Monday, May 29, 2017

Rus Khomutoff, Six Poems

Bartholomeu Dias Tropical Terra Incognito Bermuda Triangle, 
image by Abri de Swardt

Untitled (for Andre Breton)

Nostalgic sentiments and new wave nocturnes
intersecting in a normal chaos of life
an hourglass of neglected affinities
idols of saturated phenomena
night of filth, night of flowers
the aporia of revelation

Magic Bullet (for Tristan Tzara)

Smell of death
smell of life of embrace
a medicine of moments
semiquavers and sundial conductors
of the postspectacle
deposits of legitimacy left behind
sortilege of the divine decree
words in blood like flowers

Horror.Philosophy.Sex (to C.M. Cioran)

Anathemas and admirations
in the graveyard of definitions
citizen of wonderlust
soul of the blasted pine
metahaven overture
caught in a clinch
formations of the angelic abstract
unto poor image thresholds
landscape over zero


Cascading fragment
of an inhabited solitude
waxing gibbous
in the iridescent shuttle
praying for the shadows firsthand
terraforming this anvil of distinction
a forbidding tangle of brambles
like a shower of superstitions
an echo of our gestures

Grand Hotel Abyss

Selenophilia of our being
the obscuring of the queen
vexed in your hollow divine
incipience of the notable nonesuch
like fragrant paperwhites in the
corner of the transcendental frame
pleasure ground of annulled pretext
in hysterically real daymares
everyday extraordinary
grand hotel abyss

The Shallow Between (to Nick Land)

Pathos of distance
expecting itself
fake eternities of stationary descent
tailored hallucinations
surrender to the serpentine ensemble
of all possibility
hiatuses sullied by memory
ecstasy of the everyday

—Rus Khomutoff