Monday, August 17, 2020

Jeff Bagato, Experiments with AI Language: American Magical Thinking

Quasar Pulsar 40

Experiments with AI Language: 
American Magical Thinking

Mermaid Gold

tinsel tinsel tinsel falling
falling golden earbud crystals
lucky crystals flashlight crystals
mermaid holds a flashlight crystal
laughing beaming out the light
sunblock goodness fight for flashlight
keep it moving clover moving
clover tinsel happy golden
awesome clover smiling mermaid
magic mermaid magic magic
mushroom magic under the sea
floating jelly floating mushrooms
floating floating flashlight free
clapping flashlight sunblock merry
keeping crystals laughing golden
golden crystal earbud clover
lighting taking home the gold
sunblock capsules happy capsules
laughing capsules happy free
keep it moving capsule capsule
tinsel tinsel magic crystal
mermaid tinsel mermaid magic
swimming deeper under sea
playtime crystal TV crystal
lucky clover crystal light
mermaid gold capsule tinsel
earbud tinsel golden capsule
mermaid earbuds mermaid flashlight
mermaid capsule mermaid purse
pills for gold
pills for angels
pills for happy
pills for light
crystal crystal pills of crystal
mermaid crystal capsule gold
loving crystal
diving loving
crystal diving
diving gold
golden earbuds golden angel
capsule crystal capsule light
magic earbuds mermaid tinsel
crystal tinsel capsule flashlight
magic ocean magic beaches
sunblock magic mermaid capsules
get your capsules
get your sunblock
get your earbuds
get your flashlight
get your mermaids
mermaid crystal
get your mermaid
mermaid gold

Plenty Magic

fluffy bacon table fairy
glass pumpkin mighty river
coffee angel singing magic
plenty jelly plenty gravy
angel maker chips and salsa
gravy mermaid teflon gravy
pink and fluffy kitten jelly

make it fluffy
make it jelly
make it kitten
make it gravy
make it angel
make it mermaid
make it bacon
make it magic
make it pumpkin
make it coffee
make it teflon
make it plenty
make it fairy
make it diamond
make it crystal
make it sunny

living fluffy
living kitten
living angel
living gravy
living wonder
living teflon
living jelly
living magic
living crystal
living cupcake
living bacon
living mermaid
living pumpkin
living fairy
living sequin
living coffee

click for fluffy
click for gravy
click for kitten
click for puppy
click for starry
click for magic
click for sparkle
click for coffee
click for pumpkin
click for fairy
click for crystal
click for bacon
click for angel
click for diamond
click for cupcake
click for wonder

start your engines fluffy bacon
start your engines coffee angel
start your engines kitten jelly
start your engines sunny magic
start your engines chips and salsa
start your engines crystal gravy
start your engines pumpkin wonder
start your engines mermaid crystal
start your engines magic cupcake
start your engines sparkle puppy
start your engines bacon fairy
start your engines starry plenty
start your engines gravy gravy
start your engines pumpkin diamond
start your engines angel magic
start your engines sequin puppy

crystal salsa living jelly
happy pumpkin angel gravy
singing table starry teflon
bacon fairy plenty magic
coffee diamond sunny cupcake
fluffy wonder sparkle puppy
mermaid sequin flower dollar

—Jeff Bagato