Saturday, October 24, 2015

Arabella Raincloud, Finding the Edge

                Ho|ma|ge to the Bloodhand Theater, 
                       image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Finding the Edge

I’ve lost my fingers to the pinch point
(something about manipulation)
(something about mutilation)
(something about cuts and programmable people)

I don’t want you to read this
(something about loss)
(something important)

I’ve worried too much about what was said
(something secret goes here)
(something like duckweed spread over the surface
so thick you think you can walk on the water
then end up wet-footed, tricked into sinking)

I keep my mouth shut now
dabble stumps in the nearest puddle
(something meaningful here)
(something left open)
(something dry)

—Arabella Raincloud