Saturday, October 28, 2017


Benchpress, image by Rupert M. Loydell 

for Lawrence

Brigadier Benchpress aka The Meter Man
is responsible for pulling the weeds up
each morning, before making breakfast
for the regiment of his dependents.

No-one is authorized to take his place,
he schedules all the activities and sets
the calendar, starting time and pace
of each and every day. He is on his way

to a heightened sense of decorum,
currently manufactures many works
influenced by his childhood dreams
of material expanding into space.

His are crack troops, involved in
art festivals, exhibitions and projects
too secret to name. Benchpress is
creating a complete world of art,

disguised as a garage of old cars
and a scruffy family home. He narrates
the forms of life and the nature of death,
how rust and oil consume metal,

how expensive acrylic paint is,
how he despairs of people in general,
and pursues wisdom and creativity,
old steam trains to take trips on.

Tormented by absence and anxiety,
he attempts to break the still surface
of our consciousness, to stabilize,
restrain and protect. All his threats

are silent, his memories will fade
tomorrow, but we will be left with
knotted and transformed language,
imitating the unconscious, lines

drawn on canvas when words fail
and spectators cannot articulate.
Colourful retrospectives of meaning
demand new purpose for self and time,

transmit life to those who have not
been seduced by digital space.
Benchpress offers us information
about invisible and visible boundaries,

ways to leave traces of belonging,
ways to engage with ourselves.
The world is infinite with no horizons,
only marks created by our hands.

—Rupert M. Loydell