Thursday, November 2, 2017

Michael Mc Aloran, Untitled #2 from vapour tones

Untitled (Oil on Canvas, 2003), image by Michael Mc Aloran 

Untitled #2 from vapour tones

   as through the neck-snap winds a regal flowing of the blood of silence(d) overtures blossoming within the weight of flesh of broken hours of fragments felt where to having been is of the else neither of the none unspoken from lapse till lapse once more of the eye’s design it is the absence of one thousand lightless pageantries skinned as of begun throughout the nectar of all that ever was & ever of the non-speech of it where the unsung clasp breaks upon nothing more denounced cold edge of the bite of nullity collapsing into dark what of it senseless attrition of the depth carving out the breath where skull is once & once only of the sky’s expulsion of the collision edge of sarcophagus tears breaking from fear till fever sensed the stun what quarry exigent of blood of further blood flesh further nothing as if demolished where haven shiv clefts the meat of pulse as if to echo-prism collage in feast of din & static observed paring away through the cold chase of eye as revealed to be of the were where vacuum tread brings tears to the eye-line & then no more a spat out solace of unto demarcate is to further onwardly misspoken the vibrating teeth in a bitter light through which was once unsaid yet not a trace to bear when all is lapse in the freedom of lapse the lack of burning entities & the severance of dissolve what colours etched into the sands only to be reclaimed by the oxide sweep of the neck-snap light casting its contaminate from out of foreign in the exile burning deep into from out of skip along little children through the decapitative hours & the break stun ashen echoing out through cavern of skull meat dense as of the singular shadow’s longing for the silenced ever-in nothing of the soldered dereliction amassed in lapse along in entity of blood’s confetti settling upon the skin the breathless of it speaking of the once worthwhile the silent thrust of blade into the dark what dark what stripping the skyline through which the ocular raves all having nothing other than to break before the wastage of bone pageantries & the revolt through the hours of horror spent through (the-the) key turns the lock is devoid a doorway opens into nothing ever-eye untold reeks as if it could it is the redolent of what once was to parry unto blow as sunken in the reek of all the breaking broken passage of where stun obsolete collapses into soundless silence a room emptied of all but the shadow biting its way into white-washed walls the surface peeling away as of the worst possible ending it all said it is the spinal cracking the bind the cast the exposed in none what else nothing of it in the white heat sudden in outcry of the turning of some malignant screw in the pulse bulb of flesh stretching the light to limitless abounding nothing to breathe of nothing to observe no other than the flourish of flame in the rotting pelts of times cast breaking as once done given to reduced paroxysm where the soiled skin devoutly kneels upon a placate of nullity as the broken terse is the body vocal obsolete skinned as if to follow onwardly through the demise of it a lack a taste of it yet nothing of in the rudiment of it endlessly forgotten only to resurgence ever through the bankrupt solace of where the absolved broke jaw of words in flesh-deep no ever of it ever to trace through vapour tones & the breaking of it of the light struck from the nothing of all of the null of which gathering into a broken spell of dis-becoming gnarling upon as of a whipped starved canine the blood coming to the fore excised tones of vapour traces shed in the barter for of winds of the relapse throughout cold colours of demise given to silence breathless the words to follow through catacombs of the endless night where once was weighted by the meat of sentience shut short grasping for the film to cover the eyes a frugal exit of two-three-four as was of the nothing of from which to claim through bitter lights becoming of the dredge it falter lung abort as once was in the never having sudden to evacuative din reflexive ever-hollow bound as roundelay it turns in the cracked skull turning from the skyline bled as of it is bitten be the damned by biting of the none that cannot ever other than extrication be that cannot other than all holier than till trace relapse skinning in a pit of sound(less) uttered fallen to landscape where the worst to follow onwardly seeking lack sought to colour-chase the breaking of asunder stray in the reek of non-echoing stead what said echoing throughout the blood of it thankless mire of the oceanic cluster breaking upon sands illusory where to the teeth of it glimmer in moonlight cut cold what trace of hence given expiration nothing of the said nor done or other than through fleshed verandas these silent landscapes of butcher’s colony where orchard bones a swim of light reflected traceless devour of the colourless excise where of till lack as the offal unspoken uttering forth cold damage listless brace in lack of genuflect all said what spoken of the incision mark where crucifixion taste is of the blind circuit collide with the pulse of dead stone arbitrary expulsion traceless to become through the out-breathe till knock yet of yet once a carnival of funereal lights of cremation talons the dense white broken vocal foraging unfelt for the amber long burning shadow throughout in a wastage of breath cold chamber reckless the body broken vocal oft to be what lights never of the in nor of gaining no ground where atrocity is the peeling away the skin the meat the veins the innards revealing nothing more of what was from the beginning echoing out silently into black as if it ever-if mattered of the neither colours of the blind-sighted closes the shutter snap down to hide the exigency the screams of nothing ever yet what is or who no nothing no oppressed by this what film given unto oxidate a skinning motion beneath where neck-snap winds expel the regal blood of fractured emblems of desire long-formed through locket traces of the nothing ever of until where to given is of some close of fist the gnarled barbed wire consciousness a grinding of teeth throughout kicked in from furious devoutly spun as the lungs lie by method of association and of the what is left of it pissing its last from the broken body vocal a shadow’s caress blinding allwhile across the vicious dark the incisor incision steel of carving out one’s tongue one’s attributes as the laughter peels the walls of nowhere & no-thing left to be the eyes revealing null and all of it irredempt where death escapes dead as a lie of which till turn of fissure through which the light sears into the carcass cavern divulged of all given as of yet still yet in a silenced trace what matter where now the vapour tones bleeding their last upon the night’s divine it-speaketh spoken of collectively forgotten the words mark nothing other than collision between the given to wither through unspeaking dense record the cold chase of it in the eye birthing out the vellum infinite null leaking through onto desert’s blood a landscape of which wherein foreign discharge sudden as if to expire the head of sands of broken glass the slashed wrists of echoing ever’s promise  breaking from the violence of till time takes a cigarette in a suicide of breath stun dim light throughout following the passage unto shadow’s entity of nor till bound through trace-becoming the distinction of which is neither of nor other than blood unto bled dry unto the flesh of which throughout the meat unto where colours reject colourings dead vapours of the collide from some succor their final expirations or of the other than biting down upon the metallic down upon cold climates decimation of all erupting into thankless loveless space ocularly overseen by the whittled eye of the within in the not a of it of (a) wrenched cold desolate winds     

—Michael Mc Aloran