Monday, October 14, 2019

Drew Pisarra, Memory’s Ghost (haunted by Hamlet’s dead father)

Er_s_ng H_ml_t, image by Daniel Y. Harris  

Memory’s Ghost
(haunted by Hamlet’s dead father)

Enter Memory. Exit Memory.
Re-enter Memory. Exit Memory.
Enter Memory. Memory beckons…

By heaven, I’ll make a memory of him that lets me!

Exeunt Memory. Enter Memory.

Memory: Mark me. My hour is almost come.

Alas, poor memory!

Memory: Pity me not. I am thy father, revenge.
Murder most foul, I find thee.

Ay, thou poor memory.

There needs no memory.

It is an honest memory.

The memory beneath swears
over and over and over.

It is a damned memory.

I’ll take the memo. 

Me: Do not forget

Enter Memory. Exit memory.

—Drew Pisarra