Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Rose Knapp, Americas’ Lotus Easters

L’Amour Fou for Daeæscmons Salut 
image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Americas’ Lotus Easters 

Dissociated Dome of the Rock

Seth sets Lokis’ form intoquicksand 
Renaissance melodies masquerade 

Glass pyramids tessellate modality 

Silver bracelets hover distorted
On my slightly slit wrists Akiko 

Akhenaten Sakutarō Hagiwara
حج hajj sphinx riddles slip seep 

Gnawing their ways through 
Wastelands theoretical heretical 

Black bone marrow splits open
Clouds have known no Avila

Pietà Jihad domed apparitions 
Jinxed Judith Jupiters’ red moons

Blood Scatting jazz and power 
Pulsing from Mecca mechanically

I catch it in the deserted LA night
Streets gaze at the cube 

Hovering there as if it was a Borgia
I slit one ghostly ghazal 

In its' side admirecutstonemarble
Watch as pieces of Eden

Free fall flittering shards of Mani 

Voltaic Visions

Lightning lashes laconic 
Across LA sky lines [frag 
Ment]cius mists drift down
Sifting over clout cashflows
Running into Hollywood
Data rushing DTLA tar
Split sieves Sycophantic

Cores encapsulated 
By choruses of chaos
Sprawl surrounding
Glazed over teal 
Eyes peering over 
Verbatim Verses 
Peeling petrified 

Latin words out
Of silken air the
Silent stills whisper
Midway lais lapis ruby Isis glares
Catatonic Laüstic cat velaric clāvis
White slashes of piercing castrating noise
Prostrates its’ acrolect ascetic ink dashes in emblazoning altars

Ἡρόδοτος’ ἱστορία Gregorian Antipater patois basilectalization

Hexehedral of Our Lady
Of Angels Thien Hau 
Templeless Mazu sakuras 
Subtle Fragrant tapestries
Of decadent domine decay
Incense burns sentiente é nonsense 

Bisclavret Daeæscmons salut one
An other on In---Concrète 
Slabaths wordsseparating 
Hallowed spaces
Outside Taoist 
Catholic Uni(vision)
Studios temples 

I watch the endless
Blazing pile of books
Blacks and unborn 
(Lucky bastards
And a superstitious 
Black man preaching)
Bête noire noir Alpha 

Et tu wonder at times
Why noir means black
Nègre negative filmstrip 
Lit--//Nile Grime Crime 
Anagram\\Règne Rene

Changeling Dao De Jing Channeling

Pure ecstatic noise
Screeches nails on a Nazis’
Crosswalk straight central
Zeitgeist please don't press Pound 
On a chalk 0...0 outline Ouija
Cafe ceremony 

Static bounds only 
Know pathetic Kantian
Reasons Pauline Words
Pulverize themselves into
Perversity for perpetuity 

Evaporates intolerable
Scats as only black
Things can appari
Tion iron lion Leon 
Nonsense nous non
Hope non change non

[Post] Commentary Waste Lands
[Cantos] Chanticleers Changelings

Lamplit night clearcuts tourists diptych past bright red-gold brushed kitsch Shanghai sillsjaded kimonos
Flutter on mannequins gawking in aviators shade 妖怪 spirits harmonized in calligraphicflute notes   
Purity splitting deranged dreamscapes 

Debased borderlines déflorer Decatur florescent
Decanters deconstructing flâneuses 

—Rose Knapp