Sunday, December 6, 2015

Irene Koronas, Anti-Poem

Anti-Poem, image by Irene Koronas


mid-day pavement stew scream pocket
tangle forehead pails cheeks dun-spare final
gray fist fist first inkling star twist fist open
heave fish pungent swim steak and cheese
truth eyes care less women punch butter balls
revenge sea rot pine mute pine exhaust stoop
mountain night can't answer water always single
spot pick strove balance this collection small
kant can't cant cantor canker bitten lips you
dung do little tame ward time machine vain
seek dusk dark yearn kidnap dream convince
grief empty dear sir shut friction everything spring
fields spill orchard hint slip gold manure varnish
turkey just weave fish wings red spread synthetic
dig madder tend brown significant dyes remote
formula chemical mango rung

—Irene Koronas

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