Friday, October 21, 2016

Fusiform Gyrus, The Janitor God

Installation of the Janitor God,
image by Daniel Y. Harris  

The Janitor God

Cathach-Brenin janitor god lark of asuncion cathartic belch overseer of dengue rat town cobbled face more scar than pore oily black scorpion tongue cloudy eyes surveying blindly grey plastic mould and maquette construction every detail of a city awash with sublime green place keepers holograms all the homeless stares all the mothers feeding all the dogs pissing all the hooded gangs idling bleating all the parkour kids stuck in mid crook all the bridge jumpers all the sharp shapes cutting through excrement on walls in alleyways holograms mid-mugging mid-skulking mid-overdosing the reality uncanny all the decay all the dirt stuck.

—Fusiform Gyrus