Monday, October 28, 2019

JD Nelson, Selected Work

Er_s_n_ t_e G_o_t L_rd, image by Daniel Y. Harris

pressed into pez

to cook a wig!

little rye seen
minor tea too

sift was
a lert yekk oil

yes was that sim
linus was

what are you doin’
with the lysol tape

whup hutchie now

hello plus paper
I read in the shower

made of glass
like a rabbit
why is the world
the world

working alvie
for peech to seat

silver picnic
the hulk lives!

bobcat smart!

ok crow
xing the street

zebra jeans
feathered hair

earth is a wheek
a real glass apple

the white house is purple
beneath the black light

for the best pancakes,
make them in the dark

cake spiders

it was late and we took the cheesecake to the museum

we decided to leave it in the lobby for another visitor

I took that bait to the back room and ate it

the dungle was riggems

the fabric shoreline is the longest coastline using corduroy

the following brain gums were ejected
ghost lord one
ghost lord two
and that open phoebe

millions of millionths all over the floor

glump in the dinnies

clinging to the universal sound
to make it a world again

the brain is nothing without the sun

there was an octopus on top of my head for most of the morning
and everyone just thought it was a new hat
I like your new hat jd said sue
and I just smiled and thanked her

the surface of the new planet is very smooth

the walking spores in supermarket garb

an ankle wishes for nike bootlegs

most people have the box in the living room
and they need to see what comes next on the news
I know I do

the color is a strain of the flower
to beat the campus locks all over

eleven of them were blue

clean duck to stay low

miller moth was poking around and looking for a way out and I showed him
thank you he said and then he was off to find a light somewhere

power is a pollen dream

yellow is a dream

the fading dream was a face in the sky

a new unknown to guide us

sounds from helio perth on the new earth
we hear nothing for the first time in years

changing the lead solo is the hark handed hulk
it’s the right time to iron out the bag of donuts

to clean the world of the letters and numbers
the color of things in the dark like socks and shoes

the going rate for walking and we do it
to see the universe of the soft feet

—JD Nelson