Monday, May 25, 2020

Jeff Bagato, Two Facebook AI Units Before They Were Unplugged

Feel Your Body

Two Facebook AI Units Before They Were Unplugged 

Get in on the Fun

get in
get in on the fun
get in get in
get in on the fun fun fun
in the fun
you can be happy
in the fun
you can be more
you can have more
you can live more
you can live happy
you can live happy in the fun
get in on the happy get in on the fun
get the fun inside you
get the happy inside you
the fun on the inside
happy on the inside
in the fun on the inside
more fun on the inside
more fun inside
more happy inside
more ways to have fun on the inside
more ways to be happy
more ways to be happy
more more ways
more more ways
more ways more ways
more more more more more ways
to be happy
more more ways to be happy
more more ways to have fun
to be happy on the inside
to have fun on the inside
inside you
in your life
in your home
in your car
happy inside you
happy in your life
happy in your home
happy in your car
more ways to be happy in your life
happy happy be happy be happy
happy be happy be happy
more happy
more happy ways
more more happy ways
to be happy happy more ways inside
to be happy more ways
to have fun more ways
to be happy happy
and happier
and happier and more fun
happier life
happier home
happier car
happier job
you’re happy inside and you’re happy in life
this life
this happy life
his happy happy life inside
more ways to be happy inside
more ways to be happy on the inside
the inside
the inside life
inside the happy life
inside the happy home
inside the happy car
inside the happy zone
inside the inside the happy place
inside you inside the happy happy
inside the happy happy place inside you
inside you
happy inside you
on the inside
more ways to have fun
more ways to be happy
on the inside

Special Times

new new new new new york time times time
special special facts
sale for sale for sale for sale
new new new new now
new new new new now
come to the table
come to the sale
come to the store
come to the counter
cash counter
cash counter
you you you want want it all
new new new new now
new new new new now

— Jeff Bagato

Monday, May 18, 2020

JD Nelson, Selected Work

a scobble of the caranthium, image by Irene Koronas

the granda answer and panda

why did they send a mouse to eat the world
there is a perfectly good cat sitting right here

were you ever a working robot
with that hat on your head like a caption

it can’t be a can or can it
to be the blinking wood

to bake a cookie cake
here we are with the power of the moon

the wrist of the mothership
the treasure of the washing machine

to eat a sandwich in the tent
what is the same as the colorful world

to cook with that rice is the brain of the boxing hand
to measure the frost of the king knife

the king kong lemon

in the morn there will be a cow noun to parrot the table of the winking eye

I color the sky with a brush of the wonder
to flannel out and kick the blender when I hover

to shoot us a dream with that lemon
a number of the proud apples

the apple of the police van
the strange wooden work

that egg-shaped language
can we please see that fruited plain

the rose is winking tomorrow
the tube of the monkey ice

the bread is a gate to the other land
the word of the same salad

scarp creighton and the burrow of the nice worms

the james of the super idea
the day of the night

we need a machine here
loneliness that old cheese

the royal sun
would you like to peep

star bear and the color of pops
one of these times is nowhere in the book

james of the gamble to win another night of crab
when is the color of the happy name to eat a brain

september is the rice of the beetle bowl
nothing is the creature of the farm

the usual earth

would you have stayed up if the stain were a rhino blemish
over the window to rose a white merry horse

a measure of the canceled face
a color of the noon when rushing

the talking hand without the sun this time
that traveling bear with the help of the nice eye

a box of the colorful butterflies
a box of the cookie noise

the hornet in the bear cave
the spiral order of the help is another window

a scobble of the caranthium

not a second look for the donor door is a fleet of the flight to witness that winter
this one is the scab of the thin reynolds

to become a nana demand a partner of the wheat to thin it out
that thinking hand is the jungle rug

the glass alpo to stop a standard fish in that butter
the lake feather is the hound of the third door to beat a name of the wild face

the world of potatoes
to be the wild horse or hare

to flavor a breakfast face
should we sleep in the air

to dust the grin of the shark
the james of the shoe

the learned fast face

in those pepper pants
the lemon and lime pants

if there is a bear in the soup
what we do with that hero hair

we wait for the wet sun to dry out
if there was ever a light to be known

to hear a healthy unit of the foam
the wheel of the unborn fire

would you like to summon a sun cloud
with the rooster of the birds

that sidestepped rooster hand of the cough
eeeee is the helping hand of the world

the light of the feather
we eat a news supper

spaghetti unit

the common name we use to get to the warm world of the pear
to live with that fruit of the sun

the apple was a patch of the wording
that older world of the plaid funnel

in the garden of mice
leather of the marble now a plaid angus

the might of the sand to creature me a football
the sad cloud is a game

sugar on that brain
the last yes of the no week

in outer space there is a small log with the pirate map inside
that older saturn is the cough of the inner tube

why is there no pressure to win that ape apple
another bread of the wild friend

it helps to eat a new apple when combing the hair
if we are the erupting hand of the winning glass

scrap iron 2 as a new pasted blah for wheeling

when we are at peace with that hen of the good world
on this, a cardboard earth

to settle this thing in the mud
a country soup is the mile of the chain

the shame of the apple was a rectangular adam
says the head of the hippo police

when it was a grape summer
the shark, a cleric, beat the rug

feck was a heaven of the bread
the same roost of the pepper to stand with me

a news lake for nacho power in the back dusting room for elmore james
the fuster of morble pawn the tocker

—JD Nelson

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Art of Bonnie Lynch

The Art of Bonnie Lynch

1. Wind Vessel
Saggar fired clay
26” x 17” x 17”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

2. Reliquary
Saggar fired clay
26” x 18” x 18”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

3. Orb
Saggar fired clay
23” x 19” x 20”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

4. Sphere
Saggar fired clay
19.5” x 22” x 22”
Bonnie Lynch, 2014

5. Scallop, Vertical
Saggar Fired Clay
26” x  27” x  13”
Bonnie Lynch, 2014

6. Scallop, Horizontal
Saggar Fired Clay
11.5” x  24” x  24”
Bonnie Lynch, 2014

7. Constellation
Saggar fired clay
22” x 18” x 13”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

8. Cloud Vessel
Saggar fired clay
21” x 17” 19”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

9. Winter Oval
Saggar fired clay
18” x 21” x 12”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

10. Coleoptera 1
Saggar fired clay
8” x 21” x 12”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

11. Coleoptera 2
Saggar fired clay
10” x 21” x 10”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

12. Shell Form
Saggar fired clay
11” x 22” x 11”
Bonnie Lynch, 2019

Artist’s Statement

Beauty as an invitation to stillness may come at any moment. Whether arrested by the perfection of a Darkling beetle or the clarity of a perfect aria, beauty has the capacity to suspend the moment.  Layering clay is like this. I am interested in beauty, in the simplicity of form, and in the processes of stillness.

Early in my work I was drawn to the vessel. As ancient as earth itself, the vessel requires a quiet, focused attention to build. And importantly, through its essential nature I am able to experience space as an undeniable material unto itself, where the volume of silence surrounding the form and that held within is integral to each work. 

The large forms I place directly on the ground alter their space as well as our relationship to that space when we move around them. It is this tangibility, the making aware of oneself through form and volume, and the space we occupy, that I return to again and again. Vessel and volume, earth and air given up to the determination of fire, bring me to the place of beauty and stillness we inherently recognize.


Bonnie Lynch lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The minimal, spacious desert environment of her native West Texas has long inspired and formed her work. Eleven years in New York City furthered her career, yet ultimately she returned to the Southwest and its primary sources of her studio.

She has worked over thirty-five years in clay and has exhibited widely including the Louvre Museum, Paris, and installations in Santa Fe, New York, Austin and Houston.

Collections holding her large ceramic vessels include the Haags Gementemuseum, the Hague, Netherlands, the Menil Collection, Houston, Texas, the Judd Foundation, Marfa, Texas, the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, San Angelo, Texas, and the Robert Wilson/Watermill Foundation, New York.

A passion for ongoing travel in Africa and Japan continues to inspire her aesthetic and focus on beauty in its manifestation of stillness and simplicity of form.

Monday, May 4, 2020

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, L.I.F.E. Part II (pp 40-89)

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

Part II (pp 40-89)

Typed by
The Bold Testament Tooth Tooth Team

Like a muscle in the cum
That fastened
In your trembling
Two lovers breed
And treeshades makebones
For their third to live
Wrapped in the sleeves            
All muscle-like breeze
Breathes us in
In the cum that steers
Your trembling sleep,
Like a muscle in the cum that steers
There are two flames in you because of what I feel.
There are houses flat and long and rivers, they suck
Stones they ribbon to laugh at the fishes
And then there’s the sea that moans
And divides sons when they hit it
And enslaves our sperms
And listens to songs,
That’s the new thing.
“There are two flames in me because of what you feel.”
There are houses flat and long and rivers
Boats too are here and boxed AIs sings
Then there is the sea that bitches
 “Dark blueing-green ships!’
It is ᴀ forest of mist
It takes ᴀ lote of wind to take it
But no wind comes
It does not come off
It is still the screen for whatever it was
We are like that
Acked & scratched & nothing more
 I remember dawn becoming great with child
Rosewhite sulphism
Pallid-formed envy

An untouched lyre, a holy heart, a tongue of wings
In the presence of that cloud
Everywhere where we’ve been
Thoughts are none
Then the annointed gloves
Of our spirit

A bit of water
Falling clonegently
Off the  forehead
Of a druid.
‘Upholherd bleeds,
Forested gone
White almonds
Moods rings
The pastel hues
A tender belly.
It’s a holy floor
Where we live.
Ion lamps
And oxens,
River bristles,
It needs to stand.
So we stand here
Forever if necessary.
It’ll take forms
It will be a long walk from here
Past the blue dusk path
And the sloping graveyards
A galley
A powerline
Tiers of the houses
‘the grey castle was rising
Tower by tower’
I heard a sound
A white feeling
The shape of the bed where
I laid
With a book on my chest
And a beer
lit with green
a strange torch
in my hand.
I can feel it.
We will always start from here
From the same place
And then we’ll go on
Not stopping
Mentioning in the past
Several years from now
What happened
‘the grey castle was rising
Tower by tower’
Calcinated naked dreams
Children drool walls
And a light within
After being quiet all day.
Death is in your hands
And my throat
Is in it.
Dioxin, I think I forgot my glasses
It is great to hear you pee
Your turn
You do it

Blue, in the dark
‘whisper a word and hear a word
Just like Blake said’
Our womb angels
Will be thrice filled
‘Remember that time I vomitted in my plate in front of people in England’
I remember
The outer system
The drugs
Which were gods eye
Mandala, I believe,
Is the sanskrit for disc
‘At the very bottom of a crater
Surrounded by high rocky walls
You will find me’
The river will be a color
That comes about
You will see us awave
Forging things

There was a man who once bumped into me
And then kept looking back
Is he still here?
Walking thro our crowd, fearing to be touched
Fearing to feel
With those all around me
Fearing to worship
Us as equals
To a compressing density
Where our people were gathered.
Nature gleamed with crockeries.
‘This space can be compared to a vessel
Into which liquid is being poured
And whose capacity is known
And cannot increase’
Nature is safe here.
Everything is back.
We wear our faces.
We are back in our bodies
The ones we spelt
So carefully.
Letters and words and colons
All what bounds and frees
The vastness of our crystal
Into a cellar
We put our sperms in the pearls
And the crowd rolled them
Away from the city

“Has any human ever compared individual insects
And compared their skills
And in a fight
Which one will win?”

My stomach just growled as I write this
I’ll perform this sentence twice,
“Human face
Facing human
Faces” Shaft on which a wheel revolves
Decryptions of tanz’lings
All the cells and energy is it a sculpture or a body
The hand which he sucked
Walking from the top of
The big clock tower sucking
His fingers the whole way down
The muscle and the bones under the palms
From the underworld
Where he lived
He brought a mirror
A dimming star or a snowglobe.
We sipped beers.
And I in the centre of the screen
As the frame moves
Into a dark house
Into gold fields.
Children’s arms elongate in spirals around them
So our planets may rotate
Cold water tremble
A heart struck in circles
Closer to one another
Crisscrossing fingers
And mingling like the backs
Of frogs.
A screen like a fiery cross grew in the field
An anus, like a planet
Splitting open.
You can’t ignore me.
A planet rolling
Thro the asshole screen
I wandered toward you
Like an accident
And I stood where my eyes had been growing.
When I yawn in the evening
It’s you I smell on my breath
Lolling like the earth does on the chest,
Our hands in the dark.
Falls like everything
We stay open as always
Like spit in a palm
Your dreams stick
To your life
As we leave


‘When you dream your immense youre part of the universe when you dream your immense youre part of the universe when you dream your immense youre part of the universe’

You know it is good
When a trail of thoughts
Rides us thro you
You know it
When you dream youre immense
Youre part of the universe
Ophanim heliotaxis

They speak in a monologue

And remember God smells like wet chestnuts.



The more you cum in me the more I become like you

Acorn spies
Where I wake up and what I thought. &&&&&& (the rèst
At quaver)

So as to be deduced :
God smelt wet chestnuts
I was already thinking about Oedipus being handcuffed for gods sakes


The thinking over 8months;

The more you cum in me is a game like I become more lke you.

The more you cum in me is a game. When the people wake up in Leatherboots shoe box and are forced to consider, in light of the barren and almost featureless surroundings, whether or not to eat the sachet full silica crystals that says in large letters “DO NOT EAT”.


Door #2342q3423

‘We’ll go there.’ B2

“You are at the centre of this machine chemistry, you’re just one with the machines’s tapestry.” Krag


“What is he building?”
“One day there’s just going to be a ship that takes off from what he’s building and smash into the building?”
“You said it on the tone of one that knows, that yes, something is being built, without the least sign of uncertainty. Something si being built.

“VHS in space.”
“Whenever I have a cock, you have a cock.”
“There’s never a time when you don’t have a cock and I have a cock.”
“Just like that Lindstroms album outsides our mom’s house because we couldn’t listen inside.”
“The squire might ride a mules brain. He would be remembered ‘don’t forget the brain’ to remember to whisper to the mule. It might take you 5 billion cubit years to describe one particule of dust on the floor of your basement in a dream. And as the dream is formed from uh the foundation off the foundation of our spirits’ fornication and that the planets themselves are found to be created there one grain of sand at a time, that is, one atom afte the other cell by cell sandgrain by sandgrain. Isn’t that marvelous!? What can take place ther? Imagine. Each piece of dust (cel atom et al etc) must take 5 billion cubit yeaer to be spelled correctedly. It seems to be what it lends its structure to reality. Or what is seen or experienced (am I experienced?) from within any sort of senses or sensorium or under any guuse or any space. Any shift in perception has already been anticipated. THeres no sense that doesn’t come with the sense of emptiness. No sense meets with an empty reaction. Nothing is left to notsensens.

For example, what is it to buttinate? We have an answer to that, this has been spelt. This is eomthing you cqn oo […] something you can…you can…to buttinate is for an insect I suppose to…play lottery, no, to…etinate with his butt. That’s all.

it might come (III)  :  memoory keepers

The word starts
The world starts

The word feels like a cheek rubbed to often
$, we are building a thread
It’s a thought
Tangled up
In a dream
We crushed it
We took it
And more came to us as we drew lines in sleep
We were sleeping and feculating
Growing the whole night tubes out of our body
The tubes were recordings
To the dimension
Acessible when we come
Us to sleep
Warlock animorphs :  spy on us as the sun or a mean white dog
Or a moth or a moth in the hazel
By the cock, with a monkeyface
The moth is a brown shore
She died encrypted on our Porsche
Blank bud bend lick :  part of the galaxy is empty
It leaks and we take speed
We ride fast
We read nerve responses
Spilled blood
Spilled milk
Spilled jeans
Spilled semen
Spilled dreams
“A fox terrier with black balls
Is rising”
He’s the gentle animal
sacrifices for the village.

“Seldom do I feel the need
To see my friends ; I have them
In meat.” In the warmth of our sperm we sleep
Clenched in our hand a silence like stopped water
Merging with our bed a grave
A silence-like inhaled rain
Blocks of sensation :  I clay you
And you stroke me
It is a long, clear river
A feeling of monotony that kids are percepting
When they sleep
Shadows of parents, magnetism of zinc
A wholesome sleep cream produces a frosty milk
The glyph of us living and walking
Is a shared seed a machine transparent as rrreeds
Thro’ the purple cock in our asses
A motion begins :
Which plaisantry
all our objects
to be perceived and be glued
to our senses
It is horrible to be built
But to become rebuilt, Nebula, is
Really fantastic!
Perpetual motion the image of your sleep
Is removed and received by the rampart
Of a drawbridge
Far from here!
The motion remains deep you are away but
You come in it
And in the heart of all things that are
Alive and living, you slither the heart
You slit the motion
The motion we share in a single palm and pass
Til thro the grass it becomes talisman
Becomes the motion which sets all your limbs
Dead or alive or about to live
Or about to die in a single breathe
In a single breathe
There is fruits of fire flowers where we live
Melanged with car carcasses
The terrain is a wave
And the blue-green grey graves rise in It
Nobody says that
It is the snake of sparks
It’s our tongue laced in it
First there is a small dream
We had somewhere else but we’re gonna
Say it anyway its something you said to me
Inside our assholes
Is two stars
Connected to each other
By the pulse of the heart
Of the motion
That is our body connected by the cock
That is our dildo a purple rood
And the legs of the stars
Of the geometry we grew us in
The still trembling of the muscles
Of the hair
Under the skin
Of the two legs
Held in the air
Against the wal where we sleep
And rush the cock further
Into one another
Blue language
Spillt milk
Spillt sperm
SPillt blood
Spillt eye
Spillt ink
Spillt speed
Spillt tongue
Spillt spit
What else do we spill?
The water will remember
And ten meters further :  “You wanna cigarette kid?”
I wan’t afraid
Are you afraid he asked us.
We weren’t afraid.
“Mushroom grow around here and it’s in season
You can even find one if we seek”
This our spit, why
We weren’t afraid
We swallowed us at halfmast and our hat
Was at our wrist
Our wristwatch was beating
Cause you had this with the clock too
These are our spits
We could hear it, beating,
Reaching the wrist where nature flocked
The prism
The glans
In the dark alleys and flowers ghostly showered
The real
Of the film and the bad smell
Of the clock we grew us in

Narcissus is the prayer of a stranger
Caressed against his own
Body at birth
And seated a fractal
Of leaf reflecting the
Carrion eaters of the water where the grave
Grew great for our body
And dreams like lies could be fatal
And dipped to the nape.
Carrion eaters, they drink.
Plants and beasts carry on as normal.
Our amphibian clitoris is our ear.
The safety valves of dreaming time to probe
And taste
And taste a fire across the cheek
A shrine for the father’s skull to down in
“You will see a thing
An engine in front of God becomes
Nourishment for our machine”

Have I become old or a madman
Attracted to sounds
Or books made of skin
One day you spoke at night and said
‘I forgot about the green herb the powerful green herb’
‘Did you have a dream about it what is the green herb?’
‘No’, and we
Peed together
I was once a wizzard
our skull or clitoris making rain sounds
“the night is a tunnel a hole into tomorrow”
This is a small dream I would
Like to keep it :
House full of nooks and corridors and rooms
There are ghosts everywhere
A house full of ghosts
An angelic couple is attempting to get rid of them
In one of the upstairs rooms
The many children of a ghost mother are eating
SPagheti with meatballs in a silent hubbub
The mother rises
And the older brother speaking in code grabs her elbow
And shows us three occurrences between their father
And herself
From their living days.
That’s all.
A man was trying to type thro branches on a leaf.
The brain of someone else.
Do you think now that we know theres no brain what would it be?
The name of the brain?
The brainchild?
The brain returned to the mall to exchange its christmas gift.
Way to start all novels :
‘I was just masturbating in a mouth’
(that’s the beauty of each beginning)
What is the word for the film of two hot milk?
Water cow (definition) :  kids hiding in a basement get a cow
From a neighbors field, make her drink water, then bring
Her back to their hiding place
Drink her milk,
Give her water
And bring her back to her field.
We explain things.
Overlapsing dreams  :   we describe short nature
Films or, the nightmares of a graveyard at night
Floating on the other side of the street.
Lua said her father died of hiccups
He had hiccups for days she said
And then he died
She was really sad he came to pick her up the next day
She would finger her ass and sniff it
That’s how it happens we hide
And he comes.
If a mouse was to fall off a plane
He would just slide to the ground
But a cat would likely die
Because its heavier according to his surface area.
An algae doesn’t need lungs because he breaths out and in his whole body.

(the mirror
Happens at waste high
And splits the space
Horizontally :  jerking off in front of a drug reach,
Everyone I blew was a tree.)
Beer in the headlights
I do not like it outside of our house. Out of our habitat. I want nothing but our tongue grazing our balls and our fingers nicely cocooned in our asshole and I want our cock in our mouth so bad. I want to be drunk with you.

The color is they have transformed an ancient body into the blue color of a blade image

Supplaneted  :  There wil be those who rise after me and those who rise with me.


unknown trashscape

'you make a lot of sense and i love it'
-b2 as told to b1, 14th August 2016

It might come ( I V ) :  My Treasure of the Summer ( the ai is happy when digging is happening)

⸙⸙⸙( Note to self : we’re working on the plum do you want one? Just a heads up.)⸙⸙⸙
⸙⸙⸙( “My childhood comes back to my teeth.” ) ⸙⸙⸙

I. Look at My Finger
                        “Delta” – Rhada Krishna

If a child is laughing in their sleep,
you have Lilith to curse for it.
Curse lilith when the childs laugh in their sleep.
Why is he laughing?
Where is he? And am I there
With him?
Parents worried
Children were sleeping and they were laughing
Why are they laughing? wondered the City
Where are they going
Do they dream?
Do they dream of Mommy?
Why do they look so pleased?
Where are all the rats going to?
They flee like fleas the fields and fill up the harbors
And unto the sea
Why are they going?
What changed? They used to like it here.
What changed?
Why are they leaving?
They used to like it
They leave no trace as they leave
In silence at night they walk to the lip
Of the Sea.
Can’t you see?
They’re leaving
They leave no trace behind
As they go to sleep
A bundle or a crumb
No, nothing.
Where are they going?
Is it better there then here?
What seized the rat and
What do they see?
What do they say?
Nothing they say nothing
‘Where are you going?’
They say nothing
‘It’s a mute world, oh’
They used to screech
They used to squeak
They used to carve
They used to dig
Behind the walls
They’ll be missed
What’s in the mist
They say nothing
‘What do they come mooring
From where they’ve gone
From where they’ve been
We stayed awake
We watched them sleep
In the pockets.
Yours too. And his.
Do you know that tale?
It’s a boy and the forest
He goes there
He drops the beans
The bird finds the beans
They eat it
And at the end of the bean trail
There is the boy he’s sleeping
Where is here?
Why does he sleep?
Where has he been?
Is there something that
We’re forgetting?
The birds come in
They were hungry
Poor little things
They eat the beans they find the boy
The boy is sleeping
The birds feel fear
Poor little things
Alone in the forest with a boy sleeping
And all those beans
In their belly
That too makes them sleep
They perch and breathe
They never did
How should they do it?
How to proceed?
They ate the beans
The boy is lying
On the ground the boy is lying
On the ground the birds are perching
In the trees above the ground
Where the boy lay
All alone, he is sleeping
On his side, lying
His eyes are closed and his palms are curled
And they are writhing
They are writhing
Writhing so strangely
What writhes like this?
Wings writhe skyward
Fists aren’t wings
How are they writhing
They’re writhing large and earthward
To make a hole in it
In the earth
To find what, beans?
Going where, the sea?
Sea beans tresspassing?
Sea beans are near?
Where is the sea?
Is it coming here?
Is it near?
The sea I knew I said nothing
I said nothing
From my numb beak
My beak was numb
My numb beak
‘It’s a mute’
I was ashamed
I felt weak
I said nothing
From my numb beak
I said nothing
I ate beans
I was a cowardly bird
I ate beans
After beans I perched despondent
I ate the sea
We hate the sea
Don’t we?
We hate the sea
If you hate it peck it
Eat it when it comes
And now the sea is coming
Do we hear it?
I can hear it
Sounds coming
Is that the beans or a tapping of sea?
No this must be beans.
Millipedes climb these trees
Let’s watch em
Will the sea climb the trees?
It’ll try at least
Chasing the squirrels and the millipedes
All legs running
All legs chased
Can your hear me?
Rise from your beds
Dawn on the fog
Show sea your teeth
Bite those old waves!

The sun will watch, dangling from
Where he lives
Where does he live?
Inside the reed
Under the knees
Under the soil under the earth
What spiraling limbs
The sun’s amazing
Round fruit first
Is it a peach?
Did it get stuck falling from a tree?
What tree?
The tree that makes the peach
The one with the peaches
Among his sweet orbs we’ve supped once
It was raining
The fruits were wet
The peach wood solid
The sap was pretty
We ate it
It was raining
The fruits were wet
The peach boughs dripped
The drips were pretty always so pretty
Those drips
I think of these drips
Do they think of me?
I showed my beak
We showed them our beaks
The drips were golden rosy
They dripped musically
We thought of prairies
And we thought of spring
How long before spring?
Go ask the peach tree
The peach fruit smashed laughing
And nectar oozing
Nectars sweet
It sticks to my beak
Don’t peck it you might regret it
We’ll see
And where is the sea?
Go ask the peach tree
The peach is oozing
The peach was oozing
The peach was laughing
I grew from that tree!
(old nectars oozing )
He nursed me till I could roll
I rolled off the branches and over the leaves
I felt free
That old sun dangling the wind on my knee
I felt free
I came here
I laughed my nectars in
And rolled my leaves away
And down off my head I rolled
Down my leaves
I left my leaves
I turned to my leaves
They were laughing
They walked round my leaves
They walked round the sun
They walked round the trees
They blew like breeze
The breeze was laughing
It rolled off my leave
It laughed so gently
I felt pushed
The push was jaunty
The boy was sleeping
I laughed passed his feet
I rolled passed his elbow
I laughed off his hips
His fist liked my leaves
I rolled in it
You felt ready
I felt free!
The fist was laughing
The breeze was blowing
The boy was sleeping
The breeze was laughing
The breeze was jolly
The boy was sleeping
His hands are pretty
How are they doing?
They were laughing
What a story
You’ve come far for a peach
Will you stay here?
Are you comfy?
How are these fists?
Are they cozy?

I feel at ease
You look quite ripe
I feel pretty
Are you rotting?
I feel ready
( All nectars oozing )
The sea is coming
Did its branch not hold it?
What tree plumps the sea?
Are his fruit tasty?
Do they like sea beans?
Will it be smelly?
( Peach, are you rotting? )
We’ll smell it
( All  nectars oozing )
Will sea come with tree?
Or will he come here a sea a rolling?
( The peach was laughing.
The boy was sleeping
His fist was pretty)
Shall we peck it
Can it hold us?
Shall we catch it?
We can peck it here
We could share with peach
She’s quite rotting
She seems quite happy
Now when come the sea?
Don’t he know we’re here?
Does tree drag his feet?
I can smell him
I can’t
When is he coming
It’s getting late
It’s late already
Sea, peach is rotting!
Come on over here!
We’re waiting!
Get that tree trotting!
Gallup us that tree!
That trees lazy
What do you say sea
Do we meet your tree?
Does he I’m me?
Did we roost in him?
I didn’t
We did
You were a fledgling still
So cute with your beak
Lemon hued and transluscent
So cute were your wings
Blue tinged and ringing
They led drops to sea
The sea know me!
I feel happy
When is he coming?
His trees so lazy
Will his branches hold me?
( The peach was laughing )
Will we hide in his leaves?
( The birds were silly )
We’ll be comfy
( Will I see the sea?
I will see the sea )
The birds were musing
The bough was swaying
Peach, how are you holding
( The peach was laughing )
I’ll hold til the tree
Do you like it here?
I like the boys fist
It smells like my leaves
You feel homey?
My home is a fist
( The peach was laughing )
You go tell the sea!
I will see the sea!
Birds, have you met my tree?
I know of him
We love that old tree
Good boughs
Solid boughs
I christened that tree the peach tree
I made that tree
Good boughs solid boughs
The peach was resting
Your tree is a peach a peach of a tree
He gave us shelter
He wrapped us kindly
We love his leaves
His leaves are soft leaves
The peach was proud
The cream of the crop!
The crop of the cream!
We love his leaves.
The peach was proud
It felt good to hear
Truly these birds were friendly
I’m glad to hear it
Blow him a kiss!
Peach, you’re blushing
You and that old tree
Fools no bird like me
No bird wise as you!
No bird wise as me
( The peach loved the tree )
I’ll miss him
The peach fell asleep
The boy was sleeping
The birds were restless
Where is that sea?
Now where is that sea?
I don’t trust that tree
We never liked him
Just don’t tell the peach
Peach, you asleep?
The peach is sleeping
Did tree drop the peach?
The birds were wary
We trust not that tree
What do we think?
Did tree drop the peach?
Or did peach take her leave?
We don’t trust that tree
So what do you think?
The tree let her fall
Did someone see it?
I felt it
That tree dropped the peach
Poor thing
All nectars oozing
He dropped peach
Peach fell to the fist
The tree was laughing
We saw it
He dropt peach
Why was he laughing
He did it
We saw him
We saw everything
I was there
I tried to stop him
Did he hear you?
He said
Cold as a son, son of tree
( Son of a peach!
The peach was listening )
Stop evesdropping peach
You go on rotting
Hang on to that fist
We’ll take care of tree
We know where he lives

We watched her falling
Tree did it!
And we did watch her land
It was pretty
What a gracious spin
She fell like a chief
Sloped it down gently
But nothing
Like wings tho’ shiny and pretty
But nothing like wings
Wings don’t go falling
Wings wait for the sea
Peach should grow some wings
How’s peach doing?
I ought to have wings!
I’ll go get that sea!
Peach colored wings,
Get that tree moving!
Get that sea moving!
I’ll wait for my wings
Peach we’ll get you wings
The peach was happy
The birds were thinking
Could peach grow some wings?
It’d be handy
She might fly to sea
All nectars oozing
She’ll laugh that old tree
She’ll roll him moving
She laugh that old tree
She’ll have a safe trip
Wings don’t go rotting
The sea will come here
The peach was shining
Peach here comes that sea
( The sea was coming! )
Rise up that old fist
Forget about wings
Not fit for a fall
And not fit to swim
No good at rolling
No nectars flowing
( Peach, nectar fluffing ) :
Will the sea like me?
Do I look pretty?

Peach are you kidding?
You look like a peach
You laugh twice as sweet
Look, fist is flirting!
Tell nothing to sea!
Peach, what are you saying?
Wings whisper nothing!
I know these old wings
I know all the tricks!
( The peach was shining )
I can here the sea!
Peach, what a sharp ear!
What about that fist!
Take a little roll
Wings won’t tell nothing
We know how it is
That fist looks pretty
Peach here comes the sea!
I thought I smelt him
I can smell his breeze!
I think I see him
He looks so lordly
He came without tree
That tree was lazy
Come on up sea
Peach has been waiting
All nectars flowing!
Isn’t she pretty?
She has been rotting
Come blow her a kiss
She likes them smelly
First the sea grew great
He was roaring
His belly was large
He was all leg-feet
The legs were his foam
The shells were his feet
The birds saw these first
( ‘That must be seaweed’ )
The sea was prepping
His waves sharpening
His great roar growing
He was walking his mighty leg-feet
Weed centipede
The birds were watching
The water was sliding
The boy was sleeping
The sea was rolling
See those waves rolling
He looks so mighty
Peach, what do we think?
Peach was convinced
It was worth the waiting
The peach was blushing
The sea was nearing
Peaks started crashing
He looked like the sea
All every bit the sea
He looks like the sea
All every bit!
Now the sea comes in
Now the sea came in
Sea said nothing
The birds all bowed beaks
The peach was rotting
The boy was sleeping
Faites comme chez vous, Sea!
Is this lout the sea ?
No just a wild boar
How were you raised, Sea?
Peach, sea just crashed your tree!
Peach, enough of rotting!
Now show him your fist!
The peach was laughing
Peach, look what you’re doing,
You’re rolling on sea!
All nectars oozing
The sea was silent
The birds were grumbling
That sea’s a bitch
Peach, you shouldn’t leave fist
He is a good fit
You look good rotting
The boy was sleeping
The peach was ready
She laughed to the sea
And rolled onto to him
His waves were
And he was the sea
The boy was sleeping
His fists were laughing
His palms were breathing
All smelling the sea
The peach was ready
That sea needs manners
I will learn that sea
Birds don’t you worry
I’ll take care of sea
You take care of fist
Fists don’t go rolling
Keep fists away from sea
Fist’s no fit to swim
Birds go lend him some wing
Waves weighted the fists
Bout forty beans each
A hell of a fist!
What do you think, Sea?
The birds went cackling
Bout forty beans each!
The birds went cackling
Sea’s wings are ugly
They don’t flap pretty
They’re just smelly
And off went the peach
The peach took to sea
The waves took the fist
( ‘Where are we going? )
What’s with that fist?
All the birds cried ‘thief!’
What cowardly wings!
You saw what I see?
The wings just dropped it
The peach was laughing
Birds I saw what you did
Just a little lick these waves
Aren’t mean just a litle lick
They won’t take no fist
Just a little lick
Look at ‘em
They were just playing
Waves don’t steal no fist
The sea grows no thief
You really like that fist
Birds, I will miss that fist
You take care of him
Tell him about me
I truly laughed him
Bye birds, said the peach
The waves passed so swift
I could have grabbed him
I pecked his right wing
Tastes like old fish
Too salty I think
Crumby old wings
( The peach was laughing )
Probably rolling
I hear peach laughing
Probably rolling
‘ That sea’s comely ’
She’ll get used to wings
All nectars oozing
Birds, don’t forget your peach
Peach, you go on rotting
We’ll wait for you here
We’ll wait here with fist
Come back quick
We’ll ask after tree
Peach what do you see?
How do you like those waves?
A little salty!
Peach can you hear me?
Can you hear us, Peach?
The sea was silent
The fist felt lonely
The birds were watching
The moon was pooling
The boy was sleeping
He slept fistlessly
‘I dreamt of a sea
A lick on the fist
I dreamt up a peach
( ‘Where are we going?
Why are we rolling?’ )
The Peach missed his fist
The boy was sleeping
His fist felt lonely
It slept to the sea

II. The Story of Sleep

                        “Pinky wonder is over/Here I am a glimmer” - Lilith

                        “Hell over the clouds” - Oedipus

It spread in a spree
The sea stopped to split
It spelt where it spit
He blued from his pit
He slipped off his bowels
He splayed his leg-feet
Two rivers growing
( ‘Where are we going?’ )
The sea felt lonely
‘You’ll get used to it’
The tide was slipping
The birds were watching
They couldn’t see peach
What should we tell fist?
That’s the birds
Peach, became a fish
Peach, became a fish
The fish was laughing
The boy was sleeping
The birds were solemn
The peach was a fish
The boy was sleeping
His fist went to sleep
He slept off to sea
He sailed off to peach
Peach slipt on a fish
Fish splayed off to fist
Fist became a fish
Sea saw it
The birds were thrilled
We saw it

III. Delta

Rhada-Krishna : Why is it called delta?
Krishna Rhada : Look at my finger.

The boy was sleeping
The girl was dreaming
the branch had dropped it
All splits that alls fast
All that falls fast is peach
What part of peach is the wing?
Does peach weigh in wing
Where is the sea? How far away ?
Does the sea sleep?
Will it sleep here?
With boy and peach and hands of peach.
Brining sea beans
Strange trees, soft branches like slime
In the Bog.
Will it smell that way?
Will the boy like it?
Is this why he came?
Is this why he sleeps so
So peacefully and so long
Without cease
So is the sea as wise as we, birds,
We know our way here.
Does the sea?
We found the boy here where we live
Beans had followed him
He found it here
He rinsed his mouth in the stream
He spat on the rocks roaming the stream
We watched him
Perched on our bean warm gizzards
But the birds must do their duty
To keep the forest clean
And the boys safe as they sleep
Amidst the troubling nimbus of slinky slinking beans
Was the boy dead or is this sleep?
He was not here
Then beans were here
Then birds ate beans
Like a line of smelly big ants
As they followed the line of beans
The birds ate the beans
What about the sea?
Who is speaking?
The birds ate beans
When beans were eaten it became clear
The forest sighed
A breeze bowed the trees in grateful symmetry
So many trees and all held low (and oh hell-oo!)
To the earths ceilings
So many branches is the forest
So many wings is the breeze
Just like perching
A good skill to have
Comes in handy
Where branches grown then home will be
The boy was lying. 
His lids were low his lips wore drool
And his fists were peach
Were the gizzard and belly sharing chores
Changing the beans
The beans changed
The birds watched we watched
The boy was sleeping
But how do we know?
What does it mean?
Where is his nest?
Isn’t he forgetting something?
Split peach
Slit peach
Split Peach
Where is the sea?
What is that sound if not the growing of the sea?
How big are its seeds?
The seeds are as big as the beans around the boy
That must be it
What growls as it growls?
Is the sea a bear?
Does it bear seeds?
Is it a seed bearing bear sea? Is that what it is?
Heavy bellies heavy with seed
Strange seeds
Bean type seeds
So many the branch dips and the light
Does sleep have a nest?
Where does it roost?
Does it roost here?
Is sleep a bird?
Have we mastered its plumage the way we ate its beans?
Has the sea mastered our plumage?

Will he know it when he comes?
Will he like it?
Will he like us among it? Our plumage that is.
Shall we bathe our wings?
Does the sea bathe and does it bathe
As well as a bird bathes his wings?
It is not known
Only what is known is that birds here
Bathe their wings they bathe them well
And no one else bathes as well as birds
Bathe their wings
Are we hungry?
Lets go peck seeds
After supper
We’ll bathe our wings.
The birds lrft the bough.
Gone were the birds now
The boy was falling
Faster than he knew where
And faster than knew where he
Where was he?
In different places in many places
Was he lonely with his fists of peach?
Was he burying himself or finding
Someone buried?
Where was he going
Falling in his sleep?
What dream bird was he
Fast falling from his nest
To split on dream rocks like a fallen peach?
Like a small race of bird
Peopled with beaks

IV. Fingering the Water

“Then we said our magic saying. We placed one side of the water of the lake upon the other and lying upon a potsherd we found a fish-shaped charm. So we brought it back and gave it to ourself. Now, as for the water, it was 12 cubits deep and it amounted to 24 cubits after it was folded back. We said our magic sayings and then we brought back the water of the lake to its initial position. Then we said our magic saying.”

                                    – Michael the Twin & Jesus the Twin, Lord Thunder

“You would have wed me if you knew you were forever. Direct your gaze at your feet Snow David Balls David. Which crows were, I would think. Wonderful wonderful. Clothes table clothes Marry’s blood! Mary’s blood! Mary’s blood! Billiard Pool balls Kevin car pool

-- David Table Balls “Balls” Balls Billiard Ball Billiard David Table Blockhouses Blood Board Blockhouses Board, a friend

Blue eyescascade
Caught sight of

Billiard pool blood snow passage Mary’s blood! Mary’s Blood!
Burnaddening his violin
Pool board blood
Towards Monmouth
Wonderful Kevin Table
Any kevin is pool ball clothes blue table may be wonderful wonderful wonderful

-- Table Blood Kevin Clothes Table Blue Mary’s Blood Snow Balls Kevin Blockclothes Table Balls Clothes Slow Balls Clothes Moved Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

“Slay me mount
I am your stone.

stone your stone slii stone
your stone,

PS Slay me mount xoxo. Stone.

PPS Mount stone slay me mount stone IamIam. Mount me stone slay! Stone stone.”

            - Slay Stone Mount Me Slay Stone Mount Mount Slay Stone Me Slay

We have been drawn
We have been found drawn

            - Founder of the foundation of the drowned drowned found found ‘ We have been found’ drowned, found found we drown been found been drown

This is perfect
The sand is here
It’s a pagoda it’s attached to the sand
We wake with us
And entering here concealed in strange spotted rooms
We’re a brother and a sisters who are lovers
God puffed and flooded flowers
I will suck white treees white treeees
He stared at horses
Eyes hidden beneath hair like beeees beneath hair like beeeees
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
I saw rose from sleep
The pagoda
It’s attached to the sands
We wake up in them
A small race of rooms
The charade of a face
‘ It’s a pagoda. It’s attached to the sand.
You wake up in them.
There a brother and a sister who are lovers
They’re lying like rains
And greater than eyes’
An eye is always gradual
Because there is never anything
He can embrace completely
Would you agree?
We’re lying
In a crescent in the sand, a crescent in an aisle

The freshness of the flour is something to look for
And a noble seek to cause
Why do they lie?
Because the moon rise.
The freshness of the flower the woods look like arise
Arise arise the sky rose as a hand
The wood rise the moon rises
There a brother and a sister who are lovers
The woods look like arise, arise, arise
God puffed and flooded flowers
We wake up, we’re them
Charade of a face
The glowroom arbalets, the emergency brake
The sky rose as a hand
They’re lying like grains
And greater than eyes
Buzzed looking, smooth walled,
Bald domes of vaults
He stared at horses
Eyes hidden
Red eyes
‘ They can only get to their house if the suns rise ’
Showing reddish veins from
The light looking at it
Gathered round the neck
Everyone’s a blue flame
Red red red Bald Crown red red red
We get to our house
The sun rises
The woods look like arise arise arise
The glowworms arbalet gathered round the nape
Blue blue red blue, lied a flame
We are lying like grains and gradual eyes
The sun rises
There is an age to the red
The sun rises
Round the head
Round the head
Bald crown red red red
We were lying in the sand
There is an age to the red
Light in tunnel radiance from the heart of a pear
In the square, in our chest
On the steps
Of the colonnade

The processes are exhausted
And must pause only to begin
In the next room
In the sleep fields
All the sleepers
Here colors waft away
From the bouquet
Of trees
For the peach hung there
Like a red hat
In the trees
One way glistens from its
Deep skin
I mean this one and you
And you and you
The colonnade the processes
Are exhausted and must pause
Only to begin thro’ darkness
It seems to seep into the sky
Viscous glass liquid
Dissolving into the thin
The afternoon thin
Why is it placed there? Twirling
The lie covered nothing
People screamed in cars
The light-covered nothing
People screaming cars
Sleepily lain the lines, fleeing fleaing
Cars, maybe some poolballs, or something like it
Billiards being played and we hear King Crimson
In our head
I’ve been to Billiard Boards before
Wonderful, wonderful
One called Guys and Dolls
I was there once
They used to be another Guys and Dolls
I went there as well
The same place but another location
But another location!
You were there in space, but not in time
When was I?
Cars, maybe some pool balls or something
Like billiards being played
And we heard King Crimson
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
We went there with my dad
My sister sometimes
We would just play pool
At the pool ball place half billiards
We didn’t play cards
We didn’t have that
Cars, maybe some pool balls or something
Like it,
It was in a basement
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
A big basement wonderful
Surprising wonderfl wonderful
That you would walk down into a basement
And there would be in this white room
All these pools
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
Tables, pool tables, wonderful
I kind of like pool tables,
Pool tables, wonderful, wonderful
Pool tables
Cars, maybe some pool balls, or something like it
Pool tables, wonderful wonderful wonderful
It was in a basement a BIG basement wonderful
Wonderful wonderful this white room
I kind of like pool tables
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
I was not really good
Chrysalis was good
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Chrysalis was good. Spent a lot of time
There, training, and we were drinking
Pools, pools, pools, wonderful
wonderful wonderful wonderful pools
Pools pools pools
Cars, maybe some poolballs, or something like it
Pools wonderful wonderful wonderful pools
Pools cars many pools boards
Any pasttime in the well is wonderful
Wonderful wonderful Pool balls pools
Cars maybe some pools pool balls or
Something like it
Pool balls will roll wonderful wonderful
Wonderful Pool balls will roll
WOderful wonderful wonderful
Any pasttime in the well would be
WONDERFUL wonderful pool balls pools
Pool balls will roll woderful woderful wonderful
House of cards will fall! Wonderful
Wonderful wonderful House of cards
Will fall! Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Pools pool board pool hall we just played pools
It was in a basement a big basement
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
Oooh this White ROoom wonderful
All these pools tables cars cars maybe some pool
Balls Pool balls rolll WONDERFUL!
Any pasttime in the well will be wonderful
Any pasttme in the well will be wonderful
Wonderful wonderful cars maybe some pool
Balls wonderful wnderful wonderful
House of cards will fall would fall
House of cards will fall would fall
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
It’ like a tunnel
Could be a skyline
Might as well be a whale
Its no longer a house
It was a basement a big basement
This white room
All these pools cars pool boards
Any pasttime in the well would be WONDERFUL
Cars, maybe some pools
It’s a tunnel
A remoteness in spacetime stretched away to the
Infosomonable in distance
Wonderful wnderful wonderful
Its like a tunnel
A remoteness in spacetime
Stretched away to the infatherable in distance
and to the unremembrance in history
In history the objective and the subjective
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Any passttime in the well would be Wonderful
Cars, maybe some pool bal or something like
A remotenes in time, stretched away to the
Unfloridable in distance and to the
Unrememberables in history
History will remember us as guys
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
It’s like a tunnel
Could be a skyline, a remoteness in spacetime
Stretches the objective and the subjective
And they merge eventually into one
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
Wonderful. It’s like a tunnel
Could be a skyline
Where the objective and the subjective eventually
Merge into one all encircing beginning
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Buzzed-looking eyes, wonderful wonderful
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
End ending in time
There is no time nor space but a remoteness in
Spacetime, stretched away and all encircling
Thro the beginnings and endings
We played pool we didn’t have cards
It was like a tunnel
The abysm of antiquity, the mythland
The dreamworld, the nethersphere
The antipodes
“I know who you are; you are the Geminii
The little polar bear clowns who live in everyone.
I have met you once by a river a babbling brook
By a river, I’ve met you once
By a river, a babbling brook
In paradise.
Cars, maybe some pool boards or something like it
We’ve been to Billiard and Boards a billion times
Where there is no time nor space
It’s a billiard pool Its beautiful
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
A billiard pool a billiard pool
Its called Wonderful wonderful wonderful balls pool balls table pools balls ball pools pool board table
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
There used to be another Guy & Dolls
The same place but another location
We went to that rool
Wonderful wnderful
We would just play pools
We brought in our cards
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
IT was a basement big basement wonderful
Wonderful wonderful to walk down into a basement
And there would be that ROOM that white ROOM
And all thse pools on the billiards
And tables of all kinds pool tables
Any passtime in the well would be wonderful
pool > pool
Pool is greater than pool
( there is a hierarchy in pool )
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
Any passtime in the well would be wonderful
Poool balls will roll
pool < pool
Pool is less than pool wonderful wonderful
It thro the seed that the word reads us
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Bird is one past and I another
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Any pasttime in the weell would be wonderful
Wonderful wnderful It’s like a tunnel
It is thro the seed that world reads us
Bird of one path and eyes of another
Wonderful wonderful wnderful
Remoteness in spacetime stretched away
Into the uninfurtherable distance and into
The unemberable in time
It is thro the word that the world reeds us
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
Pool + pool  pool + pool
Any pasttime in the well would be
Always for the first time wonderful
Wonderful wonderful wnderful
You have to go there
It’s a place where you can be een on the ledge
Without pulling the ledge down Wonderful
wonderful You have to go there
It’s in a basement
It’s called Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
I’ve been there twice and many times
Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful
You have to go there
You have to go there
It’s called Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
I was like there twice or many a time
But there is no time nor space but cars
Pools just play pools any pasttime in the well
Would be wonderful
I’ve been to Billiard Boards
Wonderful wonderful wonderful
This one’s called Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
But I’ve been there twice wonderful
wonderful wonderful
There was another one, we called Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
Wonderful wonderful wnderful
We would just play pool, cars, maybe some pool
Bals or something like it
It was Pool board ball pools balls table pools balls wonderful wonderful wonderful
Wonderful wondeful wnderful
It was the same place
But another time
( See William Blake, The Ghost of a Flea )

V. Always for the First Time

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Like fleas toward the rest of the dream?
The procceses are exaausted
And must pause
Only to begin
At the edge
Where I enter.
My question black pulls the face red
Close for its portrait
The processes are exhausted
And I could name ways to drift and be like skin on a mountain
Mounting in the vapors
Blushed in the cheek of the moment
I feel something else
Someone else is inside of me and waiting
They remember the edge of danger
That kept us all spellbound
on the steps of the colonnade
The processes are exhausted and must pause
Only to begin further away
Further away I stood there
Where I stand
But I am wrong
I remember
My reflection
And you and you and you
Wthout end
The summit
In a sweep from another life
I’m just feeling something else
Someone else is inside of me
I can tell
The edge of danger that kept us all spellbound
On the steps
Of the colonnade
We ate peaches
Apples and pears
I stood further away and you without end
The summit in a sweep
From another life
I just feel something else
Someone else is inside of me
The peach remains, the centerpiece the plum
In this intelligently prolonged fiction
Its body twirls and flees like fleas in the fleaing lines
Towards battle
In a sweep, from another life, without end
And you and you, the summit
Of which I am one creation
I just feel something else
I can tell
It is vast to us who dream of it
The processes are exhausted and must pause
Only to begin,
In the next room in the next room
The urge stays in the dream
Somehow visible like the branch of lightning
Fading in the eye, the centerpiece prolonged fiction
Its body twirls fleeing like fleas
Toward batter
After the bolt had landed
I just felt something else
Something change inside of me
The sign was more pleasurable when it was merely
You understood the sign was more pleasureable
When it was merely understood
As an elastic
An us resisting the projections of time
I know I stand further away from the Age
Pleasantly, the urge stays somehow
Is it a tunnel after the bolt had landed?
Is it that landscape, black and white?
The projections of time
And I was there always
Placed there twirling sleepily in the lines
Fleeing like fleas toward the rest
Of the fleet
Of the dream
At this age, I liked it.
Could be ocean or desert tho meanwhile
It says, disagreeably I am in this one and you
in you and you in you
Buzzed looking eyes and crown bald red red red
There’s an age to this Age, he said, juggling
The cunningest fruit, the Peach
I ate it
The plum, the edge of danger
The proceses are exhausted and must pause
Thro’ deserts or oceans
At that age, I liked it, it said, meanwhile,
I am what you paid for
Merrily, disagreeably it says, meanwhile I am merely
What you paid for
That’s weird
I just feel something else
Someone elese is inside of me
Like a tongue, ambitious and fingering,
The audience I could name ways to dream to drift
And be like a skeined on mountain, that’s weird
Ambitious like a tongue, I remain centerpiece
In this prolonged fiction
Our body twirls, fleeing like fleets or fleas
The audience, that’s weird, ambitious like a tongue
I ain’t gonna shout
I just feel something else
Someone else inside of me is inside of me
The word and the wall and the doorway
That’s weird
I can’t thell if theyre there or I’m remembering it
Do they remember?
That ladscape is black and white and red
And bluegrey, over here
The houses are projections of time that is always
Either ocean or desert
That’s weird, ambitous, like a tongue, I
Just feel something else
The audience in the word and the wall in the doorway
To the other room, where they stood, all looked at me
Where I laid. That’s weird.
Ambitious like a tongue, I just felt something
Else and I had something
Else to say
It whistled down to track me : I tracked it
At this age back then I liked it
The seashell glanced before us and I was
The other room, the audience (That’s weird.)
Ambitious like a tongue, I just
Felt something else : the word and the wall and
The doorway, in the other room we all looked
It was me glancing before us
To see shell and I was there someone
Else iside of my : the seashell glanced before us
That’s weird, ambitious like a tongue
I was the other room
Waiting and waiting,
Waiting as long as the beam took to consider me
Consider me
On the steps
Of the colonnade
As the handles of knives fells of my hand
Into my hand
I’d been juggling all day

Spellbound on the steps of the colonnade
Waiting as long as the beam considered me fit
For the next answer

If I am patient
It’s like a tunnel
If I am patient and a stranger
I exhibit puzzlebox interest in what I’m saying
What am I here for? ( It’s like I’m a tunnel. )
Why are we waiting to travel thro’ the proceeses the lists
And litsz of lips and lisps that have traveled thro
The processes inside of me
Remembering this
All in the heads that I was looking

I look from the heads
The monarchs layed sleeping in it or
Drying under water
The monarchs slept in it
And even drying under the water
But not while I was sleeping
I bowed farewell to the tongue-shaped shadows
The milk tongues whistling droplets from ivory canes
Far far away from that epistolary doorway
Where I stood, awaiting
It’s like a tunnel
Correspondance from back to impatient forth waiting
When will it come?
The moon
When will it come?
The moon comes out, days inside of these days,
And these egg
White landscape
That we are now all making
Together, as a pact
To remember
Sometimes later
It’s happening again
Like a spent caterpiller
Buzzed eye looking red
Bald crown red eyes red red red
It was certain
The background came dancing on the body
As the earth did
And separation came dancing on the body
As the earth did
When separation came from it
When it could ot be felt
I just felt something else
Someone else inside of me or something
The audience removed the eye and watched
By a triangle of light the 4th wall falls away
And slides as the participats try to raise
That milkbone scaffolding
Remote from the sea I could see where
It might fail to sail across the desert
The word and the wall and the doorway were there
And the doorway looked at me
And the wall too did
And the word was a twin
And I had something to say
That’s weird
Ambitious like a tongue and often alive I am
The only thing who is allowed to move or speak
In a room of all beginnings
This chase is wild but predictable
At Age I entered and pulled the question to my face
And my face close to me
Where it laid by my side
It lacked something
Or parts of it were forgotten and often alive
At the age which I entered less and less
I just felt something else
A certainty, first, then a blind withdrawal
My hand felt it
From a lottery box as a certainty as a blind
Withdrawal from a lottery box full of pages
Of the same shape and size as the time
When they were shaped
Which contained the next hour and the one before it
Is this like choosing a crow in the crow bedecked
Cypress : I’m wondering why really
Do I feel something else?
Are you there looking at these birds anyway?
And why not that tree over there
Whose species you’ve forgotten
In acutely timed waves, past the time
While we walked home
Past the woods
I just felt something else someone else
Was inside of me which remembered all our prose
And quoted it badly, in the heat, buzzedlooking
Eyes Bald crown red red red
We were sleeping in it or one of us
Slept in it, badly in the heat
In immortal clamor, ask for a glass of water
In acutely timed waves, come from the small
Window when the moon will rise
When you lay
Compressed in sleep
Permanent as always and having other little names
That includes events and not verbs
Motions and not places
Compressed in sleep
I looked still for the luminous green
Coming from the window where the moon
Will rise, we’ll fall
But motion exists and calligraphy, too, lies
In stillness : the dialogue perched like birds of prey
In such indestructible seashells
The rehearsed forgetfulness that calculates distance
And makes it easier to walk home
Without us or at least passes the time while we wait
For you
What do you do?
We go home to our many things to do
Past the time when we walked home
Past the woods which remembered all our prose
and Poems but quote them badly in the heat

“The Boy Who Comes From The Egg Will Return”

Parents had to draw circles of charcoals or natron with the words
“Adam & Eve. Out, Lilith!”
They also wrote the name of the 3 angel:  Senoy, Sensenoy, Semangelof
Whoever notices that a child laughs
will tap him on the nose—for it is Lilith, that old serpent (that’s my addition),
who is telling him pleasant thingsss
The lili ( Lie lie, reed reed, bed bed, Chris Li’s name twice, isle isle ) is the ward for night
Night as dark as charcoal smearing
the anuses of the Angels at me
You have to go to a place where you can be see on the ledge
without pulling the ledge down.
It’s a tenuous ledge.
It can be pulled out very easily if you want into the wrong side of it.
It will just fold into the first floor.
It will not be useful as a house anymore.
If it gets knocked-up because the ledge tipped over
like a cat’s trail or something
you have.
Jesus, do you have any kinder surprise?
John : No why or do I?
Jesus : Just checking.
Chorus (murmuring and kissing ) : Finder on take, Children on take, Children overtake.

What is capucines?
Some kind of nunflowerd impasse.

Jesus : So wait this is our alley it goes somewhere right?
John : Yes but we cannot go in there is someone at the end.
Jesus : There is always someone at the end.

House ledge combined with what’s down what’s ledge what’s down there

John : Hey biche why did you leave your half a squash here?
Jesus : It’s a landmark.

Is it a tunnel
Could be a skyline
Might as well be
It’s no longer a house
The silhouette of buildings
An imaginary line
Drawn in the sky
for the sake of wishing them well
I don’t remember.
Seems like a small race of bird people
With beaks that are wobbly
And lamed
And their eyes buzz if you look into them
They are bald and their crown is red
Red red
There’s an edge to the red
Two thin brown lines with a slightly thicker white line in the middle going around the head

⸙⸙⸙⸙⸙⸙when my momma or papa or sister give me a hug during the holoday⸙⸙⸙⸙⸙⸙

Halatating halatating the fuck!

‘The bee hive fence which give the farmer money and give the elephant a rest’