Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mark Young, Four Poems

The Dark Side of Reappropriation, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

A line from Vasco da Gama

According to the quantum
theorist, rising property prices
will shut down a nuclear-
powered aircraft carrier. War

becomes perpetual, aggressive
traits predict partner abuse.
Whole grains get accused of all
kinds of mayhem. But the jelli-

fication can be stopped. The pro-
cess works in reverse if you’re
not afraid of the darkness or
creation redemption methodology.

A line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A wild stormy sea wave
served with sashimi
& royalty-free images,
only at Shutterstock.

On the far side of the
mountains the winds are
rough. A dark blue sky.
Hokusai's jigsaw puzzle.

A line from Haile Selassie

Iceland's Culture Night finishes
with a majestic firework display.
Allowing children to partake in
it establishes intimate customer-

brand relationships. Strengthens
them through a multitude of
events—majestic longhorn
cattle flood Wyatt Earp Blvd;

Miike Snow with Zella Day are
at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo
Hall; explosions & chemical acci-
dents keep happening. So much

variety! So effective in developing a
sense of self. Empathy unfolds. Just
in time, as the Noosa Beach Classic
Car Show returns for its 28th year.

A line from Karri Kokko

Mikä minun on, nyt
ja aina—how much
longer will I be able
to co-habit with such

divine pulchritude?
Almost blond like a
chimera, & instantly
rescuing absurdity

from death, the female
is furtive & disciples
only enthuse her. The
lightstand nears you

& the tightness begins.
Eyesores. Best mind
out for them. Talking
‘bout miscegenation.

People try to pull us
down—what does not
change? A blind man
stands up & says thank

you for giving me the
chance to be a pan-
boiled wizard now
my quietness has a

mandrake in it. This
place rumored to
have been Suomi
just might have been.

—Mark Young