Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Alex S. Johnson, Most of the Facilities

The Upjut in the Residuum, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Most of the Facilities

Hips wind into oil
How small she was, the cottage throat silenced.
Slamming into that,
he hitched her machines
processing pussy heat

She twisted machinery
flicking used flesh
her factories panted
complex words into glorified chemical fingers
lubrication for final fur
with forward sudden pressure he operated her spinning chest
the penetration my blades forced back
dripping, her products thrust
cock…workshops that yowled of century steel

Factories water Tia’s assemblies,
Her head raw with milling against product
She pressed parts as streams outdoors
into which her heavy equipment
continuously lifting back
shivered sinuously

Most the facilities process space and steam by pet.

—Alex S. Johnson