Monday, February 22, 2016


Destination Gorgeous, image by AC Evans  


With its share of bad scenes
Destination Gorgeous remains a bogus journey
Through our modern wasteland of consumer television
Desolate dream worlds, faux-machismo and all the facts
Behind the facts about this ancient town, about shoes,
Keys, batteries, ball pens and the power of myth.
A fascinating study,
A spiral of frustration, a big step forward,
A true-life epic about talking to financiers, classic exploits
In the post-punk music scene limited edition
Siege warfare, somewhere in England.
Another testament to existential uncertainty,
An arctic blast of snapshots in touch with your feminine side.
Yes! Chaos is Now!
The pedestrian entrance is littered with, ciggie stubs, cardboard boxes,
And members of the lumpen literati suffering in silence
While the pampered pets of their super-rich clients
Live a life of status games and outdated sexual politics.
Emotions mean nothing.
Reboot the machine.
Specify a mostly neutral grey – what’s wrong with it?

Hyperdrive hysteria
Too many distant worlds out there
Too much howling wind, rain and scruffy shoes
So tell me about it. Sniff my glue you scumbag
Cappuccino conservative.
Look at my quick-fit double-sided traditional barometer
We see a future of rolling blackouts helter-skelter
Hugger-mugger harum-scarum larky sonic sister drag acts
At the old Scala Club Cinema in King’s Cross a mile away.
Slow burning earthquake steamy threesome lost in low cloud.
This time it’s personal, gorgeous.

—AC Evans