Monday, April 27, 2020

Irene Koronas, excerpts from lithic cornea

The Cleaving of Biface* 
(30 x 40) acrylic painting, Irene Koronas
*first published in Offcourse Literary Journal 
lithic cornea, manuscript cover 


crow massac buried by rival
500 at first wungh wave

head weed. he peels yellow
clusters. ear to fire. furl
straight stand elite. period.

20,000 shell beads fifty women
spread on monks mound. frond sway
cacti snake stitch

tuttering willow censers
horn lizard canal. priest pit.
rabbit scales flood land

hostile nomadic scrub
hove sight for 17,000 years
numic bands on conifer forest


bisect the spiral
wide u branch

big hole people
breast stag

wad walls
a vulva cro fat loop

fertile nag
ripe behind bat wing

hole stub


tick ravens (oionistai)
and ornis bots merge
lag. Hohokams statue us

answer emet

book 2, chap 9

                                    see below
                                    combine 23 letters
                                    nefesh in place

more redact tissues

—Irene Koronas