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#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, The Neon Garden Part II: Da Dancing Snakes Nest

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$
The Neon Garden Part II: 
Da Dancing Snakes Nest (pp. 27-36)

Unto you, or unto
Large handstands, pear trees, into the whole
Is between or
Into the chrism
From the holy ampula, large hounds tooth
Or hidden or the wavering that is
It comes to be that the pain is not enough
Only one thing in itself is beautiful and it is the wedding, the marriage
That is yellow and beautiful and alive far gone
Away, that is how I think
Murals, genus, water and furor, traversing
Our golden arm, only one thing comes but it is
Part of another, and it’s soft
And therefore, and thenfore, and I will not abandon you
In our reconstituted horizons
Can you make this greatness noun
As our functions are not those of a crystal wall
Drank it out of a red sauce jar, didn’t but yes somehow was ready
Since we believed, resembled, that we are together
In one authority that seems never weak
That seems only in its soft heartbeat golden bearer
 Who was as it will be what was stoled inside of it
The handshake forth undulations to a semblance
Its truce I do right
I do get impaled me, but not all
As I’m as we’re nearing this place
On melodic rust lost without
There again, the ant
Above time and the fields and what I feel
And so much so that could have been
That it’s a different matter
To feel
Long black isles and sucking
From the middle of the arm down,
The tether of marvelous graces and the organs deadening
We held me from without stilting colors,
Lines of apotheosis and circle
Nucleon radium, so without
Storms on rollers luring the light
To nothing,
Come out for me grass, there
Calves standing on the skies semblance
The sand standing their
Broken first stageclothed with me
Nor let us wander the wall all present, above these covers
Not that I feel but close not simple
Lightning come it is coming in thin layers down
In penumbra too, to be shaped in it yet it does to whole peoples
Now we’re very different from
The already withered
Hand cut off and placed on bronze denuded plate
For something aside all tuned together
For how they feel and wanting
Or unto us and
Wanting that it be now that is is how
What are we doing to caress this into unfolding
With our life we ca’ress and foams off prophets
With baptized-by-being-cummed-on
Prairie smoke spiraling from the line
We are worthy and
So only our arms drown in our hands and where
We were delighted, sliimes grow
And bend the row into a chime of awareness getting undressed
Dressed now and hard throughout like a pit
And beautiful as the water in the room as we painted
And bled
The water
We watched what we meant, scornful and delirious
That the town would smooth its mouth and come under the lindens
And we mocked its cast-out tertiary divisions
Among it in that it hailed
Like a rainbow because all that are in this house
Would rather have formed here than be a difference to it
Or even be unlike it so that it is grafted in
From it and without and have meant to stoop
To these beaches naked from within
And going so the chrome on the hill devours one bringing
Sperms look at Children
Walks all partakers against the spirit tomb open
And bring me there, and bring with your love in me
For I am laughing with the waters
And I cannot deceive
Some so alike our substitute golden screws
Showering harrow no quarter angel to tell we as tho’ ourself
Acting held in our hand more than has strength of matter
To father all men their being made
Tenuous alleaved recalled
And we touched it an’ cleaned sea hole arriving
One time from behind us so that not
Contrary, and not as yet buried
Regarding nobody until clean it reared
Iii am buried together and we are among it so form we here
And we cannot hold or avail ourself to purpose
So we will mean this and yet caused it
Woe to we who mean this and yet cause it for we are from without
Here hailing the graph
Spiraled to transfer our surrender in a loopingless
Lest past we’ll sow
We said to him that both of them will say to you
That we surrender
They said to him that both of us shall say to you
This that we cannot form or
Entirely recall, or
Before we
Said to him, Blother you’re wandering
We said to him Blother wander to us
It can be that
Leaving never without thunder we did go and came to stay
And never never leaving
It shall be as wandering to you,
The emptiness bigger than the container,
The emptiness that in it is written
The contrast to the added, where I am
So intensely between our arms that we are
Forth with him, small and weak from flowing ourself in pink
And white flowers in the second and third quadrants
Voluptuous Others occurred as pronouns our brother dies to us
What has just happened is this place
That I will not be aware of
Til I do let go of it
Justice had been with contrasts occurring 
To us betwixt persons appearing talking
We want to be awake forever within us
And to us whom we love is a third kind of we
Indicating We are present
And we are actually near the old diary
And will be riding in it in a moment
Being here us in this place where people do some of this
And so one took up the cross to nearest elaborations
But from then we really can dance our dance
Amidst crops night is near  night
This respiratory thing
It must be like our
Blother who says this bluss klomes striking
Envelloped and slipped
Between us, you’ve seen me
helter the good infants and pull their necks as so many
Phosphorous telesieges, our deep order  
Comes the seae
Fetusayasword and hecatomb bliss
So that it cannot be said to be part of its jewelry
But in similar ways worn thro’ we
And the abberration of it is only that it can be
On it and is only referring to us but said that is of me
“So I got to this part where I’m the chair
And the chair is sat on by me”
Blotted line, applied hand to the armBT
Sand cleft the saddler’s swells
To be beside it which is as a voice
From a picture
So they had met in Wintergreen Gem (Pop. 1,725)
Flashed to ash radius swims our hangs
From the brass wire to the Children :
“We want to marry you or nobody and is your outcome fate or is it
Whom we wake? Fall out of  a window onto staircases made of whom the threebud-of-us-carry-flowers’flowers-befall and you were said to be  aimless much needing
The square root of dance room where we bleached you
‘hast the sand of the sea’ to who waits to speak it
Alone, our headdip’s in your lap as a ladle
In a reapeating name but who were we being
So much the few of us, and so much of their’s were mise-
Mitted tiny pink rocks stoned on earth
That’s how we  spread their cities
It has not come back nor night need to which is subject
To light in its balance leading part
Of the soul he began but he left some tacit clement wax
On to the upward part of the Planet
So simple the sea that it was and it was thought about
That it cover’d a Griffon Alguous turn in parts
To shapes of a hook and so it now must go back
Tto the part that casts it you see it now
It’s light and it will be spermlicht-cum-fusion
Yet none are quite able
This must be someone who prayed that the sea is like this
Going back to where we were
How in the shower we stood and pisced ourself, need
Made us fish for only a few stanches,
Your money is our kingdom and
We touched us body crossing it
Some afternoon shadows spread out your feet
(ATTN: This is not-felt flesh cans sink)
Snow as the name of greatness
As snow as the name
But we say nothing against’ them!
They say these things oh lord
So let the periphery begin
From decisions were made cloaks
O’er your arms you’ll drape them!
Take them to the cloak room
Green circuits at last
Varied over the sky, not to be too-soon-to-be
Oppposited by the station held to the flourishing
Mud helix licht light lit by masses
O we found it
And being covered they let pass our head
Our round head which looked out diamond
Necklaces nexus in the mountains mountained
Come right now into contact with a magnet
So we cannot calm you with our ring
And trees did not grow as hard as our cock did in our mouth
Of us talking of what is still far away to be placed for you guys
Large large ampulla turquoise holy birds holy birds birds mouth
The feel of us wormed in its title, or to be titled warmed by our frost
Agnus dei padlock fell on our arm watching the arm churches
Cafeteria of generals watching the arms in churches, churches
Of arms that only in your presence may receive
Resurrection and drunkenness and the likes of it
Now by the light of it
It is easier to exercise on painkillers or roll
An orangeredblueyourbrain
In the morning.

Before Vagamemnon it is sworn :
“We’ll hold amidst bonds this lawn
To ‘we dies’ held to light to the mountain.”
“Light, what has here happened?”
“Here, they could learn to know how
Unreversing it would be
To have their handle blazing.”

Colors order the mountain,
And they (Children) go buy their numerous colors

“And needn’t need someone who, asking you in, stands
Fully-cabin and bedecked to sweat, dwells unresiding in your bathing suit apparel & cap, assorted:

Do please mind your manners and
Be delighted!

You are the descendents of our right hand, and with our left
We murmr ‘armor…armor’ twice, to each ear-present ear
To which we say:

“O, with what grace
With what grace you’ll give to Parent eggs!”

“We give them
Eggs! We give them
We give them
- Children (egg-laden untercatering for ‘Parent’)

This Children’s real word that was said here aloud
In the memory our pain will pain again
Thronging strong to ‘Parent’ names
You will want to be listening
But no one will and noooo-one will listen.
Said condensation is on the Snake’s
Body, and then the Snake wipes it
On grasses it goes by so a friend comes up
Then comes up again
And then he points you twice to
‘Another Friend’ :

“Why not sit besides me?
Made shap in the ground, didn’t we?
Had to dig it and once done
Sat in the rags
And raked the leaf!
Felt him and his sister!
Diamond Stickpin!

Children, would you like to emancipate the Rock of Offense or
do you prefer to be emancipated by it?

“We have been emancipated from the Rock of Offense
That is written on all the things in the domain
Of affirmation, of things
Such as what we’ll cause, as to any damage
Or degradation of a self and/or
The premisses of hereafter
In the guise of the party
Henceforth to be
Known as ‘We’

“Feel our feet down there
In the shoes that you wear
Think how it is for this place
To have us in it”  -Children

“Children, have you considered ‘no boasting?’
Do not let the above crudely happen,
Fill your mouth with Foam, Pink or Pebbles and Coleopters,
That’d be excellent
Do Not inhale the sand (it’s an irritant)
Do fall asleep on painkillers
Dripping shatters and breathe
Into The Dancing Snake’s Nest!

‘Always moving
Always under
Or in front of the rest!’”
                              ( Motto of Children as they enter The Dancing Snake’s Nest)

Friendly remnded from the Hard Green Team:

Friendly remnded from the Hard Green Team:

“We may have gone you will find us there where they’re making extinctions.
‘We gave up trying extinction’ is ‘hu sees hu’s dreams body made to be’
To be antlers come up from frost and mountains
Are to meet in an exit so the others see towards it
So you’ll see-saw their sights
The snakes will be watching
Thro’ Your eyes
They’ll be making dance. Dancing!
Go ‘way now, Peanut Forlorns,
Be well sedated and
  And Stay True To Form.”

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“We will take care of  the garden
Just don’t harm yourself.”

24 May 2010  


Then take them off and shapes exist
We should strap a flower across the back splitfromwater (vertical pretty word)
‘The back’ : split from water
Split from water Split from water
Split from water Split from water
Split from water Split from water
Split from water Split from water
Split from water Split from water
Split from water
Us place in whom there’s a great death to snow
To snow
The heart into the thereing colorlike colors from all that is great
That lands beneath and near
By gathering
So we can ask it nought be us and according
To which is
As its shapes keeps falling
From water such as gnosis and spring and purportses
Is the sun here to conclude
So fully Natured outside it
The dawn parting and a key found in nature
Slants grow from each other’s tropic
It may not just contain us in it
And actually we touched it
Nonlinear oysters vision was here and yet contained
It was all here, before moving
But why provide it to meet awiffed with you Children
Suffering is here, lets you read eels in
The starlit clumps of trees
In glee
It was made to perform the likes of ‘Bee of Helen’ (numbers)
A maidenship
You will wake up somewhere and then from there
Walk toward it and stars will be here
Growing great with crates onto axis
As great shapes grows and keeps growing and
Part the same as when together
But walk thro’ it
And as us Children won’t question what we’d found down there
Then somewhere it will rain
And when it rains you will clap at it
And a tit will flop
A tit for a teeth
Girls get up,
We purchase the purple book
For twenty dollars and some
Hares ran
Beautiful like the sun what is it
What is this purple book?
Might it be a featured stack of angles please inform us trees
What would be if it was desired
To find them whip in hand whipping a lake
Cocks are innviting because linked to song we’re singing
The purple book was esteemed in this dimension
The voice somewhere in it wanted
Voices come out of it
A tape recorder recording the stacked angles nervously
Causing them to retain their heat
And sitting and standing at the table
You will nod perfectly
So this is our opposite as you can see, yes indeed
In that it never it does you can’t say you see someone
Through a window
You will abbreviate those
Who put saccharine in their palms and have it there, in the rain
The rain would be here
Seeing its opposite parallel and above it
Yet not as you who are those that as yet may take of it
And won’t be able to feel it so hook it out of hum hum
Hum giving large coats of blue paint
To a dollar bill floating on and across grasses
You will both bring water over
And boil it and pour it  here
As we do now watch into the stream
So stripped of purpose plants grew from the east to the west
All alike of which we speak for the throne when it holds a soul
And outer forms are produced within in likeness to himself
That the cosmos feels us
Correspond to it and leaves aside being a door
They have perfected how much the terrorist will absorb into apple slices
We Children give usselself up to Moisture1 -- Children
As that it will spares our omissions, drops of moisture, and a drum
They ride endlessly and is unconscious
Plants grow over the unworthy
Yet a strange sense bubbles like a clear spring in the denied
They recorded their voice saying it to them to the music of a saw
Given afresh
So this was there face on it and you could not tell wearying things
So weak against the divine
Yet from the center of the if it can be waters come
Slices of magazine under shade and light on the mid-air
So it was much like a spring will absorb you
How one causes and parts the held forth
You are dancing with a silver grass
Flyers over the pond see themselves

1 Moisture (Proper Noun): “Parent”, in Dat Garden Language Jargon