Sunday, May 6, 2018

Heath Brougher, Construct of Nonexistence & Limpid Alienmilk

The Revolt of Automation, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

Construct of Nonexistence (Conscious Hinge Ether)


is actually

prevailing prisonheaded prevalence 

Natalie’s not a nucleus 

brick bracken bitten bloody backwards burning bulldozers

inertia = UNDONE—  

beginning from the beginning again—

finite—finalized when the falter phase fell fast

as nothing slow

reciprocal reconstructions reconvene 

to revel in ambulatory prescript 


with pith pocketed ideas purloined pounding outward

Proximity blossoms perennial Spiral 

porously pulsed outward over previous penitentiaries of pathetic pondering 

pulverized by powerful portions of                ping!

of pig's eye      dead-on                                   damn straight

patterns perished proving purest 



Escape from simultaneous existence and nonexistence.

Limpid Alienmilk (inspired by Jonathan Mulcahy-King’s Euryphion)

library coup
blanch toothless                      airless resistance
                                                hock mole

ringworm sink
bathes lampoons                     automatic animals
                                                muttering maniacal
ego silken
surgical angles                        supermarket blood
                                                eyeless moon

derided bedrock
arabesque vintage                   interregnum display
                                                dolphin follicles
airline excerpt
conglomerate carapace           prehensile flack
                                                grassy holes
celestial rhubarb
gossamer documentary           counterfeit embryo
                                                virtual extract
aquarium yore
knettled peachblow
                                                quintessential swivel
                                                neurology hurl
cucumbered butchershop       
bloodletting cantankerous     

elephant vinyl
koi opium                               alien champagne
                                                purebred overmorrow

oxygenation gash
floorless nose                          simultaneous pineal
                                                beholden dither
fractured venom
vociferous chartreuse              burningly bearded
                                                flagpole phonage
backhanded chrysanthemum 
stone hive                                black comatose
                                                netherworld twist
beer amplifier
autonomous subsequent         fossil luminous
                                                rotgut animation
interior resins
ideological omega                  Polly ghost
                                                vertigo stab
pathway acidic
arachnoid cyst                         vague mutton
                                                domed insomnia
plastic veins
ammonia disco                       chiseled misanthropy
                                                acorn womb

weightless opium 
fluttering purl             

bombastic minimalism
garrote lemon

aluminum epiphanies
corporeal vexing 

taciturn cough
whittle sanguine   

systemic lupus
insinuating edit

hiccup quail 
equip existential 

humbuggering wrist
erstwhile guppy 

polka indicated 
outnumbered cumbersome 

sallow pistons
deinstalled bullosa 

immune credo 
hyperbolic epoch 

faceless diesels 
slink opossums 

ruby fossil
arbitrary heedlessness

basky gloor
assiduous Visigoth

frenetic clot
agate cyme

empty pregnancy
stomach pebbled

room world
empty haze

cerebral nonexistence
parasitic drops

non-terrestrial milk
invincible fed

effaced baby
swirln gone

breathless cage
eternal womblife

blacktooth spineless
brisk flash

aerial embedded
chartreuse bomb

firmament vestige
marbled urn.

—Heath Brougher