Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Colin Winborn, malicious software

Nucleus 4, image by Nicola Winborn

malicious software

it is the lamp of the soul   in tampa

we eyed stingrays   pinging dots dwarfing

some splendour spread   we eagled full

deal with it   three for one   offer hours run

rings around   our star bucks  our latte aria

carried in vespers   frothy whispers

my cup overblown rose from    rise    tried

tubular notes   string days   like alice said

ten decent weddings    decimated tentacle

fall as fallow  ah, but   arthbuthnot  or

costner’s water   whirled  stirring   decades

later it lifts  riffs     to dolphinaria   far

off mountains   ‘cinched in with’    visioning

rote areas to escape   slowly   state aporia

—Colin Winborn