Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Echoes of Desire, image by AC Evans


Boum! One little look, and… boum!
Charles Trenet – Ray Goetz

Yes, it’s me! The Albionic Man,
The human junkyard… now,
I have to scribble a few last words…

Allright darlin?
The last transit van from Venus arrived
At The Electric Laser Clinic, no problem.
Here we go again – no signal, and…boum!
Easy way trips in slow motion,
Echoes of desire and mod girls on scooters
Refresh your everyday revolution.
Storm the town hall, body and soul, baby.

We live in a world of shadows
But, encased in zodiac scaffolding,
She doesn’t care about life or anything.
Meanwhile, here at Thermo-Station Junction,
A full moon is obscured by cloud,
Banishing memories of extreme caution.
Her bare midriff is a diversion route in free-fall.
Café, gallery, theatre – stay connected, and… boum!

I wrote a new chapter, but did you notice?
A view of blue sky is an abrupt change in feel.
The studio is here – Allright sweetie?
Scary claims, pull handle, push door.
Spark outrage with this strange equipment.
Solutions without boundaries a speciality, and… boum!
Forget The Albionic Man, that backless loafer,
With his illegible scribbles.

We live in a world of shadows.
But she doesn’t care.
No, really… she doesn’t care,

She doesn’t care at all.
Not at all.

—AC Evans