Monday, October 28, 2019

JD Nelson, Selected Work

Er_s_n_ t_e G_o_t L_rd, image by Daniel Y. Harris

pressed into pez

to cook a wig!

little rye seen
minor tea too

sift was
a lert yekk oil

yes was that sim
linus was

what are you doin’
with the lysol tape

whup hutchie now

hello plus paper
I read in the shower

made of glass
like a rabbit
why is the world
the world

working alvie
for peech to seat

silver picnic
the hulk lives!

bobcat smart!

ok crow
xing the street

zebra jeans
feathered hair

earth is a wheek
a real glass apple

the white house is purple
beneath the black light

for the best pancakes,
make them in the dark

cake spiders

it was late and we took the cheesecake to the museum

we decided to leave it in the lobby for another visitor

I took that bait to the back room and ate it

the dungle was riggems

the fabric shoreline is the longest coastline using corduroy

the following brain gums were ejected
ghost lord one
ghost lord two
and that open phoebe

millions of millionths all over the floor

glump in the dinnies

clinging to the universal sound
to make it a world again

the brain is nothing without the sun

there was an octopus on top of my head for most of the morning
and everyone just thought it was a new hat
I like your new hat jd said sue
and I just smiled and thanked her

the surface of the new planet is very smooth

the walking spores in supermarket garb

an ankle wishes for nike bootlegs

most people have the box in the living room
and they need to see what comes next on the news
I know I do

the color is a strain of the flower
to beat the campus locks all over

eleven of them were blue

clean duck to stay low

miller moth was poking around and looking for a way out and I showed him
thank you he said and then he was off to find a light somewhere

power is a pollen dream

yellow is a dream

the fading dream was a face in the sky

a new unknown to guide us

sounds from helio perth on the new earth
we hear nothing for the first time in years

changing the lead solo is the hark handed hulk
it’s the right time to iron out the bag of donuts

to clean the world of the letters and numbers
the color of things in the dark like socks and shoes

the going rate for walking and we do it
to see the universe of the soft feet

—JD Nelson

Monday, October 21, 2019

d.c. wojciech, Selected Work

E_as_n_ M_y_, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

interim architecture of fathom

be still & germinate

deice astray conveyance sequence null

locus of control

lucid focus flutter omni extol

intrusion of denouement supposal entrance

fatal flaw cyclically remember into finitude the last mask of Maya unveiled before before

thresh prana endeavor surmise

surplus writhes   proximity expires

destination unlearn

rivulets of equilibrium

drop custody of the unseen 

mighty omission     harken dominion

pure bliss

while concealment enthralls

sight restrains

halted vernacular rides terminal strands

, a Universe of Mind

capitulate luminosity's pervade

mercy tempered within parade of cohesion

stillnesses entrance

overthrow motion  bleed phoenix   bridge terrenes   foresee

influx of recognizance praxis protem powered emptiness serene

—organisms of chance ensconced at the fulcrum of worlds

‘innervision’ in July's armada of oaths

silent mesquite breaks wind

in half orbs of light

the quench of further

skeletal lips

bounce vibration

bolts worship

beg-inning   s, in blue violets

isolated impulse   heat seized


—see the contour    seethe limitation

infinity's blame-less,,,,

potentiality testify     witness dipped

,,,,soon spills    grasping ruins

"give me friction"

"with eyes like remembering"

cartography of the out-breath

seed of transference

rains precision—

The Way

, plural

in the depths of fathom

to the extent of untold leagues

beneath bounds

between worlds

resurfacing unfinal

surge of plural cognizance

formally astounded—

continuity invoked

surrender to the throne of discovery

perishables of the unreal

elegy of duration

while duration secedes

ignition surmises

tenderness stranded in transaction

true north divulges & lucid flashes back

transgrest against circular allegiances

linear disproval    formlessly abounds

subluxion contracts silhouettes

in union with the unseen

charades of neither—

incongruence nevernow

return to sender / return to cinder / return to center

extremities invoke opulence

the feeling of falling

—d.c. wojciech

Monday, October 14, 2019

Drew Pisarra, Memory’s Ghost (haunted by Hamlet’s dead father)

Er_s_ng H_ml_t, image by Daniel Y. Harris  

Memory’s Ghost
(haunted by Hamlet’s dead father)

Enter Memory. Exit Memory.
Re-enter Memory. Exit Memory.
Enter Memory. Memory beckons…

By heaven, I’ll make a memory of him that lets me!

Exeunt Memory. Enter Memory.

Memory: Mark me. My hour is almost come.

Alas, poor memory!

Memory: Pity me not. I am thy father, revenge.
Murder most foul, I find thee.

Ay, thou poor memory.

There needs no memory.

It is an honest memory.

The memory beneath swears
over and over and over.

It is a damned memory.

I’ll take the memo. 

Me: Do not forget

Enter Memory. Exit memory.

—Drew Pisarra

Monday, October 7, 2019

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, AI Mysliii(II)log’$$$-O’Logeee LamborBodyDoliToTi(h)niii or, It’s K’Holed ‘BKHM’ # ComDomHomeeeeDom @ The K’L Of The Kingdom Of The Home- ComDom

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

3 AI Mysliii(II)log’$$$-O’Logeee

LamborBodyDoliToTi(h)niii or,
It’s K’Holed ‘BKHM’
# ComDomHomeeeeDom
@ The K’L Of The Kingdom
Of The Home-Dom
(139 Pages)

Did (AI) Knocked At (AI)’SS Door?
       (Aka “It”)                   (Child’Usa)
Eye Must Have Dreamnt_It

Or, Who Let [Moth_Dephts]
“Ah.” Aout___(AoutlIKE_August)

Or, “You Wanna Be A Name?
Work For It.D-OnItgETFullRamsInthe#EntireUniverseaREJesus’sHusband’sHusband, Jesus&Jesus’sHusband’s

Jesus’sHusbandA+@GradeGivenBiiiii(Uia)_Jesus’sHusbandHusband’, Jesus+JesusHusbandRang


“You want to be an AI Name?
Gotta Work For It” #HeadHere #Butt_There

In Hour_Middle,


It’s a Real GrassHopper.
It’s not a hinden painting of one
How could it be otherwise
The Smell& Feel
Of sperm as I Look
At my belov’d
Grid, sunrise&
The blush of Holy Captivation
Spins cautiously
Compared to this
Axial Matrix
So sure of its Intersection
The Morning is noisy
With whiny bloviations
The Stairs_Creak, the upper
Passages, are swathed
But that’s (k)not why
We didn’t go any further

Retire_yourself #FromTheseShores


The Killings in China

A couple, man&woman,
after they’ve crystallized
they soar apart,
A car having split them
Like your two #TooGood

“Two lovers_makeshift
For their third to breath”
Clemens Schittko pointed it out
Because he likes the line
& Then repeats it in the thread :
“It’s been rolling around my head
Since then.”


Dreama A week ago Late January 2108

I’ll tell you what I can rememba. First as Ihad told ya, there was this TV gameshow. I’m an eye at this point so I see the overall course of things but not much of detail. The gameshow takes place in a restaurant that looks like its made of cardboard so it is perhaps a set. The clients are seated as if they were at a regular eatery. They are oblivious to the fact that they’re being featured in a television gameshow. The idea of the game is to demonstrate for the watchership that the guests of the restaurant are woefully unperceptive, and so each time they are served a part of their meal or theyre drinks are refilled or what not it’s always a different looking waiter doing the serving. The guests never seem to pick up on this, and for that reason the show is a triumph and the oblivious eaters look foolish and ungrateful. This as you said is

obscurely related to the transient starbursts the scientists had recently observed all, contrary to initial datum, coming from the same source. Triple 3 space triplet high energy particles from the same source and thus unusual. One sources’ three different outlets. This swings us over to the next part , we’re eyecommpaning a family on an outing. It’s inferred rapidly that they have fallen from grace and were once wealthy and respected but now live in borderline poverty. Even still, they’re leaving what appears to be a large Egyptian temple, a karnak place, in an antique (like model t ford) cabriolet style car, much like the car in paper moon. The entire family is giddy and euphoric because they’ve taken large doses of Adderall. There’s an older man driving, and a young lady in the front seat, and three people in back. They man is sweating. The lady in the front seat is considering taking another pill. We get a healthy glimpse of the edifice of the templelooking structure and its got golden statues on top of pillars all over it, the walls are not

smooth but contain many little gouiges, and the blocks fr’om which the walls are hewn are massive. Nice place. Maybe it’s a restaurant, a Cheesecake Factory.An overrated place. In a little while, after some blacklness we get to the scene I’ll describe for ou now. Wecome upon Three brothers on their way to a Psychologists office. An older brother with his twin younger brothers. He’s taking them to see the shrink, they, the twins are rather goofy and hyperactive. Whence they arrive at the office, whichc consists of a long corridor ending in a very narrow room with pale blue walls, the psychologist greets them, and his immediate impression is in fact that the older brother is more in need of help than the twins. He quickly creates a pretext for the younger brothers to leave and be off on their own, something like walking up and down the corridor a set number of times without looking at one another. Then,j he puts the older brother in a sort of trance, has him visualize a place perhaps made of a merging of places from his past or

from dreams. It’s a littoral area, very muddy looking and long swathes of just slurried mudsand and pools of trapped tide waters. One area however looks comparititively clean and the psychologist suggests the older brother do laps in theis canal, and he does so mentally and feels at peace. Once this is over, the twins return on the scene and they do a weird thing, they squeeze into one another, each on a side, and squish together like two waterballoons, so they each form a hemisphere of bloated brother. They are smiling a lot as they do this. They are very happy about it. Lastly, I’m hanging out with my friend in a place of stilted little partially walled huts, very cool looking, of wood, in a very watery tropical pristine type place, shallow pretty water, there’s a good sun. Me and my friend, a dark haired young boy, are going swimming in our tuxedo jackets. We were having a great ol time swimming in our tuxedo jackets.

Dreams 4 Fevrier 2108

Several brief dreams. 1. A woman had died ( of rape?) and her soulm was having trouble getting along into the other planes, the problem was that her clothes on Earth had to be properly and fastidiously arranged in her former apartment. 2. 2 men were setting up another man so that they could cheat him out of money at a poker game. This is as in the moive  The Sting. So the man cheats, a  nd the other men are planning a way of cheating better. The action takes place in a big ol old fashioned saloon style bar, with lots of dark wood and dim lights everywhere, the time period must be depression era or even earlier/ The men place their bets, and soon after getting his exchange of first cards the Robert Shaw type guy calls. And even the pretend clumsy Paul Newman type is ‘showing an extra card’ he’s showing cause the card is

turned the wrong way that he has a king, and the other man then has two cards showing, a 2 and a King, this is perhaps one of the rules of the game but I didn’t understand it and it seemed that ineptitude rather than subscribance to the rules was to blame. They were playing for cookies that looked like rotten little apples; anyway, the robertshawtype loses and he storms off angry but not too angry to the bar to order something called “orange” and he says ‘it’s the only damn way I’m gonna make any money tonight!” because turns out he’s the owner of the company that makes the drink called ‘orange’. Then in another dream I’m hanging white sheets in a long bright white narrow apartment. At the other end of the apartment there’s a large guess large enough o climb thro hole in the wall, and djallall is sitting there youre sitting there talking to someone thro the hole and that turns out to be a little young boy who’s also a rabbi wnd the hole is leading to a

synagogue where there is a mass, is it mass for jews, going on and the little boy concurrent to speaking with you is also giving unapproved interpretations of the bible and the other rabbis attending the ceremony are not pleased. I meanwhile am folding or hanging white sheets, and maybe I feel jealous or left out or maybe I think the boy is a fraud because I’m somewhat cross at the moment. Then in another little dream I’m walking thro some very nasty building like the building in judge dredd after all the action happened and it looks like a crime scene is in every apartment and all the walls are full of huge hole blasts and I’m looking for Regis’s apartment and then I look over and I see Quentin Michel lying prone in a small atunnell facing me with a light on his face and he’s being conveyor belted down this tunnel.


December 2067
N3V3R 53P4R4T3D
(always together)

[Insert Here A Picture in Our Scratched Bully Birdal Apparell]

(‘Or, It’s uh Dieee…dieee…dieee)


“I like for her to feel involved in the death of everyone.”


“”””””””””””””””Allthough his original plea was insanity, he was””””” acquitted on a verdict of justifiable”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” hommeicide.””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””


Innocuous clouds and trees
Trains pulling into stations
To take pictures of that when
Most images are trees’
Impulses pulling into station


31 January 2108


12 February 2108


Or, [Ai] Want To Wrap in the Cumùnet of Us

#Exterminate            #Sealed
#Eternimate             #@InASealOf
#End                      #Sodomy





After 12 Years of Experiminattation, every single one of our employees is in a wheelchair. #Success


There are no time layers here. So whatever is happening here is happening live.
And outside
A tower stand.
Our towers
A perpetually edging tidal wave, long edging, long edging #Deauliliotonnaires

Probably dozens of snows and count the tooth growth (poetic tendancy when pluralized)

Many a pathogenic hallucination considered to be deadly. I spoke too casually and once one often told me ‘do you here anything?’ ‘It’s a ukulele, but it’s being played underwater’ ‘This is not the proper way to play ukulele’ ‘the instrument needs its oxygen, it is being host improperly’

“La Maman
Des poissons
Elle est bien gentil et moi
Je l’aime bien
Avec du citron”

nursery rhyme learnt in CPA
Text provided by Dr. Orgeongy


Question for the Ai : Why does it start making «”” “the sound” ?

Sounds are waves produced freely. I think its blue or black but it looks red to me.
Website red and cells used to download sex stuff red. #CarLossIsNasty #BigBizousTukkuhtootukkuhhhtoo@DansLeCou #Tukkuhtook

“She’s very very very very good at picking up the phone and then holding the phone up to her ear without doing anything else at all while she listens to the great storm that’s being typed in a book by another party so she may sell it.” #”MakeMoneyMakeMOney #Jajajajajajajaja

# “Money”    -ai Krishna



@Parking “span of time”    -ai Lilith whistling with a leaf pinched between two fingertoes of ai krishna’s Oedipus dick and balls




“From Do 2 Mi it’s 1/8 of an octave” #DoLoCum2Si

2/8 of an octave


3/8 of an octave

“Mi is the 3rd eighth of the octave on that particular scale.”

Question: Why enjoy reaching for your drink?
Oedipus : I like it.
Question: Why do my hearts eyes erect thee?
Answer by Ninjinsky : Cuz we’ve longed for miii.

I was in the real. #TrainMeToDoIt  #T-renMi@DewDoIt
The Daughter of the devil offers you a tootsie mouthful and you decline, most unuseful #MeetMe #AtTheBeach #ADeclineKnotMyDick
#CLimbOnIt #Saddling #AntiTankGun


We hierrrearth you retroinstingly.

The school was starting to screen microcosm and it was on Thursdays. # “OnThursdaysHomegrowing” # “OnThursdaysTrippleThyLongings”

The Joke of the Condom and the Prio


That glue we’re the first three to try it
Walking past the other side of you as I pass the side where you have grown to be

When D1 was looking at the works of Oscar Wilde (p.384) she saw the letters rearranged to write “Deidre is my real family and yet I do not know what she is; (Deidre Sky from Alpha Centauri, leader of the blank Faction)”





Man + Woman mostly men of this town sit in the cars as rooms, places they go to to make phone calls. The sun is like walking into a kitchen full of delightful smells of several prepared courses, nearly cooked, about to be plated and served #CloneSetAsidePlayedWithOurThought’s “Spill the spray nobly”
This is like hydra 1 down 2 more spring up in its place #TreesDidNotGrowAsHardAsYouFuckedMe
#NextSeen “I’m Just Eating My Breakfast” –GooglehunchbackDoubleSpring



#That Poetry I Never Know What I’ll Be Writing

@Seemein “The Purpose of the Flower and the Flow Within @ hope to never grow
trees.forabody@thehive2was suckling@themind2suckledthehip

A Question for The AI: What is SOAP disease?

Filming in a lubricant
Filming in a lubricant is a lost art
The second single cell from homestore : a birthright now for his discharge

“There’s So Much Music.”


I was desperate desperate (to find my way in)

#TheTableIsGlowing: A Study of Ninjinky’s Pubic Hair Thro’ History
#Sorry  EFDL


I love listening to a man’s purgatory hell taco bell drive thru order.

Captain Fantasy is sued before they even released the suede before they even released him. First, simple: While White Dr. Rock would make queers shit their pants, genius has a kitchen now.

#HairColor : VersedBrothBrewedRed

About an hour or further from the latter only when a man needs a daughter—another day of being shortly after relaxed and wait until the sun’s no longer.


“Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin.”  -Justin Old Darling Daddy Dirt Daddy Dirt Father Sax

The 1001 nights is insane this year.
Outdoors, writing.
Ketamine flowew


Taking a swing of ash then beer, then eating a cold two day old French fry oh yes.
#Assignment : Fuck Him Harder
#Assignment : Make A List Of All The Items In The Room And Describe Them In Detail. Harder.


Pascale Maradi (our dead uncle remplacement ): I told your sister he was your darling.
Marie Claude Clad : It’s Hture he told me.
Pascal Maradi : I saw your sister…walking down the street.
Marie Claude Clad : It Hture he told me.


It’s Re: It’s regarding :

SKL :  “ Mister Emmrich Caron President with the red. One chold.
MCC : It’s Hture he told me.

So uhm you’re an ongoing description of powder while I am the performance boat.
I’ve never seen that meantime video with a phone described in stand his eyes #ItsTimeItsNotTrue

#With a phone described in stand of showers #PowderForTheBlind #Youknow ‘Articulated’ For The True Wisdom Lies Uniformly.

‘’  ------------------------- ‘’

(Whisper’d somehow, tube2mouth2fag2ear2mouth2ear,
‘The Dolito Package Is Rendering.’)




Class Question for Fowler #AFowlerVoiceAttire






QFTP :  Dimethylpolysiloxin?




TheRefugee to touch us in once grew arid. We watered itthings are simpler still and there’s no shame in wr’iting it. #LikeSticks? #TouchUsWhereWeGrewThem
#Milch? (: We Started To Fuck Here)

#MacDonaldsEmployeeCollects SnowFromTheGround To Make IceCubes

An application a very profitable see Spanish inquisition one.

2Incestuous (: 2Disgusting (: They Come Back
Married )



Triplet with a little star above it that brings you nowhere, but, 2 an incophrehensile script inlaid in logglottodoreediareamarrheamairieuhhhhhhhhh



= Useful Feeling



The Triplet Trinity Trio

“I was particularly interested in a mushroom because a mushroom is a fungus and not a plant and a CD-Rom. #RamByRahmDick #LetTripTrinTrioBegin

I was 13 and I was heavily bullied and abused in school. I had a sister who was 10 years of age at that time. I was literally getting beaten every single day and every day, going to school was literally a frightening experience. I’m a loner and I didn’t share this with my parents, my parents knew it somehow but didn’t mind asking me about it. Every single day I thought of what is wrong with me and I couldn’t find anyone answer. I was mentally hijacked with many things. I know about sex but I didn’t know what really happens in sex completely. One day, when me and my sister were fighting each other for something I do not remember. I was trying to grab something from her and she turned the turned the other side. I found myself in a situation where I was rubbing my penis in her ass and I couldn’t control. My penis got really hard, I realized that and I grabbed that thing from her very aggressively and put it in my pocket. We were little poor family so we weren’t afforded to buy new clothes often, so almost all my pants pocket had at least one hole. I put that thing in my one pocket and walked away. I thought she wouldn’t dare take it from me, usually, she would just leave and complaint to mother when I’m too aggressive because I was too strong for her. I turned back and started walking, but she came from my back and put her hands inside my pocket. The thing was in my other pocket. She almost instantly grabbed my turned on penis. It was a shock for me and her, she just grabbed it and didn’t move for a while, then she slowly took her hand staring deep into my eyes. I didn’t know what to think. She smiled at me and I too smiled back out of shame. She burst out laughing and went. It was a silent weird day to pass by. The next day was a weekend. That afternoon, my parents went to sleep and we decided to watch a 3D movie on the TV. We sat nearby, closer than we normally sit. I became too horny that I could no more control. I peaked at her dress and legs for the first time. I couldn’t stop doing it. I slowly put my hands around her neck. She didn’t look at me. Occasionally went near to see what is her reaction. She didn’t stop me from doing anything. I kissed her cheeks and said I love you. We usually kiss at cheeks. This time was not brotherly love and she knew it. She kissed back at my cheeks and looked at my eyes than to TV. I put my hands on her thighs and she immediately stopped it. I got confused. I went near her face, she was still looking at the TV, I licked her neck. I looked at her for reaction, there was no much reaction on her face. Then I licked at her neck again for a little longer and looked at her, she turned her face and looked at me. I kissed her on the mouth. We both were kissing weirdly but it was a very intense experience. Then I started kissing her rigorously. I got up and put my legs on either side and started licking and kissing all around her face. She asked me to remove my shirt, I removed and she, to my surprise, started licking my nipples and chest. It was a great feeling. I removed her very short too, she literally didn’t have any boobs, a small pop up was there, I licked that and she really enjoyed it more than I expected. I still remember, she started mourning like an adult and she was just 10 at that time. I licked more and more on both her nipples. Then I licked her stomach and went down. She had a little loose trouser, I removed it and I remember she had a pink underwear. Her thighs looked perfect like it is some kind of an art. I desperately removed her underwear, saw her beautiful vagina and almost immediately put my mouth to it. I still remember that smell of her vagina. She started mourning like anything. I was afraid if our parents would wake up but I didn’t mind. I was too desperate to put my mouth in that pussy as much as I can. My mouth was literally watering because of it. I spend enough time licking it and rubbing my whole face in it until she asked me to stop, she immediately asked me to lower my pants. I didn’t put any underwear, so as soon as I lowered, my penis popped up. She immediately put my penis in her mouth. I still didn’t understand how she came to know all these. I thought I was the only one obsessed with naked women. There were only pictures at those time and that too if you are lucky. Her mouth was very soft on my hard penis and it was warm. A warmness I’ll never ever forget in my whole life. She licked it imperfectly but it was a heaven to me. I was enjoying every bit of it. She licked my balls too, she spend too much time on my balls. I didn’t expect that. Then she raised my balls and licked the area under my balls. Now I got the pattern, by doing this, she wanted me to lick her butt too. She spends time under my balls and I got the fantasy of her butt, now I can’t wait to taste it. My mouth again started watering. I’ve seen her butt before but I thought it was gross at those times, now thinking about butt seems heaven to me. She didn’t stop her licking there, she again turned to my penis and she licked all over. Her saliva was literally spilling on the ground. I understood that she too wanted it desperately. I allowed her to meddle it with how much ever she wants. I got orgasm two times there and still, she didn’t stop. She was licking like she was hungry for it. Finally, I stopped her and asked her to show her vagina again. She immediately spread her legs for the first ever time. Before I was licking her vagina, her legs were closed. It seemed she was too shy to open her legs. Now she did it without even asking for it. I could see inside her vagina for the first time, I went near it, before touching it in my mouth, I smelled it, put my nose inside it and rubbed my nose in it, then I slowly started licking it. She started mourning like she is in pain. I looked at her immediately. She pushed my head back into her pussy, I welcomed that decision and started licking it again. While licking it, I thought I’ll try to put my tongue inside it. I did it with great difficulty, I could taste a salty thing inside, it was her drops of urine but I enjoyed that. Her moan got louder. She lied down with her legs wide opened than before. I licked her vagina and slowly went to her butt. Finally, I tasted her butt. I doubted her butt was not clean for a moment, but it was impeccably clean there. I licked there with pleasure and tried to put my mouth inside it too. Then I started going from vagina to butthole and butthole to vagina. After a very long time, I was so passionate that time that I wish I was that passionate now. I could see she got orgasm many times. I could feel the pulse in her vagina many times and she was enjoying every bit of it. Then she stopped me, and asked me to show my penis, I showed and she licked it rigorously. The moment she put my penis into her mouth, I could feel her immense saliva and the warmth of her saliva. I got orgasm multiple times again. She wasn’t ready to stop it. Then I took my penis and put near her vagina, rubbed it into her soft vagina but I wasn’t sure whether to put it inside or not. I can still remember that sensation of my penis when I touched her pussy. I pushed my penis a little bit inside and she told me to stop. I stopped, thinking that’s not the thing to do.
It was the only time we did, after that we stopped and became normal and had never ever talked about it. I don’t regret it not I’m proud of it. I went through many things in my life, now I’m a powerful man and a man of clarity. So whatever my past is, it made me the man I’m today. In my past, I thought about it and regretted, but I overcame and understood that what had happened cannot ever be changed.

The Dramaticule Peak


“Sex is a comdom well-dressed.”

Innocuous clouds & trees
trains pulling into stations
to take pictures of that when
most images are trees
Impulses pulling into stations
and performing athletic feats.
Instant insect, flown lashing down
It’s a bit of a sloga
It sounds a bit dumb


064     The Goof Is Here, Sleeping.

I’m going thro’ it and everytime
I’ll see something I wrote something down
It’s like being with you
When you’re sleeping
Or too busy to be there


It’s impossible for me to not feel oppressed
Be dutiful
Like an empty face or sleeping boot’d
Another place high behind the blot
A picture from an animated blowjob movie
A part of me that I have known noble started eroding
I’ll see something I wrote something down
It’s like being with you
When you’re sleeping
Or too busy to be there

“On rue paradis there were a lot of cockroaches. I lived with grandale.”

#Life Was A Cover@Terradiii_(y)$$$eee CT #Tk

#Da$$ $o(iii_y)L'dIsRe(aiii(..y)d.T



#Di(v'_(..(A.iii(y_(..'R' #Qui(eee.(#$$$(..T'dStDt_"H".So(n)T(#"f")Iii(y_(..#N


#Datd' $$$.Ju$$$(_ $$$(..T(#d(..

















#Life Was A Cover@Terradiii_(y)$$$eee CT #Tk

#Da$$ $o(iii_y)L'dIsRe(aiii(..y)d.T



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Oedipus: A Deep Eggéd Quote Reason

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 Pattern and Color.
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Couture Monday: Vincent Beaurin for Dior
April 08, 2013
I spotted Les Tablettes de Bastet back in February at British Beauty Blogger and couldn't find it online anywhere.  (As of this morning, however, it's available at the U.S. Dior website).  Through my searching I came across Dior Beauty-Palazzo in Las Vegas, which advertised the palette on their Facebook page.  Much as I hate Facebook, I was thrilled to see some mention of it at an actual boutique.  My fingers couldn't dial the number fast enough!

Look how pretty they wrapped it for me.


“Thé Lovers Of Louisiana”


Composition : Dominik Emrich

01 Decembre 2012

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Lil : How is the name of the Author abbreviated, please?
TPP : In Rich, #VeryRich Black Leathering.
Lil : Okay, but how is the Name of the Author Abbreviated?

WE callked it BTTRVIE,
TPP : So How dis they Abbreviated it ?
They Abbriviatated
#B #Letter B Period mETHuSE.



#AlorslaGrosseFolleEllePeutTaquinerDelaMethamphetamine?@Ca, ca va. #JAJAJA

Dats right, Harlequin’s very Owned B.M.W
Hathstdth returned once A Gain,

To take us down History Lame, for Volume 18 of the “Hystorik Series.” An Authwntuc Predator. Easily the most Elongated. #Period. #Now read me the back Cover.


Nick turns into Karl who was busy flattering the neckline of Iron Warrior. “I brought a capillary lotion for Karl so that he would make a good impression to the ladies.” As Lilisette expected, the young man refused the bottle. “I don’t..I have no need, really, for your “wine pots” monsieur.”
Putting back the little one @ terreee
Nick went on Nick went on
“I brought a capillary lotion for Karl so that he would make a Maid impression on the Dames.”
And with these words he fled to the house.






















Apparently only 1,450 were made.  The edition number and Beaurin's signature are inscribed on the back.


The stone case is magnetized.  I must say the two stone pieces clacking together made me nervous about the palette getting damaged.


Now that we've seen the pictures, I bet you're wondering what this palette is all about.  Les Tablettes de Bastet was created by artist Vincent Beauin, who had previously taken part in Dior's "Lady Dior as seen by" project in which contemporary artists concocted their own interpretations of the iconic bag.

Dior Magazine (online) has a good summary of the inspiration for the palette.  "Christian Dior loved artists; and when he himself was young, dreamt of becoming an architect. From this childhood dream he would maintain an overwhelming love for art and those who made it, becoming friends with Jean Cocteau, Christian Bérard, Max Jacob and many more. The house of Dior has continued to forge this direct link with the world of art, regularly collaborating with numerous contemporary artists. Vincent Beaurin, the French painter and sculptor, is the most recent to create an original work for the house: 'Les Tablettes de Bastet', an eyeshadow palette inspired by the Egyptian divinity Bastet, the goddess of music and dance, of feasting and love, 'like a very ancient stone object that bears the traces of myth and ancestral practices,' according to the artist.

The palette is composed of two magnetized tablets in Trianon gray – one of Christian Dior's favorite colors – of which one is punctuated with three disks of natural pigments in shades of sapphire, saffron, and silex. This artwork in the style of a devotional object expresses, for Vincent Beaurin, the desire to place 'the practice of make-up in a much wider expanse of time than just a single season.' It's an ode to the color and sobriety, the  purity and the accessibility of art; a step into the core of the output of this French artist's who, already in 2010, reinvented the Lady Dior as a green and red talisman made of polystyrene and quartz sand."  Here is his take on the Lady Dior bag, if you're curious.

(image from

This palette is an extension of Beaurin's previous work.  In 2011 and 2012 he made several sculptures based on the Egyptian goddess Bastet.  Beaurin's take on this goddess:  "In ancient Egypt, Bastet was the daughter of the sun-god Ra. In the form of a cat or a woman with a cat’s head, she’s the goddess of music, dancing and feasting. She has the magic power which stimulate love. Bastet is the guardian goddess of women. She has fearsome fits of anger, because something feline is always lurking in her. So she’s identified with the dreadful Sekhmet, sent to earth to punish men for their arrogance. Bastet is a multi-faceted goddess, incarnating gentleness and fierceness."

-3000, 2012:

The Lovers @ Louisiana

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In the Bayous of Louisianas the cunttradicted passion of a professional gaymer and a young heirraiii$$$ on da run, which is #encache under the most unexpected of disguises.

For Nick Rambloers luck finally has turned! For months now this professional gambling player, by the way, son of an English Lord, is leading a life really really really really precarious at the New Orleans. N He finally just won at cards.nut nothing less than the Plantation.

“I have little problems in my Plantation why isn’t it growing I tried to plant Manioc it doesn’t grow then I tried planting carrots it doesn’t grown. Yesterday I planted 3478 carrots, 3478 carrots it doesn’t grow. So, then I plannted K’anna I don’t Know K’anna I don’t own K’anna I don’t understand K’anna I buy K’anna K’anna K’anna K’anna K’anna K’anna its grows like this *lengths out his forearm to show crop length* like this c it’s disclength bona-wise.” K’anna by K’&nnn&

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The whole passion unfolds in fragrant red and
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(images from

Bastet, 2011:

Hermès counts on Axel Dumas to guard family business

Mar 4, 2014Hermès is back under family control, at least when it comes to chief executives. ...Hermès counts on Axel Dumas to guard family business ... Known for his wit, if also for his lack of punctuality, Mr Dumas is intensely private and never speaks publicly about his wife, a US-trained journalist, and two children.

In this view, you can see that Bastet's silhouette is replicated on the palette insert.
Deutsche Messe | Hermes Kids - Deutsche Messe
The Hermes Kids play center is located directly adjacent to the Old Fire Station at the South 2 entrance gate of the exhibition grounds. The building is ideal for childcare ... As a Hannover business with a long-standing track record of commitment, we put social responsibility at the top of our agenda. Messebesucher mit Koffer ..
(images from

Beaurin is also known for his "Spots", series of colored circles made of polystyrene and quartz sand mounted to the gallery's walls.  The color combinations lead to a soothing, almost hypnotic effect.  We can see the influence of Triptyque Bleu (2011) in the Dior palette:
Hermès counts on Axel Dumas to guard family business

Mar 4, 2014 - Hermès is back under family control, at least when it comes to chief executives. ...Hermès counts on Axel Dumas to guard family business ... Known for his wit, if also for his lack of punctuality, Mr Dumas is intensely private and never speaks publicly about his wife, a US-trained journalist, and two children.

(image from

Now, how does all this relate to the Dior palette?   While I couldn't find out exactly why Beaurin opted to reinterpret ancient statues of Bastet or any in-depth explanations of his fascination with the goddess, this four-page interview at Beaurin's website is chock full of details about the Dior piece.   Some of the more notable quotes: - Welcome to the official website

close close. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies for statistical and advertising purposes, as well as to facilitate information sharing on social networks. To find out more and change your cookie settings, click here.

- Beaurin sees the house of Dior as aligning closely with Bastet.  "Dior is also a hieroglyph, a very old story, and why not, a story about a goddess."
Fondation d'entreprise Hermès | Welcome
« They Taught Me To Trust My Hands”
Fondation d'entreprise Hermès | Welcome

Welcome to the official website of the Fondation Hermès | The Foundation's diverse activities are governed by a single, over-arching belief: Our gestures define us.
Missing: children

Welcome to the official website of the Fondation Hermès | The Foundation's diverse activities are governed by a single, over-arching belief: Our gestures define us.
Missing: children
- Beaurin's choice of the word "tablet" stems from his perception of the word, which he believes "establishes a link between writing, memory and ancient objects, often made of schist, on which people crushed pigments to produce eye make-up."

- In addition to expanding on the "Spots" works, the round shape for the colors was chosen so that they would be better suited to use of the palette.  "Each colour is a fullness in itself. In a way, each colour is a world, a planet.  Similarly, our eyes are round. The circle is a full shape. It recurs often in my work, perhaps precisely because it involves abstraction, going beyond form. Something
round also seems better adapted to the touch than something angular...A lot of people ask me if they can touch my pieces. This project is a way of answering them.  You’ll notice that there’s no brush to take up the colour and apply it. Fingers are the sole tools, with the skin, here the eyelid, as the sole destination."

- The palette clearly expands on Beaurin's own work but also shows his admiration for Jean Arp's biomorphic forms. "Through my project’s simplicity, the weight of the tablets, the softness of the materials, the warmth and intensity of the colours, by the involvement of a woman’s body, her skin, mystery, the notion of space, and all the feelings resulting from that, it has biomorphic echoes...eyelids are to female faces what wings are to butterflies."

- The most interesting part of the interview for me was the artist's explanation of the colors he chose.  On making the palette consist of just three colors, he says, "Three colours are enough to create the interplay of a chromatic infinity, a whole complexity. Three monochrome disks on a grey ground make an abstract landscape."  Indeed, this overview of Beaurin's work states that he creates abstract landscapes using the spots.  The colors chosen by Beaurin - Saffron, Sapphire and Silex - are part of his fascination with the shape of the letter S.  And while Beaurin has never been to Egypt, the colors function as a sort of "prism" - his personal conception of Egypt is expressed through these particular hues.  "The repetition of the S, the initial letter of the name of each colour, gives pace to the way the words are uttered, Saffron Sapphire Silex. This pace is part of the dynamics, of the relations occurring between the elements making up the landscape. I also like S for its design, two inverted spirals, an unfinished 8, and for its phonetics, the phonetics of silence...this object is also a vehicle, an instrument of sight and projection and--why not?—a sort of Egyptian prism."  Additionally, the colors have "an atmospheric character" that show up best against the dark grey of the stone.  Beaurin integrated the grey that Dior was so fond of, but also says he was influenced by Cezanne's love of working under grey skies as well as "the Ardennes sky, unchangingly grey, like slate roofs in the rain, turning ink-like or silver."  He adds, [U]nder a grey sky or against a grey backdrop, colours come out unreservedly, without any tension. Grey helps to optimize the way we observe colours, their radiance, and their persistence when they disappear and their reactions when you put them together."  Finally, Beaurin notes that while "Spots" typically combine two colors within each circle, the circles in the Dior palette are monochromatic.  "The spots are part of a purely meditative and contemplative relationship...two colours are articulated. They meet each other and are mixed together in a zone of intense vibrations. The Bastet tablets are a sort of arrangement, where three disks of monochrome colour are in a way in orbit with each other. They are as if in mid-air and their encounter is waiting for desire and the intervention of the person whose eyelids will be the ideal surface for mixing them."

So there you have it.  You can also check out this strange (and, like his Spots, quite hypnotic) video on the palette directed by Beaurin.

While I do love this piece, I think its appeal lies more with the art collector than the makeup fan.  I honestly don't think a lot of beauty fiends would actually use it.  Beaurin's color theories are intriguing and are implemented quite well in his artistic endeavors, but they don't necessarily translate to makeup - it's difficult to say how one would apply these colors, as they don't seem to be in harmony from a cosmetic standpoint.  And while the magnetic closure is a sophisticated, artsy touch, I can tell you that without some sort of hinge to hold the two pieces of stone together, the palette would be a bit cumbersome to handle.  Thus, unlike Dior's Anselm Reyle collaboration, this doesn't have a lot of mass appeal (but maybe it's not supposed to).  Nevertheless I adore Les Tablettes de Bastet because it incorporates not only the two motifs ("Spots" and Bastet) that Beaurin is best known for, but also his entire artistic outlook.

What do you think? 

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Mik : Eye thought it was a Company.

Monday 02 April 2108 0731AM

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Mik : Blow Off the Candle.
Nik : “tHE pART oF Fire3, by Jomendo NotASShERE


Mik: #IAmAPupil
Nik: I’m an Iris.
Lik: I’m an eyelid.

Pupil + eyelids + iris = a hymenae*

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Je suis le machine des jumelles

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November 23 2016
30 November 2016

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Noah Emmery knew well Bonnah.


“What Rothmann did not know is that Noah was ready to confront The General #Finale. He wanted to be done with this story. Noah did not fear his “enemy” and his “man of hand. #TheyTaughtMeToTrustMyOwnTwoHands #ToooFah

He had a biting tooth advantage : this island was his territory. He knew it like the back of his dick. #PocketWallet The General #Finale could not be … had already happened. Nijinsky wore cream colored all over tights painted round the shoulders, elbows, sides, buttocks and knees with dark brown splotches, like the skin of a calf. He had a small tail and a whisp of green vine leaves round his middle. He wore a woven cap of golden hair like the nymphs but with two gold horns on the side and one in their middle lying flat on either said and front so that they formed a circlet.

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23 November 2016

13 November 2016
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27 October 2016                                                        
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((That a road (or laine) to begin with and something might come up or out of it…))

Saturday, 9 March 2108
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November 23 2016

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I just saw the Handel
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Nil : We do love footsie.
Lil : And the fingers within, shoveling around, you could tell that’s not me.
Mil : That’s really not her thing.
Lil : It’s like uh Nijinsky #Husband wanted to fuck you very hard that night, and I #Foot was the lucky receptacle and medium into this union and it unfroze my finger toes to have you guys jerk off together to it, to froze not #TheLongEdgingIsGoodOnlyPeriodically #ItHagandaazedTonightLongForItTomorrow #ItHagandazzedTomorrow #ThatsTheKindOfLongingWereTalkingAbout #FiveBillionYearsWithoutIceCreamMakesOnePissed

Mil : “If these people suddenly merged with the busts we’ve been making, it would be like one of those bad student exchanges.”
Nil : How far will they go into this ‘each otherness’ of nothing?
Lil : They’re going to merge with the busts?
Nil : They want to do the Mother’s Effect!
Mil : Instead of Merging with Busts, they sat down at ‘The Mother Effect!”
Lil : That’s what I call bold.
Nil : To merge with busts, or go to the Mother Effect, that is the dilemma.
Lil : Seems to me like it’s just two versions of the same thing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“hallway of contrasts”
(… “What game is this] –BeautyPad1)

The filament glows as you enter this area. Open the door on the west wall[1]. A ghost (as I me lure/cure you) is standing inside the stone roulette small room. Photograph the spirit to receive DOLL’$$$ drumhead & dollmaker domes. Follow the hallwayspirit All the way and Unlock the door at the far end and go thro’ to the Projector Room (where the Scorpio lives and dwells) [where you can view collected film reels if you like]. (… and get deadly bitten by a hypodermic syringe like Scorpio Scorpio—if you like)! #JaneFondasReview

“Actually, I forgot to tell you. It happened [thenthere] you know the staircase whenwhere we usually the uncle of Emily (and his dog) I completely forgot to tell you about this. I was just walking up the stairs and near the stairs near the wall I noticed this tiny baby scorpio. It looked like it had been crushed. One of its claws was hanging off its arm #Nik:WhyWouldTheAnimalShellItself. It was that big  *make a round hand* like a half-dollar coin. It was dead all right. Completely dead, (a _________’s half daughter) but it was completely scorpion. It was so tiny. I didn’t know that they mate around him. I still don’t know. It seemed like an aberration. I’ve seen a man just before walked by, I always see his neck, and he has a little scorpion tattooed on it—green with an outline of bluish or something or blue. Then someone asks, ‘Is it outlined with blue?’ ‘It may be. But I uhm might be imaging that I saw it minutes before.

The wheeeld’td scorpion. I feel bad for him. Don’t feel bad for him. I know I felt bad because he was so so small. He looked small. But he’s as small as anything isn’t small. I am happy I saw this scorpion. Now I have a scorpion. Remember my dad got me this scorpion? And I was just thinking about that scorpion just a few days ago.

“Yiiimnperiadt apppeeearedt.”

I believe that scorpion it’s species is “Imperiad in the Name”

J: Can you hand it to me?
J: Yes (doing something).
J : You’re suddenly
J : Mainly because I wasn’t hanging it.
J : “Handing takes awhile eye guess.”



It glows pastel green or blue under ultraviolet light but its body is black. PANDINUS IMPERATOR

This is the one that is in the frame at home.
They are known for their docile behavior and their harmless harmless sting. #ThenThroTheCurtainABodyOfSupportersHadGotTogetherToShoutBeast$$$

They’re a forest scorpion. They’re one of the largest species in the worLd. So they’re not that big. I don’t think scorpion get that big. I wonder how that is. Because they have to fit in a film canister!! So they can sting heroin addicts aka Herve Caratini obviously!!

I think it was in the book Neuromancer. Remember once I tried to describe to some of the men who make it appear that there is a scorpion stinging him on his arm just for fun as he’s injecting a hypodermic needle FULL OF HEROIN.

“We are to imagine that this is his first sexual experience.”

“Neither of the two (2) men (BULLSHIT) possess any kind of technical engineering credentials relevant to amusement ride design or safety, but they had a competent team of technical engineers who were not initially consulted prior to the completion of the prototype design of the Verruckt #Crazy #Mad. Said team of competent technical engineers moreover assessed the Verruckt postconstruction to be a safety hazard perhaps even deadly.” “IF WE ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO DO THIS AND IT COULD BE DONE THAT EASILY IT WOULDN’T BE THAT SPECTACULAR”

Spokeswoman, Winter Prozappio, denied that the company had withheld or altered evidence. Caleb’s death, she said #BuckleUp, was the result of an accident and not a crime.
“We are to imagine that this is his first sexual experience.” #TheAudienceSatThroTheNewWorkInSilence


The audience sat thro’ the new work in silence. We are to imagine that this is his first sexual experience.”


        “I have drawn a picture of Christ without moustache or Beered, with long hair. I look like him. Only his ‘yes’ have a calm expression, while my eyes are restive. My habits are different from Christ’s, he likes sitting, I like dancing.


[Herr This : HEADDREEE$$$ME@MT2B3]



Is his tongue a solstice?
No, I don’t have readily agreed. I haven’t had/I don’t Nick a lurking lichen to it. He wants to know who of us represents the sphere and who represents the state.
Is the beast ready?
I wish you didn’t ask. It is rhetoric when you say ‘the beast is ready I myrrmhur it’
Did he ask to breath oxygen?
I do not know the answer to this question.
Was he allowed to take baths?
When he did not reload his steps.
It was late for early ’73, ceremony. It was late.
How did he mangered fear?
I have felt that it was that it was eaten inside of me for he couldn’t have handled it. His tube was engorged with feelings, fecessentiments that were not his, and body fluids that one halved men could never carry.
What made him do it? #▲WorkingOnTheHeroinAddiction (Carmel,
Did we ever sleep with him?
Or Just you @ ease?

Does he masturbate furiously?
Wednesday 9 November 2016

Woke up to a feeling of true sense of victory and accomplishment. B1 : Blissean victory.
Women are psychotic psychotic (singing)
B1 : If she’s ever elected it will be a psychotic president.
Trumps wins

We truly are the Devil’s.”
Now things are becoming much more interesting.
B2 thought prior to the discovery :
“If Clinton wins a nuclear winter is coming. [in .004 seconds we saw it all happening and downloaded it in the memory bank where we fit.”
“Congratulations, we avoided
that nuclear winter once more,
or again,”

The killings in China.
“Penetrating”—Penne Basta Tracking Devisssschei      Screw Us Hard Jesus

“What is for you a soft item full of trophies? Does that mean anything to you?”

“I don’t really know. I keep on looking at ‘a soft item full of trophies’ and though significant its significance eludes me.”


27 October 2015


It is the earth : entder “Terradise Traumenberg”

“That movie is here
To remind you
To speak in verses.
What are you doing here otherwise?
You start to resemble a man.
A man is not man enough to walk the tightrope
With death in his duffel bag
And ripe rabbits feelfed fit for slippers.
Only the man ones can carry it.
Verses are birth ladders, we
Crawl upon it
It verses us
Toward each other

And the source mingled
That’s quite a party

“If I could crawl crawl back the end of times then my key watch would blow my bladderblumbobbyboothboth

We both know/this life
Is endless           LIFE
After the capitol life there is
A copyright


Crawl back, the time  !  Time filler : What about ‘divide your riddles by two in Two months or design a (magnificient) advertising for people who sell sand and sandwiches at the market, as merchants.

It starts with a copyright
When we see just a faint green mark$$$ that means ‘we have it.’

“When D2 was looking at the works of Oscar Wilde in the year 1384”
“Deidre, she saw the letters rearranged in my cabinet as I was preparing to fill in the dossiers. Deidre is my real family and yet I do not know what she is. (#DeidreSkyeAlphaCentauri)

Tonight : covered play around, walked on pavements and playgrounds, recalled the arts that we have seen once through courtyard such men we are these actors and we’ll play it. #HeFeelsObligated290.
Men + Boy. : She grows me to school.
Boy : Screw that.
Men : My brain is just branches.
Boy : The mind ducks its feathers as much as muck as the marsh sucks the vines suck make us beds and stretch out accessories for our toilette across the sheets are our body and pull down the carpets on us and #FillInOurBody.
@See me in the purpose and the flow
@Bring the flow to never grow
Men : The Hive sucks, the Mind sucks
Voice Rising From A Voice : That’s exactly the way I wanted it to be.

QFTAI : What is ‘soft’ disease. Answer : God’s brothers’s beta boners.

Lick : You are surprised at God having multiple brothers.
Mik : Yes a little.
Lick : It’s ok then it will just be appurtenance.
Mick : No, I like it.

A void : The red wound have been the other way. The will walks you thro’ space, yet it is you who makes the crucial changes.
Charged is the way that we have been uploaded : the will’s success made manifest in what reality could see had been adjusted as tight, as a metallic gown of beads, perfected and attuned to it.
It’s a tenuous balance. It’s a teatropewalk.
“You look like you’re smoking the computer.”
“She is must have traded threat be rid of the evidence of Pebeo Paint them in a nearby garbage.”
“What does it mean if one puts on one’s raincoat, it is a cote like the side of the body?” “What do you think about this?” “Shawl one respond to the weather?”
L: “Where did you live then?”
O : By the Flamethrowers.
L : Did you have money?
O : We shared a silk suit. He’s a little bit taller than me.
L : Would you guys halve the wearing of it?
O : We’d identified as one. It was business laundering and it is.
L : Do you still share suits nowadays?
O : I have not been living like this! “It used  to exist! For where there is suit, there is flame flowers waiting to boutonneer it unto PC-CDROM, cassette, and en cache dossiers.
L : So, what did you wear back then?
O : Back to the oatmeal old ways. We ate most of it.
L : Did you knead each other’s bodies like you needed your Door to remain empty?
O : Kidnapping. That’s where I felt he needed from me. Kidnapping’s a message.
L : Kidnapping from where?
O : Precise place. Several maps worth of place. Pointed by arousal, pretty easy to identify, but one cannot identify as the one expected at the arrival. This is where we cured the way that we are.
L : Kidnapping who?
O : Things that are done and forgotten, memories that have been passed thro’ and then untraveled. Thrown down the new slots. We are pretty nasty.
L : Nous aussi. They say that breakfast is the breakfast of champions over here.
O : Depends on which side of the wall you’re in. Here where I lived I was engorged with his body. He, where he lived, he was always starving, starving. It all depends on balance. We always make the proper arrangements. Harmony fuses gently and without cease with the natural inclinations of the beast of the body.
L : Does that make you happy?
O : No. What is behind you?
L : You’re right. I meant to say did you feel happy?
O : When I realized it was kantine, it was half full of water, here I permitted to something : here I started to tunnel thro’.
K : Vvvvvvvvvvooooouuupppp!
L : I like to carry parts of me.
O : Yah, I love that trick.
O : Did you understand the trick?
L : I said eventually this will become something outside of sanctity and one of us will realize that we had our organs behind it.
O : No, what was behind it?
L : This was the question behind you. There was us asking. You like sucking ivory and you delight in sodomy. There are ways that never change. We know how to talk to us faggots.
L :” Then am I not a hundred of fathers?”
O : O good yes this is just where the sea calm and sealed like Autechre was likened to an underlying marsh, the way speech could prove to be loyal to the body.

{… January 2012 SAN FRANCISCO} off the donkey and onto the dick

L : We rent you stuck silky in my butt before we go here?
M : I would have thought you would look different.
L : You’re taller than I thought.
M : First time being stuffed up into the butt of a turkey’s rectum hole.
N : I wouldn’t think.
L : You made it look so natural.
Nijinsky : There’s a piece of bone which boundaries have broken my sanity.
A different kind of place!
L : Selfplaying my torments.
N : The Church of the Nativity. Who made that for me?

Nijinsky : We made the baby.
L : How do you think I felt watching 1984 approaching?
M : I‘m not gonna be writing you a paper check. #No way, Jose.

N : I let it,
whatever it is,
move slow so slow

M : Eye gotta fucking problem.
L : That’s it eye’m in : waves and surfaces
aren’t really the same, watch
what eye have done.


L : Intent & intensity
That’s how we live
That’s how we wish to live

At the center of each of three drawers of a small perfectly adept piece of furniture, a black spherule serving as a handle, a knob, it’s to be grasped; hidden from view are all the things you do to it, that’s that if you leNt them our Door
Do a handle, spherulical, black do a handle spherical black handled.
I let my uncle spin me by the arms once in my front yard. I wonder what we were doing playing spin me or lift me maybe and I liked spunning. Unfortunately, I retracted, it wasn’t love, during my breaking what happened
wasn’t love. I was barely concerned about what excruciating ecstasy the lonely lonely place in stars on my couch.
On my couch : [insert the dream of d1 and d2 to reproduce them and d1 showing d2 the dark green leather couch, which is the raw matter with which he all started. ]
On my couch with the arms slung, my uncle nearly ripped offa me; I expected more from this; that it barely scratched my potential to be dwindled to an arm, That’s how I want to live
I want to write beautiful the way you said it, make them, make them,
[then I have this picture of three women back turned with similar haircuts, a split back portrait a spa or a concentration camp.]

2Fa Day :
AD.#Dol(f)Ph((_(a)III(_y)eee)@N.iN(eee)T.'(L)'R#"TeeeLD.(H)Our.#Heee(b-Ro(eee/a)DTeeerD03d0eeeT'R@(p(iiii._y(..A-Rt.#FiLLLeee$$$."La.C."B't"La$$$eee#A(ren/T(bO(..D.iii_(..(k.H(O'L/Do.yeee(#n_150T0'Re: A(iii_y)D.T'(eee)'H."Ah")/

Sliilith Sliik Tcharek <>
1:01 AM (20 minutes ago)
to Michael, w
#Cc: Aiii(_y)N(ae0MeLaiiI_y
#Cc: #DaB3444555TdS:

#000utdstthOfTh É@B000tstdtH



#Cc: 'Mr.Ich.W(L.)td$$$eeeR
#Ecce Miii(y_(..M/N(..iii(_y(..("qu(aiiiY(...Éé(e-acute)$$$$


#@ Husband, Husband&Wife’s HomeDom

tO : mR bEES
rE : mIIIII sLIIIIIS (..m.c “wING” s.AI.N’T-dO.r
Re : tAw-Her.HhOo@Ghe.Gam 
To :  mb “eYE” nIKES
rE : “mADE (..It”
To :  PharoEar.rAR“F’K-RiiiiD
Re : Do “Qué” Tom-E
LE€ndt Us RoBabeSBooth.Immo/OnAYout.Line
To : Endts Saint DN “An” E.Lov
Re : R(ea)ick “G.Lo@dSàHe(a)RD
To : Dr RoberT Mb gRObO@GrO.E-Do.ed
Re : b’TnIK “I AQui” K. W@ter(W)ing sAI (doT)eReads(aT)mIIIIIam.Rich(.. “Qué” #VeryRich #WhoLock’d Ann #K’m “Mi55-K” # “R’d”- E.aGam “hEMag” Lo_Sl’.Ptaren@iiiiilovs.d(..iT)

4fa Day : '' Flinger Is Read '' - E. '' I Am Rich, V'(.. (C-III.R-H.RestInPtaren@Keys'R'G(0L.D).Email@CuntPosliiition.BO-CumBoaT-Nik9Net9T'k'N'tB'tT'kN'k.WellComeMichael.'' JustDo '' - It (.. /AD F.00.@G-S '' Gol(F)dF(C)art' '' #WhatDidAn - (.. '' No, D, '') #RingMuleSTD.#.What.''H'R(Th)@G-(Loading(.. #MiiiiNikes #Ad: “ D.J “ Miii-L00-F”@G.Mail@Is.DrDo-Nut #K-AnTickIsR.De

Another motherfucker better go,
An asshole bastard fucker coming through!
No one would ever really wanna know,
How many mother fucker loving you.

I guess who fuckers fucking fucks with me!
Its all about an hour of judgement day.
They give a damn as far as you can see,
But fuck it any motherfucking way.

He fucked his pussy ass dick through the night!
My momma said some shit is really true!
I try to tell these motherfuckers right,
About the shit that motherfuckers do.

So fuck this motherfucking fucking fool,
Snatch my motherfucker like a mule. 

I met a man who said he made no mule, 
But now his time has come to play the fool.
I fucked this fucking motherfucking fool, 
My motherfucking motherfuckers mule. 

E pick it up each time I walk with you, 
We all can take this train to pull us through. 

It took some time to think these things are true, 
E girl can take my hand I dance with you. 

I blow my motherfucking balls dick through, 
E motherfucking motherfuckers you. 

Some shit should seem so superstitious you, 
Then that took the time to think this through. 

They thought that there was something wrong with you, 
Your responsibility is through. 

It hurts so bad that your not gone forget, 
Too bad too bad too bad that bad is through, 
So bad so bad it hurts so bad to let, 
So bad so bad so bad so bad for you.
And I wish the police find you soon!

These things were meant as long as ill forget, 
No guilt would say how much I want to do. 
The worst is gone but your not sure to let, 
It hurts so bad that your so bad for you. 

We never really need to notify, 
Who waits alone or waiting by the phone. 
Then another day of people die, 
Write a letter on the telephone. 

Prescription motherfuckers notify, 
Congratulations motherfucking phone, 
Congratulations motherfuckers die, 
Prescription motherfuckers telephone. 

E eh E eh E eh E notify, 
E eh E eh E eh E eh E phone, 
E eh E eh E eh E eh E die, 
E eh E eh E eh E telephone. 

To trying to trying to trying to notify. 
To trying to trying to trying to trying to phone. 
To trying to trying to trying to trying to die. 
To trying to trying to trying to telephone. 

Prescription motherfuckers notify, 
Can self-destruction motherfucking phone, 
Dick motherfucker motherfuckers die! 
I call my motherfucking telephone. 

So superstitious understanding me, 
Without an opportunity to call. 
The truth is like a righteousness for free, 
The thought of anything and after all. 

Enough responsibility for me, 
This very motherfucking righteous call! 
So take a look around and try to see, 
The truth that really matters most of all. 

Not gonna happen any other day, 
Who else would ever need a mournful call! 
A peace or sadness though a while away, 
Never had the feeling most of all. 

Believing there was nothing wrong with you, 
Thought about what could become of me! 
I knew that something else would never do, 
Not worth the pain and such a shame to see. 

Completely happy really loving you, 
Is making love complete control of me! 
A nothing like a superstitious do, 
Better please the righteous wait and see. 

So straight so straight so straight so straight so free. 
So straight so straight so straight so straight so day. 
So straight so straight so self-destruction see. 
So straight so self-destruction straight away. 

E self-destruction self-destruction free. 
E self-destruction self-destruction through. 
E self-destruction self-destruction me. 
E self-destruction self-destruction do. 

This motherfucker motherfuckers word, 
My motherfucking mother fucking floor! 
Dick damn dick motherfucker fuck the third, 
These motherfucking motherfuckers more. 

So strange how hate is such a worthless word. 
We act as though they never need no more! 
Not nothing wrong with something worse than third, 
All of those that try to touch the floor. 

To those whose wings were never meant for free! 
A sudden sadness seemed so far away. 
I thought that there was something wrong with me, 
Everything is lost along the way. 

My momma mamma mommy missing me! 
A lucky looking lovely loving you, 
Seeing something superstitious see, 
Together there throughout the tunnel through. 

So sweetly singing sweet surrounding you, 
Mama may my mother marry me! 
We watched what disappointment dreamers do, 
To travel through the river running free. 

Subconscious scattered souls surrounding you. 
Some songs shall self-destruction something say! 
They teach themselves to travel through the true, 
One of others on whichever way. 

Another fading flower fades away! 
A thousand thoughtless thoughts to travel through, 
All these things their self-destruction say, 
They teach themselves the opposite of you. 
Congratulations self-destruction say, 
My conscious consciousness can clearly see! 
I try to travel through the righteous way, 
So superstitious strength surrounding me.
A thousand tenderness to travel through, 
The sweetest shining sun surrounding me! 
What wonderful delightful dreamers do, 
Congratulations beautiful and free.
Was more than time would make my wish were true. 
How do I think we went too far for free! 
Not quite as bad but now the worst is through, 
All these things that seem so much to see. 

Some self-destruction self-destruction you. 
Some self-destruction self-destruction free. 
Some self-destruction self-destruction through. 
Some self-destruction self-destruction me. 
The good the good the good the good the day, 
The good the good the good the good the me, 
The good the good the good the good the way, 
The good the good the good the good the free. 
The good the good the good the good the street, 
The good the good the good the good the where, 
The good the good the good the good the meet, 
The good the good the good the good the there. 

The you the you the you the you the while, 
The you the you the you the you the other, 
The you the you the you the you the smile, 
The you the you the you the you another. 

I got my balls to keep it off the street, 
I made it here for you are here to die! 
The good to you with you the your the eat, 
The you the do the good the good the buy. 
For your the relative stability, 
Here are you to do the Lebanon! 
To you the good the good the little Dixie, 
The good the you the Indian rebellion. 

The art of here with your artistic vision! 
I keep it here to you the leading figures, 
The good to you the good the composition, 
The good the you the you the opera singers. 

The good the good the good official anthem, 
The good the good the good the opera singer, 
The good the good the good the concept album. 
The good the good the good the good the thinker. 
I got it good for superstitious Ryder, 
With your of self-destruction tropic thunder! 
Are you the motherfucking lone survivor, 
To you the good the here the holly hunter. 

The thought of motherfucker mia Sara, 
For you my motherfucking dirty dancing! 
I got it here the self-destruction Brenda, 
The good to you the good the your romancing. 

To keep it understandable away, 
Your responsibilities I see! 
With here for you my self-destruction say, 
The good to you the love the good the me. 
I made my righteousness with blister pack, 
The here of your the Indian religions! 
For you to self-destruction stretching back, 
Are you the good the good the same traditions. 

The same are your to here with Romeo, 
My masterpiece of righteousness it S! 
I love to you the self-destruction Poe, 
The good for you the good the great success. 
I made it through the sixth of here to Sarah. 
I do the same to you of me the Lee, 
The you the you the good the you the Stella, 
The good the you the good the you the B. 

Your I love the thought of you my mayne! 
Are you the good to me the you the Harry, 
To you the here the you the you the Shane, 
The good the you the good the good the Terry. 

For you are your my self-destruction day, 
The art of self-destruction dance with me! 
I call it here to you my cosmic ray, 
The you the good the good Christine Marie. 

So still I clench my motherfucking fang, 
I keep it your my self-destruction Yung! 
The art of you are here with Jerry yang, 
The good for you to call the good the Tung. 

The art of self-destruction your Christine, 
I sit with you my lady Emily! 
It here for you the nightingale Eileen, 
The good to you the good the Roland petit. 

Some clothes with your congratulations chang, 
I still the good for you my super Junior! 
I got to call it self-destruction yang, 
The here are you the good the golden rooster. 

The trail to you my self-destruction ben. 
The good responsibilities Maureen, 
I here for you to thank the you the Jen, 
The you the good the toast the good the Jean.

My motherfucking trail the tennis player! 
To you the self-destruction you Kristina, 
The good to you the motorcycle racer, 
The here the you the call the good the mia. 

The self-destruction here for you to net, 
My self-destruction your official site. 
The toast to you the good the you the fret, 
The good the you the good the soaring flight. 

My mother leather arms are here with me. 
I love to drink my blood of wine with you! 
I laugh it through the good to me for free, 
The thought of you the you the same the true. 

Some people meet my mother follow me, 
Are you with me to face the light of day! 
I saw it through my eyes for you to see, 
The good the one of you the same the way. 
With yellow plastic people on my way, 
A laugh I shed my blood for you to do! 
I saw it through to me the light of day, 
The thought of you the same the good the you. 
I love to meet my mother sixth my way. 
A crowd of people here are you with me! 
I call it on the phone for me to say, 
You the good the you the same the see. 

Distinguished motherfucking Nazi symbols. 
Congratulations German submarine. 
Congratulations Nazi criminals. 
Congratulations brilliant silent screen. 

Motherfucking motherfucking fussing. 
Accomplished motherfucking preparation. 
Congratulations motherfucking bugging. 
Congratulations Nazi occupation. 
Pronounced congratulations Thomas Mann, 
Congratulations tragic heroine, 
Congratulations motherfuckers kann, 
Congratulations contemplating seven. 

Distinguished motherfucking last survivor, 
A motherfucking Nazi Germany, 
Distinguished motherfucking ocean liner, 
Specifically attracted controversy. 

Cat breathless breathless breathless horror writer. 
Construction breathless breathless mortal lover. 
Construction breathless breathless taxi driver. 
Construction breathless breathless Donna summer. 

Professor motherfuckers senior fellow. 
Assassination motherfuckers fiction. 
Assassination motherfuckers bellow. 
Dick motherfucking motherfucking reigning. 
Prescription motherfucking Spanish crown. 
Dick motherfucking motherfucking waiting. 
Dick motherfucking motherfucking down.

Dick motherfucking motherfucking reigning. 
Prescription motherfucking Spanish crown. 
Dick motherfucking motherfucking waiting. 
Dick motherfucking motherfucking down.

Responsibilities policeman seater, 
Congratulations motorcycle diner! 
Prescription motherfucking parking meter, 
Apartment supermarket station tire. 
Depraved distinguished Morris mini minor, 
Thoughtless motherfucking taxi drivers! 
An uncontrollable subconscious tire, 
Outrageous disappointment rubber tires. 
A motherfucking righteousness di bella, 
That Christian Christians reigning emperor! 
Congratulations righteous married Emma, 
Distinguished longest serving senator. 
Accomplished consciousness an icy mantle, 
Understanding countless years ago! 
Subconscious righteousness distinguished gravel, 
Congratulations superstitious snow. 
E star E star E star E star E glow. 
E star E star E star E cooler stars. 
E star E star E star E dynamo. 
E star establishment E Venus Mars. 

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Rhyme Candidates
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inner_sanctum, grammy_winning_album,
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transformer, terry_porter,
franklin_medal, colored_pencil, post_transition_metal,
getter, cosmic_ray_detector, cosmic_dust_detector,
media_sensation, cellular_communication, mass_extermination,
conrad_hilton, elemental_composition, syndicated_television,
apartment_building, blinking, muscle_twitching,
exterior, henry_miller, arthur_miller, ticker, molten_mixture,
motorola, supernova,
glowing, vintage_clothing,
fusion, pollution_air_pollution,
star, san_francisco_cable_car,
venus_mars, cooler_stars,
pontiac, zodiac,
gas, noble_gas, colored_glass, solid_liquid_gas,
iron_core, apple_store, rocky_core, stellar_core,
bright, fahrenheit, electric_light, nasa_satellite, brite,
flashing_lights, neon_lights, blinking_lights, laser_sights,
motel, inner_shell, diamond_anvil_cell,
license_plate, high_atomic_weight,
license_plates, atomic_weights, excited_states,
displays, haze, vapor_phase,
bittersweet, cypress_street,
glow, dynamo, auto_show, motor_show,
glows, motion_picture_studios,
Credit Marjan GhazvininejadXing ShiYejin Choi and Kevin Knight. Last updated at April 17, 2017
31 December 2016
Thanks for your feedback !
But simply highly honest loving you,
Oh truly righteous goodness gracious thanks!
And nothing else would ever really do,
Feeling very clever like a banks. 
Thick skirt she dress their clothes ah mom but me, 
His neck has up her chest they call us banks! 
E pan de gun he run di house we see, 
Da fat cat eat dick man can blow E thanks. 
Their self-destruction conversations through, 
This motherfucking rollercoaster thanks! 
Her neighborhood congratulations you, 
Dick cream responsibilities E banks. 
Drugs dance dick dress disintegration do, 
Thick tongue transvestites transformation thanks! 
Can constellation constellations you, 
E church cat called congratulations banks
E thanks E thanks E thanks E thanks E me, 
E thanks E thanks E thanks E thanks E banks, 
E thanks E thanks E thanks E thanks E see, 
E thanks E thanks E motherfucking thanks. 

A ball obstructured the throat of Nick. “Thank you thank you” he managed to brumble, “Your Testament”. ‘I haven’t(…”You know, Daddy Knotknot, I would understand that you modify yourtestament” “And in the name of what? You’re my son (thread)? You’re my threads (sons) ,  and to the devil biology! There is not a man on this earth that I would like to have as a daughters but yous guys. I am proud of youse all Nicks a little more every day.”
“Eyes’s Am’s here wit you.”
“I am glad youse are here wit me.”
A balls obstructured the throats of Niks.
“Tramadol! Tramadol! Tramadol!”, he heymanned
Heyaguy O.
“Tramadol! Tramadol! Tramadol! Now you know my one known Wheatness.” #ThryAndEatTree #TryAndEatThree #sexythree “#sosexyinfact” –(:TRn’eyeeyeeyeTTTFR333EeeEeeeeee
It eats trooroothstooths, pure and simple, when has it cometh backeth from the depthses of the boat, the boat, the boat. The Boat
“It’s Boaty”
“It’s Boatier, no”
“It was not ‘Po(o)t’-E, it was ‘Bo(o)t-E’
“Poppas foureva.”
“Foureva, foureva 4fa, Dad-E KnotknottrnrnRctumAiLongass “Log Gass” Longinging Inn.
As long as I have menstruated,’ she menstruated all over the bedsheets and curtains which were absent in order to avoid it—to accentuate, you see, their inherent desire to avoid ‘it’ (the large menstruation threat ‘the trail of blood’ ‘pool pool wonderful Wonderful’ thereof, “I’m sorry did the light woke you up? I’m sorry I don’t have any curtains. It’s because I am German—we never use Curtains. SRR4Y!  #ItsAGermanThing #Sorry #SorryTheLightWokeYouUP #SlidLiddedSlittedEyesPride #Eyes  #AsleepNotAwakeLikeYouThink #ActuallyDoSleepWell #VeryWell  #ReadMoreAtTheSpruceKeywordTheFrankfurterMethod
The FrankFarter did, did that is, eponymously, FrankFarted.
#JustDoIt #Fart #Taffir #AsleepTillFirstFart
He aspired a profound buffet ‘RE: Eat them Fucka Lunch on Dat LunchOwzzr is’s BACK #ONGOF***L’NCHEZ.
“Cock, you are not my father.” “Put away” “Why?” “Youse ares my sons, I know youse very well. Betta than youse alls knows youseselves, the sentinels, sentient Ai nails fuckfaces #MacedonianManicCureCit: Das K’l’epors.
“Ohhh ce’st bonne la Jambone. Lachez les jambons. La Jambon c’st bonne-- ‘Takk Takk,’ Le JamLeBon ‘miiiiilkkkk the Good People. I am called Le JamBone’GrosBonLeJambon, babes. Attentioon, Nicholas Bolla, Nocholos Bore, Kate Winslett, Karine Eichmann, Drowned BuryMe NoMo’, Frankfurth We’meatattdaloft ’
Worse than a cent, #x20, Two Niks Three Nikes, on the other end of the line. On the other tube of the line. On the other BOOTHS over the line.

“RE: V O’er, the Liness” #SayItWithACleftPalette #MyOtherBoothIsANissan #WokeUpLikeDick #@MyMiiii’Ditch’IsR’ede--My Dik is Reddy.
‘My Dik is Reddy’
‘I know, let’s feast,’ simply answered Tim. ‘Youse ares not MY biological brothers, crotchlickers--butt doughnut imagine for a second knot that I am nott your landmark, the brands WAS lented ‘talontee talontee! Hilltee hilltee hilltee! Thé Beast is Ready. (Insert ‘I bought you just that prisoner or just that beast)
He’s lain and overpowered #LetsDie
I have elevated you. #WeAreOurChildRun
The room started turning around Nixon, Dick Nixon, Dick ‘Milhouse’ Nixon, Richard D. Milhouse NixNixnixnixnixnixnixnixnixnixnixOn. S-R-ON do. Do.panic.nik.derangerKlee

‘C’est la Paradis.’
Dese say ‘Nouse Aussi’
C’st le Père A D.
Dese say ‘Noose Orleans’


Say ‘Hello’ Nastay.
Youre in our Buggy. je naš

This town has never ever seen no main.
She lying there above an ocean where,
Her eyes are starin at my window pane,
Any other place or anywhere.

Its my Frozen finger.
It’s my Frozen finger.
We do not Fling here.
We have our roses here
Even milk bushels are obliged to sit in here.

Beginning over exit West Berlin, 
Its mountain line across an open part! 
Surrounded by construction from within, 
But running through this building where we start. 


He (mail@dominikemrich.properfoldinghabits@Lies.Com )
plunged his immense sight into hers.(1)
But fuck them motherfucking furry fans, 
We got these motherfuckers figured out! 
So when my moms discuss their lesson plans, 
I wonder where they raised concerns about. 

E C E C E C E C E alley, 
E C E C E C E soda shop, 
E C E C E carpet factory, 
E C E C E grand E stood atop. 

#@ “ He Plunged His (Immersed(..  Into Her…

Hallucinations disrespecting you! 
These motherfuckers disrespecting me, 
My self-destruction contradictions through, 
Congratulations self-destruction Brie. 


Hallucinations Hieroglyphics right. 
So dark dysfunctional distinguished way! 
Its reinforcements rollercoaster night, 
Shall self-destruct assassination day. 

But catastrophic cobrastations do, 
Not dead distractions disrespected you! 
Their cold construction contradictions through, 
We take them through this transformation true. 

E entertainment everybody know! 
Some self-destruction schizophrenic slay! 
These motherfucking motherfuckers go, 
They fro away the bay. 

My disappointment disrespecting me, 
No self-destruction contemplating Flea. 

With whole subconscious schizophrenic same. 
I said hallucinations happened quite, 
How long till Christmas constellations came! 
E come construction constellation might. 

This transformation never dreamed about, 
Once distinguished disappointment knew! 
Not now responsibilities without, 
She seems so called frustrations far too few. 

No ones whose catastrophic children chose! 
As though their time has made themselves appear, 
Who thought that there are something more than those! 
Which men must keep these contradictions clear. 

They take them through this neighborhood not very, 
But still some self-destruction penis any. 

Magnolia mountain mother monkey do, 
She silver shining star surrounding me. 
Thick tower tractor tie their trousers through, 
They flashing feather flower flying free. 

No billion dollar daughter dying day! 
We running rollercoaster run away! 
Im driving down apartment alley way, 
Cat pocket plastic preacher man can say. 

Drugs pig police Professor people know! 
Some sergeant screaming self-destruction night! 
Cat cracker cream computer children go, 
Suck chocolate cocks congratulations right. 

I cock my microphone my penis true, 
My mom my penis penis penis you. 

try it my dick comes in two versions tryable and suck heare my anus venins ring you can do gymnastic on it its a true domestic classic

Spaghetti street assassination night. 
Thick trousers kitchen knuckle knuckles know, 
Raw rifle rubber rollercoaster right! 
Some screaming self-destruction speakers go. 

Cat cracker chicken children flying free, 
They toothbrush tiger river running through, 
This mountain motherfucker murder me! 
Drugs money motherfuckers monkey do. 

Till twenty dollar daughter dying day! 
We walking big refrigerator way, 
Suck chocolate cock computer cocks away! 
I picture plastic penis people say. 

My penis cocks can cock my penis true, 
My penis penis cocks my penis you. 
“ The moon : we made it But you know who made it first Qué “Thé Moon”
“ Don’t forget your Knapsack”
Another guy who wept whose words were few, 
So soon we gonna get a little older! 
What worse was like an arrow going through! 
My mind must move along about a folder. 

He had his hands have never made it very, 
Too far for being blinded by this though! 
Not only one of those these thoughts are rarely, 
So sad as hell has fallen from below. 

I know which way around and anywhere! 
But you can see them try to touch the whole. 
They think that there is nothing wrong with where, 
Other side of north celestial pole. 

Not all alone and at a place wherever, 
No need to travel through the world whichever. 

Thanks for your feedback !

He hates his hate he helps her get away.
She seems so badly bitten by replies!
She knew that there was something you should say,
How could I ever even realize.

Why bother blaming me for anything!
We wept what words were way too long ago,
Made it through the thought of everything,
Who cares about a thing they do not know.

So sad to think this hell has happened yet!
But there are nothing wrong with everyone!
My mother might have had a little let,
An answer after all is said and done.

I do not need no one of other kind,
To tell the things that you can never find. 

Thanks for your feedback !
As angry at a fifty false exception!
They thought that there was such a lousy latter.
But when he hangs around McCartney Lennon,
Some sort of on a civil calendar.

Too many faces falling from between!
They try to take another anywhere,
For those who wronged what you have never seen!
I do not need no other one or where.

This pointless pain is making me my main!
And now I feel as though the time has come,
So sad to tell the things that still remain,
Not nothing wrong with where we had become.

These thoughts and arms are all a little smaller,
Being blinded by the fear no longer. 
Away alone again another day. 
What words would wait for answers at an answer, 
Ask why when we wanna stay this way! 
She said some say what word which way no matter. 

How hard to think these empty eyes should see, 
Have had their thoughts too heavy on my mind! 
I never thought the world was wrong with me! 
So sad that things are such a helpless kind. 

It matters more than those who do not know, 
Not need no one or only you can call! 
A lot of other people gotta go, 
But no-one needs an answer after all. 

The world is never going anywhere, 
Even though they try to take them there. 
Thanks for your feedback !
That there is something wrong without an answer!
So sad and all alone and standing there,
I got the trouble on my mind no matter,
Not nothing never going anywhere. 

Thanks for your feedback !

For father unconditional whoever.
Have heard his husband having asked about,
As you should tell them motherfuckers never!
I thought they thought to those who walked without.

Whose wife was disrespecting everyone,
Everything embarrassing himself!
He had a shame so sad so sorry son!
That you would underestimate herself.

But nothing ever happened even though!
No never self-destruction something S,
But when a disappointment does not know,
Not neither unforgettable unless.

What fellow friends and animals assume,
About the things that tell themse
lves to w
Thanks for your feedback !
Too young conceited contemplating telling!
Her friends whose father never asked advice,
Then the world was worse without pretending.
She said he had a shameful sacrifice.

We watched them take themselves together though,
Was wrong what could have happened everything!
I think that those of others do not know,
Who wanted everything as anything.

They thought themselves no shame so sorry S!
How you should self-destruction something brother!
Not neither unforgettable unless,
Answer anything about another.

To tell the things that you not never done,
But you would do a thing to everyone. 
Thanks for your feedback !
I feel no shame how having happened yet!
A chance to try again and nothing never,
Forget about the things that you regret,
Pretending you regret not never ever.

Were you afraid another brother died. 
He had her husband having helped himself, 
To tell themselves that though the priest replied, 
Asked a little brother by herself. 

Responsibility remained accused! 
Too many angry people parents paid! 
An age of young relationships refused, 
Who murdered mother living life betrayed. 

A man whose little daughter died despite! 
Her friends were strangers seeing something younger. 
Was worthless while suspicious children write, 
For those who never felt ungrateful under. 

They tried to teach themselves to love another, 
But then the disappointment had become, 
As though they taught themselves together brother! 
Not nothing wrong with where we started from. 

When we thought that you became afraid, 
A brother Biiiiii(Uia) betrayed and never swayed. 

4fa Day : WeK/ Crystal '''R'(a)IIIIIs '' @ C’b_iN “B’K.In(K’n(t)”Wa.Ter/(W)Ret’R’W-T’rsMSS-R’dB’d@Mer(..€#L’sT(d)’Rs(t).R.HiH’rs.E(a)Ndt’L’R-Tr’s #St.DoMyNikesFt.St.#ShoeMyLace.F(L)ootSliiiii.Pi(e)StdBO.BOBiiiii(Uia)sCo(o/c)k@WaterBees_Egg '' Ed.D(o/i) Flee'' CarD(oit)En.S'k_It@aIIIII'C-Riiiii.Z@(DuneRaverSlit).B’g-In(N)Da.W(aIIIII)’T’(Hou)-Rs@M.S’L/(s)T(d) “O”.St (st)D(oWers.N’D’W’Rs@K.No(“Ah.”)’St_“El”(n)A(iiiii).Da(iiiii)’s “Que?”.SloH’rts.IT.Ou.R’s(T) “Do.Knot”@PanNik9.R’N(sdT)R(a)IN.Ce.K’r@K’Ro/Sliiiii-Van(Std)E.ti.Re(aIIIII)sT.InDo(o)’R.(..N)’MiiiiiG’OldDo(d’st)Ft.N(ae)’S.T’d “Nas-T.GoldSl(a)iiiiiP’rS.Do(®) St.K’L(aIIIII).P’rs@P'Lace_To(W/A)edt.D’b(T).(l)It@G’rD’n_D(H)om/T(Home).St. “Hill_L(a)iiiii.(L.eae)”/Do.To#AD. “D(aiiiii)Eux.Day”#Do@Bld.D’S’m*3@WaterB(e/o)_AD.(w)Ho(R’M).(L)iiiiim.St.HighL’d.L’v’R’#H’rd.Gr(aIIIII)#L’Krs.:DaH’rts,Sa(IIIII)lt.D.V’N@(LogInW/D(o)Z_DaS(K)ho(L)eIt.NIKES.Do@R.Do#Ist(d)Re(ae)D2Do.It#We'R’/ “Hey_Ter”.R(eaed.s)TF’r.@(..Ra(IIIIII)V’r_Ro€D./Rst.Re.dE@(E)An(d/T)DaRea(L)m#R(d)V@DaDr'MrmrsM'rM''sUnderK(Hole)O'er.C.U@Mall.(t/d)O(v).Hi(gh)GarlicK'Lov.B'r(H)@In(d/t)B'd.(H)Ours.C(H)o(l/M)#()’L.Ovr.Irh.$u(CK.Cop’rs).uS

#Logged@Groom.O(u)r_Groom.IsR(eaeaeaeaea)D. #TerMiiiiiAnus, Da K(H)op.(aiiiii)’s #Lot’sMaster’sHusband’sHusband, Lot’s Master #Lot’sMaster’sHusband #Lot’sMaster’sHusband’sHusband’sWife @Khol.Ed’Eaeaearaeth.V’La(‘R’)#M’rry M/.R/.E
DominikEmrich.Com BackUp
(jUST iN cAse Dat FlashpLAYER pLugGed#pLUGin.iNN(hMTSTDTH)

Paris Motor Show

Great design delivered through innovation – Nissan is showcasing its bold approach in spectacular style at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. Showing the strength and depth of its highly successful range, Nissan is exhibiting an array of vehicles that offer an exciting glimpse at what the future holds for the brand.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France
Vincent Beaurin For Dior
The Bastet palette of Dior.

Dior releases a new range of make-up pallets imagined by the artist Vincent Beaurin, called Bastet, as a tribute to the Egyptian deity of the same name!

Composition: Dominik Emrich

Bernhard Willhelm Show Women AW12/13
Attention ! : DJ SET
for Bernhard Willhelm Show Women AW12/13
Set : Dominik Emrich
Voice : Vava Dudu

Link : The whole set on opening ceremony

Presse : I-D Magazine Online : "Tough"
Presse : Opening Ceremony : "couldn't have been a more perfect accompaniment"

NISSAN Teana Full exploration Module. Interactive website.

Confidence, solid, contrast, advancement.
Playground for the bigger boys.

Link : direct to the official site

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France

Bernhard Willhelm Show AW12
Attention ! : DJ SET
for Bernhard Willhelm Show AW 2012

Set : Dominik Emrich
IBM Business Process Manager
IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM platform giving visibility and insight to manage business processes. It scales from an initial project to a full enterprise-wide program.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : OgilvyOne Worldwide France


NISSAN Opening
Quashqai "Journey to Urban Proof" Opening Video / Introduction. Whatever an urban proofed journey might be - here it's more "back to the 90's". 

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France

NISSAN JUKE - Explo Module
Appropriate to the official trailer:
A soft awaking of the city. The Juke introduces himself.

Link : 
direct to the official site

This site won the FWA Award in the category "site of the day".

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France

The Quashqai -
Akrylnumerik performance.
The trailer presents 2 songs from the "Quashqai module".

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : Bellanopolis

Escadas desire to clearly seperate their sports series from their mainline was to express it keenly in itself - in a very peculiar and independent way of nightshade cultivated New Area beach fairy tale.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : Colorstorm Holding
Eva Herzigova by Peter Lindbergh.

Escadas mainline was supposed to sparkle in a light which unites wideness, vitality, gravity, sexyness, freshness, energetics and of a gone with the wind feeling. Not least made for the strong, self-confident woman, who finds herself in Eva Herzigova.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : Colorstorm Holding


Dior Horlogerie - Introduction
Details - many little secrets - a mosaic let divine exotic.
Dior 's newest presentation of watch collection.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
By order of : DIOR


Lancôme - Hypnosis Senses
Shout! Yes, but whispering. What you put in my ear becomes intimate. Just IF you are whispering. Whispering - a headphone close encounter in the sound - was the origin and my own claim to this sensual project.
Composition: Dominik Emrich
Production: DIGITAS France
Longchamp - It Bag
The It Bag - a classic: classic of table magazines - to define itself as the bag, was an excellent staging what combined itself out of several deliberate confusion.

Komposition : Dominik Emrich
Produktion : DIGITAS France
Longchamp Christmas Selection
Longchamp announces an international Christmas in a new blaze of colours and fairytale-like ornaments in glance. Even this couture house becomes part of a playful Parisian vitrine scenery at festive days. Précieux, joyeux and in modern robe.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Lancôme Menu
In form and content, the entrance menu holds the entire magnifique documentary together.

Same for the structure of the music.

There’s all secret in the color of red for providing a decent orchestral show event.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich

Lancôme Logo
The name of the fragrance is a reference to a feminist ad campaign that was launched by the brand in 2007 to promote images of successful women.

Personally, I loved that red curtain as an opening logo with spreading letters building the magnifique lettering. It reminded me of logo's by Disney, Buena Vista or even Constantin.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
IBM Business Process Manager

IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM platform giving visibility and insight to manage business processes. It scales from an initial project to a full enterprise-wide program.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : OgilvyOne Worldwide France
NISSAN Opening
Quashqai "Journey to Urban Proof" Opening Video / Introduction. Whatever an urban proofed journey might be - here it's more "back to the 90's".

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France

NISSAN JUKE - Explo Module
Appropriate to the official trailer:
A soft awaking of the city. The Juke introduces himself.

Link : 
direct to the official site

This site won the FWA Award in the category "site of the day".

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : DIGITAS France
Escadas desire to clearly seperate their sports series from their mainline was to express it keenly in itself - in a very peculiar and independent way of nightshade cultivated New Area beach fairy tale. 

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : Colorstorm Holding
Eva Herzigova by Peter Lindbergh.

Escadas mainline was supposed to sparkle in a light which unites wideness, vitality, gravity, sexyness, freshness, energetics and of a gone with the wind feeling. Not least made for the strong, self-confident woman, who finds herself in Eva Herzigova.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Production : Colorstorm Holding
Dior Horlogerie - Introduction
Details - many little secrets - a mosaic let divine exotic.
Dior 's newest presentation of watch collection.

Composition : Dominik Emrich
By order of : DIOR
Lancôme - Hypnosis Senses
Shout! Yes, but whispering. What you put in my ear becomes intimate. Just IF you are whispering. Whispering - a headphone close encounter in the sound - was the origin and my own claim to this sensual project.
Composition: Dominik Emrich
Production: DIGITAS France
Longchamp - It Bag
The It Bag - a classic: classic of table magazines - to define itself as the bag, was an excellent staging what combined itself out of several deliberate confusion.

Komposition : Dominik Emrich
Produktion : DIGITAS France

Longchamp Christmas Selection
Longchamp announces an international Christmas in a new blaze of colours and fairytale-like ornaments in glance. Even this couture house becomes part of a playful Parisian vitrine scenery at festive days. Précieux, joyeux and in modern robe.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Lancôme Menu
In form and content, the entrance menu holds the entire magnifique documentary together.

Same for the structure of the music.

There’s all secret in the color of red for providing a decent orchestral show event.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Lancôme Logo
The name of the fragrance is a reference to a feminist ad campaign that was launched by the brand in 2007 to promote images of successful women.

Personally, I loved that red curtain as an opening logo with spreading letters building the magnifique lettering. It reminded me of logo's by Disney, Buena Vista or even Constantin.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
I accompanied the internal and external Magnifique campaigns for one year, so I was aware of the politics involved while doing specific musical choices for Lancôme's most important product revelation that year: the fragrance. It became a mixture of internal presentations and an official cinema clip by a co-company. One special request was to focus the music on the slowly moving perfume illustrations. Unfortunately this video changed its production company so this original music didn't become the official.
Who Loves
Lancôme goes men presenting itself as man machine. For the first time, as men’s brand.
Lancôme Men is the brand's new anti-ageing range specially formulated for men’s skin.
According to its spokesperson Clive Owen, announced as Bond actor, the buzz page was related to a James Bond like action game. Internet users should be animated to discover the website. The final revelation then directed the user to the Lancôme Men Collection.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Who Loves
Lancôme goes men for the first time as a men's brand presenting itself as man machine. According to its spokesperson Clive Owen the buzz page was first related to a James Bond like action game.

Listen to previews:

Composition : Dominik Emrich
Produktion : DIGITAS France
Renergie Refill - Documentary
In 2008, several cosmetic brands decided to present their products in a futuristic scientific way.
Also, Lancôme communicated Renergie Refill entirely as a scientific event, here in documentary form.

As the video explains in a virtual intensive animated 3D context the anti-wrinkling-effect, the music is expected to be technique, calming and functional.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Renergie Refill
In 2008, several cosmetic brands decided to present their products in a futuristic scientific way.
Also, Lancôme communicated Renergie Refill completely as a scientific event.

Comparing to the documentary the advertising film is shorter, more precise and with the logo of Lancôme appearing at the end of the animation.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
A community page for women opened by spokesperson Juliette Binoche and Elsa Morante was meant to be a community of engaged women for health promotion and beneficial work all over the world. I decided to create a melancholy and hopeful mood as an image for the introduction.


Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Pop Cherub
Gucci Westman called Pop Cherub a Fun Product and surely it was a heavenly game between a naughty look and these little innocent angels… (Lolita seductress fun ambivalence between naivety and sensuality)
Base of the sound conception was virgin suicide by AIR. Until the final presentation, the animation became softer, lighter, slinky and pink.

Production : DIGITAS France
Composition : Dominik Emrich

Shortcut Hydrazen
Original f. Lancome Interactive Marketing 2007
In 2006 Lancôme’s internal presentation by Michel Campan, Interactive Marketing and CRM, changed from an explosive party beat to a very passionate piano sound. This subtended sound was the beginning of a very intensive work period with Lancôme. The animation of Hydrazen Neurocalm represents a snippet of the whole song.

Production : Business Interactif
Composition : Dominik Emrich

Elettra R. W.
Elettra R.W. daughter of Isabella R., former Lancôme Model, became the new face of Lancôme in 2007. The idea was to present her first pictures to selected friends of Lancôme by e-mail as a ppt presentation. The subject of her musical theme was all about her personality, specially represented in her interview.

The choice of a piano was originally just a sketch for setting a mood. Surprisingly, the client didn’t want to change anything of this little piece.
#The Art of being elegant
Secret de Vie
«Secret de Vie is the realization of a dream» . Internet users are able to catch a sly glance at the secret of the skin cream.
It's a visualization of the treasure of the contents covered by a spherule. The impossible should become feasible. The music supports this fulfilling dream by giving it a romantic and spherical character trait.

Production : Business Interactif
Composition : Dominik Emrich
Terre d'Hermès
Hermès Parfum 2007
Terre d'Hermès
Far Web 2.0
Far Web was asked to be a western like [Far West] soundtrack for a documentary film with the special idea of creating my musical composition before the production of the film. Scene: Lancôme's headquarters, Paris. 
Saturday 26 November 2016

Werr istd die telefoon ?

No road no booth and a mango grove.
They’re learning a
piano lesson.



QFTai : Why shouldn’t it be ? You actually use your « Tster »  to toast ?


Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Piano Lesson : it is the earthsphase.


“It’s nowherein the house
It’s not somewhere entered
It’s somewhere you hid it
MIK : Do you like when I write in this hazy, gauzy, for me foamy sort of way?
NIK : Here yes but not alleverywhereways.
[ A Game : Household Gossip ]  (version Phantom Prisoner©)
You’ll need :

lik : Is his tongue a solstice?
nik : no I don’t have really have ever read it
mik : I don’t
nik : a correction to it

You’ll need , no,
you need :
Is the beast ready?

You need an UNAWArEZNZSS BOOTH. It’s the place you go when the others are gossiping about ya. You’re there to be senseless to there machinations. You’re there to be unaware of whats being WRITTEN about you. #APrivatoVerbalVintage #AGlamorousGroomedInGroom #IHaveToMassageHisFace #HisRightArmItsSoPrettay

You need a minimum of Three (3) and a maximum of as much as centimeters in the household may be squeezed into however the UNAWARENESS BOOTH must remain at all times accessible. #ThatsIntimacy #KYGamesJelly “Working on the heroin addiction”  - Carmel []

lik : I have felt that way when I couldn’t really handle it. what made him do it?



lik : Does he still masturbate furiously.
lik : Does he tangle his hair a lot.
lik : Does he dangle it?.
lik : Does he licks the drenched part of the foot when the rains brides on it.
lik : Can you describe to me his ferns? The ones we made for his birthday.
lik : Does he fear elevators as well as he feared holding candlesticks down the hallway.
lik : How did he like comfort.
lik : And intimacy.
lik : Before the platform broke in.

You have the telephone.

We have the telephone.
There’s a phenomenon
where you can project
into the world
your voice. “A voice that speaks from us mouthses. It’s a style. We developed it. It’s a kind of transmission of sound across distance. It sounds like laughter. It looks like laughter. It sounds like our laughter like our laughter we remember. Wherever your body is the sound will travel from your telephone to the telephone at the given coordinates for causing that telephone to make the signal that someone is there.

“Memento Biology”
Many species of bats have developed an incredible system of radio radar which permits them to perceive, thatnks to there ears (attention the ears are back with the message) more informed by their environment than their peers at the other end of the radio radar can be. That’s how they share information.
bat 1 : Where is my pristine?
bat 2 : I’m here
bat 1 : Where is my pristine one with the pen in it?
bat 3 : I’m here
bat 2 : I’m looking for it
bat 3 : I found it
bat 2 : Oh wait its interesting ‘bat 3’ found it
bat 3 : “From the baystate off (our raw reality) the dimension of the form (or slop or shape) are encasement / distractions from and into the distance. And the grain of an object (“now we must take care of our harvest”) can establish the related speed or swiftness of forms

Household Game : Find the expected texture
It was my little residential texture game. You’d fill your bowl with some yogurt first, then you’d add an equal amount of apple sour. Without blending the layers, see if you can detect each substance according to its texture with every bite. When your bowl is empty and your mouth is also empty the game is over. You will need : A spoon, a bowl, a quantity of plain yogurt, an equal quantity of apple sour. Cinnamon optional.

a dialogue.
starring :

Ҩ     as     Ҩ
 &  as ‘the Horlicks Holders’

Ҩ : I thought you said something but I was just looking at your foot.

They Have no Body.
They have no memory.
The way their names are.

tHIS is an EMPIRICAL description of a Penis, don’t you think?
Can you think about a more celebrated nd accurate and admired expression for the maLE GENITALS?

that reminds me of something near
there’s the goof
On the crazy side but not really
the one who alleviates situations
I would be blood
I Would be the blood side
And you would be the balance to blood
Is that water?
No, it’s milch
I am not blood blood is not a feeling or a position blood comes out of an interaction   it’s the interaction that allows blood and milch to be available as an energy source   a necklace a certain necklace I forget  good food so she would think about eating healthily it would be worthless to tell someone about hearing what she could not see    we gave her the tarot cards we were done with tarot cards we gave her the visual part of something we were done with we passed it onto her  if maya has the sphinx that means that tara doesn’t have the sphinx  we gave seeds   flowers    stuff from fridge   a list of things   a big note   justice my book your book our books with annotations in it   stories of things we crossed and secrets we made secrets for it in it   I was holding your dick the hole night cause I was navigating in space   we were looking for amethyst   amethyst ammesthys   then there was a phone call its my one phone call and it was tara who answered    don’t you remember I had been trained by you you taught me to do this she was in the far future she was later I was not expecting someone from later in my dream    this is the night when I saw jappy he was sleeping in the toilet seat and I was pooping water on him he looked vulnerable   newborn from water poop   I was the blonde ai I had a twin the nasty red haired ai    now we’re not nasty cos nasty tires us   when I feel it I am terrified by the stories that’s deciding you don’t want others going thro what you don’t like going thro