Monday, November 18, 2019

Stephen Bett, excerpts from Broken Glosa: an alphabet of post avant glosa

Er_si_g Br_k_n Gl_sa, image by Daniel Y. Harris  

Philip Lamantia: Violent Ekstasis
This world of serpents and weeping women
is crushed in the violence
of a swamp large enough to contain
the enormous razorblade of the night

The Enormous Window―Philip Lamantia
(with nods to PL, Breton, Buñuel & co, & Blaser tales)

This world of serpents and weeping women
mein vassalage of fee-sis1 fetus & feces
revolvers and nuns feud on a fulcrum serfing
ekstasis, who’s back in the day on this?

is crushed in the violence
touched by the marvelous (savage fruit
of lunacy) alchemical blood of the air
pure psychic automatism lifts up its skirt

of a swamp large enough to contain
randy laddies, oh g-a-w-d he spilt this
where they woke, cum stains on teeth
such chatter driven mad by desire

the enormous razorblade of the night
slices dices Andalusian girl glazzball this
new way of seeing―incidentally Pip, you
never unzipped my appendicized letter

Steve McCaffery: Post-Ubu Roi
(D.G. Jones glosa glancingly revisited)
the tilde ©
the smooth pneuma ©
“I wandered lonely as a cloud”
angular frequency in degrees ©

A Theory of the Lyric ©―Steve McCaffery

the tilde ©
yah, copy-rite that ãden-õidal twang
choke choker, post-lyrical assault accent
dem valley grrl & bhoy breath bites

the smooth pneuma ©
holy ghosts glide in, at best late2
pneumatology strictly (pre-) pre-millennial
tranSports like elevatored smooth jazz

“I [like] wandered lonely as a cloud”
ze (like) floated 71 pronoun non-binary two-spirit
collect prizes awards #OfficialVerseCulture3 ©
coercively AGAB4 consumable product

angular frequency in degrees ©
tilt angle, reassign yr frequency, light yr antenna
trans-scribe third-gender one percent
Big Pharma open-flush mega donor PAC ®

Joel Oppenheimer: A Luggage Tag
in the seat / of a car
like teenagers
        .        .        .
what were we
dreaming of

At Fifty―Joel Oppenheimer (with a nod to Miker Mike)

in the seat / of a car
a fave bit of ephemera, this
poem printed on luggage tag
hung out with its spine-meister

like teenagers
from a loop of twine
tied up to ship well into
this far flung future

what were we
at fifty― if Joel were alive he would
love your new book of poems,
just the kind he championed5

dreaming of
our kind & kindred champ
well tagged at the Poetry Project
you Take-a-Bow-Airy, maestro

Ron Padgett: Adventures of a Sleight’d Hand
Beautiful  /  an O fell from
your mouth into the
letters L V and E
spelling out LVEO

The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim [Dine] and Ron [Padgett]
―Ron Padgett (with plenty nods to these earlier glosas)                                                                                                                          

Beautiful  /  an O fell from
the sleight’d hand of Mr Jim Dine
Oh it’s been such a lone song time
oh ahh that long held hero of mine

your mouth into the
juicy grape-load on dat blackberry vine
4’ ever beyon’ description stuck in brine
hangin tough, this last piece of twine

letters L V and E
thud up an aveolar lateral sign
isolate, u labiodental fricative swine
silent E’s… love’s adenoidal whine

spelling out LVEO
a 1 & ah’ 2 tapinosis, his poet ore-fill’d mine
tap to hip gnosis thru an old Z zine6
evol cover’d7 from St Ein to Franz Kline

Tom Pickard: Oop norf, fook sake
bulimia oblivia
[h] ate

bulimia oblivia―Tom Pickard (w/ nods to Basil Bunting,
the Newcastle poets, Liverpool “beat” poets, George Harrison, bp Nichol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

bulimia oblivia
don’t woof yr cookies (Newcastle Brown Ale)
purge yourself, sunflower
say somebody’s lil’ bunting

here’s I me mine in yr eye
oop norf, fook sake, you bet
Yorks Bete beat the Pool8

[h] ate
not to get all cocky
h’8 no ’aitch 4 bp concrete
viz, getting all visual

ate me (’arf-time) so don’t be
telling porkies, pie-head
magpie caught in a barcode9


1. Incidentally Philip Lamantia: A Study of the Poetics of Surrealism (MA thesis, 1976: super. Blaser, Bowering, Maud, Quartermain)
2. Post-Q, circa Luke―another late developing “myth”
3. Or as Charles Bernstein puts it, “the official verse culture enforcers (OVCEs)…”
4. Or CAGAB: Coercively Assigned Gender At Birth (for those who are not “followers” of  trends)
5.A back cover blurb by M.G. (Mike) Stephens
6. Kenward Elmslie’s Z Press & Z Magazine
7. bpNichol’s concrete/visual poem “evol”: full front cover image, love: a book of remembrances
8. Piers Plowman, first “lit” (up) instance of the family name Bete/Bett/Betts, with all its variant early spellings
9. Newcastle United Football Club nicknames: Magpies, Barcodes