Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AC Evans, Midweek Mayhem

"Summer of Scandal," image by AC Evans

Midweek Mayhem 

’ten shun!
Seriously, where have you been?
She was sleek and cool and
A mere gentle buzz allows a hook up
In your area and ta-daaah!
They enter as French maids, nurses,
smoking sluts, chav slags and the denizens of a thousand
Grotty bed-sits in Farringdon,
All stockings and suspenders,
All makes and models, encore, encore.
Our latest releases erupted last night
Devastating carnage all round
For one week only, a right bonky horror show
Chiller, I’m going nowhere he says, off for a
Discreet dial-a-grab meet across town
Whammo! Boffo! Socko!
Deep space dead space west façade
Ah oui?
Alive and kicking someplace else
Like Madam Glam Bash, kinky little wotsit
Shades of opinion,
The most wanted,
The most vulnerable
Fractured moons, memories of fantasy
Identity disguised by music from nearby stars
As we go through the night
The Devil fades out
We think we dream
A fragile radius, a sensational confession,
Obey your new mistress slave of my heart
Live, hot and a sloppy snog: Try it! Love it!
And send us your selfies,
Recreate that famous psycho neo-horror
At Café Reality with a cutie from
The Unknown Zone, all cylinder boring
And crankshaft grinding at your leisure.
Teen honey?
Posh frock?
Midweek mayhem?
Buy a flat and a Random World Generator
Snow over the mountains seems far away now.

--AC. Evans