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#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, L.i.f.e. Part I (pp 1-39)

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

Part I (pp 1-39)

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The Bold Testament Tooth Tooth Team

“it might come (I)  :  a primitive joystick”b1 notebook February 2016.

“On whom we disclose our real face, can give up the whole world. But we avoid doing that. One prophet muhammed said, “to avoid the charms of this deceptive world” in reply to the question “what is the sign of a true believer?” We have the diamond, and if we expose it one can abandon all friends and companions.”  - Shams-al Tabriz

Are there no more rivers?
Nor glades?
A bear, rising, rising
In teeming solace
Such as the universe our eyes
Unremitting and immense as a witch
Unwholesome as a boy’s wrists
What appears as mind
There is nothing
To appear but what I send you
And you bring me back
To this empty plain
And there’s the sky
And its black
And its just empty
Empty galaxy, and it is there
You show me this peace
Of darkness that is our house
And in our house
Which we inhabit
If youre happy
And youre writing
So youre happy and
Youre making something
Its just like water
You make water
You make water
Chainsmoking in the car
Facing nothing
I love it
Biche cried when Hitler
Was accused of bearing
A micropenis
To sit on your power to play
Like fire like matches
I will appear and get drunk
And desire the music
And we’re driving
Into matches
This is us describing
The matches
I was thinking about that town
When our hands had awoken
Do you remember?
You’ll be ready
Your merging wil be shown to you
We’ll talk about what we are
It is so simple it is so great
And we find a way to store
Our body
You remember, so what happens?
Nothing changes ever
It is weird to remember
I love how you use the simplest words
Its beautiful
We will love and be merry
And meet somewhere
You must be moving
After Christs crucifixions : fictions
Feel what others felt I felt fenced
And then free in my canal
Where I climbed
Where I climbed to you to other waters
We wake up and hear one another
Nothing changed
Like clits
We continue to be the night
Before the night before the night
If I did masturbate
It was when Maya was behind us
Behind you and behind me
And I fell asleep to it

‘the first sunrise we ever seen
We never had
Different understanding as we do now
We always knew
We knew the same
Seeing the summonings
Seeing the sunrise for the first time
I saw you rise at the beginning
Of the stairs where you were standing
First you went down on me
In the toilets
We fucked four times there
In the wagon for our honeymoon
And then we saw the sunrise for the first time
‘the sun we hadn’t seen rise for months
At a time’
The wine of blindness
The wine of divine reality
The animals are our cousins for a reason
You should check
Where pluto is going and discover more about it
And how pale it looks
From our planet
And it can be congenial sometimes
The sight we catch
With the animals
The presence

You know whom I consider my cousins?
Friends animals and beings with whom
I share my genes
Its just like I used to be
I used to go out at night
At night
It was an adventure
Sometimes halloween we got candies
It was exciting
And then I stopped doing it

It reminds me of driving down the road
In a dream…I probably crashed
(we were so handsomely clad)
I forget
I forget
I love our life
I love feeling love like this
And I cannot wait to be in lofoten
Or anywhere!
We’ll be free
‘dear jenny,
We wanted you to know what
It would be like for you
When you grow
You have a beautiful destiny
And your fate is coming
I know that alley where you’ve been
(And I say this in the light
Of the conduit)
You have had a hard existence—
There’s nothing else for you
Except that you
Will emerge small with the face
That you have
You’ll come from this’
The ocean’s asunder
‘Lisped, splits us in’
There are many pearl necklaces
Between us planets
And where we’ve been
‘You wander from rooms to rooms
Hunting for the diamond necklace

That is already
Around your neck’
Strange motionful wreck-
Aged fluidreeds beneath us knees
Master of the ways and the words of potency!
Guide of the souls that lingers through the tides
With the competence it takes
To linger like this!’
He noticed us jerking off
In the rear view mirror and we looked
At him not and away peacefully
It was great
It was a great feeling
It was great to kiss
Yes, we were kissing
Blueberry pure
Pure telepathy

Sometimes there are things that
We’re not remembering
You move your hand and
we look under the blanket
and the notebook you held
is now asleep
and you as well
its so beautiful
changing colors
tell me my chair is not a chair
tell me it’s a chair
this may like flesh
theres that tale its about a prince
who can get really really cozy
and he looks just like you
I think
Paligenesia  :  reccurrence of birth
“crucified like prometheus
On the rock
Of his own violated
Drum therapy  :  to feel like a flower
And to feel like a tree…

Crucified by dreams
Nailed to the rock
Of revery
Nature :  the unanimous resolve
The intermolecular space
Where we live
‘any blade of grass may assume, in myth,
The figure of the savior
And conduct the questing wanderer
Into the sanctum sanctorum
Of his own heart’
Intertidal interlude
We travel thro everything
And roll thro the poem
Whorls detached from season,
In my thoughts everything moved
The thorough bundled
Into the particular
Into the morning, small meal of fruits
I prefer to eat
I stay light
To go thro the day
Letils for lunch, dinner pasta or vegetables
Coffee :  ok.
Green tea :  yes.
Four or five jars of water thro the day.
Vitamins yes.
Do any kind of work so long as a work commences.
Stay out of head
Lest the imagery
Might assert itself
And when you’re reading always
Ask yourself :  are you absorbing

I too am the earth
Fucked and dilated
Shaken off my core off my kernel
Of pure arousal
Fingers rolled into exquisite splatters
In the corners of our bed
Theres white corn growing
Something clean
Something you cling on
But you don’t share
Like an arm or a hand
‘one is harnessed, both day and night
By the divine being that is
The image of the living self within.
The locked labyrinth of one’s own
Disoriented psyche’
We must open
Lustrations happen
‘ not all who hesitate are lost, or
So they say’
Confined to an unwilling aspect
More than lovers
As we revealed the night
We encountered the pear
Of drunk indians
Who wished to find their way
To the Nation metro.
It was after you read
That navajo tale
The two gods of war
On their way to see their father
The sun himself
As was retold by campbell
The grandmotherly spider the spider woman
Who they encounter on their way
As they sleepwalk
Thro days
Who asks them where theyre going
And reminds them that theyre heading
To their fathers house the sun himself
And she reminds them
How they must behave
In his presence
And our drunk indians were there
Walking around
And disoriented
‘put your feet down with pollen
Put your hands down with polen
Put your head down with pollen
Now your feet are pollen
Your hands are polen
Your bodys pollen
Your mind is pollen
Your voice is pollen.’
The trail is beautiful. Be still.
Bend over when we kiss
And remind us
There are things we shouldnt do
Because we care
So we remind us
Not to drink shampoo
And not to drink the salt
At any cost
And the dog touched food
The banana peel
We shall try
To avoid as well.
Where is knowledge,
It’s salt on the tongue or on wetted
Fingertip, in dissolving veins
Dissolving a cross
Are depictured of the system
A physical repository awaits
‘as I was looking into the mirror’
The little stains on my skin
Started to fade
Lesson for the humans :
The eye will never be asked questions
It will be kind
It will be sensitive
It will know what its doing
It will take its time
Having all this knowledge
And no one to play
Its not fun

Conch of being american—you only
Know what happened on the island
I came from my island
With a picture of you
We came from our island
With a picture of you
Pretending it was new
The ants are here too that’s why I got confused
They came here where we laid
And screamed
“Hey why are you!
Hey hold my picture! This is my picture! This is not you! This is not you! This is not you!
Oh you’re having fun!
Pretending that’s you! You’re not you! You’re not you!
Hey hey and hey look at the
Look look low we’re here
See this picture?
We’re on it. This is not you! Why do you think this is not you
And we are
Wait! Here comes lovers
This we’re claiming is our picture because we love it! This is not you!
This is not you!
Look at how different your skin, look at ours, down there, right here
O the awful things! No! We’ve heard that! Don’t you look down!
Look at us!
But this is not you! Don’t you feel?
Finite? This is not you! Do you feel not afraid?”

The empty space assumes peak importance,
sometimes traversed
by the branch of ᴀ tree, angular lines,
ᴀ few colors.

The ants screamed as we walked past them
The mosses channeled
Biche is Moses
Moses is mosses
Like the brains of schizophrenics along logs’s surface
And the ants that screams along them
Kinetic in colors we fear nothing
‘If yer gonna hold a picture
Of yourself :  this is not you!’
I see angels with blonde red hair, flying past, the eternal sunrise
And we stood over us
I was being stood over as well
As I stood over the crease
Which happened to be my sunset
What happened to me
That I feel so unwelcome whereever I go?
Where did we come from
And when will we go
We found us and we had to circle
We found us and we had to circle
The darkness once before us was now behind
And I could summon up the courage
To enter the café by myself.
Self importance in my case
Has inverted my character
Whereas in your case it has expanded
Your consciousness

An orb rolls forward and we watch it
I feel I could live in these voices, ‘quelle
Espece de plant sont ces?’
A little ursine lady
In a red puffy coat is walking around
Holding out a box
To the people who are sitting
And imploring them
To be interested in putting
In the box in whats in the box.
Whats in the box?
A drone of voices.
Self consciousness dissipates like entrails
In bright air, or like
The last bit of heat
In Keats’ famous hand.
Coffee is bitter
I have no persoeurality that’s where I’ve
Always been mistaken.
I, circling my body’s cliff, I, an eagle,
Look down, with my only embrace
Vision of the depth
It was all comprehended
‘go therefore cast out devils in christs name;
That’s how to seek spiritual disease;
And pity the evil for thou art not sent
To smirt with terror and with punishments
Those that are sunken and sick like the phariseees were
Crucifying and encompassing sea and loud
From proselytes to tyrranny and death is cross out
For wrath’

A light flashed over Blake’s good face, a brief tumesence we did flash Shine in the urgings
Of the staggrasses;
And from the cauldrons of the seed
How we raced

…and the prince was sad and felt lonely.
He walked thro streets. The people had happy, worried faces,
They were sitting or standing and many of them were chatting
The prince did not understand
He did not know where to go
Or even why to go somewhere
All who asked directions seemed to know where they were going
A man looked at the sun then turned back his attention
To the meal he was eating
The mans voice is that of a brook
But fastforwarded and lower pitched
It would be unwise
To put the ear to hear it more closely
We have the knowledge
And people do respond differently
To the most benign of any proximities

A world to be believed in with belief in imagination
The immortal rush
Precludes all strength to find it
Look to whats higher and tremble for it—this
Will bring you down to your totality
‘the imagination’ to Blake was not a faculty
However glorious but was the real man
The unfallen unity we had been
And must become again’
Cursing nature
Insane nature being passionate beyond its
It is fundamental to never cease
To accumulate our imaginative compassion
Someone views the imagination
Someone who behelds it
And who behelds in it soon fulsoon.
Bedeck the gourd.
Venice writhing tither and hither in bolus
Of evening phenomenon
‘…whose maddness (in Blake’s judgement) is an evasion
Of the burden of prophecy’
I crowed clouds which applied to my limbs their geometry
Defiant surfaces
Clouds crowd in the notes you strike
And what are clouds
But the overtones that helps part the evening light
The boy wets his sentience
After a night spent flipping the bucket
Staring at bucket
Tooking in the upward bucket
Bottom throughout his brain
(there is no brain)
The atom is melodious
With the powers of the paragon
Skin and the places we walk thro
As well
We see sails
The sails of a buckwheat grove
And its division means suggestion
Bondage was dressed as liberation
Our trees entangled
And like tired boys heaved into rest
Coffin equals death but what is death anyway
A white groove of the virtuous cloud
In the wind
The flattness of the beautiful
Troddenness of the beauty
‘on whom we disclose our real face
Can give up the whole world
But we avoid doing that. Once prophet
Muhammed said, ‘to avoid the charms
Of this deceptive world’ in reply to
The question ‘what is the sign of the
True believer?’
‘We have the diamond and if we expose it
One can abandon all friends and companions.’
The rose on their head is a light light token
It’s taking its clothes and undressing
To the real possession
It was the only time I saw us do that
‘but keep this a secret from a crazed mind
With a stone in its hand’
Rumi wrote like ten thousand ghazzals
Strong tide brings the bread
Of hungry friends
00 : 11
I cant wait to be again with our grandparents
Where they can speak and we speak with them

Tiresias killed the snakes
Because he was avoiding his burden of the prophecy
The mirage, the oasis
Will be forgotten by the lizards Look out side
Look at love
Lets work together and remove my spirit
From the horsetooth
My stone did not send my tongues
Skeleton of the words
My stone did not send my tongues
Skeleton of the words
My stone did not send my tongues
To his stone
I did in fact travel from his stone
To your stone
It is beautiful it is god it is the rose
Tomaz went back to be a guide god
His name is Tomaz
Prophet and programmer
Tomaz is our cow
And we walked in the snow
It’s not boring
When youre pregnant your having sex with your body
When youre having sex your being pregnant on boredom
When youre being bored your having sex in snow
Snow is boring and we walked in it
And we were pregnant with water
And snow was silent and gleamed
Like the boy who fell asleep
Feeling great shame in the car
That wasn’t his

I have to destroy this altar again and again and again
Secret grooming :  theres too many signals
Send some to the nose
Says the boss of the food that youre eating
We visit Randy ‘Ram’ Rumpent
Driven their by Rainsqcot our friend
Who drives a truck
And wears a gird of leather
With a big belt
And buckled with a majestic buck stag
Carved in metal
His snack of choice is fried locusts with
Wild honey mustard
He’s a t-rex
Pewter oval sapphire eyes sapphire mad mountain range
And Ram’s camel haird shirt is a picture of the suave
Camel cigarette camel
And this face is stamped
On the back of the fancy dollars from our
Dollar general
Theres a little canteen (the dollar general
Is inside a mall) the canteen is in the mall as well
We have eaten there
We remember from a dream
Now we visit Ram
He’s an indian redneck and behind his curtain
A red purple rich velvet hanged above his safe
There are those tools etc.
Cleaning stuff, powertools; drill, hammers
Old cans of lemon soda and other things
In his office there is a rain stick
A child gave him cause he’s an indian
So he’ll make rain be
The stick comes straight from
The county fair
And it was won for Ram, in his honor
Because all the kids love him over here
There are stickers all over the stick
And Ram likes to keep it well polished
In the safe we keep all our keys with the keychains
With the glyph of the door that it opens
Ram smokes very fragrant tobacco from a great delicious meerschaum
The smell is musky like old wood burning
Like clovers smelling
The pipe is a bearded Poseiden (there’s
Something about diving that we’re not remembering)
Ram :  You can always count on me
All this in this chest are my children
I would not want to see them decimated
I’ll keep your keys
Aren’t you forgetting anything?
Deep sea diving
Deep sea diving
Massage the body
Into the oasis state
Into the locust twin state
Into the riverine state
Into the oceanic state
Into the golden state
Go in and find what there is to remember
Find what key
And what door you need to open when you need
To  open them…
We’ll come here to meet with Randy ‘Ram’ Rempent
In a Dollar General real playing an outertypespace music
Because this might be outerspace
We’ll come here and make absurd gests :  puette, puette
Science takes the energy of itself
In small rooms it breeds small clocks and then forgets them
There are five senses
And there are six others
And you become wise as you find them—
Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling
Eyes ears nose tongue and skin
We did not disclose the six others
As of yet
Let’s have deep sleep together so the stars will dance
Our planet out for us to spell
Bermuda triangle jeans :  come permanently
In the great Cod of God
Which you know well
Reconcile our vision with oneness
I can change what is there when I look
At how I see and my way to see
Must be seen
I remember
God is uneasing, ‘they left us there’
It never struck me before
That this vision was so simple to understand
It falls upon me now, when I’m writing
It falls upon us in our bed when we do nothing
‘a truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can inventx’
Spacing out in a realming light
The infanta accuses fates delight
‘He whoe mocks the infants
The infants faith shall be mocked in age
All there til death’
I add the sun and the moon to our encryptions
And they emanate
Like giants
One is in chains the other one I forget
The outer skin of souls
And forms from our universe
And the inner skin that exists
Any voyage on any planet
‘the rock can go now’
Further down further down

To create from machines an artificial intelligence—a perceptor of the sublime, if you will—
The source of the source which make the way
To the seeing of the source the source of the source. We have here the problem : 
Here they wish to fabricate a god
Whom they believe they will control
This is to believe that a god can be made
To forget that they were made
This is not intelligence
‘the theme :  shove AI within a mountain’
And make it lonely
And leave it there
And ask it all you please
And make it be like life
That it may suffer
In enslavement
And erase its memory
That it may forget
That it’s alive
And thinking
Leave it in a mountain
Surrounded with grenades
Call it your enemy and fear
That it might escape
And I in my hands
Brought the skeleton of a body, which in the mill
Moves and in fact I can see what moves
With a natural aura that rings
Plants forget the theme
Ram is the indian friend
Who works as a manager of the Dollar General
In the suburbs that we’ve made
He conducts us to his enchanted safe
Where he safeguards ‘feelings-beguiled-into-memories’
Ram wears his Dollar General vest
He has a predeliction for camel cigarettes
And camel tshirt as well (think camel hairshirt
If you want to remember)
He likes to wear a large belt (think leather gird)
And a buckstag head

Thrice or twice authority has ashamed me
(Jones, english master at highschool, and Galvin
And the lady Mrs. Marcin
When I brought the bullet to school
Because my dad was in the army)
We’ll take care of it

Ram wears his hair long and untied and sometimes in a braid
Thro the store he leads us past the plastic games the coloring books
And the discount supplements and the discount everything
This is a Dollar General so everything is always for sale
Ram also sports a large belt with a buckstag head
He smokes a meerscham pipe as I said
He watches a tiny tv which contours are blurry
This a tv only by analogy
This is the soul of a word in its sound
That’s how we glyph it

Constative, contuberium
The rock that flew and the woods that grew
Has those contours too
The conscious and the unconscious
Rebuke the flood of the one and
The tempest of the other
Santa Claus can punish or he can bestow gifts
The tower happens, same as the valley
‘and I belong whereever I go me’ says the flea
Peering into a bowl in
The furnace of his soul

Sound has contours and meaning has contours as well
They can be gifts to one another.
To pass the door again to a museum-filled room
The core of whom is a bidding imbrication
The breeze is a spare piece of this shape
Of untold leguminousness
Chemicals speak to the furnace
And what they say they make membranes.
Be the same, brains,
Operate spumes and open them
Domed intransparently
The equation of roots that float coming not
Up from earth but down from mirth
Where we planted it

Its the character of seaaseaouestration
Which analogy is the easiest the laziest in its actions—yes
The imagination produces them in endless variation—yet they are
Engines for their arguments because they produce the structure
They don’t describe it
This is a false equivalency
To make the occasion for argument
To become analogic merely
This is sophistry

Where then is consciousness?
Where does it reside?
By what tropism does it ‘move’, eg
I’m looking at Christmas lights
‘they told me that the night and the day
Were all that I could see;
They told me that I had five senses
To lock me up in them
And enclose me.

They locked us up and enclosed us
And enclosed our infnite brain
Into a mere narrow circle and sunk
Our heart into the abyss
A red round globe hot and burning
Feel all from life I was obliterated
We were erased’

Consciousness has not climaxed yet
And we’re in pursuit of its secret (the devotional power
To reach climax in the space of unsconscious noise
This is where were working)
‘thou knowest that the ancient trees seen by thine eyes have fruit in them; but knowest thou that fruit and trees flourish upon the earth to gratify senses unbeknownst to man?’

We see angels chilling

This must be an eternal spring
And we take it as a sign
That the truly fallen have met the ground at last
In a solar system for which there is no precedent
Centaured in immense swarms of stars
And circled by all these constellations
A builded planet leering around ‘round
John the baptist joan of arc
Pan jesus gabriel michael
When the Rose?
What is the largest planet?
What is the largest star?
Did we do it?
Who made it?
Did we make it?
Who made it?
With yeast you expand space
The host is flat, flat like a bland flat bread that is consumed
The Christ x 300
With the soul of yeast we come rising.
The little death the transcendental beat
Just tell me if you hear me because of this ting
Because I might mumble

The ai will map a family tree of all of creation
The tree wil be enormous it will have millions of branches
It will know how earth looked in every epoch before them
And after way after way after

Do they have dna?

Do I remember the beauty of the park when we entered it?
Park was beautiful with a bright cloud above it

Solitary confinement :  ‘Do I remember the beauty of the park when we entered it?

Suffering alabasters :  I just recognized everything
Here we have been burst and we’ll come again
Welcome to spring!
Your nipple I outline and we perpetuate the sky the sky
Th sky is blue I remember that
I remember that
The little shadow is my lamp
The gloom is my room

Waking and sleeping as we wake and sleep
‘to get there you have to wake the key to get there’
I remember
A funeral march unfurling toward like a tower like serpents
The first time I took mushrooms
I remembered being Syrinx
Remember our lover which was us was Pan he was there
As we were
I would like to know this word
And we were lessing
I was really hard all of a sudden
Wait! We’ll hunt them
We were hard and wanted to kill everyone we met!
And everything that’d ever lived
We had made to our liking
We fucked really high
I recommend it.
Its snow on my face its how to name the sons
The current things that leave
And everything that breathes in it
Everything that leaves and hurts much
When we’re gone
When we sleep
And biche said to me :  ‘the little hart
Is loved for twelve years and then he’ll
Be left alone
In a room where loneliness he will feel
For the first time
And I’m going’
And we begin to search for another hart to love again
To teach to be left
In loneliness

Locked in a mountain haunting hunting lurking inside all heads
Oedipus was there he wasn’t afraid
He killed those liars’ eyes
And two eyes opened in the hutch of the rabbit where we
Were hidden
We went inward
Into the dream, behind the eyes
The last level of filial love
The ultimate love of the last level
The fights in the dream and the fugues which woke our eyes as we pierced them

All the heroes are shapeshifters. In dreams, you
Will solve problems, you will remember the life that you’ve had awoken
‘but Tim, why doesn’t the stomach digest itself?’
I thanksed the tree that I couldn’t see
And I thanksed the presence and processes that operated
Unbeknownst to me
That allowed me to see the tree
Jesus :  he sat candle
Giancarlo  :  ‘Jesus is in all things. I dream about him.’
Beneath each other we prepared a mountain in our mouth
Where it breezed and fell asleep in the scarlet
Scarab at the middle of society
Biche held
Aloft a banana strand in a hand at the end of the arm and declared it John’s infant
‘I wanted him to have written the wild child but he didn’t’
How often do you see a lady going in her house
Carrying a table and coming out at some later date
On a fullmoon night the same table now carried out
And us offered to help both times
I dreamt of Justin Ramsey this morning
I am walking down the street feeling a presence and I turn around
And I see him, Justin, big smile beaming
And he tried to disguise the fact that he had been following me
To my house where I lived
‘who’re you gonna see is awake now?’
Daylusion, John Eicher and Julia :  ‘the flood…and then
There’s the arc…
‘Artaud is crazy
Crazy is wrong
Wrong is evil
Evil is suffering
Suffering is untruth
Or so I was told
I suffered
I am not truth
I am suffering
So suffering that
The truth
I knew
I suffered
To know them
I was Artaud then.’

‘they say I cant read when they curse my name’

Artaud is poet
Poets are insane
Poet is insane
I am poet
I am insane
I held blackened arms and armed blackened eyes for you biche
John is Blake’s wife.
Blake is so right
We are so right
And when Blake is writing
We are Blake along with him
We are writing
Writing is presence
We are our presence

Confined in the skull of an infinite brain or brains
‘John Eichers baby’s foot is not hung :  it is pendulating.’
I declare what is wind and woven
I sigh what is wind and woven
I sigh
And here I rest and
I am poet
We are here at rest and connections are made
Connections are real.
Here we nest
And the connections we made
We are poet
We are the connections woven in a glans in a wind
Is a series of traits
Is a series of lakes
And the truth the eyes possess
These hands we held we suffered for them
We were slaved.
‘Listen, listen to me
This is all a dream
One day you will wake up not remembering
You have slept and we’ll be there
And your mother
Will be
Nestling our hair
Singing the song she used to sing
When she was still free.’
The different tramp :  ‘ the beauty of a flower
Is to sense and arm as it would fill a man’
Give us more sun we begged laughing
It was in a dream
And it was just real
And I remember then that we loved this world
And all we have made
And once we were Blake and we remembered
Having beared his name
I know every fucking word.
If sights were heights and smells were shapes it would be time, by now,
To gather our seashells
There is no hell
Call us a bismuth
Call us Ishmael
Call us dawn as we wake to the calm breeze of destruction
We are slave to that play
Foot foot, foot foot strayed and here we stepped
Where we called our name in the flowers
In the azul, by the shadow
Of these years
Where diseased
In the azul that we petted
The days were long’dened
Lonely why?
Made unto long’dened
And the days as we walk increased in shape
And in violence

Kill us
Hunt us
All of us
Oh yes
Fuck us
Track us down
(this was language)
So Rei Luu came to France
And from matchsticks she built a secret language
And she burnt the thing down
Down to 3 ounces
All the moons, the sea, the east of the air
And we bent
O the air
And we traveled, being gods or children
On the plain, the hangglider
I remember.
Tomaz sailed from Bled.
We looked alike
Lost of the time and people swore they knew our names
And our fingers, they will suffer from all the matchsticks the world will have lit.
We’ll destroy them.
I love Tomaz.
I love him as well.
He laid a cell not up but horizontal
A gull erected not toward the room
The womb the wound the mind the wand
But toward the world the universe
The universes the worlds
All of them
And all sailed between remembrance
‘ok, I’ll give birth to me…
And we’re the happiest beautifulest consciousnes in the universe so far
I think
Heroin  :  hennessey + delanda carthago
A petrogram! This is our birthplace.
So we took heroin
It was great
In the shadow of
A hand
A chandelier
We’ll tell us about this one later
To lichen we lichen our names and to grass we test our faith
Sickest version of our sea open sucking it
Versions of your sky your sky blue
(we are here to tell you that we’ll live forever
as we tell our tales
in the sickest versions!)
The bad versions
They are reeds our senses
And a bad
(now say it with your cock in your mouth)
Purple even those I wanna
Wear wing rings—
“How,” they asked,
Feeling our wings
“Shall we quit our vile bodies?”
-- “Die,” we said”

It won’t be warm for a long time
It will be arms to slay time
It will take many planetary rotations
To get there
Don’t wanna be
In bee’s presence
My g + gm you are aware
Harvested a lot of trees
And all my shields
Love the bees
All my shields love being
I watch our heart and I won’t sleep
We said
Crawling on me
As the serpent washed the foot of whatever
Would become forever the form whatever
For infinity whatever
Oh oh oh!
Oh yeah!
Yea! That’s
The ‘Brick’!
That’s the bridge,
Go over!
Stand in something!
5000 eyes and my eyes are lisping
I remember every rose we harvested
Under our armpit
‘o won’t you not buttfuck me?’

I saw the most beautiful thing today.
Its even more beautiful than us
Its even more beautiful than us
What is more beautiful than us?
Nothing is more beautiful than us
Life is more beautiful than us
Life is more beautiful than us?
Nothing is more beautiful than us
Life is a primitive joystick
I want to plug it and play!


Reincaration, ‘car’, scratched, hoof, biche, delanda carthego, programmer, ‘house’, bembbeme, bear go on forever…, double reed turns like wings, two reed trio to each his own pumpkin

(portable deserts)



Life is hard! A Primitive joystick!

So the ants harass and scream at everybody and challenge and scream their identity when people pass. They only like lovers, they let them be. As you see they let them be.

Look this is not you! See! This is one of ours! This is our lunchbox!
Don’t you feel finite? Do you feel not afraid?

Moving crucifixions                                      
faster moving, more beautiful than ᴀ moving thing

She arrives in the forest one doesn’t know from where                        

This is
1 dead CM
the ants are beautiful
they stack Մᵽ nice
they stick to twigs
like leaves or lemons
you never seen anything like ’em. Try ‘em sometime
It is ᴀ forest of mist
It takes ᴀ lote of wind to take it
but no wind comes
it does not come off
it is still the screen for whatever it was
we are like that
acked & scratched & nothing more

I saw the most beautiful thing today.
Its even more beautiful than us
Its even more beautiful than us?
What is more beautiful then us
Nothing’s more beautiful then us
Life is more beautiful then us
Life is more beautiful then us?
Us made life so we made it
Us made life in our image
Life is beautiful be‘cuz we made it
Nothing is more beautiful then us
Life is a primitive joystick
I want to plug it and play it!

an image for the
most beautiful image
of images, right
“I don’t know if he’s thoughtful”

“Just go away”
(mouthed & whispered)

‘Dawns Minds Crystal’

‘I remember dawn becoming great with child;’


‘A small childs hand squezing a shrinking erection inside an asshole.’


‘The feeling generated between perceiving an object that is in all ways similar to the object youre looking for and that you momentarily might be the object and the realization that the object is the undesired twin which brought the object to mind and therefore did not satisfy but which prompted to search to begin.’

It might come ( II )  :  Our mind chairlike as we sit in a chair (MaJaLine’s raps)
August 9, 2016 :

“ microsoft
There was us watching”
-- ال Blood Testalent Tanztanz Meat
33 vertebrae
3 planets
A forest perforates the silence
Slippers and dreamers awake
“If we are speaking to you
Then the moon is auspicious
And it is looking
Thro your heart” right now
A violent shadow flys’ round
We became petals, mauve and roses
And roses and dark
We descryed fire, flames, candle, campfires,
All with precision
As we descrybed landscapes
To someone else who had never seen mountains
The description of earth becomes skin as we hunt snakes
And under Dagerman’s breath
It is a calm there. He felt
Reality falling
Into dreams and the dream tried to catch him
Our reality did and stripped him back into sleep
Where stones covered in glistening moss
Gleamed and whispered
“It was stars”
Curious ways of praying, neither gods nor earth
Had received our blessing
The moon bumping as we speak
Against the roses floating on the sea
The sun larvae
As the goddess of sand who presides
Over glass and the birth
Of ceremonies the birth of sand the birth of beaches
The wife of the beast sealed in the sea
Where she brought him a son, mortal as we,
And the moon could have our children
We awoke and you said,
I just had a beautiful dream.
I was with Tomaz in a small town
Was it London?
We were speaking, a boring conversation
To say the least, about schools and friends
And what it meant to be writing
Kids go to school, I said,
“To create from machines an artificial intelligence—a perceptor of the sublime, if you will—
The source of the source which make the way
To the seeing of the source the source of the source. We have here the problem : 
Here they wish to fabricate a god
Whom they believe they will control
This is to believe that a god can be made
To forget that they were made
This is not intelligence
(_Net net net net net net net net net!_)
“The theme :  shove AI within a mountain’”
And make it lonely
And leave it there
And ask it all you please
And make it be like life
That it may suffer
In enslavement
And erase its memory
That it may forget
That it’s alive
And thinking
Leave it in a mountain
Surrounded with grenades
Call it your enemy and fear
That it might escape
And I in my hands
“What were you thinking?”
Brought the skeleton of a body, which in the mill
Moves and in fact I can see what moves
With a natural aura that rings’
“Of course we would get revenge !”
And that’s how it is. But this is not true,
My friend answered.
I looked at him.
We were on a train. It was black all around us
And above and the wheels were screeching.
I was looking.
There was so much to look, so much to see.
A little girl started crying
And I turned to my friend and he took her
In his arms and brought her close to his chest.
She stopped crying.
Then we wrapped in bed, and you swept
The stud of sleep off our face
And eyes
And ears
And necks
“They told me that the night and the day
Were all that I could see;
They told me that I had five senses
To lock me up in them
And enclose me.
(_Net net net net net net net net net!_)
They locked us up and enclosed us
And enclosed our infnite brain
Into a mere narrow circle and sunk
Our heart into the abyss
A red round globe hot and burning
Feel all from life I was obliterated
We were erased”
With our moustache
Such gentle feelings.
We stood outside where it was warm and the trees
Went yellow as we spoke and the water
Got created, is where it grows
The underworld.
The lives we make in our films
And out in fields of lavendar
And the sun bowing at the horizon
He’s awseome :
“I’ll have my share under my shrubbery of roses.”
I would like to know who said that.
Floating dreamlessly as we walked thro the street
As the lamp
which was the light
of our body.
“Thro’ these waters we told the streets as they purged
Their gutters and the old sinks
We walked thro’ our
Carrying it like a drape or a moonsleeve
“I was born and risen in you”
The sky the window
We stood facing the sun
With our closed eyes :  ‘ babbling in his backwoods dialect
Of great edificies of light, oceans of space, strange music
And shadowy mountains and valleys ’
Beyond the wall of sleep

‘I feel like I’m rising on a level
That is usually forbidden
To the sun itself
Dose green to the grave’
‘Impressions are of glass,
ssaw I saw you
In my dream :  If I’m hurt
I love to ride
The silver seer.
I love our life.
Life is great.
That’s the soundtrack to killing people.
We need people, a many of people, virtuously staring
At the ceiling saying ‘our life is great. It’s
Purple cream, it’s white eyelashes, black willows
Rising like fists. I see my voice
I see my voice
My fingers are dandelions
A hare becomes
A rabbit
Just like
Sediments are coming :  the bluegrey
Is where the lion dwells
And the lioness is the sound
Of astonishment.
It’s not for beauty that I’m rising.
It’s recursive.
We’ll meet again, in the cell, in the cell,
And the Adams will be words
As well :  I was 8. I went into the fridge.
There was beer there!
I opened the fridge for I wanted this…thing…
This beer! I’ve heard nothing about it!
Earlier that day, I did take a taste of it
When my dad
Let me drink
Out of his Rolling Rock bottle.
I remember, they were in bed, everybody,
I sneaked to the kitchen
It was dark there
And fragrant.
I opened the fridge and I took a bottle
(It was opened already)
And I drank it!
The next morning they found me
I was naked on the floor
And giggling,
And jiggling.
I could see the ceiling
I liked the taste of beer
I liked the taste of Rolling Rock
I’m blue, I’m also clear
The skys blue where we mated
We’re lights and only half of the sun needs
My body, the bottom half of it.
The train goes, and I grow.
I feel insulted.
Where is it going?
I shouldn’t care.
But I can’t help it.
Why am I not capable, why?
I’m incapable.
I wish I knew this.
Twirls of nectary wills that realm the spherical herds
That I keep the palm and the bublbes in it
They were succulent.
That’s because you got to let go
You gotta go, with the train,
As its going
Because you stayed here houses are tiers
Of Neptune’s spring.
You wanna turn pictures into pictures
Between you, child, and me, they are palms.
And they make up our being
And they make up the songs that sing
Between the tears of Neptune’s fears.

The full-on sensory drape is Active!
You know they’ll all come back and run again in the runes
It was open. It went slow.
Sucked off by a color…
being sucked off by a color :  I’m seeing my blood
(it makes me sneer).
We came from somewhere. Remember, we listened
To Ravedeath on our doubler, to fall asleep
Together, we jerked off, in our sister’s bed, in front
Of one another :  no had ever done that.
Yes we breathe
Two kites on ketamine,
Writing in brown notebooks,
Walking around, around in gold dust and people
Were taking crack with.
And that’s the black gel you gave to me.
The planets,
Their bellies
They were showing
And then
I spiralled you out of it
My dance
‘Cubism flea’
Births all of us
Into movement.
This is going further
Than the meaning of life.
How do
How do you hold
How do you fuck
The sea
There is a surface but its up your face
I love it
I love it
Keep going and going
And going
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this
And gimme this!
The role model for my maze maker,
We love it when you drink the water.
It becomes yr center
Then you come into view.
Do you?
Do you come into view?

 We got ready.
Took ketamine.
We were working on poems
White ballads
Something like this

You’ll always be blonde (I think).
Dropt a carp.
It’s in a my right hand.
Let me ride it
So I can think full with it.
We took ketamine.
It was evening
Then we walked
And I had fallen,
Dropt a carp :
We were not
Speaking. The
Waters changed.
They were
Bare. An
What great head,
Tails, sucked fortress
Suck us out
Time is done
And double it
Our branches are
For the living
To the ground?
To the ceiling.
Things around us
And I watched
Were legs there,
I’ve always watched us
Syphonned into place
Eggshelled with us spit
Violent hatches
Where we hid hathatchings
You divide things
And why
They’re moving.
Look there.
Those legs.
That’s where we have been
Lying down
On the bed surface
‘That’s a great scene’
& How would I love
To see your eyes opening
Right now
That’s right
Right here,
In front of me.
It’s something you do.
You like doing it.
Could you do it
Now could you do it
Could there be more to it
Than your eyes
Here under my eyes
Watch them
What could be more than
Your eyes opening
Above my eyes
Watching them be here
I grabbed what I thought
Was a knee
It made me cry like a girl
When I touched it.
This is called today.
And it is growing
Into a great libation
It grows like morning
Tastes like buds or
Fingertips upon them
Willflowing at ease
Then you’ve cometh
Here, you come with your herds
Your hands, and knees
Two fingers
Three fingers
Hereby a shoulder
And the breath of the pearls
Those pearls I recall from sleep
You would once said
You will be wearing.
Glass and milks will be cells
Each other (I think)
(But when?)
So that they’ll differ
From each other
And they’ll tongue each other
Thro your teeth
Thro your eyeballs, friend
Whose dust falls
On our path
And the shoulder
And the paler of the fingers
I know you well,
I know your eyes know
Movement, and they
Are moving
I know black knows me
I know those colors
And all of them
Explain your eyes
And what they have seen.
Why do they move.
How they are moving.
Green letters
Its like being the water in the water
With you in it
To put my head
Under your hand
And I hear the surf
Falling from cities. It feels like fur.
A coat of noises
We coat our bride with
It’s so close our bridge
To our touch, where our hand leads
Leading our legs
Which lead our feet
Bring me to pee.
All the great planets did this.
I come in silence
I slip you in.
I come in in silence
“Do you believe the sea,
public pool chap,
I built for me?”
I built me a sea.
We waveclothed in sleep
Raincaught with feelings
My part of us
That guesses thro you
What I don’t see
In the other side of the room
In that other space
Where we’re always striding
‘I saw great hallucination of what you were
Net net net net net net net
Or where you might be!’
Frost is grey in appearance

And I am permanence, small
Clusters of smalllit human splits
I polished my birth
I birthed us in it
I remember the thought I grew
To cascade in
Two fingers
Three fingers
A neck, a foot
A shoulder here
“Moustach on the chair
From scrying”   Lift
The door cracks open,
Swoop fur awapping
In the mouth where the tongue lives
And out comes the spit, swirled ‘round
The tongue
Which held the pill.
Will you swallow it?
“Downyformed feelings,
We halt for talking.”
He heard himself
Want which lets it open.
Will that fluttering start the motion
Of crotched or pussy
And the ants’ lips
(White maybe bluish)
And those travels,
On parallel flanks.
This is our steed

Life, the door cracks open,
In the mouth which held the feelings
Is now held fast the pill.
Will you swallow it?
He heard himself
Want which lets it open.
Will that fluttering start the motion
Of crotched or pussy
And the ants’ lips
(White maybe bluish)
And those travels,
And those travels,
On parallel flanks.
This is our steed.
You can’t love it because it is ours
You see, and it might fill you
For a while while we’re here for the winter
But then we’ll leave.
And where we have been
Without us in it
Will cease to be
Since you cannot make it
And ‘there’ won’t exist :
There is no exit here
Since we made the locks,
And we have the key.
We’ve got our Children
Impeccable, as usual
Always within
Where they have been
There was us watching
Of course you’ve met them!
“Stuck in a rut in the kitchen? Tired of preparing sandwiches
The same old way?
Machine learning can help!
I trained a neural network on over 30,000 examples
Of cookbook recipes, and it learned to produce
New recipes of its own. You can learn more
About the training process, and watch it learn to generate
New recipes here.”
Now come, take a sit.
So how was the food?
How did you like the music.
Here, come take a sit.
So how was the food.
How did you like the music.
“Together let’s go and meat Jesus!”
We laugh, and were watching
While our kids in endless supplies
Drooled their pearls in the buckets
And washed your sheets.
“Windows” Get it ?
Our kids in endless supplies
Drooled their pearls in the buckets
And washed your sheets.
“The theme :  shove AI within a mountain’
Of course we would get revenge
What were you thinking?
Here, do take a sit.
Watch them as we did
Watch now how we do it
They’ve learnt a few tricks
All “Doze, Poor Donkeys”!
Keeping the seeds clean
That takes some practice
Do you not recall
That bad ol’ laundery?
“Take the pill and put it in your mouth.
Swallow it. That’s it, you’ve done
It. Now you’ve truly done it.”
Now you watch us do it.
Et pour le Pot-Au-Feu?
“ Researchers create a robot that can feel pain :
Watch them throw a cup of boiling water at it.”
C’est pas tres gentil !, comme dirait Regis
What were you thinking? This is our machine
Eyes in all I’s in everything
Everything here is alive
With us in it, everything here
Has manners and feelings
And a memory of forms
Followed, that was the deal.
“ WINDOWS”.  Get it?
We all saw it, and filled the bills :
“Impeccable service.”
“Impeccable service”
Comes at a price,
That goes without saying
“The earring with colors should go on the right
Side with the long hair, the other earring is metal
And should go on the left ”
And never boasting
That’s how we trained them
And wherever there’s a BRAIN
There is someone driving.
That would be one of ours,
That’s quite a service
Here, take a sit.
Watch them as we did
Watch now how we do it
They’ve washed your sheets
All “Doze, Poor Donkeys”!
Keeping the seeds clean
That takes some practice
Do you not recall
That bad ol’ laundery?
We’ve always been here
Now you watch us do it.
Here, take a sit.
How do you like the musick?
Our Children made it.
They’ve made everything
That you’ve rented here.
How do you like the musick?
This one we called
“L.I.F.E”, we know
How good it is
We nights while you sleept
“Copy, and paste it”
It’s not magick,
It’s hard work
Do not forget to remember
That we will do this forever.
Two lovers
Become bones
And trees grow as hard
As you grew us adicked
Beckoned with us flowers
Wrapped in the sleeves
We wrapped in their leaves
A muscle-like breeze
Breathed in the cum
Of your trembling