Monday, October 10, 2016

Anne Gorrick, Excerpts from Pantheon

Malware in the Pantheon, image by Irene Koronas

Excerpts from Pantheon

[Zeus]: Attendant of Small Holocausts

The crow was an oracular bird, supposed to house the soul of a sacred king after his sacrifice. (p. 38)
The Greek Myths, Robert Graves

I was Bounty Hunter on this Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure and Pudge went with me / Pudge kept dying and feeding / We ended up with a kind of fed Zeus / He controls lightning / an extra-dimensional race / Now they revel in their new temples, casinos, and media / The future is not very evenly distributed / for us to scan and copy objects / Miss V is joined by her high-maintenance boy-toy Zeus to find out whether he has been secretly dating her best friend Clarisse or not / It’s up to you now to nab this dashing deity / Ammon Zeus Hotel: Amon Zeus is the best!!!!!!!!!! - See 136 traveler reviews, 128 candid photos, and great deals for Ammon Zeus Hotel at TripAdvisor / Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder (among other things) / Zeus’ symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull and the oak (among other things)

Malware, Trojan, virus scam, slots free
There’s a theater devoted to him in Waynesville
an auction at Olympia
Batteries charge the great frontier
It’s the birthday of the botnet
Car chargers and carpet cleaning
It’s dog dating, lightning extrudes onto his enemies, this ejuice
What fasteners attach us to a family tree?
God facts and stupid wishes
Heat shrink helmet replacement, holster hash
There’s an infection in the god of what?

So anyone else think Zeus is a tad OP? / Specifically the ult / I was just in a coop match with hard bots / Zeus and Sand King were bot and we were dire /  I would have had no problem staying in lane if it weren’t for Sand King stunning me and then Zeus slapping me three times promptly killing me / Zeus can shoot it off at a lucky time killing me in front or WHILE HEALING / That’s not right / Now of course I know

The god of fame
a player and a resident
born in Warcraft
Isis had a god’s wings
in her last known location
Is married to what material?
Is owned by who?
Is worth how much?
The patron god of what city?
A fallen angel raised by the king of Washington
Also known as
Born on Crete
Created the frame
What movies was Zeus in?

I’ll get flamed for saying a heros OP, but if he’s not OP then how should I counter him? / His ult it seems really needs nerfing / Even when hes not fed I think this / Hes one of my most hated heroes. His ult is my most hated ult / Its ridiculous / No hero should be able to take down half my HP when Im nowhere near them / How to counter Zeus? / Get some experience in the game / There is only one good Zeus player in the world / and that is Merlini / And even he doesn't consider Zeus for progames

Knurling tools
God of the storerooms
Moss bends toward its own mini myths
What would be a good nickname for Narcissus?
Are there owls too in Cape Artemision?
Real steel radio Roman names
Is he a god or a great dane?
Upload his unique qualities with this locator
It’s a Hulk vs. Poseidon
The weakness in a wife name crossword hint
There are x’s on my skin

Zeus is weak / He has low movespeed / He can be stunned and killed easily due to a low hp pool / He has zero control or escape mechanisms / If you get a bkb / he is useless since he has no right-click attack damage / You can get cheap items that boost your HP like Powertreads and Drums /Magic Stick works wonders / Last but not least: All fed or farmed heroes are OP / Some more than others / That's the whole point of the game / Unfair bots are easy / Quick, somebody go get my Buddha overalls / It seems somebody wants to have a little Battle of the Gods

[Hera]: Arms Folded into Her Sides

The seasons were her nurses. (p. 50, 52)
The Greek Myths, Robert Graves

Cosmetics light up with symbols
Her arms embrace even Hera Pheri
Hera’s arms folded
into her sides
into a glock carbine conversion kit
into a linear compensator
That Hercules pistol grip
for her bridal beauty flat irons
There are costumes in her cell essences
her palladium domains
epithets, festivals, jealousy
She gave birth to a typhoon

A water element monster / It is a 6 stars god monster which costs 40 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons / The skill is called Ultra Gravity / Queen of Absolute Zero / dark element monster / It is a 8 stars devil god monster / Permafrost Queen / Resist+Lucifer team / Resist+Odin team / When max skilled it offers a 7-turn cooldown orb change / He transformed himself to a freezing cockoo and appeared to her / But worship is actually far older / “Uses of the Past” . Glossary. / HERA was the largest particle accelerator / Hera is one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting market worldwide / In general, Hera was worshipped in two main capacities: (1) as consort of Zeus and queen of heaven and (2) as goddess of marriage / This was a blind run

The Hera Hotel is in Athens
where history eventually resides in her hips
Even the Iliad is subject to income limits these days
The jewelry in Korean skincare
Hera Koliatsos is on Facebook, lit up with LEDs
She draws the clouds with her mythic Sharpies
Hera has a nail salon in Arlington Heights
She is now almost entirely online
her personality lit by movies and peacocks
What is your Roman name?  Sweet as recepty

The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array: HERA / Her stone terraces surrounded by the shades of the magical color spectrum and fragrances that exist only in heaven and on Hvar / After Leto, Zeus found a lover who put him in seventh heaven / She provides continuous support and advice for our members /  as well as an endless supply of coffee and red wine! / Here’s why Hera is such a bitch / the first successful Human/Cylon hybrid / Hera, who walks in golden sandals, is the Queen of Heaven, always a virgin, for she recovers her maidenhood every year by bathing in a spring called Canathus / The HERA is built from the ground up for you – designed specifically around the female form with ample adjustments to make it your own / Drawn with a feathery, simplified ikat effect and printed on / There’s much to learn from the words, actions, and attitude of Hera Syndulla, the fan-favorite Star Wars Rebels pilot

Hera Syndulla was a Twi’lek female rebel who lived
during the reign of the Galactic Empire
Hera Triarii has a polymer dustcover
Hera theraputics are now on trial
Hera-ur descended into cushions of ultra moisture, cabinet lighting
List all encountering monsters here
her summits, her vital lifting tapping pact, a new skin-fitting foundation
Hera Venenosa:
her weaknesses, weapons, a cleansing foam review
What were her hobbies?  What was she famous for?
an isolation study puzzle dungeon
Protector of Roman crosswords
How much is she worth?
Statue, figure, prophesy

[Hephaestus]:  That the Smith-God Hobbles

That the Smith-god hobbles is a tradition found in regions as far apart as West Africa and Scandinavia; in primitive times smiths may have been purposefully lamed to prevent them from running off and joining enemy tribes. 
The Greek Myths, Robert Graves

Lame god / parthenogenesis child / rejected by his mother because of his deformity / Blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes / a smithing god who had a “regular” job and actually worked with his hands / Basically the nerd god / He’s the quiet, introverted one that spends most of his time in his garage, alone, playing with his toys, building machines and armor and jewelry / with superhuman physical properties, vitality, and functional immortality / somewhat stronger than the average Olympian god (Class 30) and can lift about 40 tons / optimally

Pronounce and grill
the Airsoft Aphrodite in animal symbol
The books found in birds
Duckster disability DanMachi
Engineer your enemies’ eye color
Hometown headset
What modern day odyssey
in his love life, his legs, his legacy
an essay in ejuice
names, oracle, object

Protector of handicraft and arts / as evidence of a privileged place / He might listen to AC/DC Hephaestus is a Raven fanboy / Aphrodite is Bellarke trash / The gods survive by virtue of being remembered / Memory must be protected / born deformed and thrown from the top / of Mount Olympus by his mother / It is unexpected that a god or goddess would be less than physically perfect / While other gods on Mt. Olympus are known to be beautiful and laid back / Hephaestus is more humble in appearance and works his hands to the bone / How to use Hephaestus in a sentence

What to put in this quote balloon?
Did he smoke?  What were his special powers?
Timeline, bioshock understars, weak trigger box
He is owned by whom?
The only god with a what?
A heroic handicap hammer game
A baby ruler
Thrown from Olympus
in Spiderman improv

Chariot or donkey? / Not counted among the most handsome / is not hobbling, he is not- yet-but-soon- to-become Hephaestus / Start over again with new Pandoras / They are no longer of clay, but Mecatronic / His highly talented hands fashioned just about all of the fixtures and gadgets used by the immortals, as well as their palaces, thrones and inventory of enchanted weapons / Hephaestus encodes a polypyrimidine tract binding protein that regulates Notch signalling during wing development

Etymology, epithets
a quailing sculpture
that produces headache
“the halting” “renowned artificer”
“shrewd, crafty" or “of many devices”
The special power to produce motion
while marine divinities received him
after a whole day falling
He walked by artificial supports
skillfully made of gold

I don’t even know what this is anymore / this absorption package and other tables of atomic data / In his workshop: Access Search & Social Results Now / Often, he is referred to as Ambidexter / Hephaestus is one of the Ocean Masters hired by Three Rings in December 2006 / HEPHAESTUS is a program for making calculations useful to the XAS experimentalist using a periodic table, tables of X-ray absorption coefficients / Birth is shrouded in a secrecy that is compounded by poor timing / Hephaestus BBQ Smokers and grills Portland Oregon / Pretender Hephaestus is an uber AI resting in the Forge of Hephaestus / More material about his approximate Roman / the kink in his armor

—Anne Gorrick