Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Busy Evening, image by AC Evans 


Uh-huh, it’s been a busy evening – Dashiell Hammett

Yeah, I was just really emotional, she said.
It was a moment of celebration but, huh, it didn’t last
It was like a scene from that classic movie The Strange World of Citizen X.
Live one-to-one, dodgy cigs and porn mags, you know the sort of thing.
Paragon Gates, special agent, squinted through narrowed eyes at the girl.
She said: I wanna Pina Colada, and I wanna chill out on the coast.
He said: Dream on darlin’ get across to Bubble Motors In-store Muscle Relief
Bespoke aqua residents, Maraschino cherries, visions of tradition
Fuzzy hair, high profile gobstoppers; bring it on, and… Zippo!
She had smoky eyes and very,very dark, red lips.
Zone ends, no disc, goodbye.

It’s been a busy evening that’s for sure, and it’s not over yet:
Grown-up glamour, strong finish, pencil sharp lines, one small step.
This was a tricky case.
Highs and lows, one risk too many, narrow lanes, pretty girls,
A new day, a new frolic anything could happen, one-eyed gangsters et cetera,
Someone put drugs in my beer shouting instruction through a megaphone
He explained to his pouting pet lamb.
Visions of displaced hillsides and activists being chased by police.
It’s sooo worth it, she whispered, let’s go.

He didn’t like the idea; he had a flame-grilled toxic hangover
But if I play my cards right (he thought)
I could get a free fitting in a grey area.
Ever thought of growing up and going solo? He asked with a cheeky grin.
You bastard! She almost screamed by invitation.
Stay tuned for bigger and better things to come, thought Our Special Agent.
Riotous mannerisms really turned him on. Her arse beautiful was a showstopper.
Perhaps he could find the energy.
She tottered around afflicted by uncontrollable tics, manic laughs, and
Outrageously sordid, taboo-busting nymphomaniac fantasies.
Despite the frantic Tyrolean yodelling, he took off her oversized coat,
Admired her brocade, velvet, metallic snake skirt.

There was a sparkly white spot on the ceiling – spells trouble.
New trends with varnish and hidden microphones.
This could be a mind-altering experience.
Yeah, busy evening.

—AC Evans