Sunday, November 20, 2016


No Longer This Moment, image by AC Evans


Hooray and hallelujah, you had it comin’ to ya! – Johnny Mercer

I. Magnetic Signs

Missing presumed mad,
The Devil phones in: cheeky face glitter
Eye jewels, multi-coloured headpiece,
Get That Look; cute but creepy.
What’s it all about?
Magnetic signs and a stunning new high-voltage
Rebel Angel life-saver, no fix, no fee.
Break glass to open Technicolour alternative.
Mm mm nice! What a freak-fest!
Got a story? Yeah, we hit the high notes, but
Chaos threatened a bigger, better headline;
Fractured images, sinister types in tragic masks.

Radio-controlled text maniacs and – you know what?
He keeps coming round here and – you know what?
He’s a cast iron wind-up merchant and – you know what?   
He’s the Devil in disguise, one risk too many.
So fashionably late, he was just clicking around.
And I was devastated, what should I do?
Snappy shaken ice cold… then he threw a curveball.
Senior military chiefs in dress uniforms,
Power couples, bad-boy rockers, and the usual
Loony layabouts from Planet Hiccup
Larking about in polo breeches, live on TV.
And – you know what?

II. No Longer This Moment

Say hello to your high-end horror rave-up,
Smoochy get-together on Damnation TV.
No longer this moment,
Turn up the lights; get a little bit more or less
On the side, round the bend, up the wall, many genuine parts.
Ghost flesh whistles. Phwoar!
Stiletto-wearing Euro-trash shows us her buns.
Our air movement specialist says oddball villains
Are everywhere, just everywhere, these days. So,
We’ll be finding out how the those saffron trollops
From Unisex Flair get away with it every time.
And – the Devil drives by.

I’m no Mystic Meg, but I can read magnetic signs.
I reckon our fiendish one-eyed Transit Van Man
Will get caught in a crossroads of razzle dazzle drizzle.
Up the creek without a – you know what.
Lashed by screaming corkscrew waves
Of horizontal sleet and ultimate crumpet.
Going under – not drowning, not waving.
Too much too soon?
Prove it, mister Rebel Angel.
Take an alternative route via midnight.
These magnetic signs will haunt us forever.
And – you know what?

—AC Evans