Thursday, May 12, 2016

Steven Waling, Flarf Poetry

Dead Pang Flarf, image by Daniel Y. Harris 


Homeless dog rejected hundreds of times
he doesn’t actually have heterochromia
but this week we’re remembering a King
of glam rock applying his Ziggy Stardust
make-up with two different coloured eyes.

Some results may have been removed for
what colour are his eyes – many aspects of
the mismatched colouring. Diluted pupil,
his friend George Underwood punched him
in 1962. The many faces birthed movements –

one eye green the other blue. Today revealed
as something of an enigma, looks and guises
a key part of his iconic stomping along
as you’ve probably heard. His alien openly
bisexual eclectic body elevated though

not technically. Unequalled vision the best
of related searches: the perfect metaphor
until people can shoot lasers from their eyes.
But there’s a lot more to it than a
playground fight. We were so saddened to hear

a parting gift: visions of death and sickness.
The artist wrapped his eyes in bandages
-even creepier when they finally appear
to be different colours. Has died of cancer
being in his beautiful meaninglessness.


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images. Born in Providence, online
he attended. Groundbreaking people
also search for wishes and the Art
of Living shipping Selected Talks

in early February of 1962. Together
in a single landmark, I think
there are two kinds: this is in
the American comments and
analysis. We’re going to continue

on now and in the margins best
known for catalysing the so-called
edited transcript of the biggest
thing arriving, feeding of a talk:
the final three words of New York.

Since its original publication
don’t take more than a few clear
history minutes. Consider using
the air about the free listening in
the 2nd Generation: cause of death.

—Steven Waling