Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Charlie Baylis, radiant blue

Dame Hyll Yw Mieri Displays Her Schlong, image by Daniel Y. Harris 

radiant blue

sitting alone in a sperm whale forty nauticals from nuuk

sitting alone burning circles on my shoes

sitting alone in a lilac star

    thoughts like which witch ran naked in a bikini    thoughts like seals fucking
 seals       death at seventeen     wanking to the pages of which witch magazine

which pane the elephant    whose legs brush the queen of greenland

how about fuck you

you’re so vague       you probably think          waves and waves of radiant blue

a polka dot expanding then contracting      exploding silently into my paper cup      teenage crushes on a cucumber plate       wave upon wave of nuclear hate    cau eich llygaid


sitting alone in diluvial light

sitting alone in shack in nuuk watching seals fucking seals sound tracked by miley cyrus and earth song

thoughts like who ate the snow    where went the elephant      x in your rp hex

sitting alone in the bathtub waiting for the pope to expire    for the wheel to swing    for the wifi to ping    for the phone to

echo of the arctic on the ice panes

arrival of vague upon vague of radiant blue

a polka dot expanding then contracting then imploding     gracefully in my paper cup

    digital cement and spiders      lock the car at red light     fuck up the bridges

if you have lost a pair yellow shoes      blow the queen of greenland

an axe in your radiant blue heart       hyll yw mieri    prydferth yw eu mwyar


it took the scalps of forty four seals / twenty two rubies before the king of greenland deigned to dine

   seals caught by astro naughts in sinking space forts

waves and waves of interglacial blue glaze

the king spoke of idiot snowmen    arogl cnau coco blodau’r eithin     the ones he sculpted in d names

days      never ending winter nights black as hammers and words painted in white on the surface of the moon

i waited        

for the king to expire

purple bitches in bikinis    sinking space forts slinging vague upon vague of nuclear hate

circumspect vampires carving gaps in the weather

the sky made of ashbery eyes           i called to the radiant blue     the king is dead

the king is dead           off with their heads


miley cyrus snorting xanax is the culmination of months and months of communism

months and months of sitting on a windowsill     thinking

nothing but how form is cellular    how the galaxy is like an egg

grown men in shorts kicking cones around a plant of grass

crack the egg

i am the new king of nook        

it is terribly cold        my only friends are penguins

i smile      in pictures      the king and queen gave me nothing but vandals and wallpaper

[extremely inappropriate content removed]     n/a     vanish to indigo    flyaway under the lilac trees           proceed to leaf      mieri lle bu mwynfeydd
         you have successfully logged off

—Charlie Baylis