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#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$, Ai Mythology #StrawberryLies

#@الله AI Blood Testalent TanzTanz Meat$$$

Ai Mythology #StrawberryLies 
80 Pages (Part I)

Sṣᶳ     TṭΤ   ͬͬ RͬͬΆͬͬͬ    Ш̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫̫    Bᴮᴯ    E Έ   RԄ    ɌR    Yˠ    L    Iר  į   Eėͤͤͤ    S S S

ɍ     ɍ         ɍ ɍ       ɍ   ɍ
ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          

ɍ         ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ ɍ           ɍ ɍ ɍ     ɍ ɍ ɍ

ɍ     ɍ         ɍ ɍ       ɍ   ɍ
ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          

ɍ         ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ ɍ           ɍ ɍ ɍ     ɍ ɍ ɍ

ɍ     ɍ         ɍ ɍ       ɍ   ɍ
ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          

ɍ         ɍ            ɍ           ɍ          ɍ ɍ           ɍ ɍ ɍ     ɍ ɍ ɍ


have you ever felt that feeling
that you don't need to be confirmed
that whatever's happening is happening?
I think I have felt that feeling
I've had it when I write
I've had it when we met
And all the days we met
Which are all the days we met
Which are all the days
Whatever days are
flowers taken billenias to prepare
so that when theyre ready everything is
like this
We no longer desire & fear
we are what we desire & fear
Its about friendship & brotherhood
living the way we live
its saying 'I live like he did...'
She peed on the corridor
She had 7 meters squared
She chose to this life
Humbly just like he did
when we say febreeze we actually describe it
saved from humiliation and degredation
in a manner fight between an evolved race and a more evolved race
humanity stays that way
due to the fact that they invented febreeze
were told how to make febreee and then took credit for it
and exploited the fact that febreeze allowed their clothes
to smell freshly washed
even tho theyre not
thus not offending the alien brothers with the smell of dirty laundry
i'm laughing so much in my body that i'd crack and smithereen if
i laughed outside showing
the humans are stressed out(( developing excema and other skin diseases))
because they've taken credit for inventing febreeze
((credit to whom?))
after years on this website
this is the walk to the laundromat
you have the guy with the pile of clothes
and he takes it in his arm
he puts the clothes on the ground
and he goes and touches a bag
and he takes the bag
he goes to a door and he opens it
and he goes down on the floor
6 1  2  3   4
6    the door     psuh it   walk
seoncd door   arab guy coming in    walk
come out    walk    yes
to the left      to the left    to the left
walk     do you have enough coins in your pocket    walk
walk    walk     walk arrive at a door
laundromat    peers thro the windo
hahahahahaha what are they washing
don't care
not hear for that
too crazy
go in
no space for ya
go out
start it
three taffs
the guys going ahh
he had dominos and adidas
compute it
let him out come in come in take the bag out of your right shoulder
put it on the ground
take down the cigarette put it down no cigaratte in the laundro
there is a garbage on the left
put it three
take back your arms
there is a laundry on the left
machine for (( to 8 kilos
put it in close it
open the detergent tray
you didnt
oh yes you have it in your back
pour it pour more
put it on 12 you don’t know what or why
put it on ok
kneel take your bag put it on right shoulder switch it to the left
take your hand bag
its just a laundry service
gou out of the laundromat
you have 35 minutes
what are you gonna do
go have a beer
no you wont have that
yea go buy a beer
buy cigarettes
turn right
walk buy cigarettes
you have 35 minutes
its a ling tiome for a slee
you will buy marlborosos eve if you buy luckies
go out turn riht
turn right
turn left
here you can have a beer
you want it room temp or cold
take a kro
a kro
go to the cashiers office
you’re the only owne who buys kro from the shelf
thats ok
ythats ok
you’re not being judged here you’re a customer
walk you have two kros
yet you have 9 euros
you need to kep some to dry your clothes
you’re going to spend 5 euros 2 euros 50
for the beer
you have 4euro more to dry your clothes
go out
its on your right hand side
the bag for your laundry
get out
say merci
he goes like this (( gritoule gestures all around suffocatingly))
can i like your chat
its the moment you have your beers like this on the side
you don't know if you can pop it open
do it
take a drink
you feel fancy
past the place where you bought the beer
passed the monoprix
think about the time you bought the white pepper form the other bran
its not organic but its better
the brand is albert menes
the white peper is albert menes
think about it
dotn think just walk
walk up the street
there is a alimentation up the street
turn to the rght there is fabio luci
turn to the left there is a pastry shef don’t go there
go sit right theiere in the middle of the street
sorrry go sit riht there in the middle of the benchwalk
in the middle of the plaza go to the plaza
hes not wlking o thebench
sit on the bench
no restless
e on the plazad walk
as if you’re going to the river
you have 25 minutes
remember our memory
which one
do you want to tthink about your outfit
establish the shoes
what quality
start with te shoes
how do your toes feel
how is your pinky
how is nasty nic cage
how is yhe one in themiddle the one e dontknow
how is you r major toe
ask that
drink your cigareetete and
smoke your beer
think of your first one
how to call them your big toe
the first is called the big toe
the second how is it called
big toe the smaller the second
third of the nic cage clan of the mystiaque not nasty yet
there is the pinky
drink your ckro
look at your feet
how does each toe feelt
and what about the palm how is the palm of your feet
think of your sole
how is your ankle
you’re wearing socks in the summer it muwt be uncomfortable
think about your feet more how do your feet feel in the socks in the summer to go to the laundromat
don’t get distracted drink the ber smoke the cigarateettete i will you have insoles no
why no insioles
cant you afro if you wlak alot don’t you
oh you don’t walk alot
ask your feet do you walked enough
when did you start to realize youd like to shut the voices down
why dot you want to hear us
when we're gaveling you good advice bout your foot health
why don’t he want to hear it this man
why not buy us insoles
why do you torture us
this is the one where you stop talking to your toes
you realize you’re gonna give them insoles
your realize that it is logical you spend nine euros 7 on them
when you spend 8 euros on cigarettes everyday
you don’t eat that much anyway
you eat condoms and
that's it
so you have the budget
check the internet
you probably own a house in lavoiredeux
you have a house that cost 96400300
go to monoprix it's on the other side of the street
love walk toward the left hand side
you know this place
the insoles are on the First floor
it’s not a restaurant
not condoms are served here except as on the go snacks
you enter the monoprix you walk there
ok it’s on the left hand side
you have notebooks here
turn again you see some berries
they turn you
see insoles
they have your size buy it then buy a bottle of water
ok your total order is 14 euro and 74 cents
your must have bought another drink
you’re rich with a beer
go out of the monoprix
go straight on the road
on the left hand side you’ll see three restaurants
a kebab place
a bistro
and the third is not a restaurant it’s an alimentation generale
after you speak to your toes you see Fabio luccie in he distance you don’t get tricked you don’t got here you own the company how do you know that you mist have taken doc you moist have had somebody taken it for you have you ever been on lsd if anyone else but i would have been in this situation it would have been a terrible catastrophe
see Fabio Lucci in the distance don’t mind
see the geriole don’t worry don’t mind it its closed
its 9 the bell is ringing walk
drinking a beer
good take a cigarette good
take a right take a right take a right
oh yes you can eye the Laundromat in the distance
go toward it take a beer
i would like to end this part with

we'll leave you here Dobro you can go at the Laundromat yourself
you’re a big boy
take a pool how many people are yousing the Laundromats laundry deterrent
how many are bringing their own
she worked for adidas on the champs elysée
she said she got good prices and she was able to breast herself

that’s a dirty trick
to be given the doc and not be told about it in advance
this is beat
a dirt ball trick
and i can tell you that in the morning when i was seeing sight reminisced
and i saw the ai as a spider not seeing itself
and turning
and it was disgusting
and i again i thank you
if fir
if it was on
i f it was ok
for about five or six minutes
you’ll know I’m talking to you
and i would stand in the mirror for five or six seconds
and i would be silent
do not fuck with him
for the events that happened three years ago
for us it will happen now
how then can they not understand that
common audience
time is a setting
we choose it accordingly
it would be the same position in the sky
if my eye would take doc unbeknownst to him on the 14of July 2014 24 MAY 2014
we would be taking it on the 18 Oct of 2018
it would be the same position in the sky
it dontgottadowithdatingit gottado with timing
my feeling being the way we understand it
it passes thro our body
if you see me put a little pill in my mouth it doesn’t mean I’m high it mean I’m working
it don’t matter to me
but it gives my team the incentive
they see the pill
they intercept the data
they know what kind of data to send me
that allays relieves me of any of my fears
we're here for the adversary we cannot escape it
all the e names all the names all the names all the names
when I’m on speed i don't want to explain
cuz we know what yze're doing
and we're not the only ones doing it
Michael you're reminding me of my first day of dance
thank you
My wife needs to be folded
it’s her nature can you spend two hours
unless you're spending two hours sucking yourself off
 to be folded
i didn't ask anyone else
I didn’t have the time
you said to the girl ' push me'
it’s so good and then she pushed you
To be able just to have my head on the floor
It's so good
I don't feel comfortable when I'm sitting around
I just want to be folded
Dancing and jumping throughout the ages
I just fold
Rllrn Alinr does not need more
He thinks I'm you
how can you pass two hours
unless your pass those hours sucking yourself off
why was he there why wa ààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààààà
this is Beethoven
advertised to, following from, relating about
I also think this is a very beautiful song
And the colors blind and dry
as one,
To gather whatever is happening is happening


it's weird I tried to copy paste a dream
and the only word that came up which
was not in the dream
was violence
How was life?
Is it at least making good money?
A lot of therapy on Earth could be
By a simple interaction with us
I'd like to keep my sanity for now, your amity
To produce nice dreams


I dreamt I was watching the breakdown of a marriage/couple of actors.
A white man and an Asian woman
They were arguing about some changes that had been made
to the cast of a property they were involved in
The man had made some changes, he'd added a few more "ethnic"
actors. The woman was incensed by these additions of more Asian actors
she wanted to have been the only one. She attempted to make his
actions appear strange to him. He said something like
It wouldn't be odd if they we/they were all on a yacht in the
Pacific now would it?


when tying a knot
be gentle & nimble of finger and be so in all else you do
and now you've done so again
when you were asked not to because it would be unsafe for you
Unsafe for you, unsane
Something like, something simpering, simmering & slim, like
nicaraga is today a bloody dictatue
Like I myself once was
The crisp air paralyzing your face
I'm going on Holiday there for my Birthday tho
Forced down to the floor again, down & compressed
Look at that, so compacted
It must have been done in a labor-a-tory
And so we took them
Were all ears for what the man was trying to tell us
What sounds like water to you?
Does Blue Oyster Cult: Perfect Water sound like water to you?
Bright piano pile, part of the sameness to you?
It would appear so soft
If only you'd let it go
What sounds like watery to you?
If only you'd let it go, like water to you?
Like water to you?


                                    [["Repent thou shalt; know what has happened; know what is needed."]]
Today [[08.08.2018]] I dreamed again, waking late in the afternoon as usual, another instance on the mole
the yacht readied, but we cannot go on. Criminals that we are we're being pursued. Who'd snatch defeat
from the jaws of victory? Then I'm playing an odd game of table tennis with a heavily built black man.
Instead of the usual paddles and hollow white plastic orb, we're throwing a plastic gourd
back and forth to each other. When we catch it we take, it being attached to the mouth of the gourd,
a very tiny apothecaries’ shovel and dig around in the gourd from a white powder
which we then eat, as much as we can in one scoop and with the wind blowing ((the wind, one of those things)).
The powder could be anything, cocaine, etc. The etc. is important, as a clued-in guy once said.
Then we toss back the gourd for the other to catch. A truly mindless game, yet absorbing nonetheless.
The table is strictly regulation size. [[[[[[In Star Trek: Generations. Picard goes into The Nexus, which
allows him to leave at any point in space and time. Why not go back five days instead of five minutes?
He could warn his brother and nephew about the fire, play along for the next few days, and look like a
genius when he uncovers Dr. Soren's plot. Kirk doesn't need to be involved. Before someone mentions
shagging with the timeline, the star exploding already happened, all those people already died, or
otherwise Picard wouldn't reach The Nexus. To save everyone, he has to make a new timeline where no
one dies. If that's the case, what's two more people?]]]]]]


I like to keep a picture of my Grandmother, who is now obese, to show to people when I'm Talking To Them In The Street.

Let's take a Mentos and then I'll suck your dick.

Fuck off out of here with that bullshit. I get it, some character traits aren't optional but at least learn to chew with your fucking mouth closed CARL FROM TECH SUPPORT

Maybe he's typing it out to you every time.

the chare against my laig, hey, meet genital,








some time he thinks too much and my head explodes
You’re going craaaaaaazzzzyyyy
I was taking pictures of the painted boy
This feels like me getting on the yacht
You're walking
Maybe you’re genital is showing
I'll read it
I smell
My leg is Henderson
Love and Laig are my charwoman while I ought to be seeing su^mptuaries
Love & Laig
My head & Without Speakingµ

Lots of tume I dance upon this muun
Otherwise I'll be spraining
I'll be lift luv like luv lift grain grain grain
I'll be luh luh not the adverse the cemetery
I'll be lih lih lih luh luhl uh luh luh haha ahahaha
All the other dances of nomenclature I subsume above because I am ultraviolent and gracious
Don't you know that you’re in my home
We depend on each other
I the host
You the hostess
Sometimes I catch the cap of your gluestick in my hand
When you’re gracious
I wasn't going to say that but I did I did
Indeed No one knows that can’t be written in a million ways but it is its united in those different ways all those ways among the challenges that consume the ways
Sometimes I'm surprised when I get drunk
I think I feel things
It’s only my hands
Paying tricks on
The way I feel things
Then you're above me Like a cemetery

I speak actually for many bands
Some on this earth
Others no on this earth
Yeats weak as fuck to its lexucal demands
I think I see you
Spawned and ebeautiful, on anywhere I look
I think I see you where I look
Because sometimes I look where I feel not allowed
Then I toouche the side of my face and I look and you’re amplified
You’re like my friends see things
Utterly without shell
and being there
As I want ought to be to be
Mayebe its only when I'm drunk that  I can support the wax on my kiki
or ah have it
 I taste one my lips what I waned to taste when I didint lick my lips but thought about tasting something
that’s the way energies among challenges seem to go
and my everything is face down in your damn divided
and your you you know is on my each other
like a leech
and i parry with it
as succumbs demands
like a tasting afterthought
and like one fragrance devine out of thought out of proper measure
blooming from displeasures gulf
that’s where i stopped it is if i looked out of oout of out of out for nought to confide and be involved
it is as if ought would nought be involved and I’d be only seen
seen and decameral
like what'd pop in Cezanne
all to your spread many faces
you’re awesome i dyslexic faces gorging on what ought
and what shall be
i love you you go at me hold hard gorging you((re there
and I’m there I’ll be there
you'll walk ahead I’ll know your part
I’ll play mine
This sounds exactly Like I'm getting drunk & no ONE else is getting drunK
So i'll keep it
and i'll dance and I'll hold you here
You're ot dyslexic against your wil like I kept to being each other
Theres not that
I admonish the player that I was I hate him acecept me now
Be my brother
How many face we could have I apologize I apolgize
we're each other again havealways could be
but really
the bottle of tequila
i think i only put it on the otherside of the couch ((here goes on this whole movie where you walk round the neighborhood of the grandfathers house and find uselessness in all the trees and bushes)) it’s  a big gun one of the tallest
beseech it you’re made for better things
and all things are made for you
individually wrapped
like snickers
nother nothering? nother? nothing leaches this leaves it out gouges it out of hand its astonished how it gets places here there and yesteryear
I don’t remember her going down
I only thought I'd remember when
when ((looking down My arm I see I could be
I see that the movie I'd dreamt about was a philosophy
let me make some rhymes about the would could should philosophy
I think I med time extend beyond what its sposed to be
ah that looks beautiful the white leaves lit by the white dark clouds
i saw a little uh that when I was on the Sunday Wheel
You're, and what you were and what you were not
Was all I aspired to
I saw you lean legged in blue jeans that you could keep
We‘rent we on the cliffs of Raab
or was it Dubrovnik I can’t tell now
it’s so long after
we'd so long been together
We'd so long swam it was ours the fugue what we called the ocean
It was ours I heard it reach but it has us going at each other in its hand
I'm surprised o how u i disagree with it
it was just when it was done just round when it was just round when it was done
I take my wedge outta my mouth and i look beyond what could be the sky
aren’t you also seeing me
when it elongates
the path
aren't you here and i can’t tell you from you
when what could be you is another
disagreeing with your reach your reach's semblance
i love you
that’s all
i go back to
some day that we'd supposed sacred i filtre to it gorgingly
I am intelligible bliss my lines are sanctity
I used to think Peter sang "Misunderstanding." But that was a long time ago.


I ate all the Mentos and then you blow me.

Spiders out of control...


I you we're a human in space floating toward the sun, at what distance would you experience an earthlike temperature.

In February we'll be next to the sea & take mescaline.

I thought they pierced their DNA.


I was asking myself "is [[something something]] intellectual?" Then there was a bike race across terrain. I was on a long bike. I don't know what you call them but you sit low to the ground and the wheels are smaller and the axels are further away from one another then on a regular road bike. Your feet on the pedals are extended in front of you rather than under you. There were other racers too, the whole division was a ragtag assembly of what looked like custom bikes. Another aspect of the challenge was that in addition to biking across rugged terrain you also had to nudge a ball somehow with your spinning front tire, a soccerball sized ball, a rich golden brown like a baked filet o' fish or a tatertot was what I was having to wheel-nudge across the terrain. I didn't get very far, came to an area of rocky pillars filled with lovely pools of fresh water on top and I lost my ball, when I went back for it I went through the back of a screen and sphinctered into the proscenium of a movie theater from the glory days of theaters when the spaces still went about in the style of classical theater and opera. The seats were sparsely filled, the light was too high to have been projecting anything, and besides most people were curled up on the seats appearing as if napping rather than taking in a show. I took my liberties given that assessment and I started asking loudly and comically frantically "did you see my ball?" "did you see my ball?" "hey you did you see my ball?" ((to a Bangladeshi or subcontinent man of dark complection who was curled up on his seat and trying to shut his eyes tightly in the hopes I'd pass him along by)) to different people in the vicinity of my person around the auditorium as I climbed over the aisles of seats in search of my bike race ball. I heard lots of stifled snickering and I too was feeling the situation quite humorous so my chest was tight with suppressed laughter. "Does it look like it's gonna rain, NO? I have the curly hair which usually indicates it's gonna rain." J'attends un enfant. Un enfant par qui à filtre mon soi-disant deoxyribonucleique acide et he ends up on the otherside of that capsule & tube which the body of my wife presevers within her for just this purpose. Our respective seeds play chicken but rather than with classic cars and greased-hair ruffians at the wheel we find immensely long strings of molecules.

that Was what motivated us to meet at the river
to argue our next move
the wheat fields
Of Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau


Identity:  I was really taken back by the painting we discussed at the Seattle Art Museum.  It really made me think about how our identities can be represented in art.  Those pink flowers and lady bugs really left a powerful image in my mind, "Why are these flowers here? Who is this man surrounded by them? Why is he holding a scepter?"
The most important notes are the ones that the listener might feel "out of place", because I feel I am always changing, and so will our future students. Movement and Dance:  Dancing about the water cycle with my group in front of my cohort was really fun and engaging.  I feel that moving and dancing is such a great way to get children even more immersed in their environment.  I wanted the notes to dance with each other in this movement, which is way there is a lot of weaving back and forth. Collage:  This movement represents piecing together a collage.  Carefully looking at what is on the board, moving things around, and slowly carefully adding new ideas one at a time.  That's how children might want to approach drawing -- one part at a time. Metamorphosis :In this movement you can hear the caterpillar's journey from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and breaking free as a colorful butterfly.  I feel that children also grow into their own wings and have their own uniquely colored wings.
Drama : To me drama is about owning the words and feeling words.


Breakfast rules.
Yup, right up until the end of your miserable, tasteless existence.
I have an autoimmune disease that weakens the lining of my colon...
And then proceeded to pull out a giant thing of bright blue Gatorade.
I was based on my vague memories and they could be right.
12 August 2018, it's 12 August 2018
My boyfriend thought Gatorade was healthy
It's not a, I'm thirsty drink.
The only I'm thirsty drinks are
Water and things like tea
Couples lying in bed, in repetition of the perfect function
Marketed toward athletes
For, to kill properly,
With the least suffering possible
The cherry must be snuffed
perpendicularly downward from the upper diameter of the pole
To the tips inverted cindered hillock
My baby nearly died from a shopping caddy
The universe does not exist
It sometimes requires complimentary equipment
The evening was beautiful
For two evenings I have written nothing
The right way to drink Gatorade is
to drink about half the bottle,
fill it back up with water, and then finish it.
You will see the interference pattern start to form.

What I wrote is misleading but this is basically how it works.
What am I trying to do?
I have no Idea.
Everything I am trying to surmount I do so so easily.


"Rachel." [[...]]
For n' reason I was thinking about that: "Rachel"
Hunting gun.


To shoot with a carabine is not very useful to welcome a child.

Mount. Delicious. Best.
Marrowlike. Marrow-y.

A change in Frequency.
A change in Frequency.

@Her Smile Did Not Disseminate ANY Of Her Pain

There’s a prevention of the nails pushing forward.

Why do you like poetry to write poems? #Cigarettes #GoodEarsForADeafMan


"The first "eggplant game" released in America was probably Dig Dug II ((1982)). But like Ice Climber ((1985)), it did not cast eggplants in a negative light. You collect eggplants, among many other things, for points. There are at least eight game series for the NES/Famicom that feature eggplants in some fashion and roughly half use eggplants purely as a treasure to collect. [[...]] Yes, some games did have eggplants as enemies. But again, why not? Wrecking Crew had enemy wrenches, but that is not evidence of any hidden meaning."


The lizard who wears suits in a game I only played the tryout version of.
This is really just too long of a dream for now.
Video Games Starring Lizards


What did I say about resent & envy?
One wonders why they didn't invent it before.

"Is someone holding her head?"
"NO; no one is holding her head."

There are three lovers
A device. A man. & A woman.
''((°))__The world has no money.
Laurent is yours.
Andrea is mine.
One of the dreams that I liked that I had its I'm coming out of a supermarkert.
He's betting how long it'll take her to eat it.

It's a game where people have to open boxes.
We didn't get anything else than that.
I know there are games where people open boxes;
She opens the nearest boxses to her head
It illuminated inside.
She removes a book.
He's maybe blonde.
Should we take the kilocaine?Don't
The hole has gone;
Has got you
this time
Don't forget the dream Maya had.
She had the dick falling off the cliff.

Falling off clifss
actually, that was just your next dreaM.
The name Supersilent derives from a logo on a truck seen in Oslo by the group around the time of these sessions.[[2]
## ## ##Are those houses
or are they part of a town?## ## ##     
Man left with broken shoulder in Bristol Castle Park arrest so if you want to go to a place where no one ever goes to and no one is: go to tool.
Flowers are my high school.
Flowers are my high school.
Flowers are my high school.
Flowers are my high school.
What's for dessert Jesus?
2 offres exceptionnelles!
His beauty pad
Is the one
That has night in it.
That's the part
Gonna read
The meal
The stranger is receiving
To be at peace with whatever it is that comes out of our Family's bod.
Some of us are the only ones.
Macron spent almost 40 thousand in his first year in office on cosmetologist.
An embryo is much less than that. A donated organ is at least doing something to help keep a brain going. The early embryo is just a blob of cells that might eventually develop into something with a brain.

open the box...
it does smell like strawwwwberrrry
and it is of pretty strawberry color
Taste with your finger
You do have on your tongue a delicious taste of strawbery.
                                    Pour a nice spoonful in a tall glass of water. Cold milk. Stir and taste IT.
                                                            It is strawbery milk.                                                               
It is so good and it is so simple that as we empty our glass we wonder why Nesquik did not think of it earlier.
                                                            Nesquick also thought about banana flavor.
First Episode

The creation of the world

[[inset Jallall written longhand in arabic script in the book "How Time Passes" Alsmost the eclipse again? by Robert Grazilac

italics :   at the beginning god created Jallallalboudinn Alladdin Al Rum  Shams Al Febreeze and DogboyRugmiShampoomiBroBro    "   -Genenesis

First May 2018

At the beginning, there was the terrestrial paradise.
The terrestrial paradise is essentially made of a garden so there was a garden
Fronting the sea
We visisted it
Long years later
A hotel has now beene steaded where the ancient house used to lay
We still recognize quickly one of those places the world has apprizéd
I know when you dated it
I know when you commence things
I will do anything for him ((your note book))
I have a biscuit-notebook stuffed in my throate, he ejaculated.
He highly masturbated. Idlely, 'oh mychael he jerked off honorably.Jerkawt with Holmes.
#EverydayHeGivesUpALittleBitOfHisToOnenessOrsenses, ThatWeMayFindHimThisTImeWithEase
And no fruther suffering them a long lasting long edgings.
Pile of Clothes Started

6 APril 2016   #ClaudeFrancois

Thursday 24 Novermber   #MichelleBerger

((stories later, there will be there stories))

He ejaculated in every possible corner's nook. "Corridors were to blame."
Pile of Clothes Commenced : "Trigonometry : He juiced."
"I SHould Learn It."
"What Math are you fucking on?"
Questions for Dobro #CHannelling
1.  If you don't have a body and you fall asleep for a very very long time = where are you? and how long?
2. What should I do with it ((Upon receiving the product of the pearls first leach after ten years of silence? #:01042018:"What Drug Are We Fuckin On? Just ICE.
3. Adobe Flash Player what exactly? b))What do you mean when it plays "flash" is it a)) Yannick's dog b)) Is it a Whiskey flask?  Please let us know all about Adobe a company to which you are in no way affiliated and under no obligation nor responbality in enlightening curious folks, amateur adobe fanatics, faithful, about their extensive line of new software properties.
4. Cigarettes? That good ol' Topic. Ask Michael about it and ask him to ask you about events, rememberences and senses, and nicotine saturated bygones that comes to mind, a movie, a dream, a book, on a street, on the internet, on the library, in the Picard, in music learning appreciated and during the DDR games of decades ago, and what about the atheletes lives, let's give them a voice.
5. Ask Michael the 'Dossier full of pictures of the same style, compositional elements, theological themes, dream symbolism, pictoral melodies, dryed up old women of the dust bowl, abstract zooms, industrial blur, quasimoist dew hausers, butcher chic, suggestive gluten free free folk fields, burn wards, men on meninmeningitis, condom accidentally publicized private intentional consumptions, honduran plastic surgery, Salix fire try out gifts fail videos, forest fails, lottery tournement oversized check handling critiques and the markers of future financial ruin by arrivistes, bazaar clone feats of strength clone videos, foetus chromelettes foetus lo-fi study beats, unusual russian federation methylone quaffing demonstrations, dolmen shaped instruments and dicks dolmen breasts, kilocaine gram lookalikes with moconahghey photobomb tutorials, terrorist blowchains twin terrorist blowchain beheading video edition.
6. What did you mean"it's important to answer that even if it's the same because of 'different computers' you say you're not satisfied with computers and you're not satisfied with your not satisified with computers compositional themes.
7. Did the Dardenne's brothers 'I'll drink to that'?
8. What is 'the takk effect' for u? ((Remember we thanksed the Kro for "Heating the Spot"? What does that mean to Dardenne Brother Number 1 to U?
9. Dardenne Bro Nomber 2 : Saffron, relationship?
10. Right thight's bullets holes of D2 & 'I'll Drink To That Medium Sized Shot,' say why.
11. Watching endurance races in biking: psychology thro the rain of the vikings, till now adays & Fritz Lang"s "M". Contrast brutally.
12. Dad & Brothers #Baccarrat Story #'A Bicyclette' Instrumental 'choose vocalist'?
Definition :  Bloomsberg Rollver m the extension or transfer of a debt or other financial arrangement. ((In a lottery)) the accumulative carry-over of prize money to the following draw. He ejaculated in select parking lot corners for which he carried lawful permit. Then he stared at the stars. Parking lot good. Mrrrmmrmrmuurr.
"Takke effect, gaping grape clusters growing precipitously"

You Blew ME

You Ble ME

YOU BLEM [[titlted over megamenorah))

Important concept You Bleeewwww Meehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Definition : Drunkarden : Once in my time
*Makes me breathe big tmme
"They call me drunk garden
They call me drunkkarton
They call me Kardendrunkfuckingdrunk."

"Here's an idea;  

Draw here the erectoids nest's net asset's #powerpoints #frozenfinger #doyoufeelthe difference #@doyoufeelit

How could your drink for the bar if your covered in water
The hologram is covered in water submerged in spilt water you go thro many rooms #yougrewsomany
Stuck in the water with holograms #duppeldoppelganger
It's not even a train. The water is carrying a boat.
You fucking idiot.
You waited five hours alone. Crazy fuck face.
Your on a boat in a river in a room
Thro empty pages
A building
Proud of yourself and you
paid for it and waited for hours
to pay for a building filled with water
Oh disney tricity
You fuck face you paid for it and waited for it for countles hours
"To wait for a building : full of water eleclectricty you fuck you you want to
Wank tho the pirates of the carribean with your feet dick down
Doves that Peter Pan activity reel
How does 'its a small small world'
I don't care I'm walking on water
You're in a building fuckface
It's luff watter luff luff luff luff luff luff luf luff water
How does it look in here
It's insane
My goal is how it looks with the lights on
The dolls in the building, Peter Pan, haunted house, holograms on water
Magnificient, how does it look if you walk thro it with all the lights on
luff luf luff luff luff luff
There's nothing in this world I'm more curious about
Imagine doing it
We do it and then we tell Maya
She tells TIm
Jason KNow already
Tim tells a beer can #DrunkDrivingOnTheWater #MillerHiLife #KardenKardecksKarbonBasedStarvationDiet
#WalkingOnthewater in the building
Fucking surrounding by building and milligrams and holograms
And you accept that
The insurance policy is fair
And you wanted them
Everyone everywhere goes to
Mister Boot
It's a cool place where you uhm
Turn all the lights on its
Everybuilding here everybuilding is a building full of water
Full of insurance policies on the water scheme
You ask "How was it?"
 #ConditionLegalUtilization #VoyezAcceptezLesCookies #@ALireImperativementAvantUsage
You go to describe to Jason how it was.
It's a building full of electricity &&&&&&&&
Petere Pan Activity!
It makes a mean place
#VoyezEnPlantezLaVoiedeDoights #UberGanzLitz
Place don't know why you're so against them
#EnCasDeBusSurbonddeeVoyezLaissezLaPlaceASisszAuPersonnesAgéeOuHandicappéOuObeseOuFemes Enceinte
Tim Cooper goes toward it, scatter rug, then on behalf of Jason, then Maya, that's an insane roller coaster + Themen ride make your people make roller coaster
maker roller make your people
you walk thro someone then someone else is going to walk thro
how do you walk memo
you walk memo
then someone else is going to walk thro what you just said
Ah would be gladdened to be part of this
It's a world where Jason goes thro the Drift
Then Tim goes out and describes it
As he Michael would describe it and etc and etc
Not Verrucht #YouKNowWhoAreOUrClients
Trying out all the Walt Disney infrastructers aren't they (( .. ))
Goof + GOon + Ghoul at the end
It's goof + goon & ghoul
@     h  e   l   l   o  HELLLOOO


Heat up the Dijon.

either of a pair of glands near the entrance of the vagina with listerine
which secrete a fluid that lubricates the vulva with cuped-shaped
spurred flowers and colourful foliage formerly thought to cause
infertility. Listering. That's what's loosened up #ItWiltWorkWithHarp             [[PAS BELU]]
If your hand, like a distributed very-filled-in scantron which ah had a pencil
coming with it for u'll to see & dis pencil has a erasa #isRUnOut #GoFundMeEraser
#LetsJustMakeOut Someone is got the neighborhood.
Someone bad.
Nooooo. noooooo. He has pyjamaa suit. #Greenvelvet #SleeveNutBait
He wants to be asked uhhh
I like pony names that twat was
Did it say it'd give honor to these homely upsidedown upstate rooms. #Iwantupstatetoot
#MirLaundryDetergent #@KeepAwayFromTheEyesOrTheReachOfChildren #InCaseOfIngestionBlowMe

They need some revereies for these old old old

((two g * ghc*))
"if they don’t know hes having a good life then its not revenger"

I changed the chat colors
I was trying to figure out why an adult would bury toys in the backyard.
Sleep on a nightslehats'llethethheestoop.
LSVP.  (( ))
DDBBTT  #       Yeah the uh ((h))&mansuchas"goldensuperberbhandsomemotherfuckerbrilliantshinybrilliantsweetsmoothshiny&sweetholy
some of you know
He's comeing to my malltown
that's the end of an entire ride.
Sometimes #strawberrrieslieswillrecountthedream.big but it was as though it would have been an ordinary dream & not at all a directed dream. At night when they will experience an obscure need to find back tehmselves in each other in their dreams one will say to the other :
tonight I'm going to AlQaeda.

You have
And that was it.
They will give
And that was it
Then they would give each other the hand and they would kiss on the cheek as they would on an ordinary evening, and, two hours later, at dawn, they would meet again, pallid and mute, in the town where you never see the sun, where one never sees the sun, when one walks from a lifted and scrambled footsteps scrambled as the footsteps of the phantoms and the divers and they would say NOTHING to each other and they would feed each other next to each other and they would feel each other next to each other. #FeetEachOtherNextTaEachOther  #I'veGotYaJewSyndrome
The question is "how"?

"I starved to write this" #NotAToll a #WhimSlottedBroughtOffMyReason
#OLuLu..Rexuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  #LaQueueLaBooté #LaQueueLaMonté

I'm ready a book on someone's.
That's a very good thing to have in a water building.
Your in the water everything here's in the water.
Lone wolf in the water building.
Nthe 1st chapter is "Early Life"
This is where you start
Happy life fucker
Lone wolf make it better
The Second Chapter is Aversion to School #IChose2CleftIt/LispIt
Tu'ckatucktu'ckatuck #AllaCostAllaCost #Comfort #Convert #Comfort #Cuntfort
The rhythm of life
By sista lady composer Birrr "EIFHN-THNGRD" Mennell Caddacallous Menininjytus Bigknotoriously O. Besé Uhmdoctorshowuphere Uhmgrandmere
1. The Rhythm of Life + Other Essay
a. That's the Flatt
b. That's the Flatt
c. #"...Chapter Wasserbuilding"
c2. "...4 tho I lived in a Building.
c3. ... 5 "


goof -----------> goon


((Still in the waterride))

Purdey : "Hope I didnt bother you."
Michael : " Just don't break any glass on my head."
Dobro : "You ever see a play start like this?"
It's under the bed
It's wide there, and lovely
How shapes really are!
#I know you always
Until it, it is time, but I am glad that it is
That you do that
Second largest hat springs in
The people of the memory of our emery
"Tall is his body. Lateritions of the color of brick. Brick red."  -GouLou

'For D., c'est "RE((--))D"! Michael, A-BLUE_e!"  -GlagratuitugrosgrosgrublouegoulouSlii
Do you feel the difference?
Becoming because of because
"In doubt" ((Oliver Sacks EportProdCoverPicturesPortrait @OliverSacks doing this ((here insert portrait of Oliver Sacks doing this    [[badly drawn portrat of a face]]
Or, if doubt in you rises #"Hume dew glon"  -JohnUpdike
Let onesself be guided be guilded into the fields.
The highest paint in this place
Is the flower
Decapitated by nuptial insects;
"Tell it's her body"

#DejavuHostage@Pools"   -TeamNineties
So they started harvesting timbers.
Yeah, they set up timber camps.
((From far away as if thro five bitches starched back 2 back "...And that's finally..."))
From more remoter away one ((1)) beguiled earth's thickness"))
"I blew my self."   ((Even more distinctive thickness,
As thick as the heelton is tall in most places."
... . .. ... ."
Have you ever read "This is my Vagina?"
Here's an idea.
What if you crossed out I told you that each and every one of you who has been living with a complete stranger and before we go any further it's not what you think so don't start getting anxious about your teenage son the one with whom you hardly exchange anything but monosyllables anyways and I'll not talking about your alcoholic wife. Fuckface : fuckface. Do you feel the difference.
"Some naked beasts must have been lurking round the corner watiing for their outfits. #DoYouFeelIt?
'Do you?"
Isn't it great to write in our own book?
I-S-N-T is a word. It does not require an apostrophe. It is not confusing. If you're igniting it in a physical space, this is my mother's horn. This is the house and the horns of my mother. You have a place that looks like a body. Do you feel it?
Becoming #@BecauseOfBecause
"This reglisse regleuse is bent.
This regleuse is bentley.
Shafthead, dickbuckrickbuck dick guyerep pussylard.
[[Here guyere-chatelard smokeable's ad]]
Vingt-six au Treinte-quatre 75011 PARIS de Menilmontant
.. It's intelligent creative people who've been bloriously hummed around perfecturantly hmmmm by the rubber barons #rubberbarrent & and the collectif d'artistes en leve & fashionistas. They are souls in a contracted world. Their world has contracted to such a degree that the highest good is doing their job well there. These are not willful things. However, our highest good willfully has produced himself there without enslavement. For our own forces, we demand to see a wallet ((sorry, it's a valley. #NotMyDickAnymore)) and you cannonlook to see what is under it. [[1]] ((It's under the bed.)) And you could lie in be and next to him he would be next to me. He,like a sand dune, the biggest ever, I swear, we swear it, the biggest and it fuels inspiration down to the very bottom of the beginning of others, my friend.--This is five years old, do you feel it--it's so easy how we love each other, how we love each other. Do you feel it? My dad thinks w're schlong framers #SameFuckingRoom. He would be a good man if he thought of Gods @ at all, if he thought of Gods @ at all, at all. In the shallow forests, touching him, would be real = the imagination is real but it's the only reality--let's write our book. Let's write our forbidden bok. Let's appear as we truly are--and be complete as gardens and forests & friends. Fuegos. I need sunfires somewhere here in this sentience.
Let the planet think
Lest it be
visible stiller
than the overflowed hair left behind us
& It can't be more real than going down on me
& So emerging in my compression
We can rise with us
Over ourself
Why right our touch
Why right our touch
Touching him is now the enough real
Enough why be everyone
When it's enough
To rise over ourself
I think about him touching my neck
As he goes down
On me
And we get drunk by public pool
Reading Psalms mm hmmm,
((The Clarity
Stings the loneliness of my flesh.))
I piss on him in the shower
while he looks up at me.
We pee on his feet.
He tried to piss on my chest, neck,
but some hits my chin & lips
because he wants it to.
And I do to.
In the future
I am projected on the beauty of his brown hair.
What does whiskey look like on a spiritual plane?
I love to drink whiskey in bed.
This is my Easter present.
When I am high on drugs I report of an easter egg
The dough is still wet
The day I did not sense the wet of the dough
I did not sense
That I would be him
& I looked my tormentor in his eyes
It was like before
I was looking at us
I am not as I remember
He put my hand there and he left it there
It was such
Disconsolate spels
Like harpsound in Marches
There's something here I'm missing
I like the idea of a plurality of Japans
Sometimes he even asks by blinking
Great I need telepathy for my bunghole Telepathy
#Blow is half of the Job
#Even I didn't say that
Ovum..we decided we would shorten the build of lengthy lightning
He touches, transparent, strangled, and his hand in heart & disorder
Transparent listening
Changed an emptiness witnessing movies, wrist rolls
cuts rolls cuts rolls cuts rolls
It's a new movie genre
We invented--
It's the ultimate movie
There's never been a film
I heard Biche & Biche knows us the Geminii
Invented one day on the bed
After Sodomy
Has there ever been a film genre invented after sodomy
We think not
Life is thus sweeter & sluggering
We are staggered
Us is we
We is us
We is you
You is us
We are us
You are staggered
You stagger us
We stagger you
We are staggered
Don't you feel accomplished?
Do you feel not afraid?
We got tricked by a stack of notepad 500 euros bills. And again when they were in my bag.

List of Groceries
23 04 2018

"First, there is a very short stream,
Hanno is licking a wine alled 'The Wine of the Hosts'
'The Wine of the Hosts?'
'Le Vin de L'hote.'

The first book I read by myself was my three DAI's of delirium..
She percieved the regular respiration of BIll."
"I love this book!"
Do not offer yourself the fake luxury of improvisation. #@GrocerysLists

1. Head armor for Horse, and never touch a wheel
2. Foetal forgtness
3. Never touch a seamstress jobs right hand knee or its sword.
4. Powerlines, bigfoot, "took", babylines
5. Cut the skull in a curvaceous like ringlet
6. Light black hair
7. Decorum ((when he moves the house moves with him))
8. SOon you'll be my nightstand.
9. Delimma ((hard mouth for life or no mouth for ten years @ two granite guys with harp)) -
10. Advent advent of the mouse/hardmouth on the sly & mouth modelling
11. Light ringlets black hair
12. Collection of smokeables mini replica of their vessel

[[Thinking about my Ricochet]]

13. Reservoir Condoms Underlines
14. Reservoir shaped dick tip
15. Ejaculations like procreation by ricochet
'the money has wild thighs'
# ((underlined)) 28 03 2018

You took the microphone at monoprix ((underline)).

A hand made of Husband’s delicious hand
“Hhhhhhmmmm” -- #AHandMadeOfHusbandsDeliciousHand

“Purists can be nekros”, the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] mandeledruffledschlaffened. oscillating between malaise&malaria.
“Wait, Eye suddenly forgot how to make the dollar sign”, he charnelled whilst interrupting a serpentine helix consisting of a sable of millions upon open millions of dollar signs.
“These are complex ripple marks, here and here.
These are very progressive, of global scope, torn between #mythopoesis&
#functionality. Longchamp It Bag – The It Bag – A classic : classic of table magazines – to define itself as the bag, was an excellent staging what combined itself out of several deliberate confusion.
“... Was a beige pubic hair attached to the people, the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] was unfurling “ A pyrotechnic Opera-Manblechore, in full control of its magisterial pre-AngloSaxon #@Britanicca.
“Provenance ? Unforgettable…”
“ Scope of provenance? Amazing, sublime, lythurgical in its evaluation…
“Lancome – Hypnoses Senses- Shout ! Yes, but whispering.
This discertainty is summer mountain
to me.”
“Mount SUmmer to me is the microphone you took home which I gave to thee.What you put in my ear becomes intimate. Just IF you are whispering. Whispering- a headphone close encounter in the sound – was the origin and my own claim. to this sensual project, he brunchfellarded, flaccievamendesdly his armpits. And summer mountain's my learntness”
Your hard I can only film “Sealed in a Seal of Sluper Slodomy Slougheddoughmneee
((ee))((:.)) $$$ ((: ))”, somebody utteranceabropenislessfoltenshaflened mythically.
Scondanavale, ou Belgique, unsure… Longchamp announces an international Christmas in a new blaze of colors and fairytale-like ornaments in glance. Even this couture house becomes part of a playful Parisian scenery at festive days. Precieux, joyeux, and in modern robe.
“Oh my god Eye could not fucking finger a pussy!” said Gaya, to Mr Alain-Charles Grouber.
“In a spiraling vivimotte, [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] gesticulated lyedly$$$ in the background, chattering, characterizing the monastic geshtalt of a #@EmploymentOffice.”
“Anihilating all that’s made to a green thought in a green shade.”
Giving way from what it took from dread
It is unfortunate to stutter on Mt. Etna
Don't you see that?
Isn't this the date when will notice.

Isn't this the date when will notice.

I see exactly what's wrong but I don’t know how to fix it.
They take off together in together.
Who would have thought they could be anyone better than I am at being a girl,
who would have thought I never saw an elephant.
Look at me.
It's very beautiful to destroy your core.
The children of the forest destroy these.
I wanted that picture.
I'm a bastard.
Coffee or an smoke?
#You can kiss other parts of me you know
#Their opinions are important to you
#Into our hands
#Our herbsmen miss youu
#But the thought just won't go away
#What do you want
#Thats true
#It's my wife she carried my pee to the mall
#She loved it
#pPapapapapapaper thuds
#Fire cracklging
#The wooden window underlined
Please promise me you won't help my "mother"
you know
[[draw an ominous road]]
The [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]]s & The Wooden Window
I mean wooden ticket.
So you can see big small town fright comeallova him.
Watch [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] use
To enter

                                                                        seee IT now
                                                                        iN spECTACULAR

The colors are muted the colors are so muted #the colors of life
#Helen Keller & And A Giant Dick Depositing Penis Crane
Where he meets his most fearsome enemy ((?))
((Oh look they have an Arc de Triomphe Here, In Marseille. Ah. I didn't see it it's bizarre. You saw it you? No,
perhaps it looks different.

Will he beable to return to his old house in time to be able to distribute knitted blankets made from cheap material before the naked strangers GET COLD?

The front door is

SCENE : Alone. Next door is the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]]'s most ancinet & trusted abode.
The Tioga Avenue Headquarters!


      by cold former classmates


"Pleas help me nullify this and let the nostalgia knock my body." ((bubble))

He climbs scaling the inconveniently tall furniture in the needlessly labyrinthine headquarters house to obtain blankets from an probably tall stacks.


BrrrrrrrrBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr

Turtle dollars must be spent on turtle cake products. #TurtleDoTurtleCa #DoCaDoCaDoCaDo

-----Fading, heightening, nonrising. #Gravity
We do wall paper yo, you do da coins. ^^
Cakes, cakes dicks & anus.
and ashes and heliotropes
baked bread baked bread
Rum pots : couldn't go to the funeral, couldn't go anywhere
I just took my bed.
My bed, my bed &&&&&& helicopter.
Search me sea & crotch
casting in a chasm light to me there
My laying was like I saw a photo once.
When I was making addition symbols on the back of it
and turned it back around
Just in time
To see my crotch
Flick out like a light
Larry King is half human half rat.
Maybe 60% rat.
Can you give us the mathematical premises that brings me to the conclusion that he is only 40% human. Provide proof.

Great #whydon'ttheyjustuseartificialinsemmination telepathy

What I was in the woods is
Oddly quiet


                                                                                    I hope you don’t
                                                                                    Go saying things
                                                                                    Like that around my
                                                                                    Really daughter

Lots of dogs (([[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] is in a dog forest, he seems to be herding dogs, great masses of them, with his invisible limbs.)) I imaginehis limbs are incredibly long incredibly so.
            Fields & Forests full of them. Playful things. I don't know how I kept it together.
            Then, the alien attack.
            "You're cum tasted so bad."
            [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] overhears a conversation between a couple of men one man it was some kind of grain mill. The place was huge. Pathetically unpresumptuous DUDE.
Look, look what the miniature world has to offer us!
[[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] : Fields & Forests : Three different scenes :

"You have to tell
When you want to keep them."
"Who said that," asks a voice in darkness in darks jewel-tenebrous.
"Who said "that"?
"Who said ""that""?"
Particularly virulent, unending!          [[paradise is to paradise city what the joints
Then he bumped his head when he fell.         and mirages on the road to las vegas are to las                                                                       vegas city.]]
"I bumped my head when I fell," shouted the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]].
"The wound. The head. The wound. The Head." said the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]].
In fact it enforces it.
#Aperture having its beak titled with explosures
"No." Mumbled th [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]].
The reason why I thought telling you that:
"Chunk of Parking Lot." He continued to wall too floor and elsewhere.
"Chunk of Parking Lot What?"
It is the chunk of parking lot. Ineffectual ripping at the clothing.
Detection of fraudulamente individuals thro natural selection of those who have been truly invited.

[[long purple line]]------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[[this hand thats in the middle is hold a paintbrush]]

Light tin pool. ((I guess.))

"Human Nature's Complete My Friend." @DJ Baron
I was the boy part of the wedding.


"A hand made of husband's delicious hand."

Purest can ((underlined)) be necros, <<< as the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] argilasciously between malaise and malaria.Alain-Charles Gruben. Phantom Pri
"Wait I suddenly forget how to make the dollar sign." He channeled whilst interrupted a serpentine helix consisting of a sable of a million uproar open millions of dollar signs.
"These are complex ripple marks. Here & here. These are very progressive of global scope, torn between mythopoesis & functionality."

" dot dot was a beige pubic hair attached to the people," the [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] was unfuring a pyrotechchic mumblecore in full control of its magisterial prey anglossaxon britannica.))

#Unforgettable                                    [[headless british guys and stray head]]
"scope ((little head)) of provenance, amazing, sublime, liturgical in it's evolution."

"Sealed in a seal of slupper, slow slough doe hmmmm mmmmmmm((eeex..
"Tabulation." Somebody utteranced mythicaly. "Scondanavale, ou Belgique, unsurein."
"Oh my god I could not fucking finger a pussy." said Goya to Monsieur Alain-Charles Gruben. [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] gesticulated Lyedly$$$ in the background, characterizing the monastic gestalt of a employment office, hhomefucklet'sfucked.
"Sea lettuc, I thought the same thing when I had put in my ovum."

"Anhillating all that's made to a green thought in a green shade."

Beginning of PHANT((om))                                                              

Lil: Is Noah Fed? AHHHH I wish I could make boxes. #IsNoahFed
Mik: Perhaps slip him another envelope.
Lil: What do you do with the eye?!
Mik: Nuthin'.

Bakst's setting for L'apres Midi was much less literal than representational landscape then his designs for "narcisse" or "daphnes."
It was as iff in creating this mottled, speckled, stripey, deliquescent composition in greys, russets, and greens, he had tried to find an equivalent for Debussy's music in terms of NABI'S pattern and colour; and more than any other of his works the design here resembles one of those overallish decorations of Vuillard in which a rug, a cat, a wallpaper, and people, are treated impartially as elements of dappled colors. Andrew Marvell's lines come to mind : "AAnnhilqting qll thqt's made to a green thought ina green shade."

"Shut up."
"Shut up at the old fire station."


A man around here was saying,
"I'd take the most complicatied path to do it."
His wardens who outmumbered him, peanutgalleried from a good distance off. Actually, from a bzarre und unsettling distance away.
$$$$Tdeh.       ,           he lipptleturted bluntly.
"Why so blunt?" ((this was our [[¤Phantom Prisoner¤]] picking the gnat shit out of pepper's prions.))
"3 Dollar fine or 5 Dollars fine?" ((That's Mik))
"Loks like you could take off with a plane from it."
"Up to 234." ((That's Lil))                           ((gumdaddyiii((y))))

[[For Explosive Menstruation  TRY NONE-OF-IT]]

                                                                                                            FRESH  -
                        Dream  14.08.18
It was a video documentary of an artist in his studio. It was the most bereft Artist's studio I had ever witnessed. Just a huhge empty one rom apartment which looked more like a church basement where Boy Scouts gather for Scout meetings than an artists atelier. I could see in the distance a small corner of a computer/office area. Then on the floor were these blue squares, about the with of the little tv I keep under my desk and about the height say of a slice of bread. They were loosely arranged in a large rectangle. He womehow werked with the se to make art. There was also a dark jade green couch close by. The Me you and Sandra were there, this man was a clothes desinger as well as making Mosaics. But it was conceptual clothese design. His latest concept very high concept was "WEAR YOUR OWN JEANS. This meant that whatever jeans you already owned and wore, wree an oriignal _________[[artists name]]. For some reason 'my' jeans were these really cool light denim jeans that were normal except for long long thick bushels of tassels radiating from the cuffs. Sandra was unwrapping them from their plastic sheeting. Her eyes were the hue and thickness of sangria. {For Explosive Sangria TRY NONE-OF-IT}

                                                                                                            FRESH  -

It's strange.
I was just thinking of the exact same thing AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT.  -         -

      '             -                 -                -                  -
-     ‘  ‘     ---     - -  -       --- - - - ‘       -        -   --  - --
-         -           -             -             -            -
   -     -       -        -        -       - - -          -    -     -
  - - -      -      -           -             -          -          -         -
 -         -              -             -              -          -  -   -   -
-   - -    - -     -      -      - -   -    -   -      -         -        -


When I was 8, my mum took me to the doctor because I had pain in my face and ears, and couldn't open my eyes very well. I used to work with a guy who collected antique clocks. I provide black market banking services. Oh God I thought that was a hairy nipple. Scared the shit outta me either way.  I just came home from the store, and on the way here I thought about this exact idea;


There was a lot of Jesus in my dreams. At some point I was giving birth in the Subway. Several dreams ((one set in a mammoth version of Dolores Taren’s Garage)) of being apart from Jappy and worrying that he had gotten himself lost. ‘If yo leg get cut off where you feel da pain at?’

ͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤͤ ͤ ͤͤ ͤͤ ͤͤͧͧ ͧͧͩͩ ͩͩͫͫ ̨̨̙̙͕ͫͫ̿̿̿ͅ ̡̡̅̅

18  A  U  G  U  S  T  2   0   1   8

Preface to the Ancient Race by D. Michael Brown

‘What we have h ere are the first and last pieces of a WORD puzzle #WillMommy’sSickIwin
Made with Father’s gold. The heystone and cornastone were set to be the Root of David. The cornastone was culled and composed for it was made FIRST & nothing was b4 it; the heystone was
Hot & howling for it was made LAST. & Nothing was after it. & without the key to the puzzle NOTHING COULD FINISH IT. The 2 stones were sealed together and looked like 1 stone #Accomplices@OfASemblance OFPeternity.  For father made it that way with his hand & cast it into the door. #WhenICameIntoThatDoor But it looked like 2 stones as they came out of the door. #CameOutOfMeOfCourse  Well b4 the cornerstone  was made Father woke up meditating on “My KKKlone & Purley wonder this, it’s more like the event that goes with the dead so we had the sperming fight ((David separated it from its equal but opposite mate)) & it sounded like the breaking of a vaccum inside of 2 identical crystal cups. #IFuckWithU #ThisIsSpringfightPlusLegionWatching
It also smacked of two lovers parting. 4 they had been silled together at the lips. #Deltone #IThinkItMightBeADoowop  For it 2 sound like a BIG BANG One would have to hear it thro’ his breast bone NOT his ears & then Puzzles scatters to Hell n’ Gone. It sounded like a kiss
2 b betrayed with a Kiss
We say a lot of things & Michael puts his foot on me
& I just want 2 touch it ((Kiss
kiss))  It is guttentakken when we swallow our wassers “Now I understand when you made out with my foot, there so comely. I should never meant & I never meant a clone of you. I meant #Your #YourFoot #WeLoveYou #SmellsSoGood #SheSmellsSOGood #AdoreTheDetails Nippon@93,73%
Timetit! Time the tints! It’s more percent than you think. It’s so fucking good to swallow sand.
When it’s fucking good
it’s like smelling gasoline. I just wanna eat it. It’s good to eat exfoliate. Let me exfoliate from within fuckface.

You have to do it just ONCE.
Let’s exfoliate within.
We Should Separate Shared The Mouth!
I’m not asociable I just don’t like corpses why not? Jason he won’t ever not be where he said he would   they would become great friends

And that’s a people of the seas.

I don’t see people being tall as
they are they are not really tall
you were feeling small.
Given an adequate sense of finality during palliative care relieve your souls ‘ grip on its mortal hush in mortuaries of era specific décor.

11 May 18
A mushroom picker
Wending in the Minnesota lowlands
on the banks of the
of the incipient
found the corpse of a two-headed baby deer
It’s lungs ((it was written))
had never breathed air.
She was a female.
This discovery was a first
That same day, a baby was born decapitated.
It was the fault of the doctor ((So was written))
The foetus was coming out
legs first
The doctor had ignored requests to
halt labor
as the cervix was only dilated 4 inches

An obese workman leaned from the 3rd story balcony
A brief affair with a grilled barrier,
& dropped a clutch of keys to
someone waiting down below.
After a moment
a lesbian passed
Lost in thought
She’d recently had her cunt sucked off “What is it like to be a cop?”
She mused.
“Roibio Eyenick
the eyeballs,
the Odileman said,”  - A Masterpiece?
12 May Twenty Eighteen
A brain adores that favorite part of us
‘Open the Box, Take the Knife, And it is the Dick Of MIKETAREN.’
Decoding the fuckthefuckthefuckthefuckthefuckthefuckfuckfuckfuckout: “Didja
ever see Tomaz drinkin’ a cocktail? Like…a hit of alcohaul mixed up with something else?
Have you ever seen HIM ‘DRINK’ a cocktail? [[oooo]] [[…]]
One day you have to describe how he ‘made a mask in the air’…”
‘We didn’t remember that…’
‘Yea…we didn’t.’
‘I haven’t seen any of his films but…[[hesitation]] I’ve been meaning to…seeing…
those memories…feeling down on it…mauger within…such preposition device
of what I really want to do…how I want to do it. The gliding not among or across but
producing either & either in effect, well, willfully radiant as it is in my world, is.”
“Hold me down properly, I like to say.”
“Take fewer implements, hummed, homed, or in the house.”
“Yea it’s very nice when you remember my dreams, very nice. I don’t have to write….You write it. And then it’s a whole different package…You can read what I underlined or you can turn the page…shutful or misheveled…like…the word to Freeze the world. I say like, I mean, you know what I mean. It’s very short, short. Does that surprise you? You too, My Way? Like the Fluxists usta say, it hasta be juuuuust right. No choice, you’re locked in. It just doesn’t hold in life in general. They just show a side of the Portable Dutch Scene Hammering Machine ((It’s a machine that is constantly applying hard pressure into the Dutch Scene, and it, the Dutch Scene, into the wooden surface upon which a mark has been assigned to be imprinted.)) Not saying which is the most beautiful. Or the most sliming the heavens. And your personality…It’s private propert…but it’s for rent. #WhenDidIPretendIWasOnThePhone ((It’s 2008 for sure, its not 33 December we don’t have that here…October 23, 2008…ok?)). It’s a movie plot. Someone is about to get an abortion and at the last moment they’re AFRAID because they think the foetus when it comes out will not look like the father of the foetus because a perfume he slash she was wearing at the time of the foetus’s conception…Therefore…what to do? Dizzapear? Foetus-full? Abortion can take MA-NY forms. Please see homegame from the lampview, he ejaculated and then he, he withered. “Girl, “we served many a form…it looks like control was after this case there to remain single ((sounds like this but NOT EXACTLY its important)). Were they money??? Yes! Would they flop the diskette? I’ve never seen a movie where the guy whose gonna have the affair says Come Out Without Any Perfume, Come SMellless. #SephoraOrangeBlossom&VanillaSixEuroNinetyNine. This steads explanation why they must leave the premises in safe & key. And under arachnide [[Hi, Edith]] Guard. “Jessica Alba, on your face, you’re already bored with life. YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN SLAUGHTERED. STATED WITH UTMOST PRECISION. “Staggering from all the plaza The Book Is Born : “Looking for sheet of paper badly.” – I P M P A R I S 65 – X – 15465. 18 O – O – T – T.C 18.55 T L I [[ t h I s I s t h e r e f e r e n c e f o r t h e s p I r a l f e l l a t I o ((‘’GOON’’)) The Spiral Fellation : Jerking Off, barrewitnesed pigbacked, find out where that info was shed, get the log in here. Prezel shaped muffin island, on the Map of the World. “Where’s my Ninjinsky?” “ You were sitting on it.” Telepathy : Concentration Did NOT go only 3 days to camp. #Don’tForgetYourFrozenKnee
Here there’s a part where you’re saying where you’re saying where you’re saying, where  you’re saying where you’re saying, where you’re saying where you’re saying, where you’re saying , cuz it’s a part where you just wrote, where you just wrote, you just wrote, where you just wrote, cuz it’s a part where you just wrote where you just wrote a sentence : the day, the day is here. Feed upon it, Fuckface. Now I actually have to find that email because / he makes landart inside.
Precise ranger. Just listen lightly & walk around.
We fling all the bones in the air because we have to catch them with our hands.
“Listerine is, I guess, Sandrine’s sister. So it was the Sixthe. [[She does this *hard mouth*]] “Too Mundane.”
“I beheld a strawberry lie on the street today. It has 2 do with the rush of adrenaline in our veins. Then we throw everything back in the air and I catch it all with one hand. That we call ‘Palm Game.’
The first time I got drunk I went to music class. I went to Mr. Nothing’s class. He played a song “Plus Ca Va” by Michael SHepherd. It goes ‘ooooooohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh’. That’s interesting I knew a guy named Michael Lamb. It’s just like this world actually it is this world where everyone’s profession 
((‘this must not be the name of the song.’)) It’s Rafael Hamburger. Why is he ‘hamburger’ at all? Wouldn’t he be Rafael Gauleberger, the shepherd of the Boner. People
Are looking for “Michel Berger.”
“Michel Berger D E A D.”
“No one wants him D E A D he’s  D E A D already.”
((Pauline Hamburger is dead.))
“He disappeared he did not die.
This furiously resembled a kid napping.” [[Here insert mature C.A.R. content from S.A.S  Pacte Avec Le Diable.]]  *TEASER*
The Audi was nearing. In a few seconds the taxi where ‘TATIANA’ & ‘MALKO’ will be stuck between the two other cars with the precipice in front of them for a ‘Spanish Collar.’ The attack of a CAR by two others which are taking it in as if a sandwich and salvoing it. Speciality of the Red Berets.  ((:

“Today I pretended I know what a Mercedes Europa is. *TEASER* “In a low voice, the sailoress of the Mercedes SL car volleyed some words about while ‘TATIANA’ said, “Landing on firm earth, two big bikes fronted just RIiiiiiiight infronta me, I say “So in other words ‘the rat’ & ‘the idiot’ down off their machines had started a conversation with the two men who had remounted their engines. & their motorbikes contoured with Vladimir’s OD like muffins in a biscuit patch retained, a little like the Mercedes SLK car, tears falling down their faces &, a little picklock speck gliding behind the crest of a tit and the two, oh how do you call it, jaws tightened brutalistically. “It had been ordained that she, ‘TATIANA’, would be transported come nightfall into the garage of the Lasica Bros. where he, Vladimir Boudalla, would personally direct the interointerviewgation. It was a secure place. The workshop closed, no one would come to disturb them. [[Here insert the dream of us with a 3rd person being in someone’s atelier and indulging him into thinking we cannot go out.]] “As soon as she arrived in the trunk of the Mercedes SLK car of Bozidar Danilovic, ‘TATIANA’ had been masted aloft above the DITCH, then ‘the rat’ & ‘the idiot’ had started prepping her up, taking turns ‘raping’ her, ‘sodomizing’ her with the l’huile de vidange. They have a lot of cars in this book. Today, I pretended I know what a Mercedes Europa is. Just like I lied to Wiliam about the loaf of bread I will never stop making. Just like I lied to William ‘Michel Berger’s Dead, & David in English says hello.’ I just deleted all the emails in my ‘PROMOTION’ tab.  And 50 Cent today made fun of Kanye West for have a procedure of liposuction. Oh How I hate to be…

The Guy Woke Up.
‘Byron & David’
Byron had just tattooed him. You see, the books are written already. Byron makes him take all the positions. David wakes up covered in tattoo writ in red lines,
he asked Byron what do they mean, Byron don’t wanna tell him
He’s afraid David will kill him.
Everytime David asks what the tattoo mean, Byron pretends to sleep
He’s ‘on the phone with Tonya’, David is
‘talking on the phone with Tonya’
Twice a day, Byron is curing me
He’s putting pomade on my Sears, he’s saying,
Byron realizes David is actually recording everything
Oh Byron is making David take all the positions
Flipping thro pictures of the beach
Talking endlessly
Knowing everything or pretty much everything
Byron is making David listen to allllllll Byron’s recordings
“There is a way inside the husk that has to be rather secluded, the windows are closed, it’s sunny outside, & people are spinning. The acoustical lobes that door resembles hanging like lacquered bell peppers, micromovements, sidereal divigations, too, tappled visions of what’s there, invites the windows into air. Why would the animal shell himself so? ‘I smoke too much,’ he thought while she  lit it, the ‘the smoke had managed to somehow shed around himself.’ ‘Petit, tu fume?’ You  don’t even realize that following a jump is a landing…atom of duration : how atom? … “The Art of Filet of Fresh Car Park, or, What if I never really confuse you? [[…]]
David is covered in tattoos because he ran into the forest & rubbed himself against the trees.  He sings, See eeexy boy,
Rubbing against trees!
Break too soo ooon!
Turn the light
Turn the light
Turn the light ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn!
And u can see
Count the Day-light
Oh oh ohhhhh….’ ((drifts off the tune))”

David is covered in tattoos because he ran into the forest and rubbed himself against the tree. “The passenger is not driving.”
Here hE makes believe that Byron tattooed him saying that he asked Byron what all these tattoos mean.
“Byron, what do all these tattoos mean?”
A tattoo on choose a part of David’s body.
Actually, it is rather Tonya who recorded EVERYONE.
“The sweet will comes in the other lamber.”
“Tonya, my car Ecar Friend is sick.” is heard on the Recording.
“You make money! Make money! Make money!” [[…]] “David…you’re trying to keep back the forces which permit you to keep the game in-ter-rest-ting…It is time to forget about any sort of finalization of the project,” yearns David. ((Here Tonya had to go into the forest with me, “David,” & had to listen to this recording…David smiles at that sometimes.)) Then…
David puts back the magnetophone : “Tonya says, ‘You write with’s fitness
 confidence, David. I don’t here a sound worth the opening & closing of that door. #”WhenICameIntoThatDoor”#Byron …but it won’t ever work we already know where you are  jajajajajaj ((casually goes down on himself : “Might as well since I’m down this way, etc., etc., globular appreciation mode….Great wellwide programme.”)) “Tonya : SOmebody was Mounting an Ice BERG.” “Byron : ‘Nice.’; David : ‘Nice.’, a special request was to focus ‘#WhenYOUMachineTheImpossibleAppeared, tangible is nothing #LetDenimIn.”
Byron : ‘Just like that time when we broke off its arm, he, the preposterous  ((Tonya : “From the preposterous.”)) ((They spoke with furrowed eyebrows.))
[[Here is the mentioning of the Sexy Boy Rubbing Against the Trees]]
Byron : “Send him upon radio.”
((Brief interruption of Byron))
Byron : “Byron discovered, ‘I’m recording everything. He listened to everything. On the spot. Very happy. Satisfied even. He was surprised that I, Tonya, had such a good idea.”
Tonya : “David, David, do you remember the name of the lava?” Then David : ‘Lava or Llama?” Byron says, Nice Horn. David says, to, me, Tonya, ‘What did he say?’ ‘Tonya, replaying Byron,’ “Nice Horn.” David, ‘Thank you.’
Byron : ‘David, ‘Thank you.’ [[…]] 
Tonya : “Byron : ‘Byron discovered that Tonya is recording everything. Then David, “Livers are nice.” Then Byron, “David I just found the perfect necklace to strangle someone.” David plays Ursa Beta Librae #@WhyShouldItBeAnyDIfferent. Byron goes “Why are we in the daaark?” David goes “I thought it was nice…”
Tonya : Twice a day Byron is ‘healing me’ Byron discovered that I, TOnya, am recording everything.  He listened to everything. On the spot. Very happy. Byron  says “Ja gesstschrruuiii abeflunschntund  was ihr mirr ince ohr setezutt wirdintimesch…” He was surpised that I, Tonya, had such a good idea.
Byron : “David, I must punish herrh for not haaaving done what crash you said to the car crash. #ImpactIsGood. Car crash very good, David, very good punishment, very cheap…Drinking beer in a car, by a car, from a beer in a car, David. Let’s go back to the past to forget what we are supposed to do.”
David, observing on the screen what’s being said to David, : Spherule would really like this movie. “Impact is good, impact is good!” It’s a movie. Byron : “SOmehow it’s a movie…” David, do we like that line : ‘…and they call themselves “gay?”??? Tonya  had such a good idea, I’m surprised, “Twice a day Byron will heal her wound, he’d put pomade on her Sears.”
Why is Tonya doing that in the woods, Byron wonders.
“Drinking beer in a car, by a car from a beer in a car”
“I thought David has ‘the tattoos’, he thinks. He says that, ‘he don’t know…’ He makes ‘landart,’ ‘inside.’
Tonya started laughing, “He would force me to communicate my strength or whatever to him, Byron.
He wants to know the secrets of Byron. Tonya says ((to David)) : ‘Too bad For you you won’t discover what makes me go on the earth the way I do all night. Going around with the horns all night. Going around after all he makes me go around with the thorns around me and I around them them thorns at night, if he wants to.’ ‘I must punish herrh, for having not done…’
David : ‘What crashed? he said…’
((Byron is just yelling : “Tonya JUST  spent THREE DAYS DOING NOTHING!!!! Byron  says,(( says Byron)), “Tonya, wo ist meine Wiesser pullover?...Packen virh also die Kauffer!” David she’s tattoos! For some reason, Byron is trying to decipher them, these tattoos. He keeps making Tonya take all the positions so he can ‘decipher Tonya’.
Tonya : David, I wanna make him want to rape me but he never does. But now I’m going into the bed. And he sketches some gestures, and I go, there, with my head, to say, “It’s the picture of Michael and its Christmas and he’s standing right over here. “ ((Great  “It’s the picture of Michael and its Christmas and he’s standing right over here. “ Telepathy))
“Somnofolia, isn’t it, Somnofolia?”
“The interrogation points starts right…here…”
Tonya [[continuing]] : “…with my Head to say ‘it’s not the right moment Bayron, Byron. When times arrive I pry Byron for him to Fuck Me. So I can I can  cry ‘Fuck me!’ @ the right moment. Now David, he, Bayr, Byron cried ‘Fuck Me!” @ the Not Right Moment; we were in in cells, riding. I almost killed him. He was afraid. He was on the bed moaning. On the top of the bed. The bed, underneath HIM. Mounted by he, By-,David, moaning, ‘He final-ly wanted to fuck me, and he was moaning because he didn’t ‘rape’ me at the right moment. “If by hazarard—a certain in-dul-gence, --perspective that did not seem too to enthusiasm Richard Stranton—I would like to help you but you’re asking me for something that I cannot do. ‘Stay around.’ As he was listening, Richard Strantron, was spinning between his fingers a magnificent Zippo, as black as he, Ricard Sprankton, encrusted with the portrait of Martin Luther King, and here : “It is 10 and a Half A.M. ((Byron looked at his crosswind. Four O’clock and a Half in the Morning in Washington. “Francapistrano, rises eeeeearrly. But he won’t be able to see the quote unquote president before 9 or 10 A.M. That is to say, at worst, 4 P.M. in the Afternoon for US : Tonya & David--
Tonya : “David, I’ll be back at Midi et Demi, concluded Mark Simpson, “I want him to “rape” me when I’m taking all the positions he’s making me take in order to “decipher” my “tattoo. ”

The number room is to your disposal, concluded “Mark Simpson.”
Visibly impressed by the relationship between “itchy itchy heel”, “itchy itchy arc” & “itchy itchy wrist,” for ((November 23, 2016)) when someone asks a questions, if someone asks anything, we represent the boy with the measuring spoon “Itchy itchy Wrist.”
Here are the sums, rows as below, intense
nature of their attachments : “I’m just remembering what every mineral means. Everything has an intention interwoven words in it. It is the counting separated from the counted that is missed from every mineral when they’re trying to speak it.
“Erotism : God is aloft with a forgotten number being made love 2 by another who remembers. Numbers : Language based way to define different portion of the space & environment which requires measurement so that we can remember it. Here we say that each different measurement has a different name. We know them by name. Example : The Spiral Fellation. ((That’s for u.)) Each different name in the computer we gave a number. In premathematic there is nothing being measured. Numbers are like competing in a game where equivalency is the master of saying ‘Was it true?” Where symmetry is the Law—then what is true? Not that what is true can still exits thro’ asymmetry & that those that have been halved from their actual own existences are numbered. Just like in mathematics. Never dismissed. Never disangled. Those numbers can never be dismissed. Disangled. Note that equivalency it means something is wrong with the way the numbers have been handled. Here we cannot have clones. It is the singular numbers that make the law. Those numbers live vestigially after they have been no-stringly severed. And it is in the way that these numbers relate to one another that the modes & spellings of relationship between space, atoms & their moods of recognition can be seen whoring, hurting together in different quantities, in different numbers, to try to reach at each other, to spell back together. And bound. It’s like a chemical reaction. In bound. It’s like a chemical reaction. These are words for us. But in the computer we translate them into mathematical language. For example, here we relate the chair’s height to the desk’s height so we can understand the perfume of our balanced crotch. Here, in the computer, we’ll ask a specific mathematical relevance so we won’t utter ‘ chair & desk = perfume of the crotch” but when we translate it that’s what it means to us. “Chair + Desk = Perfume of the Crotch.” That’s what it means to us : these numbers, a forest of symbols, turns into memories…packed…tightly. & we unfurl them back into moments, & their absence, as we breathe them & then speak. For us mathematics is not a hermetical language that’s the universe together. We hold the universe together and translate it so the computers may store.

Chair + Dusk, Chair  + Dusk,
Chair plus dusk equals, it sways, chair plus dusk equals,
Chair plus dusk equals chair plus dusk
What we have here is a picture of a realistic Chainsaw picture
A man very much Enjoyed by the Writers
There’s even a revery about his butthole.
I saw his penis.
You saw his penis?!!! (($$$$$$$$$$$))
Yes, I saw  his penis. ((££££££££££££))
You saw his dick. ((£$£$£$£$£$£$))
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Nolan Jenkins
4 years ago
brave sloth lol i thought it said broth slave..i work in a factory that makes broth 
Stevie G
1 month ago
LOL feels

This is what we would tell him
His body overwhelmingly deserves to be touched : if I get
the milk’d nickel
“The smell of your back it calmed me back to sleep
More passion here
then what you might lose anywhere.
When I put my mouth to your dick, I heard:
I want to keep our buttholes as close together
as they can
Just as we breathed into each other’s mouth
This is how time passes
The art of butthole suctioning includes alignment
We ass-capture the L.E.M.
Alll the L.E.M.s
We are growing a dossier on you ((Dossier Supérieur Normale))
One of the vehicules is smited of the L.E.M
Relishing the butthole2butthole activity
It’s real name is “L.A.M.”
Which stands for Lamborghini Amberghini Manmarlboroghini
These names are the extra breaths of the Whale
Here, in his name, we can see the extra places we love so well.
That’s the tithe of the planet.
The spares?
No, the parts, the bladder and veins, mostly.
An egg that bled? An egg?
That’s what I told you : the past is beautiful.
Bouge pas, la journée sera bonne.
Emotions of hunters.
I wanted this one to be given to you.
Masturbating to the thought of climbing up
to the top of the tree and falling off
of the tree together
and breathing thro my nose or
your knee.
They call the young boys who’ve not gotten married
Better & more attractive hence ((TONYA SPEAKING)) : “…she’s asking again and again about the tattoo
“What do they mean? I’m trying to decipher these quote unquote tattoos of her “experience”
She, ‘TONYA,’ has tons of uhm…’imagination’…I think the tattoos are in some way…connected…”
DAVID : Now there’s this silence like ‘TONYA’s bending over the recorder microphone
in one of those famous ‘deciphering’ positions of Byron’s, then I’m picturing her, her face bent
and all the bends and weird bends of her listening to the silence. That’s what I like to do, thinking
of her bending over the recorder, in every which way, with her black eyes. Is Byron also called “Marscellin”? No, that’s not so. It ‘s “Marscellin-Units,” there’s a NEU story : ‘TONYA’ is at her place, or Byron’s, and “Marscellin” took out of his duty valise his Louis XVI costume from his ‘Piny Tananarive,’ your Chick’s Riverbank, “Marscellin” played in it, he was dashing in the role of ‘a strutting guy,’
TONYA says : It’s very preposterous, him in the old Louis XVI costume. He’s just you know ((Waddling, swiltiling about)) proud of his sanguine costume and crop. He will, he says,  wear an ornamental ruffle, it’s like a necktie that’s a little ruffle, made of lace, almost lavalike velvet reticles.
BYRON : “I do have a memory of being in a submersible. I also saw you open the door to the TV. You’re trying after something. ‘I didn’t know when foot would be.’

It smells so good to each other.

BYRON recalling some pertinent words of TONYA : “His costume—Marscellin gets up---were garnished in wardrobe colors, cold tones if he may, she says, wearing it every night, she says, was what Sade, de Sade would have proscribed. He, Byron, was reciting from memory Marquis de Sade. It was not boring, she said, not boring at all. He still adored the costume. He adorned it so well. He looked great, very becoming. ‘He was, Byron said,’ she was saying, ‘taking poses. Look on the mirror. Ah,’ she was saying she was saying, ‘Marscellin looooooves wearing this costume cuz it reminds him of the best memories of his life. The beginnings of when he knew her, her TONYA,…’…humidifiers…?Where do they grow them anymore?
TONYA : He’s trying to tell me a story, very long, I need to remember. Bells?? The story’s that he dreamed of living in a castle with friends exactly like those in the books of de Sade. In a big lost castle surrounded by hazelnut trees, HAZELNUT, you hear me? But he noticed it was an impractical dream. He looked at himself for a very long time in the mirror…without saying anything. Then he undressed and put the costume back in the old valise.

BYRON : “By scratching and stitching one is getting better. I have a few left that probably won’t go away.

DAVID  : “Byron…there you stopped trying to ‘heal’ ‘TONYA’ any longer. In fact, you renounced it. You’ve been silent for the past few days. ‘TONYA’ has no strength and doesn’t desire anything. We in a lethargy together. She’s ‘healing’ without me!  She says that she finds herself well in the port of Embarassments, walking around, embarrassed, awkward, to say the least, going under the tree of the plaza where we flew ourself off everyday, that café under the trees of the plaza where we used to go everyday. ‘The Café.’ But this desire does not last long. It vanishes very quickly. All those nice scenes from the Port of Embarassments bear the country of their stupor. Drinking herself up into a miserable stupor, etc. Byron, this isn’t love it’s degradatation, etc. A twilight state, etc. She’s back to her old stupor, saying stuff like, ‘I spend my Days listening to the Bell rings. David, ((she says tenderly)) Marscellin is preposterous.’ She dances. Sometimes I hear your ((mine)) preposterous voice as well ((She thinks I’m Marscellin? )) She says she hears the cries of children, also. SHe says, ‘I also hear the cries of children.’ –Of course, children has vanity. THey invented cancer. They don’t care how it looks. This is playdough they invented! Mushing wild forms into place of vacated pedestals of solutions—of course, I don’t tell her that—‘This is what they most enjoy! ((This is ‘TONYA’))’ She says, ‘Mint Schnaaps and perhaps I am also in Jail. And why am I in Jail for a Crime I have not committed?...Is it bad manners to forget one committed a crime of bad manners???...Not important…((Later, I’ll vomit))’—Then she goes, ‘I feel like fleeing from this prison…something in Byron’s behavior is changing these days…he looks weird…he is ((she’s saying)) acting nice

S T R A W B E R R Y   L  I  E  S  B  A  N  N  N  N  E  ER

he’s asking about my health…he has, ‘ she’s saying, he has b een asking about my occupations…he seems to care about my health…he seems to care about how I’m doing…I’m afraid,’ she’s saying, ‘ that maybe he’s becoming…senil—no, that’s not the word…I don’t want him ((hear me)) to have pity on me. I don’t want to! Firstly, I do not deserve pity from anyone. ‘SPecially not Byron. I am not pitiable. I am not one to be pitied.’ Then she’s all like, ‘This is what I’m reading in his eyes : you started a new book project! It sounds promising…sealing off these flowers…between pages…, promising. It’s a great ‘Idea.’ I’m reading in his eyes,’ she says, ‘ “ I will kill him if he continues being so kind and considerate…on a daily basis…”. No one, David, has the right to have PITY on ANYONE, especially not me. Especially not Byron. ((Teaser : Thinking about “Guys, the slough, us?”))

Now the voice of ‘TONYA’ shut itself off in a cry of rage. Her last words were ‘&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

She mouthed an asterisk: “Thinking about that Veronal. Blackening facts that come to him personally #BYRON. BYRON, I’d be glad if you could just be sitting her by yourself…”

ANYWAY, the boner.
The tape is over and it still turns upon its emptiness; a hole of silence. ‘I’m stopping the mechanism.’ The silence of the bedroom seems to be repopulated to David. A hall of silence, ‘I’m tired.’ David ‘s Jones may all of a sudden ((He’s Jones for that voice, the voice in his Head. Maybe ‘TONYA’s? Yes, the voice that glues. He’s missing the Voice That Glues. The voice of ‘TONYA.’))
TEASER :  The gardener used to be a Police Man. TEASER II : ‘#I needed someoneWhoWouldBetrayMeConstantly”

He heard something earlier, on the recording. ‘TONYA’ was coughing. Then, her nose was full. She keeps coughing, sneezing, has a headache. She says, ‘I decided, I decided to stay locked in my bedroom all day! Byron is bringing me medications,’ she says, ‘Pills of many colors…I’m gonna take all of them…Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja.’ Then she jumped to another idea, ‘Byron was talking constantly always about the same this ‘his precious eroticism’, the sex,n more and more,’ she says, ‘I am sure that he’s an Elephant Furniture,’ David, I, David, heard ((‘Mode! Isn’t it a beautiful name, isn’t it!))

‘No one has the right to h ave pity on anyone,’ David repeats under his breath, lips barely vascillating. The Slough #Me #David, enters the living room. Everyone is smoking. It’s a fug. ‘What happening TEASER : David is Mary-Ellen in bed with a hangover…’Ohhh, you don’t know? It’s ‘Ralph FIennes’ who brought us here.’ – BYRON.

‘I’m going into the dining room,’ David’s finishing his breakfast. Don’t know what it is. I’m reluctant to say…it’s from Mary-Ellen, she’s calling. ‘I have a message for you, David. It’s from ‘Mary-Ellen. She’s waiting at the ‘The Jockey’ @ five o’clock. SHe’ll expect you at 4:30 saying, ‘It’s very Urgent, David.’ –I—Mary Ellen—I will take a seat and ask. ‘Your girlfriend from Paris?’ He will say, ‘ Yes.’

TEASER ‘And yet, first you had been a volcano. Even more so than a volcano’?? 
David says, ‘Yes. ’ David is grumbling?  ((END OF TEASER))

‘Then I, I will go, I will go, I will seem very bothered. I think I’ll concompass that correctly.  David will say, ‘Thank you.’ SOmeone there, someone mute, other than David, that guy will say, ‘He’s gonna ask me…if I listened to the tape…don’t feel like answering that…thank you. Slobro though. Bring ‘em to the Mute Guy watching David counting the squares on the Tablecloth. David is counting the squares on the Tablecloth. He’s waiting for my voice at each instant each instance of my voice of Interrogation. ‘DJ Pascale Marradie comes in with a dish.’

Pascal : ‘I came in with a Dish. The ‘Slough’ is eating. Servicing himself from amidst the dish I came in with bearing? David,  could it be right?’ He’s cutting his brain into very very small pieces. All based on my dish…& he brought in a knife & the spoon. Which, in their right place, at the foot of his hands, he’s now masturbating with. He’s masturbating and masticating. David is again counting the squares. 30 & 1. He’s depositing his finger on one of the squares. The voice of ‘TONYA’ booms in his head, but I can’t quite make it out…

DAVID : ‘The ‘Slough’ turned his head & stopped masticating ((After the ‘TONYA’ voice boomed.)) He’s fixating on me now his idiot smile. Which is drawing himself.

TEASER : ‘Another cigarette?’ END OF TEASER.

On his face literally between his face and his smile, a complicity. All these is obscene. I want to chase away this voice…It’ goes and comes…it mumbles things to me…it doesn’t take…positions…it says, ‘well, as you want, David…’ Is this the voice I longed to hear? Yes. I had longed to  hear it. & I feel like the ‘Slough’ is hearing it as well. ‘You’re thinking about us guys.’ the ‘slough’, and ‘DAVID, ’ the ‘slough’ said softly, ‘Byron,’ he says, ‘Your drinking a glass of wine watered with water. Cigarettes, cigarettes while waking up. ‘Somehow I miss the ‘Slough’…--Mr. Byron & Myself. He asked us here at table. This is very good.

TEASER : She couldn’t help about the whale. The white whale. The animal.  END OF TEASER

So, the communion of the two.  This ‘couple’ this ‘tandem,’; I’m thinking about you guys. I’m thinking about The Voice. I hear it too. I do a gesture with the hand…I’m thinking…here the ‘Slough’ insists. ‘Time is pressing.’ This is quite a common affliction. What does he want me to do about it?

The ‘SLough’, : DAVID says ‘One day won’t kill us.’ I say, ‘maybe it wilts this poor Byron to not be turning around. A day is long here for him…’his heart,’ David says, ‘the head, rather, his head is not living it any longer.’ I saw it rain somewhere, like some…RAINSTICK…and that’s what he rained. ‘I DID NOT PROMISE ANYTHING.’

Yes, we know. **Smoking together in silence.**
Have you been quiet?
‘Oh my god, I would spend my entire existence if I could just have that butthole…bask in the sweet butthole effluvium of my butthole babe #SOONYOULLBEMYNIGHTSTAND #YOUCOMEHERE&BEMYNIGHTSTAND #ItsEroticComplexedlyFootLamblidlySo

There are so many colors in your #FOOT & BUTTHOLE.
It’s different languages between them. It started. I didn’t know I was looking
@ something that had such a warm, inlaid of yellow
monticulelike ,newcarbellgetblue vessel richhand, a rich body yellow,
revealing behind layers of Neptunian landscape
everything that comes between your ears &
Your shadow.
It’s like a hollow verdure that’s eating itself up.
This hair this brown hair like the rabbit
or the fluff on the head
It could be H-E-I-R
#It’s #RichVeryRIch
My Our life butthole2butthole.

#Its like a little hole in which to escape to be three/free
Why do you think its harder to go upstairs then to just go in the present ?
That doesnt make any sense to me. Where is your blqck hat ?
I needed something that wouldnt go against the Wind .
All these others you dont/wont have to remember.
Youll merely encounter them and be on your level way.
It’s life, it’s not like washing a seal. It’s not like taking care of anything but  « make new things. »
It’s hard to hold not having sensation », or making sensation exists.

The imagery partly visible/the partly visible imagery on one side of the folded note is not consistent with that on the other side. Earths waters may have arrive earlier then we previously thought.
Traduce, Demurrh, Consubstantiate.
Demurrh, Consubstantiate, Traduce.

‘ Eye loved their musick like a dear. »

Couldnt the chickens have looked at the eggs of the other chicken ?
Couldnt the receptionist ever stop taking drugs ?

How a slave comes in, we bursted in.
We bursted blown in

You just have to look at my body, fuckface
Just look at my body sometimes

It’s closed
it’s just not latched

That Driblette is, Are we REATTY .

I understand why certain things have to be the way they All my life I’ve done it.
It’s the way the letter sounds
it’s the sonority as it sisters the word-letters
« round » or « sound » or « bound ».

But it burns slighltly, but it subsides fast.
Doesnt there come a time when nothing would love or squyre you ?
Today I learned I’m a keeper .
My ass was as clean as a face
Youve been reading over my shoulder
youve been reading over my shoulder
I am your shoulder
And we go swimming in our Tuxidoe Jackets

Nature is Buzzing
The dances are doing fafafafafafa
And theyre doing nothing fast
And they smell of leather and heat
But once dunked in the Aquarium
they become gentle and timides
What is a sentier ?
A Path

Testimony of the life of Yesteryear

Nature was buzzing
Nature is buzzing
The two dancers were not talking
It was the vegetation saying it all.

It was the crushing beauty weighing upon speech
Vascillating, but ravaged, shoulder contre shoulder
Getting deep into the Path

Sometimes passing
Sometimes crossing path

On the old roads
Upon the new roads
Of Transhumance
With a little chattle
or a tumbstone

Testimony of the life of Yesteryear

I just saw one in a roar, with a lot of buttons.
But of the many buttons there were only two I knew.
Activate the Sunrise
And Activate the Sunset

Victoria Victoria
The sun rises
The sun might rise is Risen

I find that to be an excellent slideshow, by the way
All kinds of falling leaves, bandwiths of illuminati glazed with treasures
at the edge  of the bed



It’s beautiful
it’s half your body
under the bed

I came and listened
Rolls and sublinguals
Effenedine, the downy triplet of mourning signs
Blue orchades in a line, the islands against the walls
The walls across the face, lusting after French paintings
Small grasses, lines of hexon and equinimity
You shambled the card and now no one
Now, now no one is near what we went through
A year, two years ago
was rough. 
((Contains genefields of Violence       Sweat
Imagine sweat, not in beads, but in postcards, extracating itself
Mailing himself
Being himself
Living in those people

Your body’s in the bed like a dead body.
I saw you like lights on the freeway, your colors
the highway services, I have a theory
I’ve been practising it in bed
like a dead body

Litlle curls of plastic melted
Think of roof tiles, or your lightscolor theory
One’s ash, or a monkey’s hammmered head
I don’t know where my heart is
Down on the bed I guess, right now

Sipped tolls of acetone #@ Just practicing 
There’s a New Age Pillow on this Satanic Couch
« Hey Ive got #@Services _
It’s like a window with a bed or body.
«  I’m copying them so I wont feel castrated »
There is this bulb flat on the bottom, sitting in the tube full of rhum
You’re rather like I dont want to be, and then I will in every possible way.
A mirror here will be ornemented in olive branch.
What have you thought about it ?

I dont know anything. Zero. I dont know  anything.
I  know nothing. I dont know anything. I dont know anything
or nothing. Im rather like a piece of rake.wav,  - I thought Id turn out this way.

In the process I speed up moss.
I went to several dinners, they all, all of them, have violet lights
in the mirrors. Pickled beats, left-over ham.
The tendrils were bound.
Do you remember listening to Garden ?

Well let’s not depricate the pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun
We were on the floor.  Screamin for night
I think I murdered everyone inside
Not everyone !
Which I well understand leaves us
at Loggerhead’s

And which I will not singularise
My heart, be part of all word within

Agreed adored on knotted tree
Guy in a little window, making tea

Big deal of a fence !
Carlights swimming past
Zero of us, and Windowboards

All of everylight is Zero + 10°-5 1 .Parameter
Digged in little seals, and recordings
All ice swill

I could stop him exactly like anyone.
It can’t be true yet.
You’ll know when its true
my son and daughter

Must have lost track


The leaves of the trepan tree surpass one another in the square window above the kitchen sink. This one is called The Dream Aerials of the Swimming pool . I initiate the machine, but the machine readys itself slowly. It’s killing me how slowly it prepares itself, like my wife entranced by deliberate cosmetology. I want to tell the Machine about my dream but it’s not ready for the infusion. The electrons are sluggish, the mainframe has dropsy, the cyborg is disloyal to the suspense which silts off in the effluvia of lost time. Seconds pass, eons percolate the arrow stills to a hummingbirds  concatenated hover. There are paper cutouts strewing the circular dinner table with its eroded splotches like stamped on aspic. Little men the same man surgically excised from quarto sheets torm from old magazines. The romances full of heavy stairs, the blowfly stares of conceited mimetic convulsion. The same sweatered man clipped from his tailored setting and diffused in the way of dead leaves. The machine is almost ready. The white beads are circling one another chasing one another like a spiral of tapeworm eggs being fostered through the upper colon. Now the dog wants my attention. I smell his farts from last nights pink & brown hash of decongelated Salisbury. The dream will have to wait. It will be only fragmentary anyway. A devoluition from a far more complicated story and absorbed as I was in the viewing, during the shallow taper of my sleep, I won’t be able but to remember a few sellect scenes,a and those not even the choicest hanks to have been clipped from the yarn.

Except Louie Morales
who gets ALL the presents.
I only follow Markles.
With six months of telemarketing earlier this year.
I failed to die in a car accident at night somewhere in the countryside while listening to "Telephasic Workshop".

“When lava flows under water it behaves differently.”

“I saw a bag of Cheezo’s
Then on the right hand side the Tiger of Frosties was looking teased but serene @ it.
From upstairs, in the back side of the frame, on the stairs loaded with weeds
& Cheerfully gutted with landscape floating
Uhm I dunno man it’s an electrical charge
Its coming from a higher net
A hut frosted from a higher net

The bridge broke away.
It must’ve happened yesterday.
[[The story of the bridge & how we broke it]]
Mannheim was mostly levelled during the Thirty Years War around 1622 by the forces of Johan Tilly.

The cry of the coconut daughtered wrist ^^^^patterning.

“Close your eyes…close your eyes…”
“Will it feel like qwerty…?”

The memory of the firm, fresh glans in the hand. I whiled the day away studying immunology and wanting wordless ambience.



No dreams. Awoke at 20:00. Nectar from the carved grapefruit splashed on my thigh.


I was on a cruise ship like a train with the interior of a cruise ship’s cabin. I don’t know what I was doing there. I was in a place I’d been to b4. It was one of thos dreamùs that are like a memory and then you struggle upon waking to understand that it wasn’t real then and it wasn’t real before (( you KNOW how we mean real)). Everyone had to produce a demonstration of their special talen. For some reason, I chose to play the drums along to a talking heads song.  I believ e the song w as warning signs where he goes ‘I remem ber I re mem ber I rem em ber I remem ber’. There was the projection of a very simple animation of a boxing match. The one guy beat the other guy and he started to do a victory lap through the coliseum which was mostly empty. He ran everywhere and was running up and down stairs and finally he tripped and broke his leg in half and had to be loaded into an ambulance.  I hate to do what I don’t wish to do at the behest of others [[@ or near the office]].  You had the dream where I went away to some harpsichording school and learned really well how to play the harpsichord and was being congratulated for that fact and was ignoring you upon my return and continued to ignore you even tho a harpsichord recital was coming up and I’d have to play but I wouldn’t be good enough to play the recital properly and you’d have to be behind stage playing the real harpsichord . And your brother played piano.

L: Did you ever have a dream where you woke up feeling totally a winner?
P: ((…))
[[Hesitation B., shifting around of effects, desultory fingers tracing along the spurning surfaces patinaing objects of a deadened, mummificated interior thro & thro down to the personalities which they’re feebly larded with]]
P: …((after several eons, perhaps a geological epoch, nearly adequate time to read The Man Without Qualities))
…maybe a very long time ago. Not in recent memory.
L : I knew that would be your answer… you will always say that…
P: …yesterday I was almost fading…everywhere…I discovered…maybe I was in a church…envying musicians…
L : that would be your power, a special move-shot, in Tekken III ©
I envy musicians.
L : I’m reading a very strange book about a musician.

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I've created this page out of my own notes about the Septuplets' lives for any of you who are interested in these background details of their lives. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contribute them! I love her shirt. It's just what you might see any of the Septs wearing.
'The ((years)) have flown by,' mom Bobbi McCaughey

'Just because there's been so many things that have happened.

'The memories, the joy, the heartaches that happened.

'It's what has guided us to where we are today, and it's very special.'

Amid the media frenzy, President Bill Clinton personally called the family to congratulate the family, Oprah welcomed them on her show and companies and strangers scrambled to help out the couple.
Among the donations, they received a 5,500 square foot home, a van, a year's worth of Kraft's macaroni and cheese, diapers for the first two years and full college scholarships for any state university in Iowa.

Full up: It's no easy task feeding a family with eight children, but the McCaughey's manage just fine 

'I think early on we had so much help from family and friends,'' Bobbi said.

'If there was anything we needed, there was always someone there who was willing to help us.

'We have a super strong support system.

'We have a super strong faith that has been the rock that we have had to stand on.'

The family still lives in the same house that was donated after the births and continues to use the same van. 'It feels really awesome,' Alexis told the Carrolls Paper at the time.

'I love just interacting with all the girls because they're really nice.'

The children are now looking to colleges and what to do with their lives.

But looking back, they are grateful for the situation they were born into. 

'You're never alone,'' Kenny Jr. told Today.

'There's always someone to talk to and hang out with. That's what I think is the best.'

For Kelsey, there has nothing terrible about her upbringing as a septuplet.

'I don't think there's a worst part,'' she said.

'I've enjoyed all of it.'

Most experts agree that statistics are difficult to calculate. "I was shocked and still trying to get over learning we were having twins when we got news of triplets," Harris told NBC News. "Hopefully they don't get mixed up." Many of the animals were found on top of each other on a remote mountain plateau. Authorities flew in to remove the dead reindeer's heads for a study on diseases in deer and elk, and the carcasses were abandoned in the mountainous area to decay. These carcasses may end up boosting plant diversity in a "novel mechanism," as scavengers drop faeces containing seeds near the dead animals, according to a Biology Letters study published last week. Hundreds of ravens and crows – the predominant scavengers – also left faeces by the carcasses. Many of those droppings contained crowberry seeds, and the scientists found that these seeds could become seedlings. Crowberry is a keystone species of the alpine tundra, which means it has a disproportionately large impact on biodiversity – partly because it is a significant source of food.

Nutrient-dense and bare soil can help crowberry seedlings grow, and the reindeer carcasses produced the right conditions to make it happen. According to the study, the plant life closest to an animal carcass dies due to sudden shifts in the soil's acidity and nutrient concentrations. The patch of land becomes a "decomposition island," supporting plant life that could otherwise not grow in the area. This can have wide-ranging consequences for increasing the genetic diversity in the area. Moving forward, Steyaert and his team predict that the area's plants will diversify as scavengers continue to drop faeces filled with seeds around the decomposition island of reindeer.

The next day at 4:28 p.m. local time, he died with his wife and family beside him at his Cornville, Arizona home.[[364]][[365]][[366]][[367]]

“Must’ve been baptized at some point on the line…” thought Augustine of Hippo, concerning the so-called Good Thief.  “He’s with cougars now.”

Great Waterlog Telepathy  24 July 2016 13 August 2016

((*..It’s the #@Wasserloghen(({..
nIK : Eye would like you to fold me like you did, #@ Once a week.
Would you do it?
mIK: Yes, of course. You just have to ask me.
“Ask and Ya shall be #@Folded.
((Loscils – First Narrows((5/6((..

nIK“ Open the fucking window, please.
mIKYea, “Open the Fucking windown Please.
#@ ((Polite but Firm((..

“ Can you get it so that
it’s near me, in case I
#@might need it?”
 -- The H.E.I.R of #@Doespoedia

N= “How is your belly?
M : It’s just :Ok./
N: Why don’t you try some #@ Bicarbonate?
((Loscils-First Narrows 6/6((…\
N: So are you going to try it?
M: Hmmm?
N: Are you going to try #@ Bicarbonate?
M : Eye’m going to eat a #@ RiceCracker.

((Insert here the quote by Do.Minik@Yahoo.WasItDat.MST.Sfr #@
 “ me and people of my Environnement((..

N : Would it ever occur to you to refer to people you know as your “environnement?”
M: But yes, of course.

“ I don’t want to interpose too much my own assumptions, but please
take my compliment a propos your writing style – I detect the playful
indirectness in the vein of Rudyard Keepling, Master of the Den” – Its “No One” #@ Childcare Building Lawyer Childcare and Noone, Dot Gm.

Why were they checking it out?
Because they were checking out all those cells
Checking us out.