Friday, November 11, 2016

Fusiform Gyrus, Two Poems

Dr. Feral Fist Offers A Bleak Diagnosis 
On The Continued Reign Of Doxx,
image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Prosper (a long decline)

Euryphion lusts at the mitzpah café,
Ritualising the mundane DOXX
Until one day KETTLE
The ritual is sacred, DOXX
And the horrific, KETTLE

Overture: The tetrapod and Pyramid Hydraulic Ram Water Pump stand around pondering state sponsored street art and doughnut-flavoured vapour. 

Break it down

Brown blood flecks and dead heroin peaking shrine to blackmail hex on kin from unmade sheets of transaction shiver kick awake afoul cut face bone exposed hungering cold tired hook for the screen the reasons and rationale of a malnourished clinical deity old straws busted copper rods to suck scanning for dog ends baby where are you shadows colonising sky another night cold a prison number scratched in biro up her arm is he pimping you again?

—Fusiform Gyrus