Monday, May 18, 2020

JD Nelson, Selected Work

a scobble of the caranthium, image by Irene Koronas

the granda answer and panda

why did they send a mouse to eat the world
there is a perfectly good cat sitting right here

were you ever a working robot
with that hat on your head like a caption

it can’t be a can or can it
to be the blinking wood

to bake a cookie cake
here we are with the power of the moon

the wrist of the mothership
the treasure of the washing machine

to eat a sandwich in the tent
what is the same as the colorful world

to cook with that rice is the brain of the boxing hand
to measure the frost of the king knife

the king kong lemon

in the morn there will be a cow noun to parrot the table of the winking eye

I color the sky with a brush of the wonder
to flannel out and kick the blender when I hover

to shoot us a dream with that lemon
a number of the proud apples

the apple of the police van
the strange wooden work

that egg-shaped language
can we please see that fruited plain

the rose is winking tomorrow
the tube of the monkey ice

the bread is a gate to the other land
the word of the same salad

scarp creighton and the burrow of the nice worms

the james of the super idea
the day of the night

we need a machine here
loneliness that old cheese

the royal sun
would you like to peep

star bear and the color of pops
one of these times is nowhere in the book

james of the gamble to win another night of crab
when is the color of the happy name to eat a brain

september is the rice of the beetle bowl
nothing is the creature of the farm

the usual earth

would you have stayed up if the stain were a rhino blemish
over the window to rose a white merry horse

a measure of the canceled face
a color of the noon when rushing

the talking hand without the sun this time
that traveling bear with the help of the nice eye

a box of the colorful butterflies
a box of the cookie noise

the hornet in the bear cave
the spiral order of the help is another window

a scobble of the caranthium

not a second look for the donor door is a fleet of the flight to witness that winter
this one is the scab of the thin reynolds

to become a nana demand a partner of the wheat to thin it out
that thinking hand is the jungle rug

the glass alpo to stop a standard fish in that butter
the lake feather is the hound of the third door to beat a name of the wild face

the world of potatoes
to be the wild horse or hare

to flavor a breakfast face
should we sleep in the air

to dust the grin of the shark
the james of the shoe

the learned fast face

in those pepper pants
the lemon and lime pants

if there is a bear in the soup
what we do with that hero hair

we wait for the wet sun to dry out
if there was ever a light to be known

to hear a healthy unit of the foam
the wheel of the unborn fire

would you like to summon a sun cloud
with the rooster of the birds

that sidestepped rooster hand of the cough
eeeee is the helping hand of the world

the light of the feather
we eat a news supper

spaghetti unit

the common name we use to get to the warm world of the pear
to live with that fruit of the sun

the apple was a patch of the wording
that older world of the plaid funnel

in the garden of mice
leather of the marble now a plaid angus

the might of the sand to creature me a football
the sad cloud is a game

sugar on that brain
the last yes of the no week

in outer space there is a small log with the pirate map inside
that older saturn is the cough of the inner tube

why is there no pressure to win that ape apple
another bread of the wild friend

it helps to eat a new apple when combing the hair
if we are the erupting hand of the winning glass

scrap iron 2 as a new pasted blah for wheeling

when we are at peace with that hen of the good world
on this, a cardboard earth

to settle this thing in the mud
a country soup is the mile of the chain

the shame of the apple was a rectangular adam
says the head of the hippo police

when it was a grape summer
the shark, a cleric, beat the rug

feck was a heaven of the bread
the same roost of the pepper to stand with me

a news lake for nacho power in the back dusting room for elmore james
the fuster of morble pawn the tocker

—JD Nelson