Monday, December 7, 2015

Felino Soriano, a selection from Configuring Recollections

Death Value, image by Daniel Y. Harris & Irene Koronas

a selection from Configuring Recollections

from XXXI – XL

Of the melancholy continuance

  as my silence continues
I see my tongue rotting into
   stumble.  what manifests
     now is a way toward facing
   fluctuating rumor.  I often
dilate in the anxiety of others’
   persuasive intimidation: unable,
     still, to deliver my own hands
                                   into Shape’s
curious inventions: through experimentation
   my thoughts on death
        unexplained virtue:
                                       the darkened
queries continue expand of my
throat’s undulating music


my prior language: peregrine

—devoted to simplistic features, characters of silent meanders

a finding

not of specified search
                                   but of
the warmth calling toward my

the philosophy of burgeon
reacted to the tongue’s specialized calling

and my learning instructed differentia:

fleeing from devoted silence
I was the
              purpose of constructing neoteric
diagrams, searching
for what occurs
beneath the wholeness of topography’s

hiding examinations

hall, the distance is narrowing

when the doubt of my sincere
struggle is the insistence on
personal relinquish—

in continuous pause this
paradox occurs most when
my alone rendition of partitioned
                    sequences of opposing
polar examples
pulls my hands into

craving caricatures, shaping silence
into paralleling echoes of speed’s dynamic




where my feet interpret sound
best: an alleged freedom from silence, the
terminology installs paradox as fathom more
so than problem of the mind’s distilled function
earliest each successful bridge in the crossing
of morning’s allegory

through writing, the delegation of yen
was needed to express an explanation
of skeletal absence: ½ void or, an etch
beneath category the eye misused in
mistake, unintentional

in finding art
        in the naturalized
          informs through its

conversational clarity in calling me to

   move                                               the paralleling function in the finding

held my typing hands to engage with
the visual components of illustrating

symmetries and unbalanced images
against the hand of my holding still: ekphrasis, the interpretation of delve

designs movement to increase perceptual

allocations: persuade
the syllables to intertwine leap with

ballet formations of appreciation’s
camaraderie between connecting


aspectual differences in the advent of supporting others

memory as façade, culture of the mind
ensures compassion is the philosophy
   reaching toward the grasp of others’
needed fathoms.
with the self’s need: daily circumference
finding connecting hands
partitions     removing function

toward the opening of silence’s antithetical

 a found aspect of marriage’s beginning

each morning’s early
emblem: warmth found
foregathering among hours’
cultivated histories

—Felino Soriano