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Klaus J. Gerken, Poem Without A Title, Canto V

Lord Drone Prophet Eyes the Next Dead Body, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Poem Without A Title

Canto V

igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
(Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus)

where there is favour among the gods the victor
will prevail iulius kaiser slaughtered millions
yet today is revered as a hero figure mainly
because of shakespeare the history obscured
halt who goes there horatio and the witch's
brew is bubbling with falstaff in the shadows
laughing uncontrollably but then shakespeare's
in the alley and god knows where he wants the
killing done out on highway sixty one with kerouac
at the gates of dawn and urizen sorta coming on
life's the measure of a stick crucified and woebegone
golgotha is the carrion hill with tibetan monks
rolling in the swill to get a taste of mortal life
they're all gods anyway or so the dalai lama says
not my problem if they refuse to follow me
one has to wonder if common sense is bottled
by bogus doctors these days only thing missing
is the carnival but sunday is word of god written
on a 40 inch high definition tv screen time for
reflection when the preacher screams scripture
like it's going out of style can you last another
mile i think i'll take a break and sleep a while

one gains division in a fraction of a second
without even a shred of evidence the mind just
sucks up electrons and spits them like a great fart
overcoming constipation like the grand finale
of an angry volcano thera vesuvius mount st helen
it builds up slowly in small insignificant increments
hardly noticeable in the accumulation of hubris
the yellow roles royce hardly has a function
no class act need to finance a buyout no frills
manipulating the market cut throat all the way
if it's not guns they want then it's toys but
not just toys the latest toy the one better than
last years' version the one everyone has to have
like the latest fad condom or underwear we the human
species don't fool around we gotta show them were
the same as anyone we can't be different that is
definitely unacceptable we've become clones of big
industry that tell us how to act and what to wear
we consume consume consume because we are told to
taught in school to conform to the masses as long
as the faceless masses can be easily controlled
but just try to be an individual to have your own
thoughts they have you targeted as being undesirables
who can't be tolerated by the mass hysterical norm
in their suburban retreats and weekly office jobs

waves of incertitude the stock markets crumble into
blind ambition stepping on the slaves of man podiums
of braggart slaughter weapons of control designed
for mass murder ideology of godly killing in the midst
of hope he who giveth taketh away the finally indiscretion
we are living out our holy books as if presented with
a script we can't turn away from we have no originality
except for art and poetry everything else is scripted
for the dull plain faceless robot in the crowd
accepting without questing what is given what is broken
what is healed out of our control they scream when they
get angry enough and want to tear it down but have
no new utopia to rebuild the ruins from the ash of hate
no vision but the rage of crass destruction they are
as lost as any leader faking it and then there comes
religion evil perpetrator of the truth restricted
faith is all you need we're told but faith in what
kaiser napoleon hitler jesus allah they all promised
paradise for those who would do the sacrifice and kill
for the next life they never would achieve and then
there's the usa the promised land an entity of murderers
refusing to comprehend their bloody history we can do
no wrong god is on our side they scream and scream and
continue screaming their rage to a world in turmoil
controlling everything fucking up and blaming the failure
on others no one is free without their god given constitution
their 1st and 2nd amendments and their hidden inequality
money is the only god they worship in the name of jesus
banker of their padded mental instructional garden of eden

not that history gives us better examples egypt china
sameria babylon israel greece rome church france england
germany all the same ilk of grandiose vomit no matter how
fine their artistic endeavours all in ruins to be admired
without regard for their rampant cruelty to step on
others enslaved to be the greatest nation un the earth
the planet it a caldron of boiling blood which every day
is celebrated with elaborate production in our popular
culture as long as the blood and slaughter continues
cauterized cleanly on the tv or movie screen we are satisfied
being civilized while indulging in our meat at table
giving obeisance to gods that are no different that what
now we call the ancient world to distinguish our somewhat
better compassion that the church we whoreship has brought
to fruition through the massive justified crusades and
inquisition we are hollow tubes the wind rages though
when the exhaust causes song we praise our understanding

if history has taught us anything it is that we are a river
starting out as a stream eventually merging with the ocean
if history has taught us nothing then we continue to dam
the river flood the fertile lands and stop the flow to cause
our own destruction we cannot claim what is not ours to claim
we cannot manage what in fact should manage us not in the
destruction of the natural infrastructure from which we spawned
but we are hollow creatures straw creatures goggle-eyes creatures
fawning like a virus across a fertile globe perhaps the horizon
is our blindness we must conquer what lies beyond when what
we have is not enough we are greedy yet pose as needy or as
saviours to those we have displaced our generosity knows no
bounds after we have reprimanded them through war it will
never stop the killing will go on forever because killing
the greater the destruction the greater our generosity it's
a cycle we have come to rely on the victor rebuilds the defeated
land to their own profitability monuments are built
to worship the rebuilding and of course the victor's sacrifice
first we take then we give and then collect obeisance once hope
is given the master no longer needs to beat the slave into
submission all's well that ends well throw the dogs a bone

But the slaughter must continue there can be no peace without
war as there can be no war without peace one feeds the other
and the catalyst that makes it viable is little more than religion
this indefinable premise built on faith rather than rational
thought it cannot be taken away it cannot be argues to the one
who believes life the enemy is always inhuman must be eradicated
no other solution is possible since compromise exposes the lie
and an exposed lie is a vulnerability that must never be
compromised written into stone they fill to realize compassion
should be the victor not the executioner and even robspierre
fell into the quagmire of defeat corruption will always be rife
for the winged victory there is only so much integrity in a
garbage can don't be fooled there are greater things than thou

—Klaus J. Gerken

kjg 21 - 22 aug 2014

Poem Without A Title, published by mgv1>publishing 2014