Friday, September 22, 2017


Edge of Zone, image by AC Evans 


Kick start your morning; get abducted by aliens.
So, I asked Sharon
Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
Not recently she said, spitting a cherry stone across the room.
Fast turnaround magnifico!
She lowered her suburban graces,
Grab your luxury slim-fit; check it out, rise and shine!
We met at the Edge of Zone,
On the A205 (W) somewhere near Wandsworth.
You get around?
What’s your poison?
Whatever, go for it!
Grand Tower reflective effects
Premium soul searching (lost your soul? We can find it)
Overnight service, big jackpots, new memory cards,
Flashmob groovers as seen on Mondo Bonkers,
But you always make it easy! So easy!
Lifestyle to let, please touch
There’s no stopping our minxy nudes,
Yet the signs of the times make no sense to me.
Now what?
I told you, sister: it’s Mondo Bonkers!
Every second of every day
A majestic vision of ‘life on the tiles’ haunts gorgeous Sharon
More front than Buckingham Palace
(Someday my prince will come, sigh!)
Here in Commuterland you’re just a citizen of nowhere
She muttered to no one in particular.
Hyperactive idiots, knockout shapes,
All new midnight gold standard nice in luxe leather,
Upfront moments, nails and waxing all the rage,
Dramatic and distinctive – oddball look both ways.
Prove it – but you can’t.
Flashing lights. Now what? No? Sooo mean! OK!
Useless bloke arrived, slumped down, and
Started nibbling a gluten-free Bakewell tart.
Straggly beard, baggy, short trousers
Sharon (facepalm) looked shocked:
What a gink! No thanks!
As for Sharon, well fantastico!
Wing the look, baby, like wow!
Find what makes you top notch,
Huddle in the Cold Room,
You can’t snooze, you just have to
Wing it while you wait.
Chinese tonight?
Nah we might get abducted by aliens.
The Grand Tower loomed like a giant warship on the horizon
The mannequin in the shop window
Was staring at me, and then… I saw
Nine versions of The Disquieting Muses.
Various coloured spotlights splashed the night-sky.
My x-ray skull certainly looked the part…
Lost your soul?
Tough luck.

—AC Evans