Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Michael Mc Aloran, untitled #1 (from ‘vapour tones’)

Untitled, image by Michael Mc Aloran, Tempera on paper, 2003

untitled #1 (from ‘vapour tones’)

   echoing out into a bled skyline carving the attrition break long absent collide with nothing bartered for given expiration of wound’s desire it sheer cold weight emptying out the skull of breath beneath the once having spoken the colours expiring as of so much ever the blind silence of the longshadow breaking broke broken none asking of the vocal as if all speech denounced what was into the observe of solace nothing closes the eye till filament dissolve what spun cold as it is dim yet of throughout some sharp removal of bleeding it out unto turning from what dense recollect effortlessly ever-spoken of what voice what as if what once was said forgotten in an instance breathe of shrapnel tears were once where no nothing ever it in the till tremor trace weight vapour tones & the absent of all redempt piercing of the once what was in the become closure depth what surface of what sentience vibrate through foreign static binds of electrical promise & the sunk occluded echoing out as of vapour traces once more a pathway through till enters into vague distance mercury throughout the longshadow having uttered vaguely reaches to touch to taste still yet as once was lightless boundless as once(d) what mattered here once then the beckoning forth till closure lights fallen effortlessly clean break the bone revealed through the meat of din collision expiry of no not once nor ever having been not known as if it were uttered through the body vocal sudden as if to trace calling upon inversion stripping the lungs from out of echo’s reach through cold chambers the words bankrupt as what were once nothing coagulate where from what dense of given to expire still yet biting upon the blade of excursion no longing for excise a foreign taste of the what once known through it as if akin to having said where absent colours of the breaking breath skied once(d) till absolute as onwardly it floweth till strike a match the bloom to follow after where orchids once blossomed in an exercise of cessation in solace naught redeems the cascade of it till collapse of given to expiration broken soil dried blood & the turning of as if to say that it once mattered as through what sung strung aloft through the vibrating disease or retrograde where to taste is of the dead light what once it will return bleak some solace headlong broken as if to redeem given to expel as if it mattered not a trace the fade unto of out of the whereof cold shadow of the never having been once said in the breaking throughout in silent solace din what light till the bend in the eye that is the revelate as if it were as if to once more where in a closure of eyelids the ambient seclusion one singular circumference one singular in which to breathe drained of ever-expiration in the fallen lightless through the fallen lightless voice garroted of its own terse silent excursions where once was shredded blind chamber of endless lack spits them out the shards of broken razors in din of dark the broken body vocal trailing behind through the language of the stolen obsolete stripped as if it were to ember is to recollect skin deep delving into which the furtherance of what wind collapse drained of all things permanent other than the bled skyline aloft shifting from azure to deep cadmium deep tidal nothing further to bear as once no not once other than yet not once it was never thus fallen from what grace that never was coiled around the centrifugal exigency abandoning lapse & the warmth of the blood that never once(d) flow where seasoned terse reclamation fallen of the misgiving of what of it all called ashore till bite what dreaming of in next till aftermath where flesh is what of it it is what flesh is what of it longing after beyond the dark into the black mortuary breathing forth what syllabus cast off in singular what as if as it were the reverberation of once more recounting its losses to the scum lights of density found to be when sentient occasion found dragged throughout once echoing out through silence permanence a cold chase specious demise some colours claimed through speech-clad reclamation distanced from the without where vocal does not abound it spoken for the only of & the speech of claim the rest said what with what privilege of meat tearing away from vocal shimmering as once what was where vapour tones speak the rhetoric of nothing ever shine a light the birthing of what once oceanic ever-what closes the wound of it expires throughout the silence of what to bear closes the final eyes of silence forgotten merely to lapse into ever ever echo where night is yet ever ever long cleft having been of the cloth to cut as of the flesh long shadow of desire struck from blind to deft to mute all in an instanced breath spits the bitter seeds of lightless dreams through the charred remains all spoken of as of yet never ventured as once then throughout the sky closes over a cataract filming the ocular delve inwardly disclosing nothing ever hence the climb beyond where as if to utter struck voiceless in the collapse a foreign lapse the breathing of it for all having the vibrate a drag of carcass tears in cinematic silence of the burning of throughout in the desire for longing’s end as once was in it where an unspeaking broken nullity of it peering out from the body broken until opening unto violent corridors where once the never having been other than in exile’s claim turning in upon unshadowed by lapse or other than the pure claim only of is the pitch by which silence claims detrimental design that colours every outset & every onset as of all having once said through mercury chase approximate dereliction leaving it to the seek where further pestilence would be sought to disclose the frozen eye lapse in lax repetitive all sudden as if to exhale these foreign arenas lacking pulse or breathe were to sudden as what once was through colours claimed bleak lightless attrition of dead tones what climb to reach beyond sharp as in of in the what not of vocal in the dead speech tones the body broken cull of the spoken limbs of breakage colours plumage of some sickly animal’s abort where cold weight in defecate collides with longing’s trace of the redempt vocal as what never once throughout nor of of in other than in silence breathless taste of the absurdly sprung of drought and light are the one becoming of thought through passage sentence all claimed from the silence presence stripping away the bone exigency as if to say that echo din a collision of meat in sarcophagus elixir cold it reeks through the division night of the broken body vocal from point of forgotten passage where mark made fall to utterance the slate wiped clear it oft to bleed where stone lights beckon from the stun of never other than in-breathing close the wound of stitched purpose lapse to the in of out returning to where colours collide in distant sanded realms unknown indifference of the all sudden as if to where to be is to disgorge cracked speech static of the said what distance never yet to follow cannot other than nailed shut to surface tension severing the limb of escape of escapade mirror’s reflect through mercury reduced to that rampage of the shutter snapped down & the echoes paring away the obsolete to touch the emptily unsung of paralysis gestures echoes of the irredeem where spacial light breaks upon cold surface a scattering of rotting meat as of once what where as words bite only as receding into darkness riddled with the rat of night where pelt is once and once only sickness to dredge as all along it plays out through some absenteeism of pulse bulb symbiosis between the long hours of the dead the stripping of skin tearing from reach from sacrosanct obscure it will eye lapse eye breaking upon shores of absent bodies whole the bitten and the unseen lock in this or of in that not a trace of desire for the ongoing purpose of what dim throughout in the light of absence smearing the ocular flesh the taint tint of reckoning as if it were collision of the outpouring tearing once(d) light from solace nothing of it to fall to sunderance as if to claim that once were shadows in nothing of through paroxysm silenced as was once ever collapsed into thy dread the breathless swell of silenteeism of the distance haven of which the swell of reverberate breaking from what forth what forth until until forgotten        

—Michael Mc Aloran