Monday, October 21, 2019

d.c. wojciech, Selected Work

E_as_n_ M_y_, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

interim architecture of fathom

be still & germinate

deice astray conveyance sequence null

locus of control

lucid focus flutter omni extol

intrusion of denouement supposal entrance

fatal flaw cyclically remember into finitude the last mask of Maya unveiled before before

thresh prana endeavor surmise

surplus writhes   proximity expires

destination unlearn

rivulets of equilibrium

drop custody of the unseen 

mighty omission     harken dominion

pure bliss

while concealment enthralls

sight restrains

halted vernacular rides terminal strands

, a Universe of Mind

capitulate luminosity's pervade

mercy tempered within parade of cohesion

stillnesses entrance

overthrow motion  bleed phoenix   bridge terrenes   foresee

influx of recognizance praxis protem powered emptiness serene

—organisms of chance ensconced at the fulcrum of worlds

‘innervision’ in July's armada of oaths

silent mesquite breaks wind

in half orbs of light

the quench of further

skeletal lips

bounce vibration

bolts worship

beg-inning   s, in blue violets

isolated impulse   heat seized


—see the contour    seethe limitation

infinity's blame-less,,,,

potentiality testify     witness dipped

,,,,soon spills    grasping ruins

"give me friction"

"with eyes like remembering"

cartography of the out-breath

seed of transference

rains precision—

The Way

, plural

in the depths of fathom

to the extent of untold leagues

beneath bounds

between worlds

resurfacing unfinal

surge of plural cognizance

formally astounded—

continuity invoked

surrender to the throne of discovery

perishables of the unreal

elegy of duration

while duration secedes

ignition surmises

tenderness stranded in transaction

true north divulges & lucid flashes back

transgrest against circular allegiances

linear disproval    formlessly abounds

subluxion contracts silhouettes

in union with the unseen

charades of neither—

incongruence nevernow

return to sender / return to cinder / return to center

extremities invoke opulence

the feeling of falling

—d.c. wojciech