Saturday, November 18, 2017


The Art Room Mona Lisa Chuckling Cushion
(release a knowing cackle from the world’s most famous painting), 
image by AC Evans 


Grab the fun! Histrionic plans, nothing happening.
Damp storm; got anything new?
Somewhere in iconic London, outlet for synergy
United engine of fear, Blazing Paddles we called it,
Panic stations extra. No exit, buzz-cut style enforcement
Call the World; get your rear in gear.
Groove like our Hermione to that Hawaiian Bop, oh baby,
Give us that famous enigmatic smile or our money back.
Squeeze that fantastic you know what I mean.
Arriba la cumbia!

Oh, ok, good luck with that lol
Switchback players why wait?
Ultimate entertainment Blacktower Marauders (no relation),
Lower Road Cakewalk Commandos (bunch of jokers)
Missing Maniacs (get upstairs), the Laughing Policeman (what?),
Found phrases and/or words from nowhere (knowing cackle)
Grab the fun, grab a paddle and launch a dinghy.
But I can’t swim! Call the World, heavy breathing,
Twice as nice, fag end of love, ran off with some bloke
From here (wherever here is). Know what I mean?

Oh, ok, good luck with what?
Electrical feast grill bar drive-in high class manor
It’s all talk, talk, talk – can’t stop it, can’t get enough.
Get an angle, grab the fun: it’s a Mona Lisa Chuckling Cushion!
What a laugh eh? Tee! Hee! Hee! Crack that enigmatic smile.
What’s the angle?
Post-apocalyptic cinematic language and cheesy music?
That’s not Lisa from the Placebo Marketing Suite,
It’s Curvy Chrissie from Carshalton with moonlit magnolias.
Sign up today, there you go!

Oh, ok, good luck with her lol.
Touch in touch out, it’s what we do.
Pop in and speak to twice as nice Natasha.
Busy evening? Book the ghost zone,
Dress in grey like a girl from some other time.
You bet I just love it (Tee! Hee! Hee!), know what I mean?
Grab the fun grab a phone get the facts.
High flyers are always a pain in the arse.
Yeah we have a special report not so much a philosopher,
More a flapper, take risks have a go!

Do I look normal? Do us a favour.
Just go for it just seconds away break the wall
Camp it up, squeeze that fantastic stark reality.
Distant sultry sound of Connee Boswell with Begin The Beguine.
It’s all I can hear now. But she can be your princess, very enigmatic.
Massage and boot clearance world class kick up circus
Take one! Take two! Take off!
Thermal shock emblem. She looks normal to me.
She’s got a hot smile, doncha just love it?
Odd clutch, you name it. You what?

—AC Evans