Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Charlie Baylis, Ronald Reagan travels to the land of mangoes

Ronald Reagan travels to the land of mangoes

for Brendan 'totally mangoed' O'Connor

Sometimes in the sky I see endless sandy shores covered with rejoicing nation of pearl: a great golden ship, above me multi-colour pennants flutter in the morning breeze.

Arthur Rimbaud – Farewell

the sailors slit the wind's wrists     comets stuffed with glitter smash and scatter in the sea    the vacant body of Ronald Reagan plops into the waves    Ronald Reagan where the hell is my


Lana Turner in blue denim Lana Turner in red denim mouth deep crazy zooming red under tunnel crashing reds bleed into Berry Davis blue

 a carpet on the water    a postcard                    Lana Turner   qu'est ce qui vous etes devenu

marble clouds swirl            six French Queens rise from the Norman coast and whip their husbands to death     eyes wide and powerful               Ronald Reagan       what has become of you (my


   William the conqueror's glass fingers    Anthony crying to the asp      Julius Caesar spinning in a Nascar               six French Queens rub Viagra into Ronald Reagan's bum          resurrected!    

the boat collapses

Ronald arrives at the Jersey shoreline dripping with Nike               Charlie Baylis, waiting for him

“Ronald Reagan what a mess you made of Vietnam!        “Charlie Baylis what a mess you are making of poetry!!

     imps gimp me ears scorched with sand      I punch Ronald Reagan in the groin      I pray for Ronald Reagan                             I pray for Nancy Reagan                                I pray she really loves



the sunset on the grass tips   
the glass of champagne balanced on the grass tips   
the eggs cracking at midnight and spangling the grass tips
the murky alleyway in Lahore
the pink lipstick on your lip
the candyfloss for breakfast
the Duke of Guadeloupe stuck in the tape loop
the lake's fine edges submerged under the grass tips
the invisible mistakes of Ivor Rubber rubbing out the grass tips
the Edgar Allen Poe gallery in Marco Polo's wristwatch
the paisley pyjamas glitched to the stern of the mayflower by a pixie in Grimsby
the North Atlantic rising and falling like a lap dancer's legs
the sundial scattering seeds in an asteroid over the milk and indigo North Atlantic
the electric rainbow waves of for fucks sake
the sunrise puking on the stain glass windows in a Cathedral in Bethlehem, TX
the Mormon doll tip-toe tapping a Morse code bible (8 wives! 9 lives!)
the dot dot dot
the exploitation of the female body in male poetry
the exploitation of the male body in female poetry
the sadness when love and exploitation dance hand in hand
the wormholes
the X has died
the X has risen
the X will come again
the Rupert Michael Loydell explaining that it is too late and that we will all be gone
the lack of grass tips
the where are the grass tips
the where are my fucking grass tips

the here are your grass tips

By a wreck of a crazy red in a car crash in Paris next to Lana Turners body    we found a poem feinting on tissue paper     penned in yummy yellow pen next to blue stained denim

Like acid dying the stem of the rose

like light on glass in the march gales

like honey weeping into a swimming pool

like a toboggan ride down a Christmas town

like sand reaching for sand and finding sand

like a child protecting machine guns in Aleppo

the tropical storm gathers force, the air thins

the static whips, the rain rips the folded cups

the western wind bows below the eastern wind

the birds tweet for the flood has come

to the rabbit praying to the rainbow to the

Eucharist sucking Spring from six French Queens

tied up in nots whipping the stars to death


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I would encourage you to listen to this song while reading the poem

Lana Tuner's death bed poem owes a huge debt to After the Flood by Arthur Rimbaud, the copyright holders can come after me with knives, I will be waiting for you.

Charlie Baylis