture
I don’t know this photo
It’s in the grass
The grass where

The other students  each knew mother’s lover’s abandoned school  things
It was just in my luck
“Chain necklace with a camel tooth amulet with Initials G.O.N
((Gregorman O. Nast??))”
Now it’s different
There is a leather jacket, like a comb, a black plastic comb, a box of
doughnuts, a gym bag, a book ((a novel)), hardcover & binding’s gold
Relief letter of the spine & face the front
It’s black
It’s ‘Noah’s K-Log’

The Police State, Solid Liquid or Gas

“Redcross Money Collection Can Your Thirst Brought You 2 This Machine Edition”

Topic: “How a hole in a can works.”

“Perfectly sizeable 2 the heavenly vault, always ((definition of walking, see section A)). What else is there 2 do but listen. Gargoyles are puking their guts out, if they had any guts. I don’t want to be somewhere where I’m not. I decrease with every fathom, covetousness draws me down. I live in a town, not small, & not isolated, connected with other towns & other cities, covered in roads & asphalt & parking lots. There’s not space to roam. I feel a sorrow for myself, one I identify with the bricked-in trees, that I am inherent wherever I go; is what I feel,--that the place itself is the invasive species

All war is wrong.

What ward did the Saviour come down disguised as
As Judas, Matthew & Mary were hauling an apocalyptica vision
of a deep glittering well?

Here. [[Bold Testament Dry Goods & Denim & Co.]] Jesus lover line of casual athletic garments fallen right off the truck edition, fresh as a cop car.

Potato bug emblem.

“For it is no great thing to leave aside what is external.”
Here. [[Insert Children of Truth Campaign]]
Preacher guy who makes delivers sermons 2 devoted followers, guiding them using hypnotic methods on a voyage outside the solar system, outside the galaxy, 2 galaxies & solar systems beyond! He convinces the audience that he understands the minds of certain extraterrestrial civilizations. The sermons inevitably take the audience ((now primed with awe, aimless excitement & vulnerability)) back across interstellar space, back to the solar system, here, of Earth. This section of the sermon takes a suddenly grim, even violent turn. The language of wonder and sweet potential curdles to a carefully worded compilation of various angst-riddled evils poised to consume everything good and sacred in this world.

Here. We seem to have a table on which we have our bus scented candlestiezen. We have carp car scented candlestick. We have carpool candle scented billiard stick scented candle stick stick. We have poolboard scented, glovebox deodorizing large anvil seat poolboard deodorizer ((for cars, maybe pool)). Candle scented car-shaped poo ball glove deodorizer in Three ((3)) fragrances, ‘MaybecarMaybecars,’ or ‘Carballs Imitation PoolBall Carpool Carboard Kevin’s Ball Candle,’ ‘Discarded Car-scented Balls Carglovebox-scented Table.’

Preach talking, “What is the threshold limit of subtlty in a film? What is a state too subtle to be implied other than by verbal means?—The sound of Charlie Chaplin eating spaghetti, paroi ((1))‘Cloison, mur de separation.’ ((2)) Surface interne then object cru. ((3)) Surface qui delimite une cavité corporelle. eg. ‘In a word, a buttroaster.’ ‘Bold & amoured for no discernible reason, balls glue in the drill surgeon’s balls-balls kevin-balls poolboard ambience he emitted in the presence of the sight of sub-Saharan sandbaked fresh carved buttpeach, pomello-butt related cuts of the erstwhile firstborn ‘buttholder en chef’ , he was one whose Tom’sbathrobe fill or filled with he who shall immediately lunch upon a feast of oven-baked butt buttpeachpomello presently impregnated with the brisk & athletic TomsjesusloveAthleticGoods&Tomsbathrobe warmed & marinated in Tomsjesusloverstomsbathrobe&athleticgoodsbathroom interior enshrouding he, stood bathrobe studded amidst tomsjesusloversathletics&tomsbathrobebathrobe which he wore often, even greedily, if not always. He,, had lately discovered that, this timidly flesh-nestled in the buttery resonance of tomsjesusloversbathrobestom’s scents of Tomhimself which he,, unlike Dr. Alpertstom or Tomstomhimself, had not had the pleasure to wear for himselfs, he waited. Impassible & erected,, his toilette long over, in the silence of the late afternoon fauxkevinpoolboardball-balls rubbed amber scrotum scintillating sepia-toned atmosphere which his genitaria bank had lent its own grandiose earth toned hues to, the #NightCapitolGroupRich440 Millionless Red, color that suited a freshy scrubbed verveine merveille, ‘verveine merveille,’ 2 be enjoyed sober, naked or abuttered in the glade Plug-in Glade of your--#@--[[ClientNameHere]], private pubic allotment. Brought 2 you from the toffee counters of automobile candy carbons, baked by Witness: A Husband Husband Husband’s Wife’s Husband Husband Wife’s Husband Husband Husband Husband & Husband Husband & Wife subsidiary and other ((Misc)).  -- --  --

A Police State, Tax Marmelade D’Orange, Vidtenne Groutten Schlaffenschwitz Ibanwaffle

I would like to note down a few sensations & see if they have or share a common tongue. 1)) the feeling of the dog @ the end of the leash as a form of gravity always bending, bending my trajectory, away from home & comforts. 2)) The queasiness of the televisional hi-dull colors imagery slopping through veils in the morning, of the highest of crimes to the just awoken spirit. Tv ((1)) turned on like the victim on a torture-table awakened by a high-voltage current once again, after other excruciations during precedent evenings, fearful, sputtering, delirious, vanquished, nightmarish loggorhea, reeling from visionary  pain . TV is the table, spirit the patient—electricity & information.

(1)   So we brought it back & gave it 2 Folded Back™TB.  


“I love bathrobe.”  - Folded Back’s CEO’s Wife CEO & ViceCEO Husband of Folded BackTB


The Police State, A Lucifer


“The web is stretched. It’s trembling.”
“And then’s a response of shutter inside me, like a radio receiver set on the same wavelength.”

Oh, there’s an evil evil man I saw him shoot his son with agon, and throw him in a grave, very deep, with more me changeling tunnels deepdown. He’s talking to a boy ((like me)) about a girl in his class, saying how very funny the Governement is, and everybody like the girl. And he’s asking the boy Are we members of the Game they used to play ((he’s very calm 2 evil this man, the game is played is his in living room…))

In the Excellent Dream, this guy has shot his son and threw him on a gravy. He was sleeping with his son’s girlfriend. Another part I was part in Mister Dan Messinger
Have you ever felt
Try This Before

One man asks the other – taller in the game
They test you by turning your bones with a special machine
Then they give you back your hardbones
But it’s never be the same

How funny to dream of someone softening the bones of an acquaintance.
They take you in the solidity round your marrow, and they give you back
Can’t stand
You’re no longer mobile
You must be pushed on a gurney
No longer does anyone come

There, and now, no longer the worlds, unreality persists
Just like my unreality, which I protect as if it were my flock
I gratefully cheer my sheep, being sure to take care not to nick the skin,
It is tender, newborn, hardly any light whence the fleece is thick
Filters down through the abyss of animal fluxation
My unreality is the flock, or the fleece, or the flesh, or it is the shephard.
It is me and my States, tastes, preferences, the assiduity of my moods
Or the collection of responses like #Brilliantine Blades

Availed to my doomed gladiators, who reek of garlic and fear
The hurdey-gurdey drone from somewhere
In the thick walls

I saw flowers I saw flowers
I saw photos of flowers, I
saw the tumbling of the heart

Took notes on #foldedcharacters
On something I remember

For example, Giancarlo’s Grandmother’s car’s smell


More Notes about the Bone Game

Fish have cocaine behind their eyelids
And I am ((chimera)) Human morphined

We didn’t do our project.
Eye’m pregnant
He’s gonna get a job
Out at the mechanic’s
And Eye’m gonna get a job
On a CashVine

And we’re gonna be aired

((each one they done away from inside the school
on a Black Ford Escort-kind of car my dad used to have))

Before that, the art Teacher played by Richard Dreyfus,
-          who is also the Gym Teacher was gently euthanizing
the Art Students for their crappy artworks.

One boy had a notebook full of squareblobs
With big jelly eyes that were crying, and leaking
#bigfattears #overthemselves

Before that, he said that another person’s artwork was “crap”
And he stuffed a calculator in one of the student’s pocket
With the battery_hatch showing to be off
And the batteries all just bled
And somehow his fingers were stuffed
In the battery case.

Giving the student the middlefinger in a really aggressive way
That in movies is supposed to be funny ((think of all those comedies
Where aggressive acts are laurded with laughs, especially
Unprovoked ones, or ones that bluntly rejects

Before that, the teacher had walked over from the #@WrestlingRoom,
Pulling his uniform to go to the #@Artroom.
He had been saying how he raped someone
Rapt, raped, raped them

Even though it was known that they had been having consensual sex.

In another part I was walking around with #JeffNagy.
He was saying that poems in what is now called
“A lifetime of arousal from the dream of sucking my own cock”,
But which then was called “Where is Michael”
Was the best he’d read of me.

He had a dufflebag full of #Sneakers, and through it on the ground.
And I was very tempted by the mini-sneakers
“Mother gets killed
And the kids get a reality,
That’s not fair.”

The Police State, Live your life with me

“Help! Please ! Bleeding From Penis?”

For the #@Interlife

-          He wake up in a room, amnesiac.
-          The room is full of metal objects, and lifeforms.
-          Your first step is to recognize the room.
-          Where are you?
-          Looking for your “Lantern”, your
                                               ((I hear you deleting in the Afterlife))


‘Moi? Debrained? Tuch tuch tuch tuch tuch.’