Sunday, October 22, 2017


George Grosz and John Heartfield at the First Dada Trade Fair
Burchard’s Gallery, Berlin, Summer 1920


Chosen for decadence, why not?
All new classic baby doll happiness delivered
Temporary emergency (gentle reminder), but we are
Now approaching artful industrial space:
Old lottery tickets, acupuncture, massage,
Esmerelda du Cane, half price – don’t miss out!
Creative Event Boutique, smash and grab
Run for it Kev! It’s the rozzers!
Eyelashes in all directions (but you’re so gorgeous)
Bongo la, bongo cha cha cha.
She was singing to herself very, very cute. Then,
Suddenly, a crowd of kinky latex pony girls
Ran yelping and screaming through the hall.

Unlock the power to pop up anywhere, any time
Keep it personal speckled clouds (whatever).
Yeah, we’re behind the scenes at a trade fair,
Classy bricks cash & carry, confused onlookers,
Gateway to The Rising Sun, bar, BBQ and flashing novelties
Or Shade Enterprises family bucket, why not?
It’s your warm, caring workforce
Collect, swap, play, swipe right, scan this way
Local fresh. And lo! Behold! The Devil Wears Dada!
We saw a weird effigy pinned to the wall
Head like a glowing light bulb (whatever).
It’s not a joke, it’s not funny anymore.

Oi do me favour!
Diversion ends, no entry free to go,
New level… Hello? Hello?
We met up with young Melody Candles, and
Launched a drone from the top of Tatlin’s Tower
So we could film the scene; boy, the pictures were amazing!
Inter-star heavy cut to size award-winning dream designs
Pioneered by ‘Sexy Sophie from Staffs’, but
The Empress Octavia showed us the ropes and
All the tricks of the trade; you wanna climb my rigging?
Ready? Comments? Complaints? Suggestions?
No thanks, yeah, why don’t you…

Die kunst ist tot, the bitch whispered in a husky voice,
As she lovingly kissed the tip of my nose.
Bongo la, I whimpered submissively.
Welcome to the heart,
Oh nah nah nah, what’s your name?
Questions, questions, too many questions.
All across town skirt-crazy blokes are
Looking for Her,
‘Cos that She-Devil Wears Dada.
It was a great number; old press cuttings
And Constructivist make-up.
No doubt about it.
A great number, a great routine.
Well, did you evah?

—AC Evans