Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fusiform Gyrus, Excerpts from Euryphion, Raze

Theory of Normativity, image by Irene Koronas 

Excerpts from Euryphion, Raze

theory of normativity: a pantoum 
associative action-generating derivation of the umlaut affect-
laden gooseflesh deliberate arational ahistorical meretricious-
shove flescious fissure pressure as multitudinous hyper-
esteem  bead  of   toothpaste  cap  of  automaticity  amputee

ahistoric-laden  flesh of  deliberate  arational  goose  pulp of
agnostic with respect to its content a trait shared with
amputee automaticity toothpaste cap of plastic esteem of
animals and developmentally and conceptually antecedent to

other cognitive attitudes lumpy shalalie cock of and wave to
Koronas’ flescious hyper-beat multitudinous nodule shove
administer blackmarket anaesthetic into the saphenous vein
sauntering ghost of orgasm associative action-generating um


A domegemegrottebyte of DOXX  
ontico-ontological KETTLE
gloryhole post-late-capital DOXX turmoil of cognizance and a terror-still self-disclosedness KETTLE of being-against    self      DOXX          cue: KETTLE the lapping pectin-rich saliva of ancient monk archivists DOXX masticating sacred texts in secret protest of mass-disseminate hex KETTLE torso   is unmarked   grave marched bloated to death DOXX ornamented in daub KETTLE   torso is tapped then       drained      DOXX massaged in drippings and yeast KETTLE tumours are salty legumes DOXX bursting one   by one in  my  teeth   KETTLE caliphate    to    cute cat meme: DOXX we      are      exhausted KETTLE and the devil, he sees DOXX cat meme: I need hugz KETTLE and lubs pweese DOXX secret kisses are exchanged KETTLE like bit coins on the dark web DOXX pulsing trilobites of light rot KETTLE spawn and ebb             DOXX water protectors hosed back in the throes of their ideals DOXX dirt hungry decimal thugs            KETTLE
                   seek-abject-steal           DOXX droves of microscopic mites probe DOXX at the infinite expanse the space between sinew and dermis KETTLE lethargic sand baby spit interacts                   DOXX Euryphion paces at the mizpah café KETTLE methodical treatment of the mundane DOXX    until one day the ritual is sacred KETTLE and the horrific profane DOXX the tetrapod DOXX and Pyramid Hydraulic Ram Water Pump stand KETTLE around pondering state-sponsored street art DOXX bound KETTLE to prosper DOX    on   amanita    amidst clouds of doughnut-flavored air vapour KETTLE.              

*a revision of an earlier poem previously published by X-Peri

Ariadne’s Lament (after Nietzsche)

will you dead me hard out
scornful hunter

will you taze-bind my brain
and eavesdrop on

my shameless fawning
scornful hunter

will you ever satiate
my wine-whet thirst

will you righteously till
my soil-worn hands

—Fusiform Gyrus