Monday, August 24, 2020

Michael Mc Aloran, from “nothing ever” #1

Untitled, image by Michael Mc Aloran

from “nothing ever” #1


…waste headless attrition through a distance of scars to caress of violent scarlet rosary shiv of all once known bankrupt edge a desire for final absence colourless skyline of all sense devour – mockery tint of absolute to claim where division is but once as scald of flesh is to taste strip night collective repetition absence -- dense weight of nocturne-in in semblance reduction fathomless collage in a collapse of origin known not once coiled in as of some tension mechanism of recollect to birth absent of memory a shell a bitten orchestra to skin all purpose of what once was – torn from echo’s glint a trace a foreign no as if to recollect was once of silence ever to negate where wormed light burrow into salve rejects all signature callous – hence it where/ afterlong redress of wound where to breath once less than haven a butcher’s laughter in strip of skin of nothingness collectively undone – dense willow tree overlay upon scorched black grasses nothing of some being in where to elected to this merely of some absent pulse striate– breakage furrow of dead trace a celebratory bloody grin a shadow a birth a frozen trace of absolve an eclipse of it – sudden to expose in the reek of where to numeral is to abort all shadow aglow across eyes long vacant of urgency – all that cannot be undone all that cannot repertoire redeem from out of breakage nocturne haven solace lack – stripped bones to caress where torn meat flagellate is long absurdly rent from distances – it all as spoken -- the half-light fades to listless speech as echo returns from out of distance once flung to frozen skin a chorus of blood of emaciated bodies in gutter’s exhalt – taste of wild heavens where to ocular breathe return through pageant no it recollect never as of once frozen lights – waste headless attrition scarred without longing as some drift departs – aglow in dead matter to writhe within in colourless speech of static execution – liquid eyes seep through  fingers shattered nothing more to it cavalcade as never of in onward of to flow – dense as shit where birthed upon is to desert ever ever of the dagger in flesh meat to travail cast off until skeletal polka chimes of absolute – all seep all song drunk upon vibrant lights of blood shit & piss – yet what is of of some eye to trace a surface tension of frozen recollect when to barren reduction is to spit upon once reclaim – it sings along beneath a-breathe of agues buried in a kiln of pulse bulb ideation – all dies down in skinning of some laughter sentient as – carcass reclaimed it writhes in convulsive thrash as onward no it beckon yes or neither no to occulade in obsolete stone waste annihilation of all what once claimed of severance elected to frenzy flourish given to abort/ collision absence – it is neither sun nor some entity of bloodless fathom all lock & bathe white light neither dark merely static in all centre collect – blind bones to search throughout a braille sky given to disclosure no – once thrice nay – stray on – all what said ever of some barren trace pissing freely upon all that once ever was to seed in some banquet some solace in an amplificatory roar of virulent psychosis – as breathless to taste by decree in foreign demarcate a silver trace a mercury division bathes in listless ennui where only to redeem of which a torrent an exclamation dead one known spitting origami flowerings of sharded bone’s reclusion in soil pale skin of denuded desire – hollow blood to erupt throughout – spasm vicious slash across the gait of in-dreaming ever of wreckless compress of skeletal oxide -- a bite it biteth down upon where phallic victory seamless to caress a fragrancy of delirium to cast upon bare white surface tension of which – torn from – solace nectar solace haven of expel – dug ditches in which emaciate of smiles of frozen teeth of skin to bind what once was never once – scarlet to taste where to ablaze is to finalise to echo empathy of none a butchery of light to embrace what dark to caress to taste biting upon in a sting presence absence – absent as before where to isolate is to burn brightly in peninsula of bodily extol specious as of some spent simulacrum where endless night to taste collects the brittle bones of a child cast to some ablaze beneath a mutilated sky alone – all said for what for – semblance ember frozen shit shiv to sever the limb of eye – gallowed the torso of once breathe of it in a ghosting of exigent silence ever to collect all final bones a shrapnel of ice of disclosure…