Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ariel Resnikoff, excerpts from Y I N G L O S S I A

Unnatural Bird Migrator, image by Michael Sgan-Cohen, 
1985, screenpoint, 70x50

Y I N G L O S S I A “A C U T E P A I N ”

a cute pain, usually appearing as oi vai zmir [lit. woe is me] -- the stuff & nonsense air, so you say [lit. know from what]. my crawling ache [slang, lit. wandering jew] & never stopped to itch. but whom are you kidding? [lit. what’s the joke?] & whom are you fooling? [lit. who are you fucking over (this time)?] when I eat my anti-semites, i’ll chew them out myself! they’re jews like me. i’m hell on earth to them, gaping as a pit [lit. where the devil sits to say his mourning prayers]; get killed! they recite (in communal prayer); drop dead! get lost! go choke
. . . who knows? who cd’ve believed? to be ruined as such [lit. inf(l)ected ]. how’s business? how’s tricks? what’s yr name, huh? what’s yr mother’s name? how come? how much? (a wild one) . . .you want? what else? what’s it matter (to me), huh? what’r you talking my head off? watch out! [lit. to throw one’s eye at] what a sober carries on his lung, a drunk struts- but what’s the difference? capable of [lit. what’s on his tongue] & all in the cards, but what’s the trick? [lit. what’s cooking?]: a “wound of balogna” [lit fried sausage-cheese-noodle] or vyzso [slavic, lit. fool] named for Haman’s youngest son. **the jews vooz [lit. boo] the dybbuk tongue away & when sleeping, later cut it out. photographs of the tongue are posted on the study hall’s wall to mark the day

Y I N G L O S S I A “ S E C O N D B U R I A L ”

be happy! [lit. a shapely phrase] to be at pains to make sense amid non-sense [lit. in many tongues at once] -- excuse me? -- y’re all set!  [lit. back on the horse & keep riding]
blessed among an ashkenazi [lit. jewish-germanic accent] recalling the dead—a mama zelig punch, bang - pow ! [yiddishism, thru sexual taboo] in sparing a miserly uncouth & fake [lit. slobbish] fate makes unruly whirring [lit. can’t stop talking] & doesn’t shut its mouth.
the sinner [lit. he who tempts fate] sweet talks atop a pile of pins & bristly sticks
plotting our sins in 7-day-mourning postures [lit. a sitting widow] patient as a shapely phrase.
let it burn & may god help [lit may god prevent] but i haven’t got the faintest idea what. so onions grow from his navel -- so what? let it be. o.k.? that’s it. let it be.  if it (you) shd be so [lit. well said]. good luck & be quiet. you shd live so [lit. in such silence]. you shd swell up like a mountain [lit. lie in the earth]. **they place him in the ground. don’t worry,  slob! dear son. my darling daughter

Ariel Resnikoff