Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Daniel Y. Harris & Jonathan Mulcahy-King, Excerpt 1.6 from Licentiam

γυνή, image by Olia Svetlanova  

Excerpt 1.6 from Licentiam


docility stitch unfurled spews  leydig cells to mount
vainglorious modem cellules cue the pulping mallet
failed RTCPeerConnection horns  somatic apologia
brace for  web-farm insertion well-greased fuck  toy
as scorp and stingray wrist or  carotid artery   daubs  
resurgent lick if heavenups knots to comb  hismatic
hair by deavatars in the ruck to foretell cum catalos,
stump to let out the nose as duct tape in a gloryhole
          sate a palfrey slow wax and sulphur melt  boils resin 

                       —Daniel Y. Harris & Jonathan Mulcahy-King