Friday, March 9, 2018

Rupert M. Loydell, DETRITUS

Construction of the Eschatology Center, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

The Blue Room, Eugene Richards

Alphabet wallpaper, corpses of birds
Bed full of wood and plaster
Bricks that used to be a wall
Broken china and a jar of peanut butter
Christmas lights still dangling on the porch
Cowboy boot next to a collapsed bed
Cut and tangled telephone wires
Dead dog in the grass outside
Dismembered doll on the windowsill
Dusty rectangles where pictures used to hang
Family photos stained with damp
Frozen clock hand on the faded dial
Gates keeping no-one out or in
Gingham curtains shredded by the wind
Grey sponge and dead cockroaches in the bath
Honeycomb on a broken chair, red shoe on the floor
Horses wandering across the road
Kids bike and cattle skull
Lace erupting from a door
Map of the world on piled-up school desks
Mildewed playing cards
Moth wings on a baseball mitt
Nightshirt on a hanger above the rotten sofa
Office chair by the outhouse
Pearls and a pink toy rabbit
Photo in the sink with forgotten cutlery
Picture of a place they dreamed of going to
Red mould or lichen flowering on a green wall
Room full of shoes
Rubble on the lawn
Rusty cars abandoned in a snowy field
Scaffolding that used to hold up a roof
Spark of lightning curling in the dusk
Stilled circular saw
Timber that used to be a shed
Torn-up Jesus and a pile of washers and screws
Trees that never used to be there
Tumbleweed resting in an armchair
Unopened letters, unpaid bills
Weeds between the paving stones
Whitewash that’s no longer white
Wooden leg, kilner jar, empty can of peaches

—Rupert M. Loydell