Thursday, September 10, 2015

Irene Koronas, Monolith Me

Monolith Me, image by Irene Koronas

Monolith Me

helpless defenseless powerless
impotent weakness needs special care
support protection because age disability
risk abuse neglect susceptible to physical
or emotional attack

he says I am vulnerable

monolith me

latin-vulnus (wound)

conquerable unprotected dangerous insecure compromising
defenseless penetrable unguarded safe secure air tight
bombproof entrenched untouchable chateau de ghetto
following descendent discernment various degrees
sanctify ascetic old women

distinctions or not. leave a comment

vulnerability before blast billows

somebody left urine on cafe floor
distinct in form the face of an old man
complicates expressions
somethings defines poetry

both elements – urine and molecule pass from summerians,
we are new-historical personage. pass the toilet paper

babylonians syrians akkadians elamites
canaanite aramaic - b.c.- a.c.- u.c.

new horizons by 2016

determinant sense understood. oscillate brother oscillate.
relief. falcon walls wind's his name. he belongs beside buildings
built before vertical columns written horizontally from left to right.
exchanged addresses. 5 different ways to retain beginnings and demise.
3 alphabets 3 ways vulnerable retains mercy retains phoenicians
1 poem captures headless photographs. everyone thinks he's a poet

—Irene Koronas